There are a million things to apologize for

But I doubt I ever will.

There are countless things that I should regret

But I don't.

There are numerous things that they want me to be sorry for

But I'm not.

I'm not what they expected of me or even what they wanted

But I don't care.

I can not possibly live up to the expectations that are set for me

But I will try anyway.

I'm different and an individual and stubborn

But I like it that way.

I lie and I am a hypocrite and I am not perfect

But I have accepted that.

I am not ready to let go and take the next step in life and I am afraid

But through fear I will know courage

I believe in many things, not all of them popular

But that isn't my problem.

I am not strong or clever or beautiful

But I am me

And that is all I have ever wanted to be.