'Secrets that hold me captive,Holding tight to me and everything that I own."

Steve opened the front door and Jade Glanced around.

"You have a wonderful home." She kicked off her shoes and placed them neatly next to Steve's.

"Thank you." Steve said, "Uh, You can sleep on the couch for tonight, The guest Room isn't quite ready yet, but If you preferred I could get some sheets and make the bed-"

"No, don't trouble yourself the couch is fine." Jade said, Following him into the living room.

A girl that looked to be about fourteen sat in a chair watching T.V. "Hey dad." The girl said absentmindedly.

Steve cleared his throat and The girl looked away from the TV. "Tracy, This is Jade, She's going to be using the couch tonight, Which means you'll be watching TV in your room."

"Oh, no It doesn't bother me, she can watch TV out here."

"Alright." Steve said reluctantly, "But if it bothers You, feel free to tell her to go to her room. I'll go get Some clothes you can use as Pajamas."

"Thank you." Jade said quietly.

When he came back and was about to show her to the bathroom Tracy asked, "So, Why is she staying here?"

"Well, I almost ran her over on my way home from work."

"Wow. Way to go dad." Tracy said sarcastic. Jade chuckled to herself.

"Well, Jade the bathroom is the first door on the right in the Hallway, I'll go get some blankets, oh, and clean towels are on the rack by the shower."

Jade nodded, going to get changed.

As she was changing she noticed the T-shirt exposed half her arm, and also half of a scar, Angry and twisting.

She sighed, Running her hand over the scar, and slowly it faded into her skin.

She exited the bathroom and saw that Steve was setting down some blankets.

"If you need anything, My room is the third door on the left, upstairs." Jade nodded, sitting on the couch. "Well, goodnight."

"Good night, Steve." Jade said as he walked up stairs.

After a few moments of Silence Tracy Spoke up.

"Sorry about my dad almost running you over." She said, and Jade laughed.

"It's alright. I guess I should have stopped and rested somewhere before I did get so drowsy." Jade said, "And my hood was up, so it was probably rather hard to see me."

"I see. So why were you out walking this late anyway, most people are in bed." Tracy said, "The only reason I'm not is I'm an insomniac. I usually only end up sleeping a full eight hours in the span of a week."

"I see. I haven't been sleeping much either."

"Cool." Tracy said simply, flipping through the channels.

"Yeah. I guess. So, do you have any brothers or sisters?"

"Yeah. Marisa is my little sister, and Johnathan is my little brother."


"What about you? I mean- you don't have to answer.."

"Ha-ha it's fine. I have a couple people who are like brothers and sisters to me, Two of them are older, the rest are younger." Jade said quietly.

"Nice. So, do you have a boyfreind?" Tracy asked, still flipping through the channels.

"No. Not as of a few hours ago." Jade said softly, feeling a lump in her throat.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't-" Tracy started to apologize.

"That's alright. You couldn't have known."

They sat in a comfortable silence for a few minuets before Tracy flipped to a news channel.

"Turn it up." Jade commanded, though her voice was soft.

Tracy obeyed, turning the news up.

"Just hours ago the body Of a Luke Johnson was found shot to death in a secluded Alley way. The Shooter, John Morrison, was found just two hours ago stabbed to in the chest.

John Morrison was wanted by the police for eight counts of Rape and fourteen counts of Murder. His accomplice, who is not to be named here, was found unconscious Next to Morison's dead body. Morison's accomplice Told police of Morison's motives to the murders. He said they were "All mostly random except for the last three."

He said Morison had been hired to kill Luke Johnson, and that Morrison was part of an crime ring, Though He refused to divulge any information about this crime ring. Though Police are warning people to be caution, for a list in Morison pocket had listed the names of many people that He was plotting to kill.

We believe it has to do with this crime ring. If you have any information, The police urge you to call 555-783-6453."

"A crime ring, huh? Whose else's names were on that list?" Jade Murmured to herself. "More importantly, Who hired him to Kill Luke?"

"Did you know him? The Luke kid, I mean.." Tracy asked, flipping her blonde hair of her shoulder. Jade stared at Tracy for a moment, silent. "I just thought you might, since your crying." Tracy said softly.

Jade reached up and her fingers gently brushed her cheeks that were wet with tears.

"Yes. I knew him. He and I were very close." Jade said softly. She noticed that hours had passed and that it was four am. "I'm going to try to sleep for an hour, So if I don't answer you don't feel offended." Jade whispered and Tracy smiled.


Jade eventually drifted off into a light sleep, only to find herself waking up half an hour later.

Her stomach growled and she sat up.

"he he I was just going to go get a snack, Do you want something?" Tracy asked, standing up.

"If you have Apples I'll take one of those and if you have peaches I'll take one of those too." Jade said.

"Your in luck, We have both." Tracy said as she came back holding some snacks.

The two girls chatted quietly until about seven A.M. When Jade lied back down and drifted into a slightly longer sleep that lasted until eight twenty.

By the time everyone was up, Jade was dressed and sitting on the couch criss crossed, Staring at a small notepad that Tracy had given her to use.

Paid to kill Luke

Crime ring

Ryan's sudden controlling and dangerous shift in attitude

Was all the Note pad said, and Jade couldn't help but think she was missing something.

"Good Morning! I'm Linda, Steve's wife." Linda had dark blonde hair, and bright blue eyes.

"Good morning. I'm Jade. I hope I wasn't a burden. I'll leave soon if you'd like." Jade said, standing.

"None sense, Stay for as long as you Steve told me you said you had no where to stay. Is that true?"

"Yeah, But I'll make due, I did before. It's really not so hard." Jade commented without thinking, then put her hand over her mouth. "oops."

"I'll have non of that! The streets are far to dangerous for a girl such as your self." Jade suppressed a chuckle, smiling slightly.

"I'll be fine I'm sure, I'd hate to impose on you." Jade said, shaking her head.

"Oh, never, We have a perfectly fine guest room that is never put in use. And if you need any comfort of mind, We could always use a babysitter." Linda said, and Jade stared at her unsure.

"Really I wouldn't want to be a bother. Like I said I'm sure I'll be fine." Jade explained, holding up her hands.

"No, no no. I won't have it. Your staying here, Especially with all the crime that's been going on around here. Just last night there were two murders." Jade cringed inwardly, remembering the blood on her jacket.

"Ah, yes, I heard about those. Really though,-"

"You will be staying here."

"If you insist, It's only fair you know why I was out so late last night, then you can decide if you want me in your house."

"Alright. We'll talk about this over breakfast. The two youngest are at there grandmothers. I'm sure Tracy is old enough if she overhears." Linda said, and Jade nodded, following her into the kitchen.

Linda set down some toast eggs and bacon in front of Jade, and set a plate down for herself.

"Do you want some orange juice, coffee, water?"

"Coffee is fine, thank you. Can I have some sugar also? Thank you."

Jade sipped her coffee, and nibbled on a piece of her toast.

"Well, I guess I should tell you more then why I was out last night, Everything might make a lot more sense if I did." Jade said, setting down the toast and folding her hands. Linda nodded.

"My Parents died when I was young, seven I think. They were murdered. I can't exactly remember who, but I remember standing there, covered in head to toe in there blood, crying. The person who killed them would've killed me to, but I pushed him, turned and ran.

For a while, I stole food and hid behind dumpsters and in bushes. In just a year I had become a master in fighting and could get in and out of the heaviest secured places without being noticed. Then I met Luke, he inherited his families fortune, which was great.

Luke told me to come home with him, and I of course accepted, A family friend of his played Uncle, living with us. We were Ten When some others came into the picture. Some were runaways, some were abandoned, one had watched their family die, only to lose their little sister a short time after. Me and Luke taught them everything we knew, By the time we were fourteen they were almost as good as us. Still, I was the best.

We became a sort of street gang, except different, The cops looked to us, of course, they had no idea it was just a bunch of fourteen year old kids, but they looked to us to apprehend criminals they couldn't catch. We became a sort of undercover hero. Luke's "uncle" Died in a car crash early the next year, and we decided we'd keep the house and use it as a base of sorts." Jade paused, letting Linda ingest the information.

"Of course, The cops eventually figured out what we were doing, but let us continue, We have a license for it even. But, here's where it gets complicated, before I continue the story, there's something you must know." Jade said, glancing at Linda.

She nodded. Jade took a sip of her coffee and sighed.

"I'm not like other people, and neither was Luke or Ryan, I am an Angelus Trucido. An Angelic Slayer is what it translates to. It is a rare Race, Not human. My family, before they were killed, was royalty among them, I am considered last of the royal Family at this moment, Which is why I ran from he home town I lived in when my parents were killed. I would become a target. But anyways, What takes Humans years to master and learn comes naturally to us. We are Graced with unnatural beauty, supernatural abilities." Linda stared at her and nodded with wide eyes, and Jade sipped a bit more of her coffee.

"I can change my appearance at will, Not exactly permanently, unless I keep remembering. The features you see now are my natural ones. Except the eyes, I'm not sure what color my eyes are. These are one of the qualities that set me apart from the others like me, My eyes flash different colors at different times, and I can also manipulate elements and different things. I can sometimes feel peoples emotions. I can run faster then the average human. I am stronger then most people. The thing is, I 'm not sure of all my abilities yet.

This is where you tell me, continue with my story, Or leave." Jade said simply, and Linda swallowed a bite of toast.


"last year I was kidnapped and tortured for information No one could have known I had. The longer I held back the information the worse the torment became. Eventually They stopped feeding me for days at a time. They'd keep the tiny room dark for weeks, The beatings kept getting worse. Soon I became numb, tuning everything around me out.

By the time Luke and Ryan found me I hadn't ate for a week, I had lost a lot of blood, and hadn't slept in a couple of weeks. The Team kept talking about how I looked like the walking dead, and Luke and Ryan Thought I might've been dead when they found me.

I still Have scars, you just can't see them at the moment, here. I'll show you." Jade ran her hand softly along the scar and it slowly appeared on her pale arm.

"Oh, wow. Thats...Wow..."Linda said, staring at Jade. Jade smiled and her eyes flashed a light pink. Linda laughed.

"I'm sorry...It's not funny, But just..."

"It's alright, at least your not coming at me with pitchforks..or a kitchen knife..or even a fork. I mean, I can hold my own but I'd hate to have to fight such a nice person." Jade chuckled herself, and Linda smiled. "Though, there is still more."

"Ryan and Luke wouldn't let me do field work when I came back, the rest of the team agreed, saying that They didn't want me hurt. That's understandable. Then, Last night Ryan told me he was going to run the operation, and we fought for a while before the team came back...without Luke. He and I were dating, had been dating for a few years now.

Ryan...Ryan told me to forget about him, So I ran. Then the man who Shot Luke, Was paid to kill him, Tried to attack me. He ran into my knife when he lunged. This morning I found out he was part of a crime ring...I want to figure this out...but something tells me I shouldn't live back at base anymore." Jade said solemnly, bowing her head.

"Well, I'll take you to get your stuff you have at Base, and you'll stay here. Right Tracy?" Linda turned toward the stairs where Tracy popped out looking sheepish.

"Yeah..right." She said smiling. Jade laughed, and It struck Linda as Musical, soft chimes in the wind.

"When ever you want to go, we can. You'll need some clothes after all."