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"Hey, watch it you little twit!" The angry voice was accompanied by the loud blaring of a taxi horn. The girl in the black hoodie turned and scowled, her ice blue eyes glaring right at the driver as she stepped out of the road, striding confidently along the sidewalk, people unconsciously swerving from her past as she strode past them, holding herself with confidence.

The girl's dirty blond hair was cut just above her shoulders in neat layers that bounced with each step she took. Her hoodie was oversized and hung loosely down to her knees, the two white strings swaying side to side in the breeze.

She turned quickly off of the main road into a back alley way. Rusty fire escapes creaked in the wind, and papers rustled around the alley.

Her heavy combat boots pounded the leaves she passed into dust. Her cold blue eyes barely even scanned over the dirty walls of the alleys in the worst part of Brooklyn. A few homeless men scuttled away as she walked past, but she didn't even glance in their direction.

She stopped after she had walked for almost an hour in the maze of alley ways, turning and exiting the back roads. She had left Brooklyn behind, entering a quiet area with giant trees rising up around her almost as soon as she stepped from the alleys.

She yanked off the hoodie after five minutes of traveling straight into the heavily wooded area. She sighed, rolling her shoulders and relaxing the muscles she had tensed in attempt to keep the jet black wings hidden in the open city. The pitch black feathers rustled in the wind as she lifted them, stretching them out to loosen the knots dug into her extra muscles.

She dragged the hoodie behind her carelessly as she headed towards an empty clearing. She smiled as the sun beat down on her, tilting her head upwards.

She took three running steps and shoved herself into the air, her large wings catching the wind and propelling herself upwards with ease. She didn't slow down until she had flown beyond any human's range of eyesight, flying amongst the huge puffy clouds gathering in the sky.

Her feathers whispered as she coasted slowly, smiling at the joy of flying with eyes tightly shut. When she opened them again, and looked down at the blank clouds, she felt a sharp pang in her heart. Even after all these years, it still jolted her as the remembrance that she would never see her own kind amongst the clouds again still jolted her.

When the king had banished her, she had been her usual haughty emotionless self, completely ignoring the emotions that had flooded over her, but after a few days, more and more had hit her, and she had changed. She was still harder than stone and showed about as much emotion as ice, but she also stopped refusing the pain that she felt when she flew.

The king really had punished her with the harshest thins he could have thought of. He banished her, and took away the one thing that people remembered her for, took away her status as a guardian, thus taking away who she was, stealing her identity of Grace De Lejion.

Erika sighed, angling her wings ever so slightly to send herself into a steep dive, plummeting towards the ground. She pulled up and landed lightly just outside of a small log cabin, which she immediately walked into, slamming and locking the door behind her.

The inside of the cabin consisted of a small kitchen and dining area, with a nice sized living area to the left. Pushed against the wall was a suit of full body armor, the contours and shape suggesting it had been made for a female warrior, which it was. It was the armor she had worn to fight the Egyptians, and many, many more before them. Leaning against the wall beside it was a sword the same height as her, the hilt leather bound and slightly dusty, a emerald set deep into the bottom of the blade, just above the hilt. The blade itself was double sided and covered in a thick layer of dust. The edges looked as if they had been sharpened recently, paper thin and sharp as a razor.

Just above the old armor and sword was a jutting ledge that held the thick chain mail gloves that where worn with the set, along with a large shield engraved with a rearing horse, it's rider a winged warrior with blazing swords raised above its head.

Grace smiled slightly at her equipment, shaking her head slightly and sighing. Her days of fighting where over, all because of the stupid Egyptians.

She sighed and headed into her kitchen, pulling out a half eaten orange from the fridge and plunking down on her couch, wrapping her wings around her to keep herself warm.

She had barely chewed her first bite when she heard something outside. She froze mid chew and listened intently. Two sets of footsteps where outside of her front door, both male from the sound of the strides.

She stood up in whispering silence and silently went to the door, laying her back rigidly against it, pressing her ear against it so she could hear what was happening.

"God damn It, you do it" One voice hissed quietly, and Grace froze. She recognized that voice, or at least thought she did.

"What, are you joking? I like my head on my shoulders" A second voice whispered quietly. Again, she felt a tug at her mind. She knew who the owners of these voices were…. She just couldn't remember.

She reached her hand over to the door knob and twisted it, yanking open the door, her wing's careful hidden behind her back.

"What do you want?" She snapped, even before she had completely opened the door, her icy eyes already narrowed into slits.

All coherent thoughts left her mind when she locked eyes with the man closest to her. Her mouth almost dropped open in shock, but she locked it tightly in place.

She didn't give them time to respond to her previous question, her voice suddenly laced with calm fury. "Why are you here?" She spat at them, her hands clenched into fists.

"Grace, please, listen to us" The one farther away from her reasoned lightly. She recalled he had never been fond of rage and fighting, much like her half sister had been.

"I don't have time to listen to you, you idiots" Her voice was laced with pure venom. She started to slam the door, which probably wouldn't have even worked with a human, much less one of her old partner in arms'.

The closest one simply stuck his foot out and pushed the door open. "Grace, we need you" The closer one said, even his voice desperate. He was the one who always wanted war, but would never start one himself, not if he knew all he had to do to bring it to him was annoy someone enough… Which he was great at.

"I bet the king would beg to differ" She retorted, gritting her teeth.

"He's the one who sent us…" The quieter one said softly, gauging her reaction tightly. "Grace, the Fallen Ones are preparing an attack on our kingdom" He explained softly. "We need your help… You may be our only chance"

"Screw you. Why the hell would I care? I'm not a Guardian anymore. I was banished" Her voice was bitter, and as she spoke she cocked her hips to one side, crossing her arms over her chest and raising a brow in a high arch.

"If not for the king, then for the kingdom" He begged silently. "What did they ever do to you, it wasn't their choice, they didn't even know of your banishment until after you where long gone"

Grace looked over him skeptically. He had a point, the women and men of the kingdom had never wronged her, in fact they had never done anything but praise her when she was the leading guardian.

She stared at them for a few more moments before she made her decision. "Let me get my gear."