Hi, Devilpogostick here and I finally decided to try out a new series!

I hope this will garner some readers, despite the rather somewhat cliché plot, but I think it'll be a decent read of a story of delinquents beating up other delinquents! Note: For those who have read my Class 12-K Stories, some of the characters and schools will be familiar to hear in this series!


School Warriors: A Simple Delinquent Story

Arc 1: Birth of a Revolution!

Chapter 1: The Warring School Known As Kaimon

(Our story begins in the town of Masuda, a town under a great war of its many delinquents. No one knows the origins but frankly...No one really cares as this is a chance to show their strength and leave a lasting mark in delinquent history. The town is currently divided into 4 groups. The North, holds the grand school alliance known as the Grand Northern Council. The West, contains the ever growing power of Tora Rokku, the dominant school in the area. The South, small but is rumored to be the most ruthless led by the school known as Sutogi. What of the East? ...Hardly a challenge to the other three powers, as it holds only the various gangs fighting among each other; it's only common connection being that they all belong to the all-boys high school of Kaimon. Some would say Kaimon would never unite and become a contender among the other sides of Masuda...Until this day)

Shivamaru: (as he walks to school, looking at the clear blue skies) Touma?

Touma: (also walking) What?

Shivamaru: Ever think the East would unite? (this is Shivamaru Honda, just beginning his third year in the infamous Kaimon High School. One half of the infamous Hon-Ishi Duo. Some would call him a dreamer)

Touma: (annoyed) Shivamaru, it's the beginning week of the school year...Stop thinking of stupid things and get on with life. (this is his best friend, Touma Ishida, the other half...He's kind of more realistic...Meaning he's a lot more cynical) Why would you bring this now?

Shivamaru: Well, think bout it for a bit Touma, everybody knows that the East is composed of really tough gangs, right?

Touma: Right.

Shivamaru: Yet we spend all this time fighting amongst each other and not once does anyone realize how pointless it is.

Touma: ...Yeah, so?

Shivamaru: Doesn't anyone think that maybe we could focus on the growing powers of the North? Or better yet, the West? All I can say is that we're wasting time fighting ourselves when we should be fighting them.

Touma: (sighs) Shivamaru, this isn't some manga. Don't expect anything to change in short time and get ourselves involved in a so-called great war for Masuda's delinquent underground. I see it as a waste of time for my third year and so should you. C'mon man, you know you want to get out of here as much as I do.

Shivamaru: I guess...Would be nice though... (then the two turn to the school gates of Kaimon High School, the yards being a constant battlefield) I guess I would at least prefer a nice morning for once- (then quickly avoids a flung body of a student that crashes into a stone wall) The Hell? (then the duo sees a lone figure, surrounded by many bodies)

Touma: Well...Looks like you'll have to fight you-know-who...Again.

Shivamaru: Wait a minute, weren't the Storming Monkeys and the Howls of Razors supposed to fight this morning? (sweat drop) Dammit, I guess he isn't really patient as I would expect after all since he took them all out just for this. (then looks at the single fighter) ...Morning Kenshin.

Kenshin: (annoyed and points an accusing finger) Shivamaru, you bastard! (this is Kenshin Onimada, 2nd year student and leader of the powerful Kaimon Frontline...Oh, he's Hell strong and he's got a bone to pick with our own Mr. Honda) You usually get here by eight but it's nine! So what the Hell? Do you know how many people I gotta beat up to clear this field?

Touma: ...Told ya not taking the train was a good idea.

Shivamaru: Y-Yeah...But damn Kenshin! Can't you let this go? You don't need to fight me every chance you get to prove something!

Kenshin: Sorry Shivamaru, I got tons of respect for ya...But I can't let you win every time...

Touma: Dude, you don't have much of a choice. Kenshin is tougher than us...But you seem to win at every fight against him.

Shivamaru: I know, it's weird. He even beat up guys even I wouldn't touch. (sighs) Alright Kenshin, let's do this... (mutters) Even though I don't wanna...

Touma: (annoyed) At least don't sound like a kid about it. (sweat drop)

Kenshin: Haha! Now that's more like it! Ever since Masu left, things have gotten pretty dull here...So make this fight count.

Shivamaru: ... (a small smile appears on his face) Yeah, Masu would like that. (then a voice rings out)

voice: Hold it! (then three students quickly make their way into the scene, the voice belonging to 1st year student Miroku Tomoe)

Kenshin: (very annoyed) The Hell's this?

Touma: I don't believe this...It's the top 3 1st years.

Shivamaru; Miroku Tomoe, Agito Narita, and 1st year number one fighter Kiyoshi "Butcher" Anno. Why are those three together? The 1st year war is over by now.

Kenshin: Good grief, can't you three see we're in the middle of something?

Miroku: Yep, which is why we're making our move.(Touma is then taken aback by such a statement)

Touma: We? Never thought I'd see you three working together. (the tallest of the trio, Butcher, then speaks)

Butcher: that's right Ishida. It's been an untold yet followed Kaimon tradition for me, the number one fighter, to start my own faction among the 1st years...but frankly Miroku, Agito, and I would like to disagree with that way of thinking.

Agito: (in a rather proud tone) that's right! So we actually decided to band together! We're the Big Shot Triad and us three decided that our first action...Is taking out you, Kenshin Onimada of the Kaimon Frontline! (while pointing a finger no less)

Kenshin: ...You three are kidding, right?

Miroku: You are clearly the 2nd best fighter of the eastern side of town, second to only Masu Inoue! And you know the myth involving him.

Touma: (repeats the very myth itself) Whoever beats Masu Inoue, he who symbolizes the chaos of the East, shall become the true leader of the East itself...So you three are planning to fight Masu under those terms huh?

Butcher: Correct...That's why we're starting with Onimada, the only bump to our goal!

Kenshin: (annoyed) ...So, I'm just a bump huh?

Agito: Jeez, you didn't hear him? That's our plan- (then an angry Kenshin suddenly lands a fist on Agito's face, hurling the 1st year into the air before crashing into the school wall, slumping into near unconsciousness)

Kenshin: You 1st year punks got a lot to learn trying to take me on!

Miroku and Butcher: (shocked at the sight of their fallen friend) Agito! (both then turn and charge at Kenshin, starting an intense battle as the two begin to use overwhelming attacks, in which to Kenshin Onimada...This is simply a warm-up for him)

Shivamaru: ...That could have been me... (sweat drop. Miroku is then taken out by an uppercut as Kenshin goes onto a mad fury of vicious attacks)

Kenshin: Do you idiots realize how much crap I went through to get to Honda, and yet you three bastards screwed everything up! (then Butcher barely avoids a wild fist swing)

Butcher (thoughts): T-This is the strength of the 2nd best fighter of the East? (then counterattacks with a kick to the side of the head) Did that do it? (then realize in shock as a grin forms on Kenshin's face)

Kenshin: I got to say, I kind of felt that. (then kicks Butcher in the gut)

Butcher: Agh! (then as soon as he lifted his head, he met face first a kick to the face, which sends him tumbling onto the school ground in a crumbled heap, a streak of blood leaving a small trail)

Shivamaru: ...Something tells me I better sneak off when I still can... (starts tip-toeing to Touma)

Touma: ...What do you know, it's not over yet. (sees the Big Shot Triad actually getting up despite their injuries...Okay, more like struggling not to collapse but close enough)

Kenshin: You three got guts...but guts alone isn't going to help against Masu Inoue.

Miroku: (spits blood out from his mouth, only to glare) We know that! But we'll bring the East to our hands!

Butcher: (wiping the blood from his head) We may be weak now, but our time will come!

Agito: (the worse of the lot, as he struggles to even stand) But now, let us show you what the Big Shot Triad can really do, the future of the East!

Kenshin: (surprised) Such spirit... (then grows a stern look) Then let me see that this ain't some manga bullshit you three are yapping about! (the Triad then charge into a futile battle, as despite their combat worthy street fighting abilities and determination...It is a clear sign that the Beast of Kaimon will gain an easy victory today)

Shivamaru: (impressed) Such determination...

Touma: Shivamaru? I'd say it's time to get the Hell out of here before Kenshin turns to you after handling those three.

Shivamaru: Oh Hell, you're right. (sweat drop as the two quickly leave. A short time later, only Miroku stands against a barely scratched Kenshin, his two comrades lying on the ground groaning in pain)

Kenshin: (cleaning his ear with a pinky, not really trying at this point) C'mon, is that all you three got?

Miroku: Shut up! (then swings a punch, which Kenshin then crouches to avoid, as he then quickly grab Miroku from behind) What the- (he is then silenced as Kenshin finishes the battle with a nasty backdrop with a sickening thud) …

Kenshin: Whew, I thought I'll never finish. (then stands up while cracking his neck) I got to admit, you guys are actually pretty tough. Big Shot Triad, you earned my respect...And maybe one day, will your combined dreams come true...But first, I gotta kick Honda's ass today! (turns) Alright Shivamaru, let's- (then stares in silence over the fact Shivamaru and Touma are gone) ...Dammit! He gave the slip...Again! That bastard! (sighs and slumps in defeat) I guess I gotta tell the guys I couldn't get a match again... (then notices the pile of bodies in his wake of destruction) ...Course, I better take these guys to the hospital or something. (sweat drop. Meanwhile, at an empty room that the Hon-Ishi Duo reside in, our duo have managed to avoid a fight from Kenshin Onimada…Probably the best decision one could ever make!)

Touma: Thank god we left. That Kenshin is truly a monster. No wonder why most of the seniors didn't want to fight him that much last year.

Shivamaru: Always wondered if my wins against him were flukes at times...But you got to admit, those guys back there weren't your average 1st years.

Touma: Yeah, those 3 really were something alright. Hard to imagine how far they would get in two years.

Shivamaru: ...I made up my mind Touma.

Touma: Wait, what are you talking about?

Shivamaru: Those three out there wanted the impossible, the united East. A time to become a power among the other 3 sides of town. The Big Shot Triad may have lost against Kenshin but they didn't give up their goals. I don't see why we shouldn't do that ourselves.

Touma: (groans) Are you serious with that again Shivamaru? Why the Hell do you want this so bad?

Shivamaru: Just hear me out Touma. That's all I'm asking.

Touma: ...I'm listening.

Shivamaru: Don't you see? This is our final year Touma...What do we got to lose trying to bring the East under one rule? This can either be a waste of our time...Or this can be the biggest thing we'd ever did in our history as delinquents. (the two friends then look at eye contact, as Touma then realizes the seriousness in Shivamaru's face)

Touma: (growls at irritation) ...Dammit, I hate it when you of all people can get me do this. (sighs) This better be worth it Shivamaru. I know you too well and when you want something done...Well, you'll need me to help you anyway. (grumbles) Not to mention it does sound cool.

Shivamaru: (smiles) ...Knew you would cave.

Touma: (annoyed) shut up.

Shivamaru: So, unite the East in our last year? (holds his fist up)

Touma: ...Unite the East. (then completes the fist bump) So, you know starting with just two people is gonna be a pain in the ass, right?

Shivamaru; (chuckles nervously) Yeah, I know…It'd be cool with three.

Touma: (annoyed) You're missing the point. (sweat drop) Also, I think we're forgetting something... (meanwhile, at a classroom)

teacher: Honda? Ishida? (staring at the list, only to sigh) ...Those two never show up in class. Then again, half of this class never shows up... (while staring at the window as many students are engaged in fist fights)

To be continued.

Bonus Story: Shivamaru Honda Profile

Shivamaru: Huh, basic facts bout me? (holds a hand on his chin) Well...I guess I hold a majority of the high scores in the local arcade in town, love spicy foods, have short but naturally spiky hair, and can play a mean game of bowling in a good day.

Touma: ...That has to be the worse personal profile I've ever heard.

Shivamaru: (shocked) That's quite rude!

Profile: Shivamaru Honda is currently one of the many strongest 3rd years in Kaimon All-Boys High School and is a member of the two man team known as the Hon-Ishi Duo, which only consists of himself and best friend Touma Ishida. He is a rather tough fighter who has managed to survive the brutal dog-eat-dog world known as the Eastern side of town through his 1st and 2nd year of school. Course, he seems a tad too nice to be properly being called a delinquent anyway! Intends to unite the scattered East so wish him luck!

Author's Notes: Huzzah, School Warriors is a go! The story is mainly inspired by pretty much a lot of manga and anime that had pretty much one subject in mind when it comes to public education…That's right, the badasses and bullies. However, I wanted to do a sort of change…After all, it could get boring…So I decided to play some Dynasty Warriors…And went ahead and look up the various characters of said series.

Yep, you can see where I'm going with this…It was a train wreck that…rarely happens but hey, I'll make it happen! XD

But really, planning this story really came as a surprise for me. School Warriors wasn't just about guys beating up guys. This is a original series about leaderships, making the best of friends, try to get a meaningful romance once in a while, facing betrayals that'll be hard to swallow, and most of all leaving a lasting mark on a phase of life you'll be leaving behind as you grow up as an adult (yes, even the times you got your ass handed to ya only to fight another day). Shivamaru and his buds aren't the Goku and Z-Warriors that'll last through the times. They're just a bunch of High School Seniors that simply decided on one last push to show to the next generation, that they are truly the warriors of their age.

Geez, I have to admit that was corny.

You won't see energy blasts or magical spells in use. You won't see complex martial arts that everyone has a variation to use. You won't see fighting schoolgirls whose clothing may as well be wet tissue paper. You'll be seeing guys and gals who decide to stand their ground and beat up anyone who threatens their way of life…With some occasional humor on the side. XD

I hope readers have enjoy this and will enjoy what's to come.

Thank you very much! Till next time!