100 A.D

Three armor clad figures stood in the middle of what once was a battle field, armor and dismembered limbs spread around the empty field. Weapons lay around them bent and broken, chainmail had been ripped off of the dead and dying soldiers.

The three figures looked to each other quietly. All three of them had not even a scratch on their armor or dent on their swords.

"This battle could have been fought without any death" The person on the right said in a rough voice. "We could have settled this without bloodshed."

"No, we couldn't have. They wanted violence, they drew first weapons and made the first attack on us" The one of the left said, his voice muffled by the helmet he wore.

"We still could have stopped it. War is never the answer" The right one argued, his voice starting to rise.

"War is almost always the answer" The left argued right back. The two figures turned to face each other, leveling swords to the other's throats.

"Stop it, both of you" The middle one snapped. Surprisingly, this warrior was female. Her voice thick with a Gaelic accent. "Neither of you are right. War may seem too harsh, but sometimes it is the only way." She said, turning her head to face the right figure. "And you, sometimes words can get you out of tight spaces, but sometimes the people with whom you attempt to come to agreement with are beyond talking." She said to the left.

"But if we hadn't fought, there would be a fourth standing here now. If we hadn't started fighting she would be alive" The warrior on the right snapped, turning to the girl in the middle.

"It was her, trying to come to terms with them that started the fighting!" The left one snapped again.

"Both of you just stop it. Yes, we lost a warrior today, but the king of Egypt lost hundreds" Her voice was gruff with annoyance. "Now, if you don't mind, we need to return home. He needs to hear of our lose" She turned without waiting for an answer. She ran forwards a few steps, and then shoved herself off the ground, two large black wings extending from their previously drooping position on her back.

The two men hesitated only slightly before taking off after the girl. Their wings where pure white, contrasting severely with the jet black wings of the girl leading them.

They flew for maybe twenty minutes, straight upwards, into the clouds, before landing lightly on the intricate stone pathway leading towards a large castle.

Women and men milled around, talking quietly amongst themselves. All of them had two snow white wings protruding from their shoulder blades, dragging with soft whispers behind them.

As the three warriors walked briskly down the path, all conversations fell silent eyes following the warriors for a few moments. After only a few seconds the three could hear soft murmurings of sudden alarm as they realized why the sight was strange. There wasn't a fourth figure taking up the rear.

The girl at the front completely ignored the murmuring as she walked with utter determination up the large marble steps and up to the large oak wood doors. She walked right up to them without hesitation, using one silver gloved hand to push open the door.

Even with the heavy helmets on the thick smell of cinnamon and cloves penetrated the small slots along the nostrils and move. The sound of laughter was heard from different directions, along with the soft whispering of flipping pages from the library.

Fewer people where in the building, and all of them where silent as they quickly made their way to and from rooms within the massive space.

The three figures' heavy booths made soft thumps on the cool stone ground as they navigated their way with experience through the winding and twisting halls. They marched up one last flight of stairs, entering a large open foyer with huge windows bordering either side, opening out onto the view of an ever moving landscape.

Figures flew around the building at all times, darting quietly and quickly between the clouds and diving lightly towards the ground.

A man sat quietly reading a vinyl book, sitting on a large throne. He looked up at the sound of footsteps, and a bright smile split his serious, fatherly face into childish glee.

"Ah! My guardians, you have returned. Tell me, did you succeed?" He asked, laying his book face down on the arm of the chair. A small woman hurried over, mumbling about ruining the cover and she quietly slid a piece of paper between the open pages and scurried off.

The girl at the front lifted her hands and removed her helmet, revealing a mass of dirty blond hair framing a heart shaped face with prominent cyan colored eyes. The eyes where cold and harsh, showing no emotion despite the obvious frown.

"Yes, we have stopped the Egyptians from invading the Roman, for now. But we lost Arc. The stupid girl tried to talk them into going back" The girl's voice was bitter and her face showed obvious distaste, though it was obvious she was sad because of the loss. "They attacked her, so we fought. We gave them chanced to back down, but they where to no avail. We were forced to incapacitate or kill half of the Egyptian army" Her voice had gone from a low growl to a almost snarling yell.

"Calm down Grace." The man's voice had also turned serious. He stood up silently, and walked to the three warriors. "Arc will be greatly missed by all who loved her, and all who looked up to her as a Guardian Angel." He voice was strained slightly, his hands balled into fists. They locked eyes momentarily, and it was the man that looked away first. "I am disappointed in you. I had expected you to be able to achieve this mission without violence, much less the death of a Guardian." He voice was filled with quiet rage that the three warriors took with stride.

"My Lord, it was unavoidable" One of the male warriors said softly, it was the one who had said that they should have spoken it out with the Egyptians. "You also must remember it was not us, but Arc, your daughter, who started the fight" He said slowly, gauging the man's reaction.

"Do not blame this on my daughter!" His voice was booming now, and his face had turned red with rage. The two male warriors took an involuntary step backwards, only the girl he had called Grace holding her ground, hands clasped formally behind her back.

"My King, you seem to be forgetting something" She said bitterly, cold blue eyes locking into the mirror image of themselves on the king's face. "I too am your daughter, and yet you would jump at the first chance you get to blame it on me" Her voice was dripping with cold harshness.

"You, child, are a mistake" The king growled harshly, his anger and sadness leaking into his voice as he glared at the female warrior. "I was young and foolish. You kind shouldn't even exist." He growled. He was trying his hardest to strike a nerve in his daughter, but she stayed silent, knowing that once the shock of his youngest daughter's death had worn off he would apologize to her for yelling at her, but never for calling her a mistake. That was exactly what she was.

She had grown up being called one, knowing she was different and that her entire life would be filled with the knowledge she was just a foolish young man's mistake.

"And now, Grace De Leijion, you are hereby banished to live the rest of your eternal life separated from you kind as punishment for the mistake of leading the Guardians' into a deadly battle, ending in the death of my daughter" The man snarled. His eyes blazed as he looked at her.

Grace didn't even bat an eyelash at him. She didn't think he was kidding, in fact she knew that he was beyond serious. In his mind she had killed his favorite daughter, and there was no punishment harsher than banishing an angel from their life among the clouds.

"Go now Grace, before I decided I haven't been harsh enough in your punishment" He growled, turning away from her and leaving the room.

Grace turned slowly, catching the eye of the other two guardians', who stared at her in barely masked surprise. She clenched her jaw tightly, and nodded her head tightly at them, striding deftly back the way they had arrived, her old companions not speaking a word to her.

She marched deftly out of the doors of the main entrance, and out into the courtyard. She ignored the new murmurs shooting out from the mouths, seeing the lead guardian leaving the castle by herself, and heading straight to the ledge of their castle.

Without even a blink of a eye, she dived from the heavens, keeping the stinging tears at bay as she caught herself with her pitch black wings. She glanced quickly over the landscape. Trying to decide where she was. After only a moment she recognized the small mountain range, determining she was in the landmass that would much later in life be called America.