RMS Unsinkable

We were like the Titanic, RMS unsinkable.
Back then we were possible.

Built in a shipyard, we never took steps backward; only forward.
That day we first sailed on water, we never knew we'd ever falter.

Who'd ever guess I would lose my health?
I never knew you cared for so much wealth.

Who would ever guess we'd be hit?
Somehow the rivets let go; were you real or just some foe?

I thought I would learn to loathe you, you in that life boat.
You thought you were forever rid of me, but why did I see you frowning then?

Know I'm not drowning, dear.
Know I'm okay; if this were so, would you explain?

The way you spoke; fast and dark. Is this how we broke?

We were a story, shining in the light and full of glory.
Looking back I would say, "Si." You held the key to the bridge;
Not one of rock, but one I'd find and one you'd lock.

The news spread quick; the lies so thick.
For most this is frightening, but for all it is devastating.

If you knew I escaped, that I was saved, would you be to blame?
You left and are now in shame.

I hope you know I found a lifeline; the one you had declined.

As I now send, I do know this could never mend what has been broken,

What has been spoken.
But one last thing; I still hold your ring.

If you had one last word to say, reply to what I record, okay?

I still dream that you meant all those proverbs, poems, and words.
I dream we were still in love, too. I'd say to you, "I do, I do."
Tell me we're possible; tell me we're not improbable.
Tell me you miss me, tell me you love me.

We're not yet gone - we still remain.
Please don't risk me going insane.

Do we continue to dissolve?
I believe we will until this is resolved.

Don't mumble, do not ramble - just tell me we are no gamble,
Tell me we're afloat, tell me we are still, just as all once wrote.
Tell me we are somewhat of a miracle - Tell me we are unsinkable.

I have always been mesmorized by the story of the Titanic, so with account of something that happened to me just recently, I wrote it with the Titanic in mind. This is dedicated to a certain someone, and although he'll never read it, I hope he realizes that I would have gone down with him if only he had let me.