First Love

Love, so pure, radiates from them,
Happiness and joy, all abound.

Feelings so serene, embrace so magical,

Never when together, do they feel down.

A kiss explodes, with feelings of passion,
Talking about nothing, just love.
Secret whispers, in each others' ears,

Their passion ensues, flying like a dove.

Connections so elegant, never apart,
Their love grew with each passing of time.

No one else, in this world of ours,
Could make either feel more sublime.

Caress each other, gentle touch,
The intensity increased with each step.
Happy to just be, in each others' arms,
Never having, a single regret.

Each one smiles, at the other,
For each knows they are the one.
The one to spend the rest of their days with,
Under the sky's setting sun.