Normally, I'm not a violent person but this Jake guy really got on my nerves. I should have just punched him in the stomach and be done with it.

Sadly, that would be lying and a HUGE one at that. Seeing as I fib constantly, that's saying something.

I said " Listen to me, you little snob. You better know who you are messing with because next time, I 'd not be so generous."

I then shoved him and walked back to my desk. Hey, I could have done something 10 times worse to this Jake kid. He got off easy in my book.

That guy finally came back and said that we could leave. We left the classroom including that loser, Jake. I wanted to strangle the little punk.

My last class before lunch was Art. Finally, something that I was good at. I went inside, my hood down, my drawing book in my hands and a calm expression on my face. Jake wasn't in this class. The guy next to me said he was in study hall. Basically, a really fancy name for detention.

Even though Jake the Snake was in study hall, Snake Junior was in this class and was trying to ruin Art for me by any means necessary. I was drawing this great picture of a diamondback snake and Snake Junior spills paint over it.

I asked " What did you do that for?"

Snake Junior grinned before he answered " It was an accident, it was."

I grabbed the picture and tried to get the paint off. I finally did but the picture is ruined.

To be honest, I have a million other pictures just like that. I could just color one of them in and hand in that to Mrs. Sanchez.

I came to the page with the exact same picture as I was drawing but uncolored. I took a few colored pencils and began shading the diamondback snake. I wrote my name big enough to see on the bottom right corner and I put it right on the teacher's desk.

Mrs. Sanchez gave the top 3 ribbons. A picture of a rainstorm came 3rd. Some horrid black and white sketch which turned to be Snake Junior's came second. A house stuck in a tornado came first. It was a pretty good picture. But where's mine?

Mrs. Sanchez said " We have a tie for honorable mention! The beautiful flower and the striking snake!"

Both pictures were on display, one of them was mine. I did a good job shading the scales different shades of obviously green, yellow and blue. The other... looked magnificent. It was more perfect than mine, to tell you the truth.

Snake Junior said in shock " But h-how..." and gritted his teeth as he looked at me.

I gave him my best " you're so stupid" look before getting up to take a picture with my masterpiece.

As Mrs. Sanchez took my picture, I wondered who was the creator of the flower drawing. Whoever they were must have a lot of experience and time on their hands.

As I sat down, I looked to see who was the drawer. I nearly gaped. It was Mary! She had this small, nervous smile on her face as she got her picture taken.

I didn't know she had such talent. But then again, she didn't really show it that well.