Have A Little Faith

I tried.

Janus isn't my god,
No two faced liar could be.
And I have no faith in Venus
Who's blinded by beauty.

But I will sacrifice myself
To you, if you do the same.
Love is not a religion it's
Learning to deal with pain.

And it pains me to see you
Distant and hurt like this.
All I want is to carry you
To where nothing's amiss.

But we are grounded. We
Know more than the fates.
Now that I see you, really you,
I realize it's already too late

It wasn't meant to be and
All that time twisting sheets
Was just delaying the
Inevitable show of defeat.

I love you. You know that.
But I can't watch you disappear.
If you've already left then,
There's no damage to fear.

How could I pray to the pantheon
When they watched us fall apart?
The Gods know nothing. They've
Never felt blood rush at heart.

Like a priest reaches enlightenment,
I understand now.
I understand…
This is the last time we will hold hands.