A man sat on the curb, his feet planted on the white line of the street. Loose gravel and leaves gathered beneath his legs and he sent them running with a slight shake of his foot. He looked up at the road, seeing a car in a white blur as it rushed past him. The moan of a passenger plane sounded somewhere in the sky. He raised his eyes but only saw thick, white clouds. Soon the noise faded, and he stood up, dusting grit and dirt from the seat of his pants.

A woman across the street moved in a hurry, her dress flapping dangerously high around her thighs.

The man paused, his breath fluttering, his eyes glued to her thighs. He wanted her dress to raise completely. He wanted to see if she was wearing panties. He hoped she wasn't. He started to follow her on the opposite sidewalk, but she abruptly entered an apartment complex and disappeared. He sighed and walked on down the sidewalk.

He walked past a father carrying his little girl. She was about four years old, riding on her his back, her vine-like arms wrapped around his neck. The father nodded quickly in acknowledgement to the man and kept on walking.

"Faster, daddy!" The girl burst out suddenly, causing the man to flinch.

"Okay, honey. Hold on tight!" The father said, then started to jog down the sidewalk. The girl squeeled and held on, laughing as she bounced up and down.

The man turned to watch the girl and father leave, his eyes wide as the girl's shorts' legs flew open around her thighs. The man began to sweat as he saw the little girl's pink and yellow panties, heat rushing into his groin. He swallowed dryly, watching with bitterness as they rounded a corner and vanished. He took a deep breath as his body calmed down, then walked on.

He went by a park and saw two boys playing frisbee, spitting curses at each other when they threw it wrong, or too hard. He stood behind a tree and watched a woman eat an apple as she sat on a bench, reading a book. He watched a toddler go down a metal slide, being snatched up in his mother's arms before his feet could touch the sandy ground.

He heard a strange sound and turned. Two dogs were attempting to mate, but they were both males and one was smaller than the other. The man moved closer, slowly, trembling inside with desire. Drool puddled beneath his tongue. He squatted down, the labored pants of the dogs turning him on. The bigger dog was trying to get his penis inside the other dog, thrusting and spasming his body awkwardly. The man stared, wanting the bigger dog to stick his penis in the little dog's ass.

"Almost got it," the man whispered for encouragement, his own penis pulsing and thickening. He crept forward, breathing thinly through his mouth.

"Mutton, no!" Screamed a woman, rushing out of nowhere and seizing the bigger dog by the scruff of his neck. She jerked him away from the other dog and kicked him in the butt. "That's a bad dog. Bad!" She scolded, clipping his leash onto his collar. The little dog looked ashamed and darted away.

The man quickly stood up, feeling wetness in his crotch, and quickly left the park. He went home and took off all of his clothes. He locked the doors and closed the curtains and before sitting down on the couch. His penis hung between his legs, itching lightly from the rough cloth of the couch. He leaned forward to scratch his buttcheek, then discovered he was sitting on a cheerio. He thumped it across the room.

He stared at the TV in front of him, it's blank, empty screen reflecting his own dullness. His hungry, threatening eyes and dark, twisted mind. He ran his hand up and down his chest, loosening the dried sweat from his chest hairs. He sighed and looked at his penis.

It wasn't the best-looking. It had been in a lot of odd places. It was hairy, but only in thin, brown patches. He teased it with his fingertip, tickling at the tip and sides.

He closed his eyes and took it in his hand, cradling it in his palm, his thumb rubbing over the top. He tried to remember what the woman's thighs looked like by the street, how flushed her expression was, how recklessly she threw her legs in front of her, not seeming to notice or care if her dress was nearly exposing her. As her image returned to him, warmth fizzled its way into his dick.

He bit his lip, his eyes still closed, as he tried to remember the child riding on her father's back. Her pale skin, her bony legs, her innocent laugh. Her panties...

"Oh Lord," he moaned, remembering how he could almost see the little girl's pure and unspoiled cunt. A blaze of fire rippled down into his groin, and his fingers flexed around his penis and he began to jack off.

With his eyes pinched shut, the man gritted his teeth as he recalled the two dogs. His hand moved faster and faster, his grip tightening. That little dog... The way he just laid there, panting, aroused, taking the other dog's dick where ever it fell. The big dog, dominant, fierce, determined to get what he wanted, his thin purple-ish willie wiggling as it tried to get in...

"Oh God!" The man groaned loudly, his hand jerking up and down so fast it felt almost like rope-burn in the palm of his hand. His testicles pulled in response. His eyes rolled back in his head, sweat rolling down the back of his neck. He threw his head back, thrusting his hips up into his hand again and again.

Suddenly, gasping, he sat up, his eyes wide open as he reached orgasim. He watched his penis shoot thick white spit into the air, coughing, sputtering, oozing, it ran down his dick and between his fingers as he kept rubbing himself. Then his penis calmed down and the pleasure faded. The cum cooled off and began to dry and get sticky on his hands, legs, and furniture.

He sat back against the couch, breathing heavily, still sweating, his body trembling. His dick hung limp and long but slowly began to recede. The man looked at his hands and began playing with his cum, pressing his fingers together just to watch them struggle to pull back apart.

He looked back at his TV, but from the way he was sitting, his head was cut off.