I hate work.

I know, I know. Everyone hates work. Even Skylar hates work sometimes. But most people aren't working as a poorly paid doctor-in-residence. And that really sucks.

I haven't seen Sky in over 48 hours, between constant working, sleeping, and his own job.

Fortunately, I'm coming home tonight and actually have the day off tomorrow. Can't wait. I'm too young to be worked to death yet. I already have my plans to jump him the second I walk in the door. He took today off for me.

Damn, I miss him. I miss college. We saw each other all of the time, then. Fortunately, I finish my residency in two months, and I can be home again.

I'm counting down the days. Skylar bought me a special calendar when I started my residency at the local hospital.

He, of course, got out of school after four years and found a job surprisingly quickly. He doesn't get paid a lot, either, but at least he's started his career already and works normal hours. And he enjoys what he does. Not that being a doctor isn't rewarding, or that I don't love it…but it does have its downsides.

I'd say I wasn't sure how my parents or older sister and brother did it, but they weren't married at the time, either, I guess.

Fortunately, Skylar's very understanding.

Shit. I have to get back to work.