Hannah tucked the strand of short, choppy blonde hair behind her ear and bit her lip impatiently, waiting for it reach excatly eleven o'clock. She adjusted the laptop camera, checked her make up real quick, making sure she didn't look absolutely awful, and grinned as she pressed 'Video Call'.

It rang for a few minutes, before the screen lit up with Caleb's face, the pointed nose, blue eyes, brown hair that used to fall past his eyebrows, but now was short, very short. He looked older, which made Hannah a bit sad, and he was wearing the typical camoflauge all soldiers wore. Hannah grinned and waved slightly, before saying, "Hi!"

Caleb laughed softly and said, in an almost monotone voice typical of him, "Hey, Hannah." Across the world, he laughed at her expression, one of both joy, confusion, and innocence wrapped up into one face. She smiled softly and replied,

"So...now I feel like I have nothing to say." Her Southern drawl dragged out the 'a' in say, which of course, sounded normal to her. Caleb nodded, agreeing.

"I know. It easier to tell you my deepest secrets when I can't see your face," he deadpanned, moving his baby blues downward. Hannah sighed, feeling like the conversation was going nowhere.

"Do you have any friends?" She blurted before she could stop herself, mentally facepalming. "Wait, that came out wrong, I mean, any army friends? Like, there?" Caleb began to chuckle to himself, and Hannah felt her face flush. Great. This really cute guy thought she was inarticulate.

"Yes, actually, there's Private Groves, Private Wesley, Private Hyatt-"

"Hyatt?" Hannah questioned, eyes narrowing. "Black curly hair?"

Caleb's eyes narrowed suspiciously as he nodded. "Yes. Why?"

"Nothing," Hannah mumbled. "Nothing at all. So, um, any humorous stories you want to regale me with?" The blonde joked, her tiny nose crinkling. Her oversized mouth fell open in shock as Caleb stared her down through the screen.


"Yes..." Hannah said, suddenly meek.

"Shouldn't you be telling me funny stories?"

"Not much to tell."

"Why don't I believe that?"

She shrugged. "I guess we can talk next week. Maybe."

"I like letters, better."

In her deepest heart, Hannah felt like it was because she wasn't pretty. Of course, he'd much rather Skype with a pretty girl, and write to an ugly girl because he can't see her face. All of the scenarios where Caleb came home to Alabama, rushed right to her, serenaded her, brought her flowers, the whole facade crashed down. She nodded slowly, before saying,

"I'll write you tomorrow. Goodbye, Caleb."

"Goodbye, Hannah."

Hannah shut her laptop.

(She hoped it was just his personality to be so curt.)

Across the ocean, Caleb closed Skype.

(He was glad that Hannah cared so much about keeping touch. He didn't tell her he cut comunications off with every other person contacting him besides her. He felt it was too hard and dangerous to get involved emotionally with everyone.)