The City it feeds

The city it feeds. Day after day the city it feeds and we are it's prey. Each day it lures us in with it's promises. Every day we flow in through it's veins, the roads that run towards the centre of the beast. The avenues that cross each other like a spiders web to trap us inside. We flow towards the centre ready to feed it with our greed. Every day it has a steady flow of sustenance. The creature it breathes as we move in and out. But sometimes it is not enough. Sometimes it needs more. Sometimes we must feed it's blood with our own. Pubs and clubs fill with it's prey and the city waits. It waits patiently because it knows; it knows that soon it will have blood. It knows it will not have to wait long. Every drop that is spilled feeds the beast and each new death brings more of us to be it's prey. We flock to the scene of the crime, we flock to the drama. And yet again the city feeds. It feeds on our wonder; it feeds on our violence and on our greed. The city it feeds and we are it's prey.