Breeding in an enchanted forest,

child of Eden, rest in peace. In

a magical place where imaginary

fairy tale characters breathe and

roam free, this is your sanctuary

and will be your home for life. Your

chest is on fire with dreams burning

within you and it runs skin deep. You

invest so much of yourself in this imaginary

world that you don't know the difference

between fact and fiction. Fumbling into

ecstasy, living for you is easy and never

busy because you are dwelling in your

very own fantasy. Keep on dreaming,

my human unicorn, the best is still

yet to come for your childlike faith.

Full of wonder, you ponder the chance

to wander more deeper into the depths

of solitude, nirvana. You close your eyes

and quiet your mind in preparation to meet

your creator on the other side where the

heavenly skies remain blue forever and you

experience a rebirth. Full of grace, you pull

at my heart strings and I know why the angels