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School Warriors: A Simple Delinquent Story

Arc 5: Crisis In Saiga? A Lousy Summer Vacation!

Chapter 21: The Kaimon Factions Summer Treaty, The Masses At Clover!

(Much time has passed since the incident between the East and the North, but now marks the end of spring, summer vacation just around the corner. For the first time, all major faction leaders of the Unification War have agreed for a ceasefire at the first day. After all...Nobody wants to ruin their summer, especially when it comes to the sworn brothers of the Kaimon Revolution...)

Makio: Oh come on, Date! You have to let me come with you! (Makio Suragi, Date's little brother, sits at the table alongside his brother, Shivamaru, and Touma as he joins them in their weekend hangouts) Dad's just going to make me do chores and stuff... (puffs his cheeks in annoyance)

Date: (laughs) Nah, little bro, this trip me and our new brothers are going...It's a man's trip! (grins) Besides, Dad's planning a trip too, you'll see. He'll never let his family down for sure.

Makio: Oh! (smiles) That does mean you'll apologize to Dad-

Date: (annoyed) Hell no. Not till he apologizes to me. (everyone frowns at such a response)

Shivamaru: Dude...That was just terrible, getting his hopes up like that. (sweat drop)

Touma: (having recently been rid of his eyepatch, caused by his last fight against Yamagata Goda, in a much better mood these days) Well, that's Date for ya. (while sipping his drink no less)

Date: Look, just because I can, like, have a decent conversations with my old man doesn't mean I'm gonna cave like some wuss.

Makio: ...But you cried when you took me to that really sappy kids movie-

Date: (now in a defensive stance) Because that was well written, actors were great, and all that crap! (growls) Let's just drop the subject and go back about our trip, are we ready or what?

Touma: (smiles) Oh yeah, my Dad said the bags are packed on my end and that I should enjoy the vacation to myself.

Shivamaru: (chuckles) Same here. My Mom was glad I was going to take a break from all the stuff in town while she's at work. (he then gives a sigh in relief) That means no Triads, no idiots from south east Masuda, and...No Kenshin and his Frontline. (with a dopey grin as he imagines his troubles going away, an awkward silence arose from such a scene)

Touma: ...So anyway, ignoring the idiot, you got your bags ready, Date?

Date: Oh yeah, took me an easy ten minutes to decide what I want to bring along. (then frowns) But Ringo...She took all freaking night- (his ear is then grabbed and yanked cruelly by Ringo herself, having just returned from the restroom) Ow!

Ringo: (annoyed) Yeah, that's right jackass. So what if I took all night?

Date: Holy crap, let go of my ear you crazy- (as she lets go, both Date and Ringo gave impressive death glares at each other, with growls coming out of their gritted teeth like wolves)

Touma: (with a blank stare) ...Such a nice sister figure, eh Makio? (sweat drop)

Makio: Only if you're Date will she become an unholy terror...

Shivamaru: (smiles) It's good to know you're coming with us Ringo.

Ringo: (turns her head and smiles) Well, my parents said Date and I are doing such a good job working at the shop that we earned the break! So, is Akemi coming? (Akemi, who happens to be the waitress of the table, annoyingly barges in on the conversation)

Akemi: I guess so, my Dad was actually celebrating the fact I'm going on an actual trip with friends for once when he found out. (then sighs) Shivamaru, when are you three going to leave to that...Summit thingy? (nods at the other tables...Filled with a large majority of Revolutionaries, unintentionally invoking some fear with the normal customers) My boss is tempting to call the cops if anyone starts something...

Shivamaru: Well, just as soon as we get word from our scouts. (chuckles nervously) Sorry.

Akemi: ...Okay, but a little warning. If I lose my job because of any of your boys... (the aura of dread she gives was enough to scare the table straight)

Makio: (whispering to Date) She's kind of creepy...

Date: Yeah, super creepy...

Shivamaru: (chuckles nervously) I gotcha... (sweat drop. It was then that Denji enters the building) Denji! (waves a hand) Over here! (Denji then quickly walks up to the table)

Denji: Hey boss, we got the location and Kazu's sending us all to spread the word. We'll be meeting at Clover Park. (he then shyly looks away) I remembered getting my ass kicked there everyday as a kid... (sweat drop)

Date: Eh? The ole kill box?

Touma: (confused) Wait, what do you mean by kill box?

Date: Well, when I was a kid, that was the usual place for us to play at. But if you ain't ready, the whole place's like a lion's cage, which is why we call it the kill box. (sighs) I can see it now...Tons of scrapes, bruises, broken dreams, and all under a cloud of petty fisticuffs...I got a scar on my ass cheek from one time too! (smiles, much to the dismay to the others)

Shivamaru: (worried) ...Man, I keep forgetting that East Masuda is one rough place...

Ringo: (frowns) Oh right, that reminds me! I got my hair pulled by this huge whale of a girl when I was seven! (growls) When I find that- (grumbles)

Touma: ...Ignoring Ringo here, Clover right?

Denji: Yeah, ready to head off?

Shivamaru: (stands, a bold look on his face) You got it. Everyone! (the crowd stops and stares) It's off to Clover Park! Pay up and follow us!

Akemi: (annoyed) Wait a damn second, who's paying for your table?

Shivamaru: (with a sheepish look) ...I don't have any money till later today...

Touma: (looking away in shame) Forgot my wallet...

Date: (frowns) Spent mine on a bike custom. (and points to his brother) And he's just a kid so that leaves... (they all point to Ringo with blank stares)

Ringo: (shocked) The Hell? You dicks!

Shivamaru: (walking away quickly with Touma and Date, the rest of the massive group beginning to leave as well) Thanks Ringo, we owe ya! Now Denji, show us the way! (cheers are heard as the delinquents head off to their meeting, leaving a baffled Ringo)

Ringo: (a cross vein exposed) Asses...

Akemi: ...I don't think you should order the parfait, Makio, if Ringo's paying.

Makio: Y-yeah... (meanwhile, at another section in town, the Mikamura shrine to be precise, as Kenshin Onimada himself receives the news...)

Kenshin: (nail between his teeth as he replaces the boards of the main household) Clover? You serious?

Tatsu: Yeah man, Akagi told me that's the place. I mean, we all agreed already at school but I guess we better make this ceasefire official. (then grins) Clover Park man, sure brings back memories...

Kenshin: (grins) Yeah, remember that time I made you eat mud?

Tatsu: (laughs) Oh yeah...Remember that time I kicked ya in that pond?

Kenshin: (chuckles) Man, was I wet that time...Remember when I kicked your ass soon after?

Tatsu: (then frowns) ...Yep, then I went back up and kicked yours.

Kenshin: (with a low growl) Then I came back stronger!

Tatsu: (gives off a louder growl) Yeah, like after five ass kickings!

Kenshin: (his growl now even louder) And paid back with ten soon after!

Tatsu: (roars as he grabs Kenshin by the collar) How bout I kick your ass now then?! Settle the damn score!

Kenshin: (grabs Tatsu collar in return) Try me! (both glare...Only to sigh as they released their holds) Man...We're violent kids back then...

Tatsu: Yeah, you said it...So, should we wait till you're done-

Kenshin: Nah. (as he puts on his jacket, he grins) Tell Akari I'm on a break.

Akari: (popping her head out the window) Don't worry Kenshin, I'm a little too busy preparing the house for our guest, so I don't have time for you anyway.

Kenshin: ...And again, this guest is?

Akari: (smiles) It's a secret!

Kenshin: ...Okay then! Seeya! (walks off with Tatsu, a frown on his face) I'm telling ya, that's her answer all day...

Tatsu: (annoyed) Look, lets just get to Clover on time, Mosuke's gonna have a bitch fit if you're slacking off. (as they head down the shrine steps, they see Mosuke and Akira, a large mass of Frontline members behind them)

Mosuke: (annoyed) I don't do bitch fits, Tatsu. So, we're ready?

Kenshin: (chuckles) Hell yeah. (meanwhile...At some unknown part in town, a red haired stranger looks at his note with a smile)

Stranger: Clover huh? (he then gives a baffled expression) Uh...Oh crap, where is that? (sweat drop. And then it cuts to Clover park, a massive park deep in the heart of East Masuda, once a place children go to pave their way to trouble-hood...Now a much friendlier place these days, as Takashi of the Big Shot Triad shows)

Takashi: (smiles) Ahhh...Clover park, once a hive of scum and villainy, now a trouble less paradise, where kids are free to be kids, and the elderly can actually step forward without the fears of being mugged. (the others...Are hardly impressed)

Miroku: Dude...That was the most lamest thing I ever heard you say.

Takashi: Heh, still looks greener than ever though.

Agito: (annoyed) I'll say! (annoyingly kicks at a neat looking slide set) Why the Hell didn't we have this when we were beating the snot out of each other back then?

Butcher: (sighs) We didn't come here for the sights, guys. (points his thumb at the mass numbers of the Triad members eager to start their vacations) We got here early the moment we got the word the meeting's at Clover. I said maybe we should hang back and go later...But you three idiots want to stop by and see the sights anyway! (Vic, not too far off, is a little sore from this statement)

Vic: ...I'm right here you know. (sweat drop)

Takashi: (chuckles) Same old Kiyoshi, so serious.

Miroku and Agito: (in monotone annoyance) Damn serious.

Butcher: (a cross vein exposed) You all suck.

Vic: (frowns) ...Still here, you know. (it was then a voice of a scout is heard from afar)

scout: G-Guys! I see something! That white dragon on the flag...It's Honda, Ishida, and Suragi's guys!

Miroku: So it's most of the seniors, eh? (smiles) You know, we never really saw those guys up close.

Agito: (with a big grin, cracking his knuckles) Yeah...Blood's pumping to be honest.

Butcher: (annoyed) We're not here to fight them you know. (sweat drop. He the turns to face Takashi) So what's the plan?

Takashi: (grins) It's not really up to me but...Let's go see for ourselves about these guys, and see if they're the real deal.

Miroku: (chuckles) You read my mind. (then shouts out to the waiting Triads) Let's go guys! (not too far off, Shivamaru and the guys happen to find a familiar face...Three in fact)

Shivamaru: Eh? (looks at a confused Yamagata, with Chuu and Isshin in tow) What are you guys doing here?

Date: Yeah man, you're not even a part of this meeting!

Yamagata: (annoyed) I don't know what the Hell you're talking about, Suragi. I'm spending the start of my Summer vacation doing important things. (Chuu and Isshin are unimpressed with that statement, their expressions showing a sign of boredom)

Chuu: ...Dude, you dragged us out to the kill box just to watch ya beat your uncle at chess...And you suck at it.

Isshin: And to us, that's not important...At all.

Yamagata: (growls) It is to me, so shut it! (Touma couldn't help but snicker, Yamagata raising a brow in response) ...Something funny Ishida?

Touma: Heh, to see the mighty Yamagata reduced to losing chess to an old man...That's a win in my book. (with a smile to boot)

Date: (frowns) That's cold, Touma.

Yamagata: (frowns, but then grins) Aw, you lost the eyepatch already? I guess I can't do anymore pirate jokes behind your back, like I was gonna say you used a hook to clean out the seagull crap out of your eye out of habit.

Touma: (a cross vein exposed, the mere mention of pirate jokes being his sole button of invoked rage) ...Want a free trip to Hell?

Shivamaru: Touma, we came here for a reason... (sweat drop) Well, I guess you guys can join us.

Yamagata: ...The old man's in the john anyway, so I guess I can spent time with you bozos. (then the crew notices the masses similar to theirs coming to their direction)

Date: Oh crap, we got Triads coming in! (grumbles) Just looking at them getting this far reminds me how old we are...

Chuu: (annoyed) Dude, we're not that old, so shut it. (is then met with glares from the others as they voiced their various opinions)

various annoyed voices: Dude, you're the oldest one here! Shut it old man! He's like in his fricking 20s or something! Hell, he even looks like an old man!

Chuu: (defensive over his age) H-Hey! I'm only 19 here! ...And I look young dammit! (sweat drop. It wasn't long for the area to be flooded with even more people, as the two groups face off, their leaders just at the front)

Miroku: ...Yo. (grins)

Shivamaru: ...Same here. (returns the smile) So, we're the first ones here. (then notices Takashi) Hey you!

Takashi (surprised) Uh! Y-Yes?

Shivamaru: I heard the stories about what you did against the North, and the guys here are calling ya "The Man with Unbreakable Luck," so I want to say...Good job.

Takashi: (a bit touched) Why, thanks.

Agito: Honda, we like the congrats but there's just one thing... (then roars) Keitaro, get your ass out here, now! (then among the Revolution, pops out a bespectacled freshman known to his peers as Keitaro Inoue, a rather jerky fellow by those who knew him...Especially Agito)

Keitaro: Agito, it's been a while.

Agito: The Hell it is! I invited you to join the Triad and you joined them instead? What gives?

Keitaro: Oh, it's simple. (then loses his cool demeanor and frowns) During the 1st year war, you tackled me through a window. I got stitches on my back thanks to your fat ass!

Agito: (roars back) That's cause you deserved it, you manipulating douche! And don't rag on the size, its pure muscle from the Narita train!

Keitaro: Narita train my ass! I can't believe you even have a girlfriend! She must be blind as a damn bat!

Agito: What did you say about Mai, you four eyed bastard?! (the two argue for a good while, the crowd unsure of what to say)

Yamagata: (frowns, certain he has seen enough) ...The old man better be done taking a dump, this is too depressing to watch...

Shivamaru: Uh, we had a guy like that Touma? (sweat drop)

Touma: Oh right, his name's Keitaro Inoue. Just joined us recently.

Date: (surprised) Inoue? You don't mean...

Touma: Yep, cousin to Masu himself...But don't bother asking the obvious question, since he's more of a schemer than a fighter. Hell, even Denji can kick his ass without a problem.

Denji: (annoyed) ...I can't help but feel both happy and insulted you would say that.

Okubo: ...Hap-Sulted perhaps? (said in perfect english no less...He gets stranger and stranger...)

Denji: (with a blank stare at his best friend) I really need to know what goes on in that head of yours. (sweat drop)

Miroku: Alright, break it up Agito, Keitaro! We got bigger things to do! (then notices another large mass coming in) Our third group just showed up! (this third group...Isn't even counted as a major power in the war for unification sadly to say. A mass array of colors, comes the tide of the South Eastern Alliance, also known as "SEA", currently at war against the Revolution)

Date: (laughs) Well, if it ain't the losers of SEA! (Date wasn't off the mark, sadly to say, yet SEA never really understood the meaning of surrender...And proper manners as one of their leaders, Inaba, began to speak)

Inaba: (a large bald fellow with a goatee, whose rather angry at Date) Shut it, Suragi! I heard what you did to my man, Kiba! You're dead once Summer's over, got it? (Ujiie, a lean and tall mohawked man wearing shades, calms his ally down)

Ujiie: Calm down Inaba...Besides, Suragi would have kicked your ass like he did with Kiba.

Inaba: (baring fangs at Ujiie) Shut up, you unsupportive douche!

Ujiie: Hey, can't blame me for being honest-Ah! (he gets caught in a headlock by a pissed Inaba)

Inaba: Honest my ass! (as the two struggle, Shivamaru opens his mouth)

Shivamaru: So...Where's Dosan, Ando? (Ando, the last of the main three officers under SEA President Dosan, a short yet no nonsense man with scars on his face, speaks. He, Inaba, and Ujiie alone make up SEA's Trio from Mino, Dosan's right hand men who without the the man himself would still be fighting like kids. Dosan, however, has one fatal weakness)

Ando: Dosan-sama...Kind of went to the bathroom. (looks away with a frown) He ate those sandwiches even though they were clearly expired... (Dosan, the Eastern Grizzly of Kai, ...Has a tremendously weak stomach alongside a weak sense of judgement when it comes to food choices...Sad)

Ujiie: (frowns) ...And to think he just recovered from eating the bad curry too.

Date: (to Touma) I heard Dosan was one strong bastard with a heart of gold, but that's one lame weakness... (Sadly, that's not his only weakness...As we can see in a restroom nearby...)

Yamagata's Uncle: And so, that's how I caught the biggest trout with my bare hands! (Dosan, a large bear of a man, cries tears of joy after such a story)

Dosan: (sniffles) Old man...You are a man among men...Tell me more! (Dosan has a soft spot on passionate stories, enough to distract him from his current duties...)

Yamagata's Uncle: Eh? ….I really should be going back to my chess game, but alright! (Back at the meeting...)

Yamagata: ...I have a feeling we'll be here all day since uncle ain't coming back from what I'm seeing... (both Chuu and Isshin nod in agreement. It was then a shout is heard from afar)

scout: I-It's Kenshin Onimada! He's coming this way!

Miroku: So, here comes the big man himself...

Touma: I hate to say this, but from what I'm hearing...The Frontline's in a whole nother level compared to all of us... (Touma wasn't far off the mark, as the appearance of the Frontline, led by their top officers, has sent a massive silent among the other major powers, stunned over the sight of such a hardened group. A major difference from the past few weeks)

Date: Damn, it feels like those guys can fight anything just from that entrance...

Kazu: you said it, they do have the advantage over the Triad as of lately, after all. (Kenshin, wearing his jacket much like a cape, arms folded, gives a big grin as he sees face to face all the major leaders in one spot. each man weary over one day having to face him in battle, all can be one dynamic entry no one can forget)

Kenshin: ...Yo. (this broke the stunned reactions of the crowd, as they awkwardly greet him and the Frontline in response) Honda, long time no see!

Shivamaru: (groaned to himself) I knew he was still thinking about fighting me... (waves to Kenshin with a frown) Same here but don't get any ideas! We're not here to have a brawl for god sakes!

Kenshin: Oh come on, I know that! ...We can brawl after this-

Shivamaru: Hell no! (Kenshin's pleads and Shivamaru's rejections baffles the groups as they banter back and forth)

Mosuke: ...This is getting kind of awkward...

Akira: Tell me about it. (then glares at Vic) Hey, you!

Vic: (looks confusingly at Akira) Eh?

Akira: (growls) You're that jackass who wanted to beat Kenshin...After Summer...I'll be kicking your ass!

Vic: (shocked) The Hell did that come from? (sweat drop. this then began a series of threats...Threats that are meant to be carried after Summer break)

Touma: Whoa...Did not expect that, right Date-

Date: (yelling at the direction of SEA) That's right SEA bitches, I'll be marking your tombs once I'm back from my trip!

Touma: (groans) Never mind... (sweat drops. It was then a large booming voice rocks the crowded park)

voice: Hey, it's time to shut the Hell up, cause the peace keeper's here to make this official! (everyone turns and many realize the source of such a boastful voice)

random student: I-It's Red Dog! (Ishio Taiga, known to many in Kaimon as the former senior dropout of last year Red Dog, wearing his old crimson tracksuit that gave him his nickname, stares down at the many students)

Red Dog: Dosan told me you guys needed someone to keep the peace this Summer so here I am! Don't think just because I dropped out my senior year last year means I'm soft or something cause I'll break any of your faces in if you start something! (a student then glares at him)

student: You, keeping the peace? Hah! You're a has-been of an old age who dropped out because Onimada kicked your ass in his first year! What makes you think we'll listen to you-Uh! (the crowd then notices two more figures, the red haired stranger from before and an even more familiar face who opens his mouth)

Masu: Because if you don't listen to Red Dog, then you're sure as Hell going to listen to me. (the crowd then stands in stunned silence, only for the stranger to speak up)

stranger: Heh, just like you Masu! Scaring the Hell out of everyone! (a shocked Kenshin then speaks towards the man)

Kenshin: (stunned) C-Chiaki?

Chiaki: (raises a brow) Eh? (notices Kenshin and the Frontline) Oh, you guys... (then gives a big smile as he walks towards the Frontline) Miss me?

Kenshin and crew: (in joy over the sudden reunion of their friend and old companion, Chiaki Mikamura) Chiaki!

Kenshin: (a big grin on his face) You bastard! You should have told us you were coming back!

Chiaki: (laughs) Not really, just spending my break!

Tatsu: (chuckles) And to think I thought you forgot about us already! (as the small reunion continues, Denji and Okubo are stunned at the display of the three former students of Kaimon)

Denji: Masu Inoue, Chiaki Mikamura, and Red Dog...Those guys and Yosuke Kurama were tough back in the day.

Okubo: ...Seems like I missed out on all the fun.

Denji: (frowns) Dude, don't even think about fighting them this Summer. (sweat drop)

Masu: Alright now! All you guys better listen to Red Dog!

Red Dog: (annoyed) Still haven't forgot how you kicked my ass not long ago but whatever. (sweat drop) Now, lets get started on ground rules! (the meeting itself was simple but long...Yet everyone was willing to listen in silence, a very rare case in which the chaotic East was quiet, and in total agreement in the Summer truce...That and Red Dog is one long ass speaker)

Date: (yawns) Man, this is taking forever...

Touma: Tell me about it. Shivamaru, wanna say something to the big oaf-Eh? (notice Shivamaru looking around the place with a small smile on his face)

Shivamaru: It really feels nice, huh? (looking at other three faction leaders, as they give similar looks) One day, one of us will unite this many people under our banner...

Touma: ...Heh. (chuckles) That's you alright. Man, this is gonna be weird once we get to our trip, you did change.

Shivamaru: And I never regretted it... (it wasn't long for Red Dog to finally end his speech, signifying the start of the summer treaty...Course, everyone had to explain the cops just why a massive group just started crowding a section of the park but that's not exactly a great way to end such an eventful day...Let's say Red Dog got the full brunt of the blame and he'll forever be known as Kaimon's unluckiest bastard. A day has passed since then, as Shivamaru awakens from a nap in a bus as Touma taps his shoulder)

Touma: Wake up man, we're here.

Shivamaru: (moans) Really? (he then sits upright from his seat and shakes Akemi, who's sitting next to him) Hey Akemi, we made it.

Akemi: (annoyed) I know...I've been awake ever since you slept on top of me.

Shivamaru: Oh...Sorry. (sweat drop)

Date: (laughs) We made it! Ringo, we're here! (as the gang of five walk out of the bus, they stare in awe over their destination of their trip...)

Ringo: Wow...It's so nice...

Akemi: I'll say.

Shivamaru: Heh, nothing like Saiga to put you in a good mood huh, Touma?

Touma: (smiles) Hell yeah...Nothing like home. (as the five stare at the sunny beach town known as Saiga, they are ready for their summer trip...Little did they know that the past of the Hon-Ishi Duo will soon spoil the good mood...)

To Be Continued

Bonus: SEA Profiles!

Date: Aw Hell, really? Those losers? ...My Summer is already ruined...

Ringo: Geez, such a drama queen... (sweat drop)

South Eastern Alliance (SEA): Composed of the gangs in the southeast just close to the borders of Sutogi Commerce of the South's territories, they remain the only factions left that have not submitted allegiance to any of the three main groups in the so-called Eastern unification war. In other words, they rallied together in order to prevent the unification from happening...And yes, the irony of working together for the sake of fighting each other once it's over is not lost upon them. Despite the massive numbers, they lack any of the qualities that made the other three factions powerful, mainly strong members and a sense of teamwork. To their credit, the fact they haven't collapse right off the bat shows that they are indeed a tough faction...Just not a great one.

Dosan: President of SEA, Dosan is said to be as strong as Date Suragi of the Revolution and as smart as Mosuke Murakami of the Frontline, with the nickname Bear of Kai thanks to his impressive size yet talented mind...For a delinquent anyway. Not much of a threat because of his carefree and humble nature, he...Is still consider this by the three other factions. Will he learn not to eat expired food these days?

Ando: Officer of SEA and an old middle school friend of Dosan. He is a no nonsense fighter and usually tries his best to get Dosan up to speed of current events. However...He is rather short of a guy and this usually breaks off his calm demeanor into a berserk frenzy. Old pals with Ujiie and Inaba but given their bickering and slapstick like violence, can we really call them pals? Is working on ways to get taller….Good luck!

Ujiie: Officer of SEA and works part-time at a movers business with Dosan. He is a good fighter but has a rather bad habit of being honest...Even if it meant gaining the scorn of his allies. Old chums with Ando and Inaba….Although they beat each other up way too much for anyone to consider this. Trying his best to be a tad more upbeat for SEA!

Inaba: Officer of SEA and a gaming buddy of Dosan at the arcade in their area. He is a hot blooded fighter and is regarded as second to Dosan in fighting ability in all of SEA...Sometimes, given that despite his strength, his hot headedness often bites him in the ass and even Agito Narita from the Big Shot Triad has better self control than Inaba does. With Ujiie and Ando, the three make up the Three Great Fools of Mino (Mino being where they grew up as children). Then again, if the above profiles didn't make it clear….It's a miracle this somewhat powerful group didn't collapse by the infighting. Working on making mundane tools into weapons of destruction...Yikes!

Till Next Time!