I liked how January skipped
its way to October
and how the love just keeps on going
and totally faded away.
That love was such a simple thing,
and it brought me so much joy-
and now that it has been taken away,
there's nothing much to say.
The empty feeling lingers on,
captured emotions opened up and
they've long evaporated.
October made its way here,
it's a long way down the road but
to all the hours spent, minutes wasted
and seconds loving you:
at that time, those days were the days
that I've truly lived; because
love makes you remember
all the pain, the tears and the efforts
spent in vain.

I picked a sunflower; yellow petals with its vibrant black core
and pushed it to the stunning sunlight and all of its petals flew:
I've always watched my beloved one's love go to another,
but now I watch my own love for someone drop to the abyss
in just a few heartbreaks.