And the arc is nearing for a close, here's chapter 19!


Arc 4: The Flight Of Taitou Sakaki!

Chapter 19: A Town Filled With Monsters

(begins in a small quiet section of town, as Yumi Goda, has finished her shift for work)

Yumi: (yawns) What a day, weekends are so boring... (then ponders as she walks home) I wonder what Yamagata and his friends are doing while I'm away as usual...Oh right, it's Taitou's last day in town, I almost forgot. (then eyes an evelope in her hands as she dials a number on her cell phone) ...Uncle? Is it alright if you cook dinner tonight? I have something to do and I won't be back for a while... (meanwhile, the massive confrontation between the Big Shot Triad and the Luck Breakers, with Yamagata and Taitou in the background, begins to unfold)

Hiromi: Heh, you're one of those so-called Big Shot Triads huh? You little piss stains go away, we'll finish our job right here and leave. (Takashi Maeda, popping out from the Triad's side, now stands at Miroku's side)

Takashi: (chuckles) Oh, that sounds like a diss, Miroku. If Agito and his guys didn't split up a while ago, he'd be pissed.

Miroku: (not breaking his stern look towards his new enemies) Yeah...I see that, from a guy our age no less with that tone...Look here, you leave now...Or be a pile of bodies needing a trip to the hospital once we're done with you white wearing dicks.

Hiromi: You bastards can't be serious, I got Sakaki where I- (as he turns, his eyes are wide with shock as he sees Yamagata, at the other side of the fence, helping Taitou climb over) What the-Stop them! (a Luck Breaker charges, only to be ambushed from the shadows by Vic, armed with two wooden swords, one in each hand) What the-

Vic: (with a hearty grin) Haha! You 1st years from the North are pretty careless, not paying attention to your intended targets for a short period amount of time!

Yamagata: (after helping Taitou get over the fence) Thanks man! I owe you one! (the two then continue their run) Who the Hell was that guy?

Taitou: Don't ask me. (they both sweat drop as they then leave the scene, lucky that Vic has shown up to help, even by pure chance)

Hiromi: (mutters to himself in disbelief) Bastard has the stupidest luck...

Vic: (chuckles) And to think I did this while losing sight of Takashi on the way here and getting lost of all things. (now turns to a full blown laugh) Luck must be on my side!

Miroku: (hearing this from far off) Yeesh, I know he's useful and a friend, but is he always this upbeat?

Takashi: Hehe, I guess I ask myself that once in a while. (sweat drop. Hiromi, his chance at revenge taken away from him, now seethes in rage that even his men are dumbfounded upon seeing the look of anger in his face)

Hiromi: (in gritted teeth) You took my only chance to avenge my brother...I'll kill you for that! (then quickly turns and charges towards Vic, throwing a punch so quick and powerful, Vic could barely block the fierce attack with both his wooden blades)

Vic: (surprised) Holy-This guy's tough!

Miroku: That's our cue, take them out! Show them we mean business! (The Triad then charges in as they collide into the Luck Breakers upon this minor distraction, Miroku kicking one of the latter in the gut and finishing off the poor sap with an uppercut) Looks like we better thank Vic for that!

Takashi: (swiftly avoids a thrown punch, countering it with a blow to the gut to his opponent. He then joins Miroku side by side as they both fight off whoever comes across their way, the various numbers of the Triad charging in with them) Yeah, looks like he was lucky after all! (notices Vic recovering from a punch to the cheek as various Triad members surround Hiromi, unable to land a hit on the enraged young man) Wow, he sure is pissed.

Miroku: Damn, he's going through our guys like a caged lion that just got out! (growls) At this rate, we'll be out of guys before we finish them off!

Takashi: (his usual carefree look now suddenly turns stern) ...I'll deal with him.

Miroku: (surprised) What? Are you nuts? What if the guys find out-

Takashi: No worries Miroku, you're one of the three main Triads! If anything, wasting your time on this pissed off scrub isn't worth your time. Besides, I'm just one of the guys like we all agreed on, right?

Miroku: ...Alright, but don't get your ass kicked. You're on your own when it comes to him.

Takashi: Heh, what can I say? With friends on my side, I'm an unstoppable force... (he then fights his way towards Hiromi) Wish me luck!

Miroku: Takashi... (then shouts to the rest of the Triads) Are ya all girls or something? Make them feel every damn punch we throw at them! (it wasn't long until Takashi and Hiromi face off)

Takashi: Yo! (with a smile) You're in a pretty pissed off mood from what I'm seeing.

Hiromi: (growls) Shut up. Do you want to die?

Takashi: Nah... (grins) I want to kick your ass.

Hiromi: Cocky asshole... (then notices Takashi putting up an unusual stance) Boxing? (then Takashi dashes forward) D-Damn! (he barely blocks the punch, his face still shocked from the sudden look of Takashi's face, which has turn from cheerful to seriousness) That face...Isn't from a typical smiling idiot!

Takashi: (grins) That's right, and I'm gonna teach ya not to mess with the Triad my friends worked hard on creating! Ready to lose?

Hiromi: (growls) B-Bastard! (the fight between the Triad and Luck Breakers continues on, while a war has finally ended between two powerful men, one preparing the final blow after a lengthy and vicious exchange)

Haruki: (near out of breath) How? H-How is he still standing? (Haruki stands dazed, unable to summon anymore strength from his battered body, seeing an equally battered Kenshin rushing in, fist raised) H-He's worse than the rumors...What have we gotten ourselves into- (he never finishes his own words to himself, as Kenshin's punch throws Haruki off his feet, his back landing on the ground with a hard thud as dust blows out in clouds from under him at the moment of impact. It was over, the white of Haruki's eyes seen as he knocked out cold)

Kenshin: (panting) Heh, I knew it. (with a small smile forming) I'm stronger than Honda from last year...It doesn't mean much now...But damn, I'm loving this. (then groans and winces at his injuries) Still, this guy doesn't know when to quit... (then hears a voice coming to his direction, the voice coming from Mosuke with Akira in tow)

Mosuke: Kenshin! (stops and looks over the situation, the area around them damaged beyond belief) Damn, what the Hell happened?

Kenshin: Oh, this? (points to the unconscious Haruki) He's what happened. Dude was an annoying son of a bitch, that's for sure.

Akira: Is he the leader? (Kenshin simply shrugs, causing the other two to frown over his lack of knowledge) Whatever, I'll make sure he'll wake up with a splitting headache.

Kenshin: No Akira, he's done. I made sure of that.

Akira: But Kenshin, that bastard- (then notices the stare coming from Kenshin) Uh! ...Sorry. I'm being too rash...

Kenshin: Damn right. (then adjusts himself as well as dusting off his clothes) Well, I'm ready to finish the job against these northern losers.

Akira: (baffled) ...Seriously man, you're a monster. (sweat drop)

Mosuke: So, it seems the invasion is dying from what I heard from our guys. But those guys from the North are pretty resilient bastards. We better get Tatsu for the clean-up job.

Kenshin: (smiles) Yeah, he would hate to miss this out! (then with little effort, lifts and carries Haruki's body over his shoulder) But first, let's get this guy some medical treatment!

Akira: (shocked) Are you crazy? He almost kicked your ass!

Kenshin: Well duh...Doesn't mean I'll leave him for dead. Damn Akira, you're too uptight bout these things. (sweat drop)

Akira: (groans) Alright, but if he tries anything...

Mosuke: (surprised) Damn Akira, save that blood lust for those guys still standing. (mutters) And I thought Tatsu was bad...

Kenshin: (as the two walk away) You know, I'm starting to think that those two are related somehow.

Akira: (annoyed) Don't related me to him of all people! (sweat drop) I-I know you can hear me! (meanwhile, the battle between the Triad and Luck Breakers still goes on, although if one had paid any attention to Hiromi and Takashi...They could see the former being outright dominated in his fight against the latter)

Hiromi (thoughts): What the Hell's going on? (throws a punch only to Takashi to sidestep dodge the attack before countering with a fist to the jaw, all with a cool yet determined expression) I fought and won a lot of fights under Haruki...But this is something else! He's not some thug you find in the streets...Fast and powerful! (barely catches a fist inches away from his face)

Takashi: (cracks a small smile) Heh, bought time you finally caught one of my punches when I'm serious.

Hiromi: (growls with gritted teeth) ...What the Hell are you? (eyes Miroku and Vic, both are racking up the body count easily) You're not some simple-minded punk...You're just as good as-No, you're even better than those two other guys...

Takashi: Well well, someone's been paying attention, not bad for a leader with numbers this huge. As I always told myself during these tense moments, with my friends at my side sharing the dreams I share, creating the Triad I couldn't done on my own, I'm one Hell of an unstoppable force. (smirks upon saying this)

Hiromi: (mutters) What the Hell does that- (his eyes widen over a reveal he has never thought until now) No way...Then those three guys are not- (then as soon as he realizes it, Takashi goes under his guard and lands a devastating body blow to the side) Ugh!

Takashi: Heh, I guess you figured it out... (then charges in preparing for a left punch) But it's not gonna change how I'm gonna win this fight!

Hiromi: Dammit! (readies a block, only to be confused by the sudden movement of Takashi's arm) What-It's like a hook but is it really an uppercu- (Takashi then smashes his fist right passes Hiromi's guard, using a three-quarter uppercut. Course, some would call this attack by another name...) A-A Smash? (Hiromi then tumbles onto the street grounds until he finally stops, barely conscious) And he's only a 1st year like me...Is the East really that strong...? (passes out, Takashi surprised over his win)

Takashi: (a blank expression on his face) Aw damn, even if that was kind of a tough fight, I made it look too easy...Better make something up. (sweat drop. He then begins to shout) Um, uh-I did it! That leader of theirs is Hell weak! (laughs nervously) Hah, Miroku or even Vic wouldn't even break a sweat over this!

Miroku: (noticing Takashi's announcement and frowns...While putting a Luck Breaker into a choke hold) ...That's really his plan? (sweat drop as he notices the horrified reactions for the Luck Breakers) And they're buying it..Ugh, might as play along. Guys, if Takashi can waste their leader like it's nothing, then these scrubs are small fry! Get them all!

Vic: Yeah! (then smacks the opponent next to him with a swing of one of his swords) Takashi can do it, why not the rest of us? (roars of agreement are heard as the Triad fought back even harder, the demoralized Luck Breakers beginning to realize their impending doom)

Takashi: (with a small smile) Thanks for playing along, guys... (then joins in the roaring) Let's finish this! (Miroku couldn't help but smile at seeing his friend take a small role in leadership for once)

Miroku (thoughts): Takashi, if you can ever get over that modesty of yours... (watches as Takashi himself rallys the Triads to victory, in awe over the sudden charisma the young man has created) Then me, Kiyoshi, and Agito can finally tell everyone the truth, that you're the true leader of the Big Shot Triad! (a Luck Breaker could only be terrified over these sudden events)

Luck Breaker: T-These guys even took out Nikaido? (notices the oncoming Triads coming towards the remains of the group) W-What did we got ourselves into? (meanwhile, Yamagata and Taitou have made it far from the grasp of the Luck Breakers, close to taking Taitou to the train station)

Yamagata: Yeesh, what a fricking day...

Taitou: Yeah, must be pretty damn lucky to get this far! (then notices Chuu and Isshin not too far off) Hey, look at this.

Yamagata: Chuu! Isshin! (both stop and notices the bandages on the two) Damn...It was that bad?

Isshin: It was close...But Chuu took out bout half of them, giving us a slight edge in the end.

Chuu: But really, those guys are mostly 1st years and they nearly gave us a run for our money. Everyone else had to go home to check their injuries...

Taitou: (chuckles) Heh, you can see how why I wouldn't let you guys go with me that day. (then frowns) Well, n-not like I'll ever encourage you guys to do the same... (sweat drop)

Yamagata: Whatever, let's get this day over with before it gets- (then froze in terror over the two large figures, wearing white, heading towards this way) Oh Hell...Are you serious? More guys?

Taitou: Looks that way. We're not out of the clear yet guys.

Isshin: (moans) Really? They save the worse for last? It's the Higa Brothers.

Chuu: Bro, you know these guys?

Isshin: I heard rumors. Twin brothers who quickly made a name for themselves in Jr High, eliminating so many rival gangs to gain such fame that I heard when they just entered High School this year, they're quickly considered the guys the North calls to handle internal problems...

Chuu: (frowns) First years too? Damn, and I thought we're the hardcore badasses.

Yamagata: Here they come... (Now the battered core members of the Death Rally Osaka Trinity faces off both Josuke and Jotaro Higa, twin brothers who have proven to be made men among the ranks of the Northern Council, having no true rank yet are given the toughest roles of keeping the peace...A role not to be taken lightly. Despite all of this...They are friends with Hiromi and members of his Luck Breakers. If anything, DROT is up against high odds this time around)

Josuke: Made it this far? (chuckles) Hiromi still got ways to go then...

Jotaro: Yeah, maybe it was alright to leave the Blue Square to handle his problems for now.

Chuu: Damn...You're gonna have to get through us first! We'll die before you get to Taitou!

Taitou: Chuu, we're not really in any shape to take them on without losing someone for sure...I'm not risking losing you guys for this.

Yamagata: (growls) Damn Taitou, are you seriously considering fighting them alone?

Taitou: Look, if anything...I don't one of you guys to end up like Ramo Nikaido, a mere shadow of yourselves...

Yamagata: (frowns) I can't believe I'm gonna say this...Kay, screw this back and forth crap. Taitou, I know you care and all...But we waited a long time for you to get out, so shut up bout your damn bitching for once until we get your ass on that train! No more handling of this alone crap! We're DROT dammit and we're going to Osaka after ya whether you like it or not!

Taitou: (a little surprised) ...Damn, I really must have been that soft... (chuckles) Alright, let's handle this like DROT should have done those years ago.

Chuu: (smiles as he cracks his knuckles) Hah, now you're talking!

Isshin: Yeah...We can do this.

Yamagata: Yumi won't like it...But I guess buying extra bandages on the way back wouldn't hurt.

Taitou: So, let's go! (then a voice stops them...The voice of Masu Inoue)

Masu: Not when I'm around. (the two sides look in awe of Masu...Carrying a bucket filled with tools and wearing a hardhat) You guys are too close in a working zone. Normally, I would tell you all to move out...But given the looks of this, I suggest you all should back the Hell away from each other and forget you decided to fight to begin with.

Josuke: (impressed) Masu Inoue...Never thought we see you round these parts.

Masu: Heh, leaving town right away? Doesn't seem like something I'll do just yet.

Chuu: (groans) What the Hell? Are you serious Inoue? Don't think I can't recall our first year together! (growls) And to think I had to repeat a grade...

Masu: (chuckles) That's what you get for being late all the time Hideaki. (ignores the growling from Chuu) Sakaki...Haven't seen ya in a while. You alright?

Taitou: ...Y-Yeah, I'm alright...Heading to a train on the way to Osaka soon.

Masu: Is that right? (looks at the Higa brothers) You two got any reasons to stop him from getting into his train?

Jotaro: Yeah, to avenge Ramo Nikaido.

Masu: Hmph, of course. But look at your target. Is he still that monster those years back?

Josuke: ...No, I'll admit this isn't the same man. Do you agree Jotaro?

Jotaro: Yeah...If anything, this isn't worth it. I don't want to hurt Hiromi but...This is getting out of hand...

Masu: Good...Now, let the gentlemen pass by ya and let me go back to work in peace. Do I make myself clear? We won't be having any trouble?

Higa Brothers: ...Y-Yes...

Isshin: Damn...He's taking control of the entire situation...

Yamagata: Y-Yeah...One of the perks of being the strongest of this side of town huh?

Taitou: ...Come on, lets go guys. (the four then walk past the Higa Brothers, the two unmoving as Masu has clearly dulled their fangs and claws, no longer willing to take down Taitou...Not with Masu in the way)

Chuu: ...I got my eye on ya Inoue...I still want a rematch.

Masu: (a small smile forming) Aw Chuu, you never change...You better graduate this year! (hears a groan as the four walk away)

Josuke: (frowns) Ugh, Hiromi isn't going to like this...Risking his reputation like this...It's for his brother too...

Masu: Hey, on the bright side...You didn't put him on the same spot as Sakaki after all. If anything, he'll thank your asses in the future.

Jotaro: But what now?

Masu: Easy, find your friends out there and get them out of here...I'm not part of Kaimon anymore...But you sure pissed off a lot of people...Don't add me in the list...

Josuke: ...Understood. (chuckles) What a crappy day huh brother?

Jotaro: Yeah... (they then walk off to find their fellow Luck Breakers) Kamizaki isn't going to like this one bit. Course, I'm more scared of Higarashi!

Masu: So, the North is getting involved? (chuckles) Damn, makes me wish I held back a year just to see where this is all going. Oh well, back to work for me... (as Masu walks back to his work site, Yamagata decides to ask Taitou a question lingering in his head ever since the creation of DROT as they walk on, free of the last hurdle in the way to the station)

Yamagata: Taitou...You ever think you can win against Masu? It's something I thought hard about all those years.

Chuu: Oh yeah, I've always wonder about that myself.

Isshin: Yeah, count me in on the question.

Taitou: ...Nah, I guess not. Masu's a monster...He is still is the moment I saw him just now...Hard to imagine he's out of school like me...

Yamagata: Heh, I guess you got a point...You'll be surprised. If anything, this town is filled with monsters ever since you been gone.

Taitou: Really now? ...You know Yama, I'm not too surprised.

Yamagata: (smiles) Yeah, I know you wouldn't. (The day draws to a near close, as the monsters in the East side of Masuda have finally calmed down after the storm, in time for the preparations of a long good-bye...)

To Be Continued

Bonus: What Kind Of Monster Are You?

(begins as Kenshin, Mosuke, and Akira have dropped off Haruki and are now on their way to find Tatsu)

Mosuke: (annoyed) He's not picking up his cell phone.

Kenshin: (a few band aids on his face) Relax Mosuke, you know Tatsu. He's like King Kong when it comes to strength.

Akira: Huh, so you're like Godzilla?

Kenshin: (scoffs) Yeah right, no offense but I'm more like Gamera...Cause nobody beats Gamera.

Mosuke: ...But Godzilla's the king of monsters.

Kenshin: (defensive) So's Gamera...It's not official but he is!

Akira: ...Isn't Gamera like some sort of giant squid or something?

Kenshin: No! He's like some flying kick ass turtle!

Akira: ...And yet he's the unofficial king of the monsters...A flying turtle.

Kenshin: (growls) Watch more monster movies, dumbass!

Mosuke: ... (quickly dials his cell phone) Dammit Tatsu, answer your god damn phone... (sweat drop)

Till Next Time!