The Butterfly Effect

Book I: San Francisco

I woke up. What was going on here? This bed must be queen-sized. It was unusual because I had a twin bed. Why was there so much red and white in this room? I saw three Manchester United posters: one on the wall, one above the bed and a large-sized one on the ceiling. I didn't like Manchester United. I didn't even like the local soccer team at the high school. Where in the world was I?

I walked out of the room. This couldn't be my house. It was somewhat smaller and it was painted an olive green on the outside. I walked into what appeared to be a kitchen. It couldn't be mine. Did I walk into the wrong house or am I dreaming?

I saw Julie cooking buttermilk pancakes at the stove, which seemed to be 23% bigger. Wait… since when did Julie have golden yellow hair?

I said "Morning, Julie."

Julie said "Garrett, you know my name's Sydney. I'm going on a date with Jake tonight. You could make your own dinner, right?"

Julie's eyes are blue, not green. Did she get colored contacts or something?

I asked "Who's Jake? J-Sydney, you haven't had a boyfriend since I first met you."

J-Sydney raised her eyebrow before answering "Don't you remember Jake, Garrett? He was in Beth's remedial Biology class when I was in high school. He used to play football for San Freda Prep."

Beth's my friend, not my cousin. Beth's not in high school and if she was, she wouldn't be in remedial class, she'd be in AP. There's no school such as San Freda Prep… not in this state anyway. What is going on here?

I asked nervously " W- Where are we, Sydney?"

Sydney smiled warmly and answered "San Francisco, of course. Remember? I moved here to go to UCSF after I graduated from Villa Park High."

Julie didn't go to UCSF or Villa Park if such an educational center existed. She went to Harvard after graduating from high school in our city. How did I go from living in my current house to being in San Francisco?