Red River

My blood runs down the hill, mixed with rain water, in a river. All my hopes and dreams drown in that shallow river. Everything I was looking forward to, stripped from me in less than thirty minutes. Thirty minutes was all it took for him to violate me, stab me and leave me to die. I remember screaming for help as he dragged me into this alleyway, screaming in pain. Pain I don't even feel anymore. Pain so great whenever I opened my mouth a strangled scream ripped out of my throat, but that was then, now I'm numb. Numb from the blood loss, and numb because I know my life is gone. The little flicker of hope that he wouldn't kill me snuffed out when he pulled out that knife. A knife that reflected so much in the little moonlight it was blinding. It was as if he was worried I might see his face. So what if I say, he knew I wouldn't get away. I can feel myself slipping as I hear sirens blaring down the street and red lights flashing behind my eyes. I remember thinking 'I wish they were here to help me.'