Skating above life
half an inch of ice
between me and my

Twirling, showing off
Gracefully spinning
this all takes so much
to make it look this good

Spending hours every morning
covering the blemishes and scars
shading glitter and gloss
no one can tell what's beneath

Practice in the mirror
that beautiful smile
that will distract from
what I've become

And when my ankles
begin to tremble?
When my knees
become weak?

Just pop a few pills,
add a new shiny layer
to the ice
between me and my life

Can't sit down to rest
can't break the fa├žade
can't let anyone know
that I'm not the perfect girl

So skate off to a corner,
pretend to be busy
tie my skates a bit tighter
and let the blood flow, just a bit

The ice gets smoother
makes it easier
for a while.
No one will realize.