His name is Skylar, and I am in love with him. I know it may not seem of much consequence to you, or to anyone else, but I want somebody to know that he exists and that it is possible for love stories to exist outside of fairytales and movies.

It was my freshman year of high school. I was so nervous. All honors classes and a brand new kind of experience. I started off strong and I was doing well in school. The first day of school I walked into my third hour Biology Honors class and sat down at one of the lab tables near my friends because there were no open desks. As class started, I noticed a boy two rows over from me. I remember thinking how interesting he looked. He had an oversized black hoodie, glasses, a crooked smile that was completely contagious, and it looked like he had attempted to dye his hair purple. It looked more reddish to me, and a kid in the back started calling him Scarlet. I decided right then that I wanted to be his friend.

I had experienced a bad situation dealing with love the previous year. I told my crush that I loved him and he completely ignored me for the rest of the year. I was devastated and promised myself not to get into that again. I just wanted to be friends with this guy. He seemed really cool. I ran up to my friend Em in the hallway and asked,

"Hey, who was that kid with the dyed hair?"

"Him? That's Skylar. He went to middle school with us. He was on my bus."

"I've never seen him before..."

I made it my mission to talk to Skylar at every chance I could. At the quarter our seats changed and he took the lab seat I had been in and I moved to one seat behind the one next to him. Em sat right next to him. I was so jealous. They talked all the time. We were all friends, Skylar and all of the friends I had been sitting with became close as he did with me. He talked to Em most though. Probably because he sat next to her, but that didn't matter to me. Our teacher was always teasing them and asking Sky when he would ask her out. He would reply jokingly,

"Ew! Why would I want to go out with Em? Besides, I already have a girlfriend."

They had gotten together around the time of Homecoming. Her name was Gianna. I didn't go. I felt that I wouldn't be able to look pretty and I would just feel stupid. I sat and listened to him talk about her though. I was a good listener, a good friend. He loved her so much. It just made it easier to want to just be friends with him. He had her, and he was happy. I was just another friend. Sometimes I would slip though, and catch myself thinking about what it would be like if it was me instead of her. I would think about how wonderful his smile was and about how easy he was to talk to, but I would stop and tell myself, "No. I can't. He has a girlfriend, and nothing good ever came of falling in love anyway."

Soon it would get even harder to fight my feelings. Fuel to the fire. It would only be a matter of time before catastrophe struck Sky's relationship, and I would find hope where I had never dreamed I would.