Full Summary: No one has ever understood us, as cliche as that may sound, but we have made it that way. After all, we are truly two pieces of one soul in two different bodies. There is also the fact that we are ... different. We would have lived a blissful life of self-isolation, if it weren't for that one moment when we both dropped our guards. After that, our perfect facade dropped and our life became difficult. Terrible at writing summaries. Rated M just in case. No sort of incest at any time (just deep-set sibling-complexes). May involve some MxM slash in the future. Read and Rate!

Author's Note: This is my first story ever written, which I hope I will one day be able to finish. Seeing as I am an amateur author, please feel free to point out any mistakes in grammar and spelling and any other thing that seems wrong! Seriously, even if you have a simple question, just comment and I will answer it! Also, any suggestions throughout the story are welcome!


Past midnight, in the shadow of a November night's gloom, a woman screamed in agony as she was giving birth to a single child in the small-town's local hospital. At least, that is what she and her doctors expected. Then again, what is expected and what actually happens isn't always the same, no?

What they did receive was a small girl's birth; a pale child, reddened by childbirth, black hair, and deep blue eyes that shone with frustration and innocent curiosity. A small girl- a normal childbirth. That was not all they did receive. Shortly followed after the newborn girl's birth, the mother began to writhe in pain as she felt another child come upon her; this child was a small boy. The mother, nurse, and even the doctor were shocked, for there was never a single trace of this child. A medical mystery, even the doctor claimed.

But that was not the only surprise, the only oddity, because the said boy was born with pale skin which was not in the slightest rosy, brilliant grey hair that seemed to shine white one moment, and silver the next and matching silver eyes filled with intelligence that were assessing the situation from the moment he was born. Unlike the boy's elder sister, this child had neither a glint of innocence nor frustration, only calm eyes filled with amused curiosity.

At that moment, both the mother and the father of these children were ecstatic- they had even chosen the names of their children with their blissful whim (Aurora Rose for the girl and Skyler Ian for the boy), but the doctor was still frozen with shock, not believing what had just happened. He himself had been the one to test the woman during her pregnancy, giving her ultrasounds for seven months, and there was only one "bun in the oven." Not only that, but the newborn boy actually had white hair and silver eyes! It should be impossible because there wasn't a trace of albinism within either sides of the family and both parents had dull-blue eyes. He simply dismissed it as an oddity of nature, a genetic malfunction. One he would write about in a medical journal to boost his fame, of course.

He was wrong, though. It wasn't genetics that made this child that way. It was pure fault of the mother. All caused by a secret she had hoped to carry to her grave. Secrets that she should've realized there and then that she and her children would have to pay for. Secrets caused by an innocent-seeming rebellion as a teenager.

If she only would have listened to that nagging feeling in her gut, as she was taught to since birth, she would have realized that it was time to pay for what she had done; her children might have even had the opportunity to live a normal life. But, as most humans, she made herself forget her dreadful sin that, at this moment, became a physical manifestation.