It's my fault they're dead. I wish I wasn't given that choice. I'll never forgive myself. I'm probably making no sense right now. I'm sorry it's just…Let me start from the beginning. I don't know where to begin…I'll start with the night I got the message.

I was at home listening to music and talking on Facebook. I got an email from my best friends address, but when I opened the message I knew it wasn't from him. The message said:

Hello Xander, and welcome to the game. You were chosen by several friends to help participate in a game called Left Or Right. I will explain the rules as soon as you confirm that you'll be joining us. If you decide not to help your friends then they will be terminated. I have attached a few photo's to this email to show that I am not joking. Your friends are in danger. You and only one other person can save them, but you both must comply to save your friends. If one of you says no then they'll die, and I move on. Simple as that. I must receive your answer in an hour's time. If I don't…Well, you get it by now. I look forward to speaking with you again.

The Game Master

At first I didn't believe him, but when I saw the pictures I knew he wasn't lying. The pictures were of my friends Carlos, Damen, Emma, and Rojan. All varied in condition. Carlos was covered in grim, but I didn't see anything broken and no blood. Emma's leg was sticking out of her skin and her jaw was at a weird angle. Rojan was covered in blood; his hands were bound and were hanging from the ceiling. Damen was the worst. He wasn't covered in blood or grim, but he was missing an eye, his lips were sewn shut, and I think his hair was ripped from his scalp. I was pretty good at telling when things were photo copied, and I knew for sure that these weren't. So here were my friends, in what looked like tremendous amount of pain, and this guy was giving me a choice to save them or to let them suffer. Most people would've immediately responded saying "God yes, I'll do anything!" But they aren't thinking. There are things you have to think about first: He didn't tell us any rules, he didn't tell us where they are, he could be lying and is just trying to capture me, and what if you die? Then your family will have to suffer your loss. It's not a situation anybody wants to be in.

After thinking about it though I decided to help them. I owed Damen and Rojan my life. They deserved my help. So, I emailed him back saying I accept his offer and I asked him where we should meet. Of course he picked on old warehouse and I was supposed to be there by dawn. He said when I got there I'd learn the rules. He also told me who I'll be partnered with. Tristan Shan. I'd never heard of him before that. Apparently, that was Emma's boyfriend. I was thinking 'Great, so now I've got to deal with a love sick hero.'

Like anyone else in my position I was scared as hell to go. My life was in danger. That night I couldn't sleep, which wasn't good. When facing a life threatening scenario, you need all the sleep you can get.


A/N: Alright, thanks for reading! This is only a prologue. The chapters will be longer. This is my first horror based story. I usually I write for young adult or romance. Rojan is pronounced Row-John. And Rojan is a guy. The chapters won't be like he's telling a story. You'll be reading the story as it's unfolding in front of his eyes. So here comes the present tense. Anyway, thanks to MyWeirdWorld (Check out her new story "Freedom in a Cage" It's really good) for BETAing everything I write (She's Dutch and better at grammar than I am. How sad).