Night Terror

Confusion is my enemy,

The unknown the deadly beast,

And as I lie here wondering,

my soul it persists to disease.

It's ravenous hunger consumes me,

It's deadly pound pursues,

Theres no escape from its gripping claws,

And my blood is shed, abused.

It stalks me down the sidewalk lit,

only by the streetlights of might-be's

and as I search for truth, my way is blocked,

By its rumbling roar,

Its gripping teeth.

So I dodge,

I patter,

I run,

And my heart shatters,

pounding away beat

by beat

by beat.

And as I trip, broken,

I hold my leg and, woken,

Look into the eyes of the most deadly of beasts:

I look into the truth as it stares back at me.