as i drive down these city streets,
i think of the night we spent staying out
until an hour before i had to leave for work.
i remember us getting coffee, and me
showing you what i used to look like
with glasses and that ugly mole on my neck.
i remember you driving us to where
you used to play soccer, and your ridiculous
'well, if you're a fish out of water,
then that was great catch.' i remember
going to the park, and you falling from
the swings and i just laughed. and i vividly
remember just sitting in the car for hours
talking about anything, everything and i
fell even more in love - with you. i felt you
shake and your heartbeat raced and i
kissed, kissed, kissed you so many times.

[it's like a punch to the solar plexus
everytime i think of you. and i. can't. breathe.]