Chapter II

I all but flew for the phone. I dialled Tony's number in a mere two seconds and held it up to my ear. I had no doubt that he'd be awake- even though the clock on Li's nightstand read in bright green numbers 6:30.

He picked it up before the first ring even ended.

"Liona?" He says, sounding out of breath.

"No, Trinity," I answer back before spouting, "Is everyone asleep over there?"

"Yeah." He replies, whispering. I can hear rutling on the other end, telling me that he's gotten up and is heading downstairs so he won't wake anyone. "Okay...We're good."

I let out a shaky breath, unsure how to start. Luckily, he speaks instead.

"Were we all actually…?" Tony asked meekly.

"Yes." I answer quietly. "That happened. Get your butt over here Tony. Now." I look at the clock—it's not even past dawn. It's still dark outside, but I had a feeling we weren't going to fall back asleep until we talked about what had just happened.

"Yeah, Trinity.I'll be right there." He answered. He hung up without as much as a goodbye—a classic Tony.

"I'm going to tell my mom we stayed up all night, okay?" Liona says, getting up from her cozy warm bed. Her mother wouldn't believe that we woke up this early after staying up so late. She'd know something was wrong.

"Tell her we're going for a bike ride," I call softly. I dialed Tony's number, and when he picks up I say quick, "Take your bike. We'll meet you half way."

"'Kay." Click. He hung up on me once again.

Liona appeared in the doorway. "Trinity…we're going to meet him on Brownsdale?"

"Yeah." I reply as I hastily take off my pajamas and slip on a t-shirt and jeans. "We're going out to our garden."

She nods and changes quickly as well. Our garden, which really is rather nice, is just a little patch of land no one ever really wanted or claimed. We spent the entire summer two years ago creating our own little magical place. It's got a hidden path leading up to it. The only way you can get to it is by following the large lat stones that create a narrow trail half covered by underbrush and dead leaves.

We use it as a sort of get away, when we want to be left alone. No one but us knows it exists.

As soon as Li was done getting dressed, I grabbed he blue dream catcher I'd given her, and put it in a little emergency candy/food and water bag we always kept stocked for our little trips out to the garden, and threw it over my shoulder.

We rode out to Brownsdale, which is a long twisty road. About a mile down is Tony's house. We can see him as he speeds toward us and we turn around so we all face the same way when he just whizzed past with a grin.

It took a second before we caught up, but when we did, we had to talk over the growing wind. It was probably going to start raining later.

"So what was that?" Tony asks.

"One weird dream." Liona replies. "But it had to be real! We all had it, right?"

Tony and I nodded.

"Okay, lets make sure… did you notice my hair color?"

"Black," Tony and I said at the same time.

"Tony's was sort of blondish too."

"Yeah, what was up with that?" He questions. "I like my hair better like that actually."

I snort. "How do you know? Pretty sure there weren't any mirrors."

He shrugged, sending his bike momentarily to the right because of the unwarranted movement. "It was pretty long, I saw it in front of my eyes."

He was right—It had been probably two inches past shoulder length, which was pretty long for any guy.

"If we braided it, you'd have looked like Edward Elric. Ya know, from Fullmetal Alchemist."

He laughs. "I know who he is. And no. I'm never letting you braid my hair if it gets that long.

I pout. "Fine. But if you keep your hair how it is now and I just mess it up, you'll look like Edward Cullen instead."

Tony nearly crashes in rage. "NO! I will never ever want to be like that sparkley weirdo! I mean, what kind of vampire sparkles? No offense to George Takei, but that is just gay!"

I chuckle at his undignified tone. Threatening his good looks with Edward Cullen was apparently too much for him to handle.

It wasn't a long ride to the garden. It was maybe a mile from Li's house, off onto some stone covered road that hadn't been used regularly since it had been made.

It was starting to get a little easier to see as we parked our bikes off to the side and started down the trail. We hadn't needed flashlights on the street before; the streetlamps more than enough to keep going the right direction, but now, deeper into the Pennsylvania woods, trees kept out any of what natural light there was, so now Tony handed us each a flashlight from his own bag so we could find our trail.

It took a few minutes, but eventually we get on to the roughly beaten down path, and make our way to our safe haven.

Once there, we all crash down onto moss covered stones and just sit there, staring up at the tree tops. Our garden is a pretty place- it was originally some sort of stone platform; probably the remanants of some cabin that had rotted away, leaving only th rocky foundation behind. We planted flowers and colorful things all around an in it. Set right in the middle of the stone slab was a huge tree, that had grown right through a crack, which it enlargened as it's trunk grew in size. Light is finally starting to make its way through the thick leaves and bramble, showering us with green tinted beams of sunshine.

"So what're we going to do?" Tony asks. He's the first one to talk after ten minutes of sitting and staring up, and I'll admit that the sound of his voice made me jump.

"I don't know." Liona and I both state simutaneusly.

"Don't do that." He mutters mildly. "It creeps me out immensly.

"Sorry," We both say.

He shudders. Then he suddenly sits up. "Come on. Let's figure this out."

Liona sits up too, "If that was real, should we do it? Become Dreamweavers or whatever she called herself?"

I shake my head, "There is the possibility it was just a weird dream we all shared, but it's slim. I think we should do it."

Liona nods. So does Tony.

I smile, determined. "Then thats that. We're going to become Dreamweavers."

"One problem," Liona started, coughing to disguise her laughter. "We don't even know what exactly a Dreamweaver is."

"Well, shit."


Lisa didn't usually worry about Liona. Her daughter was very capable of making decisions, and almost always made the right ones. Li was very careful and used her brain before doing anything questionable. Lisa did, however quite often worry about the sanity of her daughters friends Tony and Trinity. Those two had always been a handful, no doubt about it, but when they were together you could be certain some sort of natural diasaster would follow shortly after them.

So now, Lisa worried about them, her daughter included. What child would get up at the ungodly hour of six on a Saturday? Lisa didn't even get up until seven for her morning runs, and she never got up for them on weekends.

She just hoped they remembered to pack themselves breakfast, because when they got back there was no way she was going to make them something.


"So how're we gonna talk to this chick again anyways?" Tony asks with a yawn, momentarily taking his hands off the handlebars so he could stretch them above his head.

"I don't know," I reply, also yawning as I check my watch. It's almost eight o'clock already- we'd been gone for sometime already. "Tony, do you think your mom would care if we crashed at your place for a while? My parents aren't even home."

"What's wrong with my house?" Liona asks, continuing the chain of yawns.

"Nothing. I just think your mom deserves a break from our craziness." Tony nodded in agreement.

"She won't really care, as long as we don't bother my dad,"

"Text her and ask."

"M'kay." He proceeds to start texting while still moving on his bicycle, and talented as he is, doesn't crash as he tactifully navigates a sharp turn without using his hands or even looking where he's going. "It's all cool be her."

"Awesomesauce. Okay, Li text your mom and tell her that's where we went."

"All right. She'll be glad to have us out of her hair for awhile." After a failed atempt to ride and text, she throws her phone to Tony and he does it for her.

It takes an extra ten minutes to get to Tony's house, but it was worth it. Tony is now really the only kid living in this huge mansion of a house with ten bedrooms and four bathrooms, a den, a giant living room with every gaming console imaginable, and a humongus kitchen full of snacks to satisfy every hungery teen.

The first thing we do is run up the stairs and go straight to Tony's room, dropping all of our stuff there then collapsing on the floor ourselves.

"Maybe if we fall asleep again?" Tony murmurs, eyes half closed.

"Yeah," Liona agrees, getting up and hanging the dream catcher on a free nail. "Let's try it."

I just slide onto my stomach and yawn for the millionth time. I'll be out like a light in ten seconds.

I just allow my self a tiny smile as my eyes close.

Let the nightmares begin...

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