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The Dreamer's Eclipse

Chapter I

"Liona Gabriella Ambrosi!" I shout as I angrily bang on her window. "Huh?" She blinked wearily, turning away from her computer screen. She hadn't expected me to still be up this late—and much less in her house, shouting. It was about 12 o'clock at night, and I live a mile or two away. She knows I would walk all the way over just to annoy her though, and I'd say for only being here ten seconds I've pretty much done what I came here to do.

She unlocks the window and pulls it up, saying in a fierce whisper, "What are you doing, Trinity?"

I grin at her stupidly and crawl in, trying to be quietly. That doesn't end well when I fall in face first, making a loud thud.

"You okay?" I heard someone shout from a few rooms over. It was Liona's mom.

"Yeah!" She shouted back, trying her best to sound groggy and act like she went to bed on time. "Fell outta bed, that's all," I roll my eyes at her excuse, but her mother takes it and is already snoring softly again. She's a light sleeper and would wake up at the sound of a pin dropping, but it doesn't take much for her to fall back into sleep afterwards.

"Wait, wait…" I said in a tense whisper. I lean out the window again, looking for someone. I see his shadow and wave furiously, making erratic hand symbols that meant the coast was clear.

"Oh my god, you did not bring Tony with you." She continues furiously. She nearly slams the window down on my hand, but I stop her halfway down and pull it open again, so Tony can fit his wiry frame in.

"Heya, Li." He said with a grin. We call her Li sometimes. Liona is just too formal. "Happy Birthday," He said happily. Tony Cervelli, the single most adorable guy walking the planet that decided to hang with us. His brown hair is naturally spiky and messy, going in all different directions, and it's impossible not to stare into his pretty chocolate brown eyes. He plops onto her blue beanbag chair and pulls the backpack off his shoulder.

"Oh my god…" She whispered, tugging at her hair. "If my mom sees you here," She said pointing to me, "She might not care." She turned her glare on Tony, who's still grinning like a maniac. "If she sees you, you're a GUY!" She nearly tears her hair out at the thought, "She'll send me to a finishing school, and tear you to shreds! I hate boarding schools and that crap!"

"Glad to know you'd care if you're mom tore me into shreds," Tony said, feigning hurt. "I guess I'll just keep the presents we brought." He started to put the little wrapped items back in his bag.

I shake my head at him and take the bag away, too excited not to give her the presents.

I pull Tony's out first—a poorly wrapped oddly shaped object about the size of a softball—and handed it to her. She stared at it for a long moment before looking up at us and saying, "You seriously walked two miles to my house at midnight just to say happy birthday and give me presents?"

"Yes," Tony replied, practically bouncing. "Now, be quiet and open the dang thing!"

I nod at the poorly wrapped gift in her hand and she proceeds to rip away the colorful smiley face paper we always wrap each other's gifts in.

Inside is something that made me want to hit him. Hard.

"Is this a muffin?"

Tony's grin widened despite the mistake. "Haha sorry. Wrong one. I didn't have any plastic bags left. That's my breakfast." He takes the muffin back and starts eating it as I roll my eyes and reach into the bag again. I pull out the real one, another poorly wrapped item, and this time a flimsy sort of flattish rectangle. I handed it to her and said, "Unless he has a Poptart in that one I think your safe."

"I ate that on the way over," Tony reminds me, leaning back and sinking into the beanbag chair, clearly still tired. "But if there is one in there will you split it with me?"

A pillow flies through the air and smacks him in the face. "Hey!" He hisses.

By the time I'm done snickering, Liona has already finished tearing away all the smiley paper, to reveal a beautiful drawing.

It's of Liona and Tony and I, done in black and white. It looks realistic, almost as if he'd taken a photograph, taken away the color and called it his own creation.

"Whoa!" Li whispered, a wide smile taking over her face. "This is amazing Tony!" She rushes forward and gives him a hug, which he immediately squirms out of. He's not very touchy feely.

"Thanks," He grunts, still getting smothered by a hug. "I've been working on it for ages."

Liona jumps up and down silently, smiling wider than ever before. She happily sets the drawing on her computer desk, along with the other drawing Tony did for her a while back, when they'd first met.

I started jumping too when I handed her the present I'd gotten her.

It was a similar shape to the last one she'd opened, but it wasn't a drawing. She pulls out a beautiful dark blue dream catcher, one that I know she's been trying to convince her parents to get her for months. They could never find it though. Because I'd gotten it and hid it the second they turned away. Because I'm a ninja like that.

"Oh my god," She squeaked, "You found it!" She tackles me to the ground with a hug and Tony snickers quietly, laughing at the fact that it wasn't him this time.

A knock on the door startles us. Tony and I scramble. Liona jumps on her bed and under the covers. I fall behind her bed, and Tony…he's as smart as the lamp he's seeking refuge behind. He snaps the light off a second before light from th hall way comes through the crack of the door in the middle of being opened.

"Liona, can I borrow a five?"

"Uhh…" Liona reaches for the piggy bank on her nightstand. "Yeah, why?"

"You're father and I had a bet on how long it would take for Trinity and Tony to make enough sound for us to bust you." She says casually. "Hi Tony," She adds, waving at the figure poorly disguised by the lamp.

"Hi Mrs. A!" Tony waves back happily, with a grin. He stays behind the lamp, though it's useless now that we'd been caught.

"What gave us away?" I ask, popping up from my own hiding spot.

Liona's mom smiles crookedly at Tony, who finally decided the lamp doesn't make good cover. "Tony's mother called an hour ago and said you might be coming over,"

"Awww…." Tony moaned, letting his head drop to the nightstand with a loud thud. "My mom busted us!"

"Ha, way to be," Li snorts, pushing the covers back, and getting out of bed again to hand her mother the five dollar bill.

Liona stops her mom from walking away, and excitedly shows her the birthday gifts she'd just opened. Her mother has to put her hands on Li's shoulders to keep her from bouncing up and down.

"That's beautiful!" She exclaims at both the drawing and dream catcher. "Did Tony draw it?"

"Yes," Tony says meekly. "Actually I messed up on it—you can see where—ow!" He squeaked out the last word. Li had just smacked him over the head with a hefty pillow, angry that he'd just insulted his best work of art yet.

"Shutup! It's perfect!"

"All right, all right, it's perfect!"


I ended up staying at her house that night—tomorrow we didn't have to get up early for school so we could stay up as late as we wanted without having to worry about an alarm clock going off.

We decided to stay up until about 3 am, which is still pretty early for our hardcore sleepovers. Tony left at around 2 o'clock, saying that his mother had given him a curfew of about 2 hours. Liona's mom drove him home after he started walking in the dark and nearly got taken out by a car. Just like him, too, to nearly die than laugh at the thought of it.

Right now, we were eating sundaes. We always had ice cream together, in the middle of the night / early morning—that's just what we did. Her mother didn't care as long as we left some in the carton for her and didn't go crazy on sugary toppings.

Needless to say we still did.

So as we played Cooking Mama on the Wii and periodically spazed out about things in the game we thought were retarded, we talked about random things.

After we were done trying to make perfect cookies, we settled down by watching our favorite comedy. This was when the serious talking started.

"So, why do you think Tony still hangs out with us? We're such weirdo's," She asks with a yawn.

I shrug. "I dunno. We've known him since, like, fourth grade. He's used to us by now."

"He just seems like he should be so much more popular than us," She says, thinking quietly. "I mean, he's so nice, and everyone likes him."

I shrug again, and then flip onto my stomach so I can give her a sleepy look. "He's still like us," I tell her with another yawn. "He's still a little kid."

"Yeah… Well…" She reaches out and turns off the lamp that Tony had hidden behind "We should go to bed. Mom will want us to get up by at least lunch."

I didn't hear her. I was already out cold.

Dreams. The weirdest part of my absurd life. Every night something different happened, and every time I woke up a little more confused or with some weird story to tell Liona and Tony on the school bus.

This wasn't right though. This was a different dream. No—It didn't feel like a dream. It felt more like…a paradoxical universe? I don't know, it just wasn't a dream. It felt too real.

There was a lot of purple surrounding me. No walls, no floor, no ceiling. It was like a swirling galaxy, bright white stars peeking through the distorted shades of lilac. I was in some weird space dimension.

And so was Liona. I saw her long black hair swirling around her. But Liona didn't have black hair. I knew it was her—there was no mistaking those bright blue eyes.

And Tony. He was there too… he looked mostly the same, but his hair was light brown that looked close to blonde, instead of his natural dark brown. Same with him though—I could tell it was him by the light green eyes.

All at the same time, we looked at each other, all confused, yet somehow knowing.

'Hello." A musical voice says.

I give a tiny gasp and sort of twist around, and see a little girl walking our way. Each step she takes, a small patch of dark blue swirls under her feet, creating a little platform.

"Where are we?" I ask breathlessly. The scene around us changes and now, we are back on Earth (I guess anyways). Rolling hills provide a beautiful landscape, green grass, trees, and off in the distance a patch of colorful wildflowers are in full bloom. Every time the wind blows, the scent and petals come flying, instantly brightening the area further.

'We, are in a dream world.'

"What?" Liona squeak. "This is to real to be a dream… I can even smell the flowers."

The girl smiles. 'It is what all Dreamweavers try to achieve. Creating a reality is no easy task.'
"So…is this really happening?" We all say in unison.

'Yes and no. On one side, this is only a dream world, and could never exist. I have no real form, except for what piece of me you have.'

'What piece?'

'I believe you call it…a dream catcher?'

"Wait…so my birthday present...is like…you?"

The girl laughed—but it wasn't a child laugh. It sounded like a young woman. Someone mature, who has seen too much in a short amount of time.

'In a way, I suppose. But dream catchers are really just an extension of my soul, so I may reach out to all of my…employees.'

"Employees?" We all question.

She gives a single nod. 'You are here, because I have a very special job for you all.'

"Oh really? And what's that?"

She smiles slowly. 'You're going to become Dreamweavers. Just like me.'


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