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Theron's POV

~November 23, 2010~

Walking was peaceful, or at least it was supposed to be. When I was walking, just like playing the violin, I could think, it calmed me down. I was pulled however, out of the calm reverie of walking home from work, by a voice I would recognize anywhere, piercing through my brain.

"Theron? Theron, is that you? Hey come back, I want to talk to you! Theron! THERON!" A frantic voice called out to me, she was chasing me. That human woman was chasing me down the sidewalk, dodging people left and right in her attempts to catch up. What was she thinking?

Finally she caught up to me and grabbed my arm roughly, "Theron, why were you walking away? We are friends, right?"

I sighed, I wanted to consider her a friend. I really did. 'Wait, did I just say I wanted to be her friend?' That didn't make sense, vampires didn't need friends, it wasn't like we were incapable of feeling any kind of affection, we just didn't need it. I looked at Liela who was huffing slightly after running. Against every instinct I possessed my eyes moved from her searching eyes to her lips that were slightly parted in the action of breathing and I realized something, something that made me freeze. Suddenly I wanted something more than friendship from her. But once again, that didn't make sense, it was a bad idea. She was human, I was going to live forever, it couldn't work, besides, we had no need for any form of companionship. I steeled myself and put back up my mask of indifference that had slowly been slipping.

"I thought I told you to stay away from me, to forget about me." I turned to keep walking.

Liela ran around to stand in front of me, "No. You are my friend, I'm not giving that up for whatever pathetic excuse you have."

Against my better judgement I started to speak, "You have no idea who I am, you don't want to be involved with me." I pushed past her.

"How the hell do you know what I want?" her temper seemed to be flaring a little.

I ignored her and continued walking. She yelled something else but I ignored her and she sighed before walking in the opposite direction.

~December 10, 2010~

I leaned my chair backwards, letting my head loll back, there were two places I considered sanctuaries in my life now. One, of course, was my apartment, and the other was my CD, record, and cassette tape store, Vintage Melodies. It was a small store that focused on new and used merchandise. Because of how "scary" I apparently looked, I often worked in the back while my two basically full-time employees, Jason and Derek, worked in the front.

"Theron!" I heard Jason call from the front, "There's someone here to see you."

Sighing I stood and walked to the front of the store, who would want to see me? I stopped short at the sight of Liela standing with her hands on her hips, scowling. She brightened as she saw me and her hands went behind her back, "Theron! Hi, how are you?"

"She's hot," Derek muttered to me and elbowed me slightly in the ribcage, "Good job man."

I scowled and beckoned for Liela to follow me into the back room where my office was. The moment she closed the door behind her, I turned around and -gathering as much venom as I could muster while still being cold- spoke, "How did you find me?"

Liela smiled, "You said you ran a music store."

I scoffed, "Yes but I didn't tell you which one."

Her grin widened, "I know, that's what phonebooks are for, I went around to all the music stores, looking for yours."

I was shocked, why had she went through all that trouble? To find me? Why, it wasn't like I was ever nice to her really. 'I have to deal with this now.' I settled on the tactic of getting rid of her as fast as I could, "What part of 'stay away from me' did you not get?" I took one step towards her, to which she took a step and backed up against the door. I took another step, "You know, you tasted pretty good, maybe I should kill you now to get rid of you. I would even get a nice meal out of it"

I was expecting to see her scared, I was not expecting her to burst out laughing, "Yeah right! You won't lay a hand on me!" She doubled over, "You're funny, but you can't scare me, I KNOW you wouldn't do anything to harm me."

I glared at her, feeling a tiny bit of anger at her words, 'I'll show her.' I did the first thing I could think of, I walked to her and grabbed her arms, forcing them to her sides and pressing her against the wall. She looked at me, she was still smiling wholeheartedly.

"You aren't going to hurt me." her voice was matter-of-fact.

With those words I unintentionally looked down from her eyes to her lips and felt myself leaning closer, to close. When I realized what my traitor of a brain was thinking I tried to pull away but my body wouldn't move in the way I wanted and instead I leaned closer and kissed her. I felt her freeze up as our lips contacted and then suddenly -as if a dam broke- she relaxed and I felt my hands let go of her arms to encircle her waist, pulling her against my body. Her hands moved up and I felt them tangle in my hair in order to pull me closer. Without thinking, because by now my brain was not working properly, I ran my tongue lightly across her bottom lip and felt her open her mouth eagerly.

The moment our tongues touched it felt like I had been struck by lightening and I forcefully wrenched myself away from the confused looking Liela. Not wanting to look at her face I turned around, standing stalk still.

"Theron... What was that?" her voice was quiet and confused.

"Nothing, it meant nothing." I struggled to keep my voice steady.

"I don't believe you, that was to..." she struggled to find the right words.

"Get out." I didn't speak loudly but I knew she had heard me.


"Get out." I repeated a little louder.

"Theron, what's wrong? So we kissed, what's the big deal? I enjoyed it, and I'm sure you did too. So wha-"

"GET OUT!" I yelled, losing control of my temper.


I whirled on her, "GET THE FUCK OUT!" That seemed to scare her and she quickly opened the door and fled out of the room, slamming the door behind her. I sighed running my hands through my hair, 'I'm losing it, since when do I yell? Oh yeah, since I realized I had feelings for a human woman. Great.'

A knock at the door sounded, followed by Ty calling my name, "Theron?" he opened the door and came into my office, taking in my messed up hair and what I'm sure was a defeated position. The moment I saw him however, I straightened up and put my mask back up, regarding him with indifference. He saw through it though, "Theron, what's going on? Why was there a crying woman running out of your office?"

'She was crying?' At that information I quickly tried to suppress the stab of guilt, it didn't work, "She was bothering me."


"Go away." I said, "I'm not in the mood for any of your bullshit."

"Fine, but Theron, you are allowed to have feelings for her." he said as he left.

I scoffed, 'Of course I'm allowed to, it just isn't a good idea. Wait, scratch that, it's a terrible idea.'

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