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Gabiral and Amanda

Written By: Krystal Jo-Lynnelle and Arya Aleron

Your Life Can Change Forever by the Smallest Decision...

-Book One

"I won't let him take you again. If I have to, I'll change back into what I was. I'll do anything to protect you."

-Gabiral Rose

Amanda: "You like black cars a lot." she said softly, glancing at it before climbing in, remembering Arya had said that Gabiral gave her the 'black as night' Lamborghini car she drove her around in today. She buckled up as she climbed in and tried to keep her breathing calm as she found herself getting nervous. When Gabiral closed her door she found herself keeping one hand on the handle ready to open it and leave any second if needed.

Gabiral: He laughed softly "I find that black cars give more excitement to the ride." He closed the door and then climbed in himself, buckling up himself and starting the car. "I see you're just as nervous as me." He started to back out of the driveway, at a normal speed. "You look very beautiful tonight, Amanda." He said softly as he drove down the road at the normal speed limit, unlike Arya was earlier today.

Amanda: smiled slightly, "You drive very slow compared to your sister." her smiled faded and she took a breath, "And I am not nervous. I just simply don't know if I like you or not so I am prepared to leave at any moment. Unlike you who knows perhaps a lot about me since you stalk me I just found out, I don't know anything about you." she paused and looked over at him, "How long have you been stalking me for? Since Arya has been living with Daray and I've been there? That's not too long." she realized, if that was the case.

Gabiral: "I drive slower than my little sister because I'm more human than Snyde now. Well, maybe I should drive a little slower in case you decide that you don't like me and want to leave. My sister told you I was stalking you?" He laughed softly and shook his head a little. "I'm not stalking you. I never was stalking you. I saw you when I dropped Arya's car off and I found out your name was Amanda, by my little sister of course, and I wanted to get to know you. If that's okay with you. If not, I can take you back to Daray's house. It's not a problem." He stopped at a red light and looked at her and couldn't help but to smile.

Amanda: "Oh, okay." she couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed that she didn't have a stalker after all. She moved her hand from the door handle and placed it lightly on her lap and then looked at him another moment before looking ahead. "Nope, we have a date; I don't have any reason to be at Daray's house anymore, not with Arya there. I've learned that lesson." she sighed.

Gabiral: "Oh? Did she do something or did he do something to you?" The light turned green and he started to drive some more.

Amanda: "Let's just say," she sighed, looking down at her hands, "I found out the answer was 'no' the hard way. Sort of. I mean, it was embarrassing. But I'm over it. Sort of." she shook her head, "Doesn't matter. I knew from when I was friends with Daray in college he was all for Arya was a false path I walked down anyways."

Gabiral: "You can talk about it, if you want. I'll listen." He lightly placed a hand on her hands, while driving. He glanced at her then back at the road.

Amanda: shook her head slightly, watching his hand on hers, "It's nothing. It's first boyfriend The Great Ones took from me, and Daray, Arya took from me. But I knew with him that was coming anyways. So technically I set myself up for that one."

Gabiral: "What was his name? The one that The Great Ones took from you." He took his hand back so he could turn onto a different road, still watching the road. "If it's hard for you to talk about it, you don't have to. Okay? I'm not going to push it."

Amanda: "It was a few years ago, its fine." she shrugged and put her hands under her legs, sitting on them, "His name was Charles County. He was a human, and apparently, purebloods aren't allowed to fall in love with humans. Which is why I thought Daray was foolish and Arya didn't exist because he's a human and she's not. Granted he's genetically altered himself a bit but he's still human." she shook her head, "I'm just glad The Great Ones are dead now." she sighed, "If only it was earlier." she looked at him, "Gabiral, if you just saw me when you dropped off Arya's car, so you don't know me, why would you choose to become a human for me? That's awfully foolish to do for someone you don't know or, in your case before, have never met yet. How do you know it'll work out?"

Gabiral:"Who said that I was becoming human for you? I don't mean to sound rude, but who said that?" He turned into a parking lot to one of the fanciest and most expensive restaurants in the town. He parked the car and sat there for a few minutes."I knew it would work because my parents did it. They were both purebloods and after they had Arya they became human. Then they gave it up for my little sister. She did something she wasn't supposed to and they gave it willingly to save her."

Amanda: she looked at him, "So I heard, the story, about your parents, I mean. That's when this started. I came in to try to get Arya to shut up so I could sleep, I offered to help her. She bit me, but then said something about you and for some reason, stopped the change, which I am grateful for. I don't want to be Snyde." she sighed, "Arya told me. Just never mind. I should know not to trust the girl. I am surprised you came for a date considering Arya told me about it. Surprised that wasn't a lie too." she looked out at the restaurant.

Gabiral: "Oh, I told her that I wanted to go on a date with you, of course, but I didn't want her to tell you like that. I'm sorry, Amanda, for what my sister did to you. I'm sure she tried to make it up to you afterward. Am I right?" He opened his door and shut it then opened hers when he got over to her side and helped her out.

Amanda: smiled slightly and got out of the car, grabbing her red clutch purse, "Yea, she did. She did my hair and bought me this dress and shoes. I guess I'd be safe to assume you didn't tell her to buy me these things either?"

Gabiral:"No, I didn't tell her that. Boy is she going to get it when we get back." He laughed softly as he walked her up to the doors to the restaurant. He opened the door for her and walked in behind her. They walked up to the waiter. "Razvan." The waiter looks on the list and nods, and leads them to a table outside under the moonlight. "Is this okay?" Gabiral asked Amanda as he pulled out her chair for her.

Amanda: nodded and sat down, she looked around, "It's lovely." she set her clutch on her lap and looked at Gabiral. "It's fine, I didn't mind being fussed over. I just don't like being lied to. But I guess I deserved it so..." she shrugged, "Anyways, the next things I find out about you are truth and not lies."

Gabiral: He pushed her in and sat down across from her. "Yes, the next things that you find out will be the truth and not lies."

Amanda: "Unless come to find out, you are lying too. And this whole thing was just a set up for," she shrugged, "I don't know. More humiliation."

Gabiral: "I swear, this is not a set up." He looked straight into her eyes when he spoke, showing that he wasn't lying.

Amanda: looked back at him for a moment; and for a second it was hard to look away, "'K." she managed and finally was able to pull her eyes from his and look down at the table and find the menu and read it silently to find an order. This was weird, she thought to herself. Now that it registered, she realized she hadn't been on a date in a long time.

Gabiral: He watched her before picking up the menu and read it as well. The waiter came around to get something for them to drink. He ordered champagne but he spoke Romanian. "I hope you like Romanian food." He said softly. "This is the one place that serves it and actually understands what you are saying if you speak the language. He chuckled a little and looked at the menu some more.

Amanda: looked up, "I've never had Romanian food before, so I don't know." she looked back at the menu a bit confused. She didn't know what to order to eat. But when the waiter came around to order a drink, she ordered some red wine, or she was going too. But then she wondered if Gabiral had ordered champagne just for him, or for her as well. She looked at Gabiral to see what to do.

Gabiral: "I kind of ordered champagne for the two of us, if that's okay with you. I can order something else if it's not. It's not a big problem."

Amanda: nodded, "It's fine." she smiled slightly and closed her menu, setting it aside, "Can you order for me? I am not sure what to get." she said, looking at Gabiral again. "I have never been here before in my life. And...that's a long time." she giggled for a second and then stopped it.

Gabiral: He smiled slightly. "Of course." He looked at the waiter. "Vom avea broedlaewend." The waiter nodded then took the menus and walked away. He looked at Amanda and smiled slightly again. "I hope you like what I ordered for you. It's fairly good." He smiled more when she giggled.

Amanda: "So what did you order us? I am sure I will like it." she smiled back at him slightly. He did have a nice smile. But it's not like she was going to get attached to anything like that. She was smarter than that. No, if Gabiral really did like her as much as Arya said, then he needed to work harder at this. And if Gabiral did not like her, and was just one of those people who wanted to go on one date with a girl, so be it. She wouldn't care. That's why she wasn't getting too attached. Because anyways, knowing after all how much Arya had lied to her just tonight, she was probably lying about him liking her too. She wouldn't be surprised. She sort of expected it. Not that she wanted it, but in her case, losing boyfriends or potential boyfriends was just what happened to her.

Gabiral:"I ordered a Romanian Stew. It's fairly I said." He looked down and up at her through his eyelashes. "I would like to know some more about you. What's your favorite color? Favorite things to do? Favorite music singers? Currently seeing anyone?" He added the last question softly, hoping she didn't hear him. He wanted to get to know her but if she was seeing someone right now then that wouldn't happen. He hoped that Arya didn't tell Amanda that he liked her, even though he did like her. He liked a lot. Everything about her just made him want to be with her. Her lovely green eyes just catch his eyes every time, even though he liked her hair down it still made her look beautiful with it up. He just couldn't keep his eyes off her.

Amanda: nodded, "That sounds like it will be delicious. What all is in the Romanian Stew?" she picked up her glass of water and delicately sipped at it as she thought about his questions, "Umm," she set her glass back down on the table and dabbed at her face lightly with the cloth napkin, setting it on her lap afterword; she smiled slightly hearing his last question, "My favorite color is bright green, like my eyes. Well, actually my eyes are more like grass green so like that. My favorite things to that one's more complicated because I've done a lot of things in my life and I like a great many of them. Perhaps though, my favorite thing to do..." she smiled slightly, "Is swim. Skinny dip, at night, actually. I also like to ski, and stay in the mountains in a cabin. Sitting in front of a fire for warmth is great, especially in a cold climate in the mountains." she paused a moment thinking about that, before she answered his next question, "My favorite music singer is Frank Sinatra. He was a great singer...made me, get lost in the moment." she spoke slowly; just thinking about his songs made her want to get lost in the moment." she sighed, and then shook her head, "No, I am not currently seeing anyone." she took another sip of her water and set it down, "So, I have the same questions to you, favorite color, things to do, music singers; except I can sort of guess you aren't seeing anyone since you asked me on a date. However, I will ask it just in case because maybe you are a creep and are secretly married or engaged or something. I don't go for that, I is fine but engaged or married I back off. So I need to know..." she shrugged, "Anyways, I have another question too." she smiled widely and looked at him, "What's your most embarrassing moment?"

Gabiral: "It's more or less like the American beef stew." He watched her, listening to every word that she spoke. He smiled when he heard her reasoning on the last question he had for her since she decided to ask the same questions with an additional one. "Well, as you can tell, my little sister has picked out one of the colors that I like, which you are wearing and my other one is black, as you seen with the cars. I also have a lot of things I like to do since I have lived a very long time." He laughed softly, a little inside joke that he and Arya has. "Anyway, some things are hiking, swimming, and racing. Those are mostly what I like to do now-a-days. I don't really have a favorite singer but I do like old music. Mostly classical, blues, and piano music." He smiled slightly. "I'm not currently seeing anyone otherwise if I was I wouldn't have asked to go out on a date with you. Like you said." He sighed slightly. "My most embarrassing moment was a long time ago when Arya and I were little. I will not speak anymore about it. What about you? What's your most embarrassing moment?" He smiled slightly.

Amanda: shook her head, "No, I asked you first. And unless you tell me IN DETAIL, I will not speak anymore on this date." she made a point to close her mouth and motion like a lock and key, and then tossed the key away. She couldn't help but smiled slightly.

Gabiral: He couldn't help but smile slightly. "Ok, fine. When Arya and I was little we would go back and forth playing games that each other wanted to play only because our parents wouldn't let us go outside unless we were going somewhere and well..." He sighed and looked down embarrassed "Arya wanted to play tea party one day..." He paused not really wanting to say the rest.

Amanda: smiled slightly, "That's cute. That's not embarrassing. You were a good big brother. What would be embarrassing is if she dressed you up in a dress..." she couldn't help but laugh a bit at that idea. "How old were you? You said you were little so..." she shrugged slightly, "That's not embarrassing at all."

Gabiral: "I looked like I was about 12-13 years old when I did that. She only looked like she was 7-8 years old. Even though we were a lot older then so." He blushed slightly.

Amanda: "I understand." she nodded, and then found herself laughing slightly, "My embarrassing moment is worse than that. Way worse. So I shouldn't even share it."

Gabiral: "Oh no. I've shared mine now it's your turn."

Amanda: "Well, one time, when I was younger...I didn't live in a house. I lived with many kids and no parent figures in one of those orphanage homes. I knew I was different than the humans, but I never had my parents to show me anything. I had only been there a week when they decided to put me on kitchen duty. I used to not be able to stand any smell of human food. I would throw up at the slightest of it. I don't know, some Snydes can eat part human, part red liquid food, but I couldn't. It always had to be completely red liquid. Already since I got there, they always tried to feed me human food but I'd turn it away. They didn't know what I was so I had gone a little less than a week without food, so far. I was hungry. I decided to try the human food, I was desperate, and found a way to make myself not smell it or taste it as I ate some. I'd do that the whole time on kitchen duty, but it would never make me full." she paused, "Then there was a random fire drill. All the children had to shuffle outside. I was going slower than the rest of the children because I felt so sick...the food was not resting well in me. Everyone was outside and lined up. By the time I stepped out, everyone's eyes were on me." she sighed, "Then right there the breeze tossed the smell of their blood my way. I immediately regurgitated all of my human food inside me...and they all saw." she shook her head, pausing, then took a breath, "Yea, for a brief moment, I was horrified, totally embarrassed. You have no idea how much food came out." her voice grew a bit quieter on the end of it.

Gabiral: "I can imagine it and I'm sorry that happened to you." He placed a hand on hers and smiled slightly. "I guess yours was worse than mine."

Amanda: glanced down at their hands again, "Yea, it was." she smiled slightly looking back at him, "I am, sort of. I mean," she sighed, "My embarrassing moment only lasted a second because none of the children lived that day. Like I said, I was hungry. And that's how The Great Ones found me...and then I understood more of what I was. I liked them, for a time. I always regretted that day though..." she looked down, "The poor kids and the teachers..."

Gabiral: "I never did like them...The Great Ones I mean. They took my parents and Arya away from me." He lifted her chin up and smiled slightly "It's over now; the past is in the past. That's why it's called the past. I've things like that and I regret doing them but I don't dwell on it otherwise it will run your life. Forget the past and start living now. Start new today." He smiled a little more. "Okay?"

Amanda: found her breath hitch when he looked at her like that. His hand touching her chin, "'K." she found herself saying. She wanted to say more, but that was all she got out. She looked right back into his eyes. That was perhaps a mistake on her part.

Gabiral: He smiled, his eyes shining as he looked into hers. He hesitated but slowly moved towards her. He moved slowly in case she wanted to pull away. He would understand completely if she did.

Amanda: watched him, then her eyes looked to his lips. She did not pull away.

Gabiral: He was an inch away from her lips.

Amanda: her breathing was soft and shallow as she waited. She was getting a little nervous. Until she couldn't take it, she closed her eyes and leaned in the rest of the way until their lips met.

Gabiral: He kissed her softly and slowly, placing one of his hands on the side of her face softly.

Amanda: returned his kisses. She had to say, this was the first time she had ever been kissed in her human life. And before, in her Snyde life, she just would kiss her prey. But for some reason this kiss felt different...she actually liked it. Maybe that was just her human emotions playing with her. She rested both of her hands on the edge of the table, holding it tightly, her eyes softly closed.

Gabiral: He pulled away after a few minutes and smiled slightly. Just then the waiter came with their food and placed the food in front of them both and then left. He just looked at her, wondering if she liked the kiss or not. He was worried if he went too far on the first date with that kiss. He just watched her to see what her reaction was to it.

Amanda: she felt her face warm with a blush as she just looked down and started to eat her soup. She liked that kiss a lot, but she didn't know if she should speak of it or not. "This is good." she said after a moment, motioning to the soup, and then taking a bite, still looking down at it.

Gabiral: He smiled and nodded. "I'm glad you like it." He knew this had to be awkward for her, it was a little for him. He took a few bits of his soup and after a moment he spoke softly. "Did I go too far tonight? Please tell if I did."

Amanda: shook her head slowly in response to his question, "No." she said quietly. She looked up at him, "I wanted you to kiss me...and...thank you. It was nice. I..." she smiled slightly, blushing a bit, "That was the first kiss I've had as a human."

Gabiral: "You wanted me to kiss you?" He sounded a little surprised."And you're welcome...I guess. Well, I'm glad to be the first to kiss you since you've been human." He took another bite and was hoping that he would be the last to kiss her since she's been human. He wanted her to be is. It seemed like so since the first time he'd seen her.

Amanda: nodded again in answer to his first question, confirming it. "Why is it that you sound surprised? I understand..." she looked down at her food, playing with it for a moment. She wasn't sure if she wanted to tell him this or not. He might take advantage of it. She sighed and decided to just continue. Did it really matter? She'd dealt with the pain of being betrayed to before, lied to...being taken advantage of she was sure wasn't as much of a difference. Finally she continued, "...that I seem like a cold person on the outside. I am not really one to show my feelings. Not after all the times that I have and it just has been turned around on me and slapped me in the face." she looked up again, her voice soft but her eyes had turned slightly cold; "I feel you are different Gabiral. I may not be...what I used to be. I am human now, yes, but I still have the many years of training I learned of before. This is a human ability, I think though. One called trust. And for some reason, I feel it naturally with you. I just don't want it to be exploited. Trust can be lost." she warned him softly still.

Gabiral: "I don't know why I sound surprised actually. I don't think you're a cold person at all to tell you the truth. I just think that you are a person that has a hard time trusting people because of how many times you've been betrayed and hurt or taken advantage of. I also am not one to show my emotions either excepts when I want them to be showing. I have been truste4d by many before you and I can assure you that you can trust me. Ask anyone that knows me around here, they'll say the same."

Amanda: her eyes softened a bit and she actually smiled slightly, "Thank you, Gabiral. I am sure that...if you want, I will be around you enough to learn to trust you on my own. I don't need to ask others. Though, I know only Arya that knows you and I can't ask her because she lies a lot to I think I need to learn from my own experience." she looked back down at her food and ate some more of her soup.

Gabiral: "I would like you to be around to learn that you can trust me. I was...hoping...that I would get to see you well." He looked down at his food and pushed it up, more or less he was finished. He still couldn't eat a lot of human food just yet. "Yeah, Arya needs to learn to stop lying now that she's out of The Great Ones."

Amanda: shivered slightly, hearing the title The Great Ones, but it wasn't so noticeable. She finished her soup and pushed the bowl aside and then picked up a roll of bread and brought it closer, taking pieces off and eating it silently. She took a sip of her drink again before looking up at him, "That's fine with me." she wouldn't mind him seeing her again. Maybe Arya didn't lie about that. Maybe he really did like her, if he wanted to see her again. Maybe this meant she didn't mess things up with the date...

Gabiral: He smiled at her, his eyes shinned a little. "The next time we see each other it'll be more than this. Just dinner...unless there is something you would like to do after this. I'll take you anywhere you like...whenever you like." He took a sip of his drink and then looked around for the waiter.

Amanda: "It's up to you. But what do you mean, more than just dinner?" she continued to eat her bread roll.

Gabiral: "I mean that we could maybe have dinner then go on a little ride or something." He shrugged a little. The waiter came over and took their plates. He looked back at her. "Was there anything else that you wanted?" He asked kindly and softly.

Amanda: "Dessert, maybe? Unless you just wanted to stop at Dairy Queen and get it there..." she nodded, "What ride?"

Gabiral: "Dessert it is then. I meant like about ride or maybe go out of town for awhile...things like that." He motioned to a waiter to bring her some dessert. The Romanians didn't really have any good desserts so they just used the American desserts for their own for now.

Amanda: "We can go. Arya doesn't like me at the house anyways, so I am sure the longer I can stay away the better." she ordered a dessert, a chocolate cheesecake.

Gabiral: He smiled slightly, shaking his head a little. "That sounds like my sister alright."

Amanda: ate her dessert when it came.

Gabiral: He smiled slightly and watched her.

Amanda: looked up while eating her food. She swallowed, "Must be rather boring watching me eat..."

Gabiral: "No, not really." He smiled and took a sip of his drink.

Amanda: "I amuse you?" she smiled back.

Gabiral: "Yea...I guess so."

Amanda: nodded and looked back down at her food and finished it.

Gabiral: He called the waiter over and the waiter took her plate and left. He smiled. "Done or would you like some more to drink?"

Amanda: shook her head, "No, thank you. That was delicious."

Gabiral: "Very well." He stands up and walks behind her and pulls out her chair.

Amanda: stood and held her purse, she smiled at him and looked down at herself for a second to make sure it all looked fine. Then she looked back up at him. "Ready."

Gabiral: He smiled and held out an arm to escort her back out to the car.

Amanda: took his arm willingly and walked back to the car with him. She got it when he opened the door for her.

Gabiral: He helped her in the car then shuts the door behind her then gets in the car and starts it. "Ready to go back or was there anything you wanted to do or somewhere you wanted to go?" He started to drive out of the parking lot.

Amanda: "I actually...was wondering." she said slowly, "If we could go to a drive in theater to see some movies. Sit in the car and watch them, you know. It's nice enough outside."

Gabiral: He smiled to himself. It was too dark for her to see the smile though. "That is a good idea." He turned onto a road that headed to the drive in theater.

Amanda: leaned back in the chair and watched the road.

Gabiral: "So, anything you wanted to see?" He asked softly.

Amanda: "Probably not a real romance movie...this is a first date. So, your choice. I don't have any preferences." she assured him.

Gabiral: "Okay." He turned onto another road and stopped at the end of a line that went to the drive in movie theater.

Amanda: "Do you like movies?" she wondered.

Gabiral: "It's been awhile since I've been to one...but yes, I like movies."

Amanda: "What are your favorite movies?" she tried to make conversation.

Gabiral: "I have too many to list or whatever. You?"

Amanda: "Same." she was only giving him about as much information as he gave her.

Gabiral: He smiled slightly and sat in the car while waiting for the line too move.

Amanda: waited.

Gabiral: He stayed quiet. Not really knowing what to talk about. It was his first time going out with someone that wasn't Arya.

Amanda: "You didn't eat much." she said after a moment.

Gabiral: "I know. I still can't eat as much human food just yet. I'm getting to the point where it doesn't make me sick if I eat too much of it."

Amanda: "So you still need red liquid?" she asked, looking over at him. "Are you hungry?"

Gabiral: "Yes I still need the red liquid and yes I am hungry and no I'm not going to take any from you if you were going to offer." He smirked slightly.

Amanda: "I...fine." she said, "But I wasn't going to offer anyways. Not my red liquid, anyways. I had my fair share of being bitten when I was a pureblood. I don't want it now. I hate it."

Gabiral: "Okay. I understand about being bitten. I hate it as well. Another reason why I wanted to be human." The line moved a little and so did he.

Amanda: smiled slightly, "Good. We have that in common."

Gabiral: "It seems like we do." He smiled.

Amanda: "I think you're next in line." she looked over, noticing.

Gabiral: "It seems so." He pulled up to the window and told the person two people in the car.

Amanda: smiled slightly and waited. This was exciting.

Gabiral: He nodded and drove ahead. He smiled. "So which screen would you like to watch?"

Amanda: "Perhaps the second one?" she asked him.

Gabiral: He nodded and pulled up were you could see the second screen.

Amanda: "I was going to get popcorn and stuff, but I don't think I will since you can't eat either." she took off her belt and found the station on the radio for the movies they were watching.

Gabiral: "You can, it's okay. I'll be fine." He smiled at her.

Amanda: nodded, "Okay." she smiled slightly back then got out of the car and went to buy snacks before the movie started.

Gabiral: He waited in the car for her to come back.

Amanda: came back a few minutes later with a small thing of popcorn, a drink, and a little thing of bite sized cookie dough candies. She got in the car and shut the door behind her.

Gabiral: He smiled when she came back. "Get everything you want?"

Amanda: "Yes." she settled back to watch the movie, popcorn on her lap, drink in the cup holder, and holding the candy in one hand.

Gabiral: "I'm glad." He smiled and looked towards the screen but glanced over at Amanda every few minutes.

Amanda: is smiling slightly, looking at the screen. She, one time, leaned towards the middle of the car, closer to Gabiral.

Gabiral: He leaned over towards the middle of the car as well.

Amanda: felt herself blush, for no reason at all. Or perhaps there was a reason.

Gabiral: He smiled while looking down at her from the corner of his eye.

Amanda: "I hope...this isn't uncomfortable for you." she said slowly, her eyes still on the screen.

Gabiral: "No, it isn't uncomfortable for me. Is it for you?"

Amanda: shook her head slightly, "No." she said softly, "But it's a good thing because we have one more movie to sit through together."

Gabiral: He laughed softly. "Yes, it is a good thing."

Amanda: smiled slightly, then looked at the screen again, eating her popcorn.

Gabiral: Smiled and slightly put his arm around her.

Amanda: her smile grew bigger. This is exactly what she wanted.

Gabiral: He put his arm around her the whole way.

Amanda: "That was a good movie." she said after it ended.

Gabiral: "Yes, it was. We got one more to go though."

Amanda: giggled, "Oh yea. Good."

Gabiral: "Yes." He smiled.

Amanda: laid her head on his shoulder gently as they watched the last movie.

Gabiral: He held her close to him.

Amanda: she actually liked this. Despite what she expected it to be, this had turned out to be a really nice date. She'd have to thank Arya personally.

Gabiral: He softly kissed the top of her head.

Amanda: smiled again and closed her eyes softly.

Gabiral: He held her.

Amanda: waited till the movie was over.

Gabiral: When the movie was over he started the car, but he still held her close, not saying a word.

Amanda: fell asleep in his arms.

Gabiral: Drove her to Daray's house, holding her still. When they got there, he saw that Arya's car was gone so he decided to stay with Amanda till Arya and Daray got back.


Amanda: appeared on the space station, "Arya! Where have you been!" she asked out of breath.

Arya: "Why do you care?" She said somewhat without emotion. "If you must know, trying to find ways to kill myself. Want to help?" She sat down where she stood and placed her head on her knees.

Amanda: "God you're so dramatic. Finish chewing the pill I'll meet you on earth." she vanished again.

Arya: Does so and she appears on earth like she was before finishing the pill.

Amanda: "Anyways, you can continue to try and kill yourself. I'd help, but I don't think Gabiral would like that very much. Besides, Daray's been missing for two days and we can't find him. I'm not Snyde anymore and though Gabiral has tried, we can find him. I thought you'd know. You're his wife."

Arya: "I'm sorry to say but Gabiral can go to heck. He's not my brother anymore. Also, I don't know if I can help. Daray left me up there alone after what my parents..." She trailed off then looked up at Amanda. "I think I might know where he is." She got up and started towards where her parents house, on foot.

Amanda: "Hey! You introduced me to him. What was it a good idea to get both people you hated together to keep each other occupied and out of your hair?" she followed for a bit and stopped walking; "I'm done trying to like you Arya. I'm not helping you with Daray either. Not anymore." she looked hurt and turned and walked back to where Gabiral was in the forest.

Arya: She was beside Amanda in a second. "I never said I didn't like you. Yes, I introduced him to you because he wanted to get to know you. I don't care if you like me or not right now but I need your help. Please Amanda, help me." She spoke the truth, you could tell in her voice. "I didn't start hating Gabiral till I found out that he helped my parents find me and try to ruin my and Daray's relationship. Then my parents tried to take our child away from us before she was even born." She placed a hand on Amanda's shoulder. "I can't do this alone. Please help me." She pleaded.

Amanda: she blinked, halting in her walk, "Gabiral did what?" she asked in an appalled whisper, facing Arya.

Arya: "Please don't make me repeat myself."

Amanda: shook her head and pulled away from Arya, "No, Gabiral wouldn't. He couldn't. You've lied to me before and I think you are doing it again. How could you Arya?" she looked away from her, but didn't run away this time. She was hurt. She didn't want to believe it. That was the problem. How could she possibly like, and maybe even love Gabiral if he did such a thing? He told her he wouldn't hurt her or betray her. But here it was, in this little instance of time learning from what Arya said. Here was the hurt and betrayal, if it was true. She crossed her arms and pressed them to her chest, distraught.

Arya: "What do I have to do to prove to you that I'm not lying?" She looked at her, but the more time she spent trying to prove that she wasn't lying the more time it was that Daray could be hurting badly or worse, dying.

Amanda: "I don't know. Let's just go." she wasn't going to talk to Gabiral anymore. She was hurt badly, again. She took a breath and walked past Arya in the direction Arya had been walking before she turned to stop Amanda. Amanda was going to act like nothing happened. Nothing ever did happen. Let Gabiral figure out for himself where she went, if he even cared. She wasn't coming back. After they got Daray, she was gone.

Arya: She sighed and followed. "I wish I had my car though. Then we wouldn't have to walk. Unless you are willing to let me carry you so I can run there and it'll be a lot quicker." She looked over at Amanda when she caught up to her.

Amanda: "Sure." she said quietly, and stopped walking. "You can carry me. I'm not going back that way for anything." she said, referring to behind them. She sighed, "Show me memories or something...I want to make sure before I do anything rash about Gabiral."

Arya: She did just that. Then she picked her up and ran to her parent's house. Once they were there she set her down and snuck around to one of the windows and carefully looked in it. The room was dark compared to human eyes but she knew what room this was. It was where her parent's keep their weapons and prisoners, if they had any from a fight or something.

Amanda: sighed, "Oh god." she said, hurt, after seeing what Arya showed her. Then she took a breath and composed herself, walking to stand next to Arya. She looked in the window, "This where you think he's at?" she whispered.

Arya: "This is my parent's house. We were here a few days ago and my father doesn't like Daray very much. Once they knew I was pregnant with Darya's child they made sure that they could get rid of it. They sent me to this horrible place. After so I don't remember much but the next thing I knew was that I was where I was at. I have a feeling that Daray might have returned here to harm my parents for revenge or whatever." She whispered back and looked over to the cells where prisoners were kept.

Amanda: "He's an idiot." she said simply. She looked in too. After a moment, she pointed, "There. I can't see well, but that looks like him. Chained to the wall or something...I don't know what that is."

Arya: She sighed when she said it, because she knew it was true to a point. She looked to where Amanda pointed.

It was him. Except it looked like something was strapped to him. A...bomb of sorts.

Arya: "I have to help him." She said as she started to open the window quietly then shut it and ducked down, pulling Amanda with her. "Shh. My dad's coming." She whispered.

Aidren: He opened the door to the room Daray was in then shut it. He then walked over in front of Daray. "Now, this is the last time I'm going to ask you." He smiled. "When am I going to get my reward?" His eyes shinned bright green.

Daray: "What reward?" he asked, sounding like he was bored.

Aidren: "The one that you told me I would get for helping you get your wife back." He took out a gold coin. It was the one that he let Maria have for a point being.

Daray: "What the heck? I gave that to Maria. How'd you get it?" he looked from the coin to Aidren.

Aidren: Rolled his eyes and then disappeared.

Maria: "You really don't pay any attention, do you Daray? Aidren and his wife left hours ago. They went to look for Arya." She walked over to the window and opened it. "You two can come in now." She sighed and walked over to the door and switched on the lights.

Arya: Climbed through the window and ran over to Daray and hugged him the best she could. "Daray, my love, I'm so sorry for everything that you've gone through. I love you so much. I never meant to hurt you the way I did. I'm sorry." Tears were running down her cheeks.

Daray: teleported out of the chains on the wall, "Yea." he looked at Maria, "Quit following me." he said sharply, and then glanced at Amanda and then to Arya again, "You never meant to hurt me, but you did. And you know exactly what you said is truth in how you feel. If I do something wrong, you won't forgive me for two hundred years. That's what I got out of it." he started to walk to the exit, taking what he had strapped to him off of his belt and sticking it to a wall as he walked by.

Arya: "Daray, please. Don't leave, I can't live without you. I've told you many times. If you leave and never come back...I have no reason to live." She looked down. "Our children won't have a father if I do survive the times I would have tried to kill myself." She sat on the floor. "Or maybe I should just let my father and mother have me since it seems you don't want me anymore." She spoke softly as tears still ran down her face, she was hurt badly. Now she knows how it feels to lose the one you love or to be losing the one you love.

Amanda: "You two are pathetic." she sighed and rolled her eyes.

Daray: looked back, "I'm not leaving you, dear lord. Just let me vent my anger. Can I blow up your parent's house or is that too much to ask? If Maria, again, wasn't trying to play tricks with my mind I wouldn't have been here for two days acting like a prisoner when I could have easily teleported out." he sighed, "Stop crying, please." he said softly and held out his hand to her.

Maria: "I didn't get here until today so don't blame me. Aidren was here today's ago. And here." She threw the two set of keys at Daray's feet and the coin. "I've gotten my reward already for helping you get Arya back. I was hoping you would blow this house up so I just took what I thought was owed to me. I just wanted to mess with you this time." She laughed. "See ya guys around." She then disappeared.

Arya: She took his hand and got up but still looked to the floor. "No that's not a problem; but can you wait a few more hours?" She looked up at him. "In a few hours my parents will be home then you can blow it up when they're in the house. Then you won't have to worry about them anymore."

Daray: bent down and picked up his keys and the coin and pocketed them. He straightened, watching Maria leave without saying another word, afraid if he spoke she might come back. He sighed in relief and then looked at Arya, "Good. I wanted to blow them up too, thinking they would die this time unlike when you were a child and the bombs just killed clones. But seeing as how they are your parents, I thought that would be too much to ask, and I was going to do it without asking but I didn't want to make you more upset with me. But I guess it's not too much to ask, if you are offering now." he grabbed Amanda's arm and then teleported them all outside the house deep in the woods. "Hopefully this time they will die for real and it's not a clone. No one else is in your parent's house, like prisoner or anything, correct? If so, I should save them, at least. We don't need innocent bystanders." he told Arya gently as he let go of Amanda's arm.

Amanda: "Alright, well, now that Daray is here," she nodded to Daray then to Arya, "Bye guys." she said softly then turned and walked off into the woods, leaving.

Arya: "No, but I would like to get one thing before the house is blown up."She looked over towards where Amanda was. "Amanda, wait. I want to show you something." She ran towards her. "That's only if you are willing and wishing to see it though. It's about Gabiral."

Amanda: stopped and sighed, "I guess. I'd like to get to my house before morning though to grab my car and a few things I need."

Daray: "Sure." he watched her, waiting.

Arya: She showed Amanda all the good and wonderful things that Gabiral has done. The things she shown her out numbered the bad and horrible things that he has done by far. She showed her how good Gabiral really was. "Now, judge Gabiral from what you know about him. Not just what he has done wrong. He is a good man; he just needs someone to show him that he is more good than bad." She bowed slightly then went back to Daray and started towards the house.

Amanda: she was silent for a moment as she watched Arya walk away, until she found her voice, "No matter what he has done good, how can I judge him well when he turns against his family, following his parent's words? Who knows, he may do that to me sometime, if he's done it to his own sister. I can't trust him as long as your parents are alive."

Daray: "Well they won't be for long." he said, shifting his eyes to Arya and watching her.

Amanda: sighed, "I don't know. He has done more good than bad, I'll give him that. But has what he done good outweigh the bad he has done? It may not make up for it. Would you forgive him Arya? You seem to hate him now."

Daray: waited patiently for them to finish their conversation, though he was anxious to get moving.

Arya: She turned and looked at Amanda. "If I didn't forgive him, would I be calling him my brother? Would I be helping him try to keep you? Yes, he helped my parents but in my own eyes I think that he was more forced to do it then anything...knowing how my parents are and everything." She looked at Daray then back to Amanda. "He has done some bad in the past on his own BUT it didn't hurt anybody, just himself. The good he's done has outweighed the bad that he has done. Just give him another'll work out and you'll see he's not a bad person." She started towards the house again with Daray.

Amanda: nodded slowly, "I'll try." she continued to walk away. She wasn't going to make any attempt to see him first. She finally found her way home just an hour before the sun rose. She was tired out. She wished that she had her Snyde speed. She wouldn't be so tired and the long walk wouldn't have taken her so long. But it gave her time to think. Should she believe Arya and think of the good about Gabiral and forget about the bad? She really wished she could, but she wasn't sure of anything to convince her. She walked up the steps and into her house and got a small bag of a few of her things and went back out to her car. She looked at the sun as it came up over the horizon. It was really pretty. It reminded her of Gabiral's eyes.

Gabiral: He was driving down a road, not far from where he thought Amanda would live. He stopped and looked up at the sky. It was very beautiful, just like Amanda. He sighed. Now what should he do? He couldn't think of anything that didn't involved being with Amanda. Parking his car he sat there for a good five, ten minutes just thinking about her.

Amanda: she sighed, making herself stop thinking about it, and turned to open the front door of her car and just happened to glance up. She saw a car; a black car...was that Gabiral's car parked at the side of the road? Why? She let go of the door handle and walked down her driveway and stood at the end of it, checking out the car from a closer distance.

Gabiral: He put his head on his steering wheel. How was he going to have Amanda trust him after what Arya had told her and him admitting to what he did? He realized that she wouldn't. There was no way that she would now. He closed his eyes and tried telling himself that Amanda would never want to be with him after what she now knew.

Amanda: she looked both ways before she walked across the street and walked around the front of the car and looked in the window of the driver's side. It was Gabiral. But it looked like something was wrong with him. She tapped gently on the glass with her fingernails to get his attention.

Gabiral: He looked up and saw Amanda and rolled down the window. Happiness yet confusion and hurt came to his eyes.

Amanda: "Gabiral are you alright?" she asked gently, seeing the pain and confusion in his face. She wondered what was wrong.

Gabiral: "I'll be okay. I guess."

Amanda: she watched him, concerned, "Gabiral, I'm sorry. I just need to think. I'm just...afraid. I don't mean to cause you pain."

Gabiral: "Afraid of me?" He asked softly. "I've been through worse. I think."

Amanda: "Just, Arya told me how you betrayed her to her parents. I'm afraid; one of these'll betray me too. And I can't take that." she crossed her arms, "I am letting you in, Gabiral. In my heart. I don't know if that's smart of me or not, and the more I let you in, the harder it will be to push you out once you break my heart."

Gabiral: "Amanda, I won't ever hurt you. I would never betray you as well." He looked in her eyes when he said this.

Amanda: "What makes me so different?"

Gabiral: "It's hard to explain. Please, Amanda give me a chance." He begged. He knew it wasn't worth it but he tried anyway.

Amanda: "Can I sit?" she motioned to his passenger seat.

Gabiral: "Of course." He unlocked the doors.

Amanda: she walked around the car and opened the passenger door and sat down in the passenger seat. Then she shut the door and just sat there for a moment, "I have time. If you feel like explaining." she said softly, looking at the dashboard. She owed him this much. And she really didn't want to leave. It hurt to think about it.

Gabiral: He turned to face her. "It's hard to explain, Amanda otherwise I would. I can't stop thinking about you, wondering if you are okay."

Amanda: "You worry about me? Already? We've only been on one date."

Gabiral: He sighed. "I told you it's hard to explain."

Amanda: "This isn't like one of those, Snyde soul mate things, is it? I was Snyde once, Gabiral. And I know you are still part Snyde, slowly changing to human." she looked at him now.

Gabiral: "I honestly don't know."

Amanda: "So you think you might be liking me...because of your own choice?"

Gabiral: He nodded.

Amanda: "You know what's funny, is...the sunset, reminds me of your eyes. There are more colors in your eyes than I've seen in anyone's."

Gabiral: "Really? I haven't really noticed. But the sunset reminds me of you as well. The beauty of it. You're just as beautiful as it."

Amanda: "Thanks." she blushed a bit and looked back down at her lap.

Gabiral: "You're welcome." He said softly.

Amanda: she put her hand on the door handle, "I guess I should go."

Gabiral: He wanted to stop her but he let her go. "I guess." He spoke softly.

Amanda: she looked up and over at Gabiral and as she opened up the car door she leaned over and kissed his cheek gently, and quickly, before getting out of the car and shutting the door and walking across the street, not looking back. She opened up her car door and got in the driver's side, digging through her purse for her keys. When she found them, she started up her car and put it in drive.

Gabiral: He smiled slightly as he watched her go. He put his car in drive and started to drive to his house. He thought about Amanda the whole way there.

Amanda: she drove off, driving for a good few hours before she hit the line for another state. She found a small hotel and pulled into the driveway before she parked the car and took her bag and got out and looked around. It wasn't a five star resort, probably not even one star, but it would help her think. She sighed as she hoisted the bag over her shoulder and walked up to the desk and got herself a room. Taking her key, she let herself in and shut the door behind her. She turned on the light and then set her bag on the bed before pressing the button to turn on the television. She sat down on the edge of the bed as she unlaced her boots and slid them off her feet.

Gabiral: He sat inside his small home. He tried to relax on the couch, which eventually he did. When he did he fell asleep.

Amanda: she was awake for a few more hours before eventually she was tired enough to sleep and rest. Opening her bag she got out her pajamas and changed into them and climbed into the bed in the room. She took the remote and shut off the television and a few minutes later, fell asleep.

Gabiral: He woke in the middle of the night. Looking around he realized he was on his couch; he got up and went to his room. While in the room he undressed and got what he slept in on. He climbed in his bed then fell asleep again.


Amanda: she woke up slowly, reluctantly. She didn't want to get up. She had slept too well and enjoyed it too much, even in a lumpy bed in a nasty hotel like this. But the sun was coming in through the curtains and even as a human, she still never got used to the light as much as she thought she should. She enjoyed the dark. Or maybe that's just what she thought now; since the light was disturbing the sleep she wanted. She sighed and brushed her hand back through her hair as she forced herself to open her eyes and sit up. But something else was weird and wrong. As she put pressure on her left arm to lift her, it gave out and she collapsed back onto the bed pillow. Thinking it was just asleep, she tried it again but found it hurt this time. "Strange..." she muttered and now that she was awake enough and her eyes focused, she looked down at her arm. A large spider bite was there. It had swollen during the night and she could see the two fang marks from its teeth. She sighed and got out of bed and stood up to head to the bathroom to wash it off, but when she took her weight off of the bed, her legs gave out and she fell onto the floor, hard. "Ouch!" she exclaimed; it hurt, a bit. A few tears pooled in her eyes as she grabbed a hold of the bed with her other hand and forced herself to get up, despite the pain and sat down on her bed again. Poisonous spider. She thought to herself. She really did have a head ache. Maybe she should sleep. Sleep sounded good. She lay down on her side on the bed, and despite her better judgment screaming to her not to sleep, she couldn't help it. She stayed curled up as she closed her eyes and let her body get what it wanted, whether she thought it was good for her or not.

Gabiral: He woke and stretched. He got up and got dressed after taking a shower. He went outside to his car and got in it. He needed to drive to help him think. He drove for a few hours. When he came in view of the hotel Amanda was staying at, he got a bad feeling. He pulled in right next to Amanda's. He put it in park and got out of his car then locked it. He went in and went to the desk. He asked what room Amanda was in then went up to it after he was told what it was. He knocked on the door. "Amanda?"

Amanda: "Come back later..." she mumbled softly, "Still sleeping." she thought it was the maid. But then again, why would the maid call her by her first name? She didn't know. She was too tired to really care anyways.

Gabiral: he looked at his watched. Still sleeping? At this time? He looked around and opened the door easily. "Amanda?" He said softly. "Are you okay?"

Amanda: "Mhm." she said sleepily. Her arm was turned as she snuggled on the top bed sheet so Gabiral couldn't see the swollen bite mark.

Gabiral: He shut the door and somewhat ran over to her. "Amanda." He was worried. "I'm going to take care of this. But you have to stay awake." He placed a hand on her cheek. "Stay with me, Amanda. Stay awake."

Amanda: "Hmm?" she said softly and opened up her eyes, looking confused, "Gabiral, why are you here?" she said weakly. She swallowed, her eyes slipping closed as she tried to keep them open, "Are you following me?"

Gabiral: "No, no. Amanda, stay awake. Stay awake. We'll talk about why I'm here after we take care after we get this bite taken care of." He looked around for something to wrap around her arm. "Stay awake, Amanda."

Amanda: "Bite? Did you bite me?" she closed her eyes against her pounding head, "Oh. The spider...bite."

There was a towel laying on the floor nearby the bed from when Amanda had washed and dried her face the night before, before she went to sleep, dropping it there on her way out of the bathroom.

Gabiral: "Stay with me, Amanda." He grabbed the towel and wrapped it around her arm where the spider bite is. He then picked her up and took out to his car where he put her in the passenger seat of his car. He got in his and took her to his house. When they got there he took her out of the car and took her inside. He laid her on the couch and went into the one of his rooms and got something out. He went back into the room.

Amanda: she was resting on the couch. It was very comfortable. And it smelled like Gabiral. It was very soothing. It made it easier for her to forget the pain and fall asleep faster.

Gabiral: "No, no. Amanda, stay with me. You have to stay awake. Honey, you have to stay awake. You can sleep after we take care of this. I promise. Stay with me, stay awake." He unwrapped the bite and put some medicine that helped with this stuff on it. When it got in the marks where the fangs entered, it started to make the poison come out of the bite where the fang marks punctured her skin.

Amanda: kept her eyes open just a slit and watched him curiously.

There was a spider that crawled up Amanda's leg and jumped off the couch and skittered to the wall, crawling up it and to an opening where it could escape the house.

Gabiral: He put more of the medication on the bite, not paying attention to the spider. "Stay with me." He whispered. He watched as the swelling went down.

The spider eventually found an exit and left.

Amanda: she took slow breaths, feeling the pain leave her. She looked down at her arm, now that she was more awake, seeing it getting better.

Gabiral: He softly put a hand on the top of her head.

Amanda: she looked up at him as she lay there, "You're treating me like a little kid, Gabiral." she whispered, a faint smile on her lips.

Gabiral: He smiled slightly. "Well, at least you're getting better." He whispered back.

Amanda: "Sue the hotel." she said in a sour whisper.

Gabiral: He laughed softly. "Why don't we just worry about you getting better before anything else?"

Amanda: "And how long will that take?" she closed her eyes, "I'm still tired. Worn out is more like it." she put a pillow from the couch over her face.

Gabiral: He smiled slightly and took the pillow off her face. "You have to stay awake a little longer then you can rest. I promise." He kissed the top of her head.

Amanda: she looked up at him, letting him take the pillow from her easily, "You're kissing me a lot all of a sudden." she noticed.

Gabiral: "I'm sorry. I won't do it again." He whispered. He sat back on the floor next to her.

Amanda: she watched him; her eyes saddened a bit, "I never said I didn't like it. I just said you've never done it before. And it makes me think that you maybe wouldn't even have, yet, if it wasn't for this." she looked down at the bite for a long minute before she looked back up at him, "Which brings me back to why you were even there."

Gabiral: He looked at her. "I was out driving and I was coming up on the hotel and got a bad feeling. When I pulled in I saw your car. I thought something was wrong so I decided to see if you were okay. If you were I would of left." He said softly

Amanda: "Exactly. You wouldn't have kissed me."

Gabiral: "I didn't know if you would have let me after what happened."

Amanda: "I kissed your cheek." she said softly and shook her head and forced herself to sit up, "It doesn't matter."

Gabiral: He stopped her. "Lay back down. You need rest."

Amanda: she watched him for a moment and then decided he was right, and laid back down on her back, resting her head against the arm rest, "How much rest?" she asked him.

Gabiral: "As much as you need."

Amanda: "How much will I need?"

Gabiral: "That's up to you."

Amanda: "Apparently not. I just tried to sit up and you won't let me. So I think I'll let you play doctor."

Gabiral: He rolled his eyes a little. "Just rest." He got up and went into the other room.

Amanda: she sighed and shut her eyes and did as she was told.

Gabiral: He stayed in the other room for about an hour then came into the room that Amanda was in and watched her.

Amanda: she smiled slightly in her sleep, "Stop being a stalker Gabiral. I can feel you watching me." she mumbled.

Gabiral: He smiled. "Well, you are in my house, Amanda."

Amanda: "Mmm, right." she said in her sleep. "You're right."

Gabiral: He smiled and then got up and kissed her forehead. He then went in the kitchen to get something to drink.

There was a creaking sound from one of his windows as it slid open from another room.

Gabiral: He heard it and went to that room. He looked around the room.

There was nothing in the room. Only the window was open and slight breeze came in.

Gabiral: He closed the window and locked it. He went back out to where Amanda was and sat in his chair, watching her sleep.

There was a spider that crawled across the floor and onto the couch and up Amanda's pant leg.

Gabiral: He didn't see it; he was just watching Amanda sleep.

A few minutes later the spider crawled out from her pant leg and skittered away.

Gabiral: He saw the spider crawling on the floor. A few seconds later he caught the spider in a clear jar and put a lid on it.

It looked like it was a normal spider, except it had an interesting design on it that didn't look very familiar. The spider stared at Gabiral from inside the jar.

Gabiral: He just kept it in the jar. Not risking anything.

The spider was dying from lack of air.

Gabiral: He poked very small holes in the lid, but not big enough were the spider can get out.

Amanda: still slept on the couch. She moaned softly and itched her leg in her sleep before going back to her regular sleeping position on the couch.

Gabiral: He looked at Amanda.

Amanda: she was still sleeping, but she didn't look so peaceful anymore.

Gabiral: "Amanda." He whispered and walked over to her. He moved some hair that was in her face.

Amanda: she moaned as if in pain, but didn't wake up or open her eyes at all. If they did open, tears would fall.

Gabiral: "Amanda, tell me what's wrong? Please, let me help." He was worried.

Amanda: she itched her leg again.

Gabiral: He looked where she itched. "Amanda, I'm going to have to look at that. You understand?" He spoke gently.

Amanda: she was still asleep so she didn't answer him.

Gabiral: He woke her. "Amanda."

Amanda: "Gabe let me sleep." she whispered.

Gabiral: "Amanda, you have another bite on your leg, I have to treat it before it gets too bad. If you don't believe me I'll help you get to the bathroom for you to check yourself."

Amanda: "The bite's on my arm. Not my leg."

Gabiral: "Come on. I'll let you look." He helped her stand.

Amanda: she groaned and leaned on him. "Okay." she said sleepily.

Gabiral: He helped her to the bathroom.

Amanda: "Ouch, Gabe it hurts to walk..." she kept her eyes shut.

Gabiral: He picked her up and took her into the bathroom.

Amanda: she leaned against him and started to fall back asleep again.

Gabiral: "No, no. Amanda, honey, you have to stay awake." He set her on the toilet and held her up. "Amanda."

Amanda: she opened her eyes a bit and looked at him, "Yessssss?" she said, her words dragging out with sleep.

Gabiral: "Do you mind if I look to see where the bite is? You said it hurt to walk, let me look. Please? I won't do anything but that. I promise."

Amanda: she nodded slowly.

Gabiral: He started to take her pants off her. When he had them off he started to search for what looked like a spider bite.

There was a small bite on her calf, it had already swollen a bit but was nowhere near as big as the one on her arm yet.

Gabiral: He put some of that medication that he put on her arm on it. It did the same thing when he put it on her arm.

Amanda: she winced a bit and held onto the edge of the sink tightly.

Gabiral: He took her hand. "Here, hold onto my hand." He whispered. "I'm sorry."

Amanda: she held onto his hand tightly and opened her eyes slowly and looked at him, "Sorry for what? You didn't make the spider bite me." she said weakly. She wondered where all these spiders were coming from. She'd never been bitten by one in her life, and now two in one day?

Gabiral: "I know." He whispered as he picked her up. "I'm going to take care of you, Amanda."

Amanda: "You don't have to. I'm sure I can manage." she whispered, letting him hold her.

Gabiral: "I want to."

Amanda: a few tears slipped passed her guard as she leaned against him. The poison in her left traces, and it still hurt, badly, in her body. "Okay." she managed. Two spider bites in one night...she wasn't afraid her body could handle anymore.

Gabiral: He carefully set her on the bed in his spare bedroom. He made sure the window was locked and closed.

Amanda: "Can I sleep now?" she asked him softly, her voice pained.

Gabiral: "Yes, you can go back to sleep now." He said softly and sat in a chair that was beside the bed. He watched over her. Watching the both of the swelling of the bites go down. He put medicine on them both when needed, trying not to wake her.

Amanda: she fell asleep again, more peaceful than earlier but not as peaceful as the night before when she didn't have any spider bites. Her face was still wet from where the tears fell upon her cheeks.

Gabiral: He dried her tears without waking her.

The night passed fine, without anymore spiders coming or going.

Gabiral: He stayed awake the whole night.


Amanda: she finally woke up somewhere around the early afternoon. She didn't know where she was at first, and then she remembered when she saw Gabiral.

Gabiral: He smiled slightly. "Hey."

Amanda: "Hi Gabe." she made sure she was covered up still as she sat up, slowly. She was still very sore and winced slightly with the movement.

Gabiral: "You shouldn't be moving around that much. You're not fully healed."

Amanda: "I would just like to sit up." she said softly, "I don't like laying down all the time."

Gabiral: He nodded slightly. "Okay."

Amanda: she looked at the spider bites on her arm and leg and sighed, "Why me?" she muttered and lay against a pillow. She looked around the room she was in, wondering if it was a spare room or...his room.

Gabiral: "Are you hungry?" He asked after awhile.

Amanda: "A little bit." she said, looking at him. "I guess we don't have to sue the hotel."

Gabiral: He chuckled softly and stood. "I'll be right back." He went to the kitchen and started to make something for her.

Amanda: she smiled slightly, hearing him laugh, and then laid there, looking at her surroundings again.

Gabiral: After a few minutes he came in with a tray. On it was a plate of French toast and eggs, a glass of milk, some syrup, butter and a small flower.

Amanda: she smiled when she saw him, "What's with the flower?"

Gabiral: He smiled slightly. "It's for you." He set the tray over her legs. It was one that could stand.

Amanda: "Oh, well, thank you." she smelled the flower once he set the tray down, and then she picked up a fork and started to eat the food Gabiral had made for her. She looked over at him, "Aren't you eating?" she asked.

Gabiral: "I'm not hungry right now." He sat down in the chair beside the bed again.

Amanda: "Is this your room?" she asked him, then took a bite of the French toast.

Gabiral: "No, this is a spare bedroom. My room is just across the hall."

Amanda: she nodded, "Mmm," she said, mostly because her mouth was full and she couldn't talk at the moment. Once she swallowed she smiled a bit, "Taste's as good as it smells. You might be just as good of a cook as I am."

Gabiral: "Thank you. I've gotten better cooking human food since I was a Snyde."

Amanda: "Are you completely changed over now, then?" she asked as she took another bite.

Gabiral: "Almost. I have one more day then I will be."

Amanda: "Congratulations." she said, "Have anything special planned?"

Gabiral: "Not really and thank you."

Amanda: "You're welcome." she decided just to eat in silence now.

Gabiral: He watched her after awhile he went across the hall to his room. He shut the door a little, but not all the way. He was use to having it all the way open so he really didn't notice it not all the way closed. He took his shirt off, which now Amanda could tell how muscular he was. He walked across his room to his closet, searching for something to wear for the day.

Amanda: she hid her smile by putting more food in her mouth, "You don't have to wear a shirt..." he mumbled under her breath, the food hiding what she said. She almost wished he couldn't find anything to wear...but then she forced herself to look down at her food and stop staring. It was rude, and she shouldn't even be thinking such things. She scolded herself as she took another bite.

Gabiral: He found a shirt and pants. He then walked out of his room and into the bathroom. He starts the water and turns on the shower. He shuts the door most of the way, leaving it open a bit. He got undressed the rest of the way and got in the shower.

Amanda: she glanced up and then back down and quickly finished her food. "Oh god." she whispered to herself and moved the tray out of the way and pulled the covers over her head and forced herself to keep them there or else she would look. She lay on the bed under the covers.

Gabiral: He finished his shower and got half way dressed. He kept his shirt off until he got cold. He hoped Amanda wouldn't mind, if she did he'd but the shirt on. He walked into the spare room and smiled slightly. "Are you trying to hide from me for some reason?"

Amanda: "I...need rest." she said smoothly, hiding her real reason. Her words were mumbled as her face was covered with the blanket.

Gabiral: He sighed. "I didn't hear a word you just said." He leaned against the doorframe.

Amanda: she lifted the blanket off her face but didn't sit up so she held the blanket up away from her so she couldn't see past it to see him. There was like a blanket wall between them. "I said I need rest." she repeated and then dropped the blanket over her again letting her arm fall back down beside her.

Gabiral: He raised an eyebrow. "Amanda? I don't think that's the reason." He silently walked over to the side of the bed and sat down in the chair.

Amanda: she sighed and sat up, ready to glare at him, thinking he was in front of her, but then she was caught off guard with him being so close and to the side. She looked over at him and her face blushed red and she looked away embarrassed at her reaction. He smelled really good. Better than what she could smell on the couch...almost as good as when she smelled him as he carried her to the bathroom the other night. He smelled really good. No, it's not the reason. No, it's not the reason. But she couldn't bring herself to say it. She couldn't talk.

Gabiral: He hid a smile as he got up and sat beside her on the bed. He lifted her arm that had the bit on it and looked at it, to see if it needed anymore medicine on it.

Amanda: she shut her eyes and held her breath.

The swelling was gone now. The bite marks were just there.

Gabiral: "Does me not having a shirt on bother you?" He said in response to her reaction. "Also being this close to you?"

Amanda: she nodded slowly. He would probably take it as a bad way, but nowhere in her head did she think that it was a bother in a bad way.

Gabiral: He nodded and shrugged. "Okay." He got up and went and put his shirt on. Then came back in the room and sat in the chair again.

Amanda: she frowned at him.

Gabiral: "Something wrong?"

Amanda: she looked away, "No." she sighed and lay back down on the bed.

Gabiral: "You sure?"

Amanda: "It's complicated." she pulled the covers back over her head.

Gabiral: "Well, explain the best you can. Maybe I can help."

Amanda: "That's okay." it was too embarrassing.

Gabiral: He pulled the covers from over her head and leaned over her. "It has to do with me. Doesn't it?" He whispered softly.

Amanda: she swallowed slightly, keeping her eyes on him. She nodded slowly, her breathing picking up a bit.

Gabiral: "What about me?" His voice still in a soft whisper.

Amanda: she opened her mouth to talk but suddenly found it very dry, so she snapped it shut again. Her heart was beating faster to match her breathing rate, which had picked up at his close proximity. There were a lot of things about him...

Gabiral: A hint of a smile was on his lips. "Would you like me to move away from you? And be truthful."

Amanda: "No." she found herself whispering. The word was barely audible. She'd never been this close to a boy besides Daray and her first boyfriend way before Daray.

Gabiral: "What do you want?" He whispered.

Amanda: she swallowed again, " you mean?" she breathed, her hands clutching the blanket to keep from reaching out to him.

Gabiral: "If you don't want me to move away from you, do you want me to move to you? Like this?" He slowly leaned in, his face on inches from hers.

Amanda: she could feel his breath on her skin. She bit her lower lip and nodded yes.

Gabiral: "Closer?"

Amanda: she leaned up and kissed him softly on the lips.

Gabiral: He kissed her back, just as soft.

Amanda: she rested her head back on the pillow and closed her eyes, "Sorry." she whispered.

Gabiral:"Don't be." He leaned down and kissed her again, just as soft as before.

Amanda: she wasn't expecting that kiss. It caught her off guard. She wasn't watching or prepared for it, so she hadn't been thinking of keeping her hands where they were. One of them lifted and stroked his cheek softly as he kissed her. She kept her eyes closed. It was a nice kiss, she thought.

Gabiral: He kissed her a little harder, with a little passion in it. He tried not to overwhelm her.

Amanda: she met his passion, kissing him in return. It was a little weird, she thought, her kissing him while resting in a bed...but she couldn't make herself stop. She didn't want to stop, either.

Gabiral: He kissed her even more, each passing moment he added more passion in it.

Amanda: after a few minutes she forced herself to break the kiss, turning her head away. She put a hand on her chest to help still her breathing and her beating heart. She shouldn't be doing this. Not this fast. They've only been on one date.

Gabiral: "I'm sorry." He looked at her, he was truly sorry. A minute passed and he went and stood against the doorframe, trying to put more space between them. He shouldn't have done that, it was wrong of him. It wasn't gentleman like. After a few minutes, he stood up straight. "I brought your bag from the hotel. The same as your car. I hope you don't mind. I'll let you change, if you need to shower or whatever, the bathroom is down the hall on the left." He turned and walked out to the living room and sat on the couch.

Amanda: she opened her eyes. She could feel it when he left. The air was colder now with him gone. She sat up and looked at him now, "I'm sorry." she whispered. She felt bad. He had seemed like he wanted something and she denied him of it. But she wasn't ready for that. What if he took it and hurt her again like the others she had liked so much. "Thanks for bringing my things." she said after a minute.

Gabiral: He sat in the living room. He knew he shouldn't have done that. He was taught better than that. He cursed at himself.

Amanda: she got out of bed and realized her pants were still off. She kept the door to her room shut as she put her pants on and then opened up her suitcase and got out clean underwear and a new shirt. She walked out to the living room, "Gabe, I know I shouldn't ask, I should have my own shampoo and body wash but...I was just going to use the hotels so I didn't pack any. Would I be able to use yours?" she asked him softly. He probably didn't want to see her right now. That was mean of her to lead him on like that. He looked upset.

Gabiral: He turned and nodded. "Yeah, go ahead."

Amanda: "I'm sorry." she repeated and left to the bathroom. She shut the door behind her and stripped and got in the shower.

Gabiral: He sat on the couch and sighed softly to himself. He went too far, he blamed himself for this. For everything that just happened.

Amanda: she washed with Gabiral's shampoo and body wash. Mmm, she smelled like him. She smiled slightly and rinsed off. After she was done she dried off and then got dressed. She came out of the bathroom towel drying her hair.

Gabiral: He wasn't in the living room anymore when she came out.

Amanda: she sat on the couch. Maybe she should just go home. She could ward off spiders pretty well.

Gabiral: He was in the kitchen, fixing him something to eat.

Amanda: she got up and went to the kitchen, "Gabe, do you want me to leave?" she asked softly, holding the towel in her hand.

Gabiral: He looked at her. "No, I don't want you to leave but I'm not going to force you to stay her if you don't want to. I was taught better. Way better than I acted in the bedroom. I'm sorry about that." He looked down at what he was doing.

Amanda: "It was my fault for leading you. I'm not; I was our first kiss. It was nice. I liked it. I'm...not ashamed of it. You didn't like it, I guess. I'm sorry for making you think something else was going to happen. I..." she looked down at the towel in her hands. She should just stop talking now.

Gabiral: He held back a smile. "No, I liked it. You didn't make me think something else was going to happen. I got carried away."

Amanda: "I didn't?" she frowned a bit. Hmm, she wasn't a good as she thought. "It's okay. So did I." she thought. Apparently not. She left the kitchen.

Gabiral: He smiled after she left the room. He still got his lying down; she did make him think something else was going to happen. He just didn't want to admit it. Also it seemed like she wanted him to think that.

Amanda: she sat on the couch and folded the towel. She pulled her legs up onto the couch and noticed the spider in the jar on the coffee table. She covered her mouth quickly to stop her gasp. She watched it.

Gabiral: He came out with a plate.

Amanda: she was still watching the spider.

Gabiral: "Oh. I forgot about you." He was talking about the spider. He set the plate down and picked up the jar and took it to his office for further studies.

Amanda: she smiled and took his plate and hid it under the couch.

Gabiral: He came back out and went to get his plate. He looked confused when it wasn't where he put it. He smiled slightly. "Hey Amanda?" He said slowly as he looked at her

Amanda: she was cleaning her nails. She looked at him innocently; "Yes?" she blinked.

Gabiral: "Do you know where my plate of food went?" He smiled slightly and slowly was stepping towards her.

Amanda: "Yes I do." she got up slowly as he walked towards her and stepped back, "Doesn't mean I'll tell you."

Gabiral: "Oh really? Not even after I tickle you?" He got a hold of her and started to tickle her, but not too hard where he'd hurt her.

Amanda: she giggled and laughed and squirmed to get away from him, "No," she laughed, "I won't tell you."

Gabiral: He tickled her more.

Amanda: "The couch!" she choked out. "Couch!"

Gabiral: He smiled and stopped tickling her. He kissed her forehead softly. He then looked under the couch. "Good hiding spot. I would have never thought to look here." He took the plate out from under it and placed it on the coffee table again. "You okay?" He asked her after.

Amanda: she thought about that as she settled her breathing and sat on the floor watching him, "No. I think you tickled so hard my rib broke and my head pounds in pain."

Gabiral: He frowned.

Amanda: she smiled and got up, taking the towel with her as she left the room.

Gabiral: He watched her.

Amanda: she came back out and set the spider on the coffee table in front of him, "What's this for?"

Gabiral: "To study. I caught that after it bit you on the leg. I think it's the same one that bit you on the arm." He took a bite of his food.

Amanda: "Study it for what? I've never been bit in my life aside my yesterday. I doubt it will happen again.

Gabiral: "I've never in my life seen a spider like this. I want to study it to see if it's a genetic mutation or a brand new species." He explained.

Amanda: "Like one specially made to hunt and kill me?" she teased, but her voice had no humor.

Gabiral: "Exactly." His voice was serious.

Amanda: she shrugged slightly, "So what if it is? One less bad kisser in the world wouldn't be so bad." she picked up the jar and started to unscrew the lid.

Gabiral: He had the jar out of her hands in less than a minute. He screwed the lid back on, tightly.

Amanda: she frowned at him, "Hey. Why does it matter to you?"

Gabiral: "Everything."

Amanda: "Fine." she crossed her arms, "You can stop me from doing what I want while I'm here, maybe. But not when I'm at home." she went back to 'her' room and gathered her things.

Gabiral: He sighed.

Amanda: she pulled her wet hair back into a pony tail and then picked up her luggage bag and headed towards the front door.

Gabiral: "Amanda, please don't go. I'm sorry." He sighed.

Amanda: "Why don't you want me to go? I'm horrible company anyways. Bad kisser. Stops you from getting what you want. Takes your food...opens jars of spiders..." she was out of excuses.

Gabiral: "Because you're not horrible company, you're not a bad kisser, it's a good thing you stopped me, you can have as much food as you want. The spider jar is the only thing I'm concerned about."

Amanda: "Oh really?" she looked back at him, keeping up her facade, hiding her amusement. "You're concerned about the spider? Why don't you just use me as bait and follow where the spiders come from?"

Gabiral: He sighed. "No, I'm concerned of you opening the spider jar. I don't want you to get hurt again."

Amanda: "I can get hurt on a lot of things besides spiders." she pointed out.

Gabiral: "Will you please just stay?"

Amanda: "Why?"

Gabiral: He didn't want to say exactly why. "Because I enjoy your company."

Amanda: "I smell like a guy. You'll start to think of me as one too. That's why."

Gabiral: He laughed softly. "You used my shampoo and body wash; of course you're going to smell like a guy. I don't think I'll be able to think of you as a guy."

Amanda: she didn't pack for an over-nighter at Gabiral's house. That was the problem. "I only packed for a long am I staying?"

Gabiral: "As long as I know you're safe."

Amanda: she sighed and leaned against the door. She wasn't safe in this house. The danger? Herself.

Gabiral: "So? Will you stay?"

Amanda: she nodded, "Yes. I'll stay. Are there any spiders in my bag of clothes?"

Gabiral: "I didn't go through your things. It's bad enough I seen you without your pants on."

Amanda: "Oh, bad enough you say?" that tore it. "I'm going home." she yanked his door open and picked up her bag and headed out to her car.

Gabiral; He smacked himself in the face. "Amanda, that's not what I meant.' He called after her.

Amanda: she ignored him. When she got to her car she opened the door and popped the trunk, throwing her suitcase inside and slamming it closed.

Gabiral: "Amanda, please. Listen." He was by her car now. "I didn't mean it like that. I meant that we're not even married and it's wrong to see the opposite sex without pants and that on. That's the way I was taught. Please."

Amanda: "Then let me go home and treat my spider bites myself. Give me the medication and my car keys." she held out her hand for them. "I'm sorry that bothered you. I'll leave now and no longer be a bother to you."

Gabiral: he just stood there, not planning on doing what she told him to do.

Amanda: "Fine." she walked back into his house to get them herself.

Gabiral: he watched her, knowing they weren't in the house but in his pocket.

Amanda: she came back out with the medication and the spider jar. Dropping the jar, she killed the spider and walked over to Gabiral, "Keys. Now." she ordered him. "Unless you want me to walk. Because right now, I will." she glowered at him.

Gabiral: He leaned against her car, just watching her. He smiled slightly. She was cute when she was mad.

Amanda: she dropped her hand, "I hate you Gabiral. You try to act like a gentleman but you make me feel like crap." she glared at him and leaving everything behind but the medication in her hand, she stalked off, walking like she said she would.

Gabiral: he sighed "Amanda, come back here." he leaned down into her car. He started the car and went back inside his house.

Amanda: she walked back to the car, got in, put it in drive, and sped off.

Gabiral: he just watched her leave after he went to clean up his house.

Amanda: after she got home and shut off the car, she got out and slammed the door behind her and then just slid down the side of the car and sat on the ground. No, she told herself. She wasn't going to cry. But it hurt her feelings. It was terrible, and she didn't know why. She had liked his kiss more than any of her old boyfriends combined, and she never thought she could find someone whose kiss was as good. It made her feel loved and wanted when she was kissing him, which made it so hard for her to resist. She bit the inside of her cheek. Yea, she was crying. She couldn't help it. Her kiss hadn't been that good, he said. She needed to stop before this went too far. Her feelings were deeper than his. She liked to see him without his shirt on, but when he saw her without her pants on...he thought it was bad. What would happen if he saw her naked? She didn't want to think about that. She forced herself to stand. It wasn't going to happen. Not ever. She shouldn't have let him get her spider bite in the first place. It wasn't right for that...they hadn't known each other that long. She should have done it herself. She shouldn't even have been at his house. Walking around to the back of the car she popped the trunk and took out her bags and dragged them inside after closing it again. She threw them in the living room and shut and locked her door. If he came, she wasn't answering. She took out her cell phone and shut it off. If he called, she wasn't picking up. She threw her cell phone on the couch and stopped to wipe some more tears from her eyes and take and breath, resting the palms of her hands on her eyes. She needed to stop thinking about him. This was for the better. She should have never agreed to go on that date anyways. The boy didn't even ask her himself. He asked his sister to ask her for him. She should have known right there to stop. But she hadn't been on a real date in so long. She'd been out with Daray, but he'd always been preoccupied with the person he really loved and wanted to be around, and it wasn't her. In so long for once he had made Amanda feel good about herself. Up until today when she found out the truth. She needed to get out of these clothes. They smelled like him. The sooner she could wash him away from her the better. As she walked to the bathroom she took off her shirt and socks and quickly turned on the shower head when the faucet was in reach. She finished stripping and threw the clothes in the shower with her as she stepped in and used her own shampoo and conditioner this time. She washed his scent off of her, and off of everything it touched around her. She didn't want to smell him. It hurt too much and she needed to stop thinking about him. She wrung out the clothes and hung them on the shower curtain rod to dry and finished washing up. She shut off the water and came out and dried off and then keeping the towel around her she went to her room and changed into a new set of clothes. She threw the towel aside and picked up a brush and combed out her hair. Stop crying, she told herself, you're strong. You shouldn't have put down your wall in the first place for him. Build it back up, and be yourself again. You don't need anyone but yourself. She nodded and set down the brush and closed her eyes as she leaned on the dresser. She didn't need anyone. She took a shaky breath and let go of the brush and wiped her eyes off, getting rid of the trace of tears. No tears. Not for him. She pulled her hair back into a pony tail once again as she left her room and went to the kitchen and made herself a cup of chamomile tea. It would help to calm her. Afterwards, she brought it out into the living room and sat down on the couch and turned on the television to get her mind to think about something else. So far, it was working.

Gabiral: He lay in his room on his bed looking up at the ceiling. He was so stupid; he should have over said what he did. He didn't mean it the way she took it. She looked great without her pants on. He shook his head from that thought. No, he shouldn't be thinking of her like that, it wasn't the way he was taught but he couldn't help it. She would never know how he truly felt unless he told her. He got up and took paper and a pen out and started to write her a letter. Just like back then.

Amanda: she stayed up late watching television. Eating ice cream made her feel better.

Gabiral: He got up and went to his car. He got in and drove to Amanda's house. He slipped the note under her door and then got back in his car and drove away.

Amanda: she noticed the note being slid under the door but didn't move. She looked out the window and saw the car driving away. She knew who it was. She got up and picked up the note and brought it back with her and set it on the coffee table and just looked at it as she took her seat on the couch again. She should just throw the note away. It's not like it mattered. So, in a swift movement where she kept herself some thinking, she picked up the note, tore it in half, and stuffed the remains under the couch cushion. Then she shut off the television and went to bed before she changed her mind.

Gabiral: He went back home. He packed some clothes and things he would need for a long trip and put it in his car, which he left running. He turned off all the lights and locked the door and shut it. He got in his car and started to drive. He didn't know where exactly he was going to go; he just needed to drive right now. He sighed when he passed Amanda's house but he didn't stop, he kept going.

Amanda: Days passed by slowly, and Amanda resisted the urge to look at the note. Soon she forgot about it. She started a job to help pass the time and make it so she wouldn't think about Gabiral, and it worked. During the day. At night though she'd still find herself thinking about him. She couldn't help it, no matter how much she tried to keep her mind off of him she still thought about him. And at times that she thought about him, she cried. He had made no attempt to call her or come to her door after that one night. Maybe that letter was a goodbye letter. Now she really didn't want to look at it. She was afraid of it now. She stayed away from Daray and Arya. She didn't want to see anyone. When she wasn't at work, she stayed in her house and either cried or watched television, which always happened to be either sappy love movies or heart breakers, which in turn made her cry more. She was surprised she kept up with daily activities, crying so much. She let everyone see her as a happy person, but behind closed doors is where she let herself cry about him. She needed to do something. She needed company. About three weeks after Gabiral had left; Amanda went and got herself a dog. A large German Sheppard, colored black and light brown. She named it Alibgra, and she liked the name a lot...until she realized it was just Gabiral's name switched around. But by then the dog was already used to its name, so she just called it Ali for short. That made it better. It kept her company, and she found it easier to deal. She slowly quit crying, but the pain in her heart stayed. She was back to how she was before she met Gabiral, and she was glad. She could deal with this.

About one month after Gabiral left, Amanda came home to a package on her front doorstep. It was unmarked and had no return address. She never even thought about it being from Gabiral, so she brought it into her house and opened it, curious about what it could be and a little excited that someone had sent her a gift. She was smiling as she tore the tape off and lifted the box flaps. Immediately, hundreds of spiders; purple, black, bright blue, electric blue, lime green, dark red...they poured out of the edges of the box. Amanda screamed. Oh god, she hates spiders. She quickly backed away. Ali jumped in front of her and growled at the bugs, trying to protect her. But there were too many and they were all at once that the dog stood no chance. Soon Amanda was covered in the bugs, her dog laid there in pain, suffering from the bites inflicted on it. But then all at once the bugs dropped from around Amanda and scattered about her house. As they fell, they showed that Amanda was gone, as if vanished from the air. There wasn't a trace of her body left. Ali whined in pain and got up and limped to the door and crawled out of the doggie door, onto the sidewalk in front of the house and then just collapsed there.

Gabiral: he returned home. He closed his eyes. The past month was heck for him. He couldn't stop thinking of Amanda and what he did. He hasn't shaved for days.

On the way home, he passed Amanda's house, seeing her dog in the driveway.

Gabiral: he opened his eyes. Wait a minute. When did Amanda get a dog?

The dog breathed slowly, dying.

Gabiral: He stood and went to his car. He drove to Amanda's house, without turning off his car he ran up to the house and knelt beside it. He felt for it so he decided to put it out of its misery. He killed the dog. He then stood and went into the house. "Amanda?" He called out into the house.

Amanda was gone from the house, but it was overrun with all the spiders from the box, which still sat on the table when Amanda had opened it earlier.

Gabiral: He sighed and went out to his car and grabbed something from it. He then went back into the house and threw it in there. It was to kill all of the spiders and any other insects that were there.

The house was clear of bugs but Amanda was still nowhere to be seen. She was not in the house. The note from Gabiral stuck out from under the couch cushions...but something about it looked different to Gabiral.

Gabiral: He went over and took it out of the couch cushions

Too bad Amanda.
Too bad indeed.
The first few warnings you should have taken heed.
If you read the note you could have seen.
Maybe would be free.

Gabiral: He growled softly. "Who's 'J'?" He asked out loud.

There was no answer. Whoever J was he or she was with Amanda now.

Gabiral: He got up and went to his car. He was tired of people like this.

It was eerily quiet.

Gabiral: He put his car in reverse and backed out of the driveway.

Amanda's house sat quiet in the daylight.

Gabiral: he drove to his house, cleaned up. He didn't know what to do right now.

There was a knock on his door a few hours later.

Gabiral: He went to the door and opened it. "Yes?"

There was delivery man, "Package for you." he held it out to him. It was a box, same size as the one in Amanda's house. No return address.

Gabiral: "Thank you." He signed for it and took it inside.

The delivery man nodded and then left.

Gabiral: He took it and set it on the table and just looked at it. He didn't know if he should open it or not.

There was a note taped to the side that had the name "Gabiral" written on it.

Gabiral: He took the note off the box and carefully opened it.

Here's a little token for you to remember her by. I will keep sending you pieces of her. Till next time.


There was a long strand of Amanda's hair in the envelope.

Gabiral: He growled. He looked up at the box.

The box looked just like the one in Amanda's house.

Gabiral: He picked it up and shook it a little.

There was a clinking sound like glass inside.

Gabiral: He hesitated a bit then opened it.

Inside was a sand timer. One end was full, sliding the small sand stones down to the bottom half. The post-it note stuck to the glass read;

Manage your time wisely. Or soon hers will be up.


Gabiral: He threw the note away and was about to do the same things with the hourglass.

As the sand fell, a little miniature person of Amanda could be seen sleeping in the glass timer.

Gabiral: When he saw that he broke the glass timer in half.

The little Amanda miniature fell out onto the table and woke up, startled. She sat up slowly and looked up at him.

Gabiral: He got on his knees where his face was level with the miniature Amanda.

Amanda: she stared at him, shock and a bit of horror on her face. She back away slowly and hid behind the salt and pepper shakers.

Gabiral: He closed his eyes and he wrote on a piece of paper. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you."

Amanda: she looked at the paper and then looked back over at Gabiral, still hiding behind the shakers but her head poked out. She held her hand out for the pencil. When he handed it to her, she held it with both hands and scribbled on the paper, "Who are you?"

Gabiral: He wrote his name.

Amanda: she looked at him curiously and then wrote on the paper, "Can you talk?"

Gabiral: He nodded. "Yes, I can talk. Can you?" He asked in a soft whisper.

Amanda: shook her head no.

Gabiral: "Do you know who 'J' is?"

Amanda: she nodded and wrote on the paper, "He created me."

Gabiral: "What's his name, name? Like how my name, name is Gabiral."

Amanda: she wrote on the paper, "Jamere Powerston."

Gabiral: "Do you know where he is?"

Amanda: she tried to write something but the pencil being so large slipped out of her hands and rolled off the table. She frowned at it.

Gabiral: He caught it but found a smaller pencil and handed it to her.

Amanda: she smiled a bit and took it and wrote down J's location. It was an airplane, so she gave the approximate location.

Gabiral: He smiled slightly. "Thank you. Would you like to come for a ride?" He held out his hand for her to climb onto.

Amanda: she set down the pencil and walked over to his hand and grabbed a hold of one of his fingers and stepped onto his palm. She sat down and crossed her legs.

Gabiral: He went and grabbed his car keys and headed out the door. He got in his car and carefully placed the mini Amanda on the dash board.

Amanda: she stumbled onto the dashboard and then sat down onto the surface, first looking out the window then looking back at Gabiral.

Gabiral: He started the car and started to drive to the location mini Amanda wrote.

It was an airport. The plane was parked to get a fuel refill, and it was still there.

Gabiral: "Is this the plane?" He looked at Mini-Amanda.

Amanda: nodded and smiled and turned to look at the plane and jumped up and down excitedly.

Gabiral: He parked the car out of sight. He held out his hand again. "Ready?"

Amanda: she nodded and climbed onto his hand still smiling and sat down again, keeping a grip on his thumb.

Gabiral: He got out of his car and walked over to the plane, carefully and undetected.

The door to the plane was open, and the pilot was not inside at the moment.

Gabiral: He snuck into the plan, looking around it.

There was no one aboard, at least what could be seen from the first floor. At the way back there was a set of stairs with a locked door so no one could get to the second floor of the large plane.

Gabiral: He went to the door and placed his hand on the knob. He whispered a few non-English words and the door opened.

Up inside the second floor were wires and monitors and scientific devices. Amanda was tied up and knocked out in a corner of the second floor, a chunk of her hair was missing from when J had cut it and sent it to Gabiral.

Gabiral: He looked around to see if anyone else was around and when he didn't see anyone, he carefully and quietly walked over to Amanda. He softly touched her cheek.

Amanda: her eyes snapped open at the feel of someone's hand on her cheek. She looked over at who it was from, fearful until she saw it was Gabiral. Her breathing slowed, but the duct tape on her mouth stopped her from speaking. Her heart still pounded.

Gabiral: He took the duct tape off her mouth but before he could stop himself he kissed her, softly and sweetly.

Amanda: she kissed him back just as sweetly, "Gabe, I didn't think I'd see you again. I was so afraid." she whispered, her eyes stinging with unshed tears.

The mini Amanda jumped out of Gabiral's hand and walked down to a small dollhouse and went inside.

Gabiral: "Shh, it's alright. I'm going to get you out of here." He untied her.

Amanda: "What if he comes back?" she whispered, frightened. As soon as she was untied she rubbed her wrists for a second before putting her arms around Gabiral in a hug.

Gabiral: He hugged her back. "I plan on not being here when he gets back." He then started down the stairs.

Amanda: "But what if he comes after me again? What if there are more spiders?" she worried, following him but finding her footsteps weak. As she climbed down the ladder she held onto the railing tightly.

Gabiral: "He won't take you again, not when you're with me. I'll kill them all." He helped her down the ladder.

Amanda: "Thanks." she said softly, "How did you find me?" she used him for support.

Gabiral: "A mini you."

Amanda: "A mini me?" she said a bit confused.

Gabiral: "Long story. I'll tell you on the way back to my house, unless you don't want to go to my house and to go back to yours. I'll understand since you didn't read my letter." He told her softly as he helped her into his car.

Amanda: "Letter? Oh...I forgot about your letter." she paused, "I can't go to my house. Spiders at my house." she said scared. "But your letter is at my house."

Gabiral: "You don't need it. I can tell you what it said...well, mostly what it said. That's if you want to hear about it."

Amanda: she buckled up her seat belt and nodded, "I would like that."

Gabiral: He got into the driver side, buckled up and started to car. He drove to his house. "Well, for the most part, it said that I was sorry for what I said. I seen it offended you. I didn't mean it in the way that you took it. That you are a very beautiful woman, the most beautiful I've ever seen for the whole time I've been living. I explained what I meant when I said what I said. I admitted things like, for example, I can act like a total jerk, and I'm over protective. I get jealous very easily and so on and so forth. It said that I was leaving for a couple of weeks or so to think things through and to calm my thoughts a little. In the end, I confessed that I love you." He said the last sentence softly.

Amanda: "Really?" she whispered softly with a small smile. She watched him for a moment before speaking again, "What were you thinking through and calming down about?" she wondered.

Gabiral: "Well, I didn't know at the moment. But while I was gone, I was worried about you, wondering how you were doing, what you were doing at certain times. Things like that."

Amanda: "I was fine...except for yesterday when the box came and the spiders and- OH NO!" she gasped, "Where's my dog Alibgra!"

Gabiral: He sighed. "Please don't hate me for this." He looked at her then back at the road, "She was in a lot of pain and she couldn't be help. I decided instead of letting her suffer the death she was receiving, I kind o helped her die more quickly and less painfully." He waited for Amanda to start freaking out on him.

Amanda: "It was all you could do?" she said sadly, her voice soft.

Gabiral: He nodded slightly. "I buried her before I came to get you."

Amanda: she nodded slowly and looked back out the window, "Okay." she brushed a tear off of her cheek.

Gabiral: "Hey, hey. It's alright." He tried to comfort her. "Would you like a puppy?"

Amanda: "I don't think for awhile. I just lost my dog." she said softly.

Gabiral: He nodded. "I understand." He turned into his driveway.

Amanda: she sighed and unbuckled her seat belt and opened the door, "I don't have any clothes."

Gabiral: "You can borrow some of mine, if you want. Or until I can get back to your house, clear all the spiders out of there where you can get some or live there again." He helped her out of his car.

Amanda: "I only think boys and girls wear each other's clothing if they are...serious." she said softly, holding onto him.

Gabiral: He nodded, he understood. He helped her into the house and helped her to the couch. "I'll go clear all the spiders out of your house then." He then brought her some food and something to eat.

Amanda: "I don't want you to go anywhere near the spiders. I'm afraid. I might just burn the house and get a new one. I just need my purse from it and a few things. But I don't want you to get it." when he came back into the living room with the food and drinks she continued, "So we aren't serious?" she asked Gabiral.

Gabiral: "Not unless you want us to be."

Amanda: she looked down at her food and twirled the edge of her fork around a bit, "I suppose...I suppose I can't get anymore hurt now by losing you than I will later the more serious we are. I don't see why not. It won't make a difference. Just give a shadow of a promise, I guess."

Gabiral: He lifted her chin. "I would never hurt you. I'm sorry that I did the last time you were here. I'm trying to make sure that isn't going to happen again. Will you give me one more chance to make it right?"

Amanda: "Alright." she said distractedly, her voice soft. She looked into his eyes.

Gabiral: He smiled slightly. His eyes were soft, gentle.

Amanda: she didn't move away from his hold on her chin.

Gabiral: He dropped his hand from her chin. "I should let you eat."

Amanda: "Yes, food sounds good right now." she said softly and looked down at the tray again and took a bite of food.

Gabiral: He smiled and watched her for a little bit.

Amanda: "You're going to have to teach me to cook like you, though I don't think I'll ever be as good." she complimented as she continued to eat.

Gabiral: He nodded. "If you get taught how to cook like me from me, I think you'll be just as good." He smiled.

Amanda: she giggled a bit, "True." she said softly, taking small bites so her stomach wouldn't get upset.

Gabiral: "Well, would you rather have a shower or a bath? You'll have to use my shampoo and body wash again. I figure you would want to clean up, right?"

Amanda: she nodded, "Of course. I don't mind using your shampoo and body wash."

Gabiral: He nodded. "Shower or bath? I'll get the water ready for you."

Amanda: "Bath, please." she said. She continued to eat after he left, and was done by the time he got back. "Do you have a change of clothes for me?"

Gabiral: "Just a pair of my sweatpants and a t-shirt.

Amanda: "That would be fine." she stood. She would just need to wash her bra and underwear.

Gabiral: He nodded and helped her to the bathroom, if she needed it. He then went into his room and found some clothes that she could wear.

Amanda: she got undressed and sighed at all the bruising on her skin and when she saw the chunk out of her hair it made her frown. Now that she was human she would heal just as slowly. She stepped over to the tub and stepped lightly into the water and eased herself down. She pulled the curtain shut and laid back.

Gabiral: Opened the door slightly and set the clothes down on the counter by the sink. Only his arm was in the bathroom. He shut the door afterwards. He then went into the living room.

Amanda: after she was done with her bath she let out the water and dried off. She saw the clothes on the counter by the sink and got changed into them. Since her bra and underwear were still wet she just wore the pants and shirt he provided for her. She opened the door and walked out into the living room, "Gabe, do you have an extra toothbrush I may have?"

Gabiral: He nodded then looked up at her and smiled. "Yes, I'll get it for you." He got up and went into the bathroom. He found one and gave it to her.

Amanda: "Thanks." she wondered if he was smiling because she was wearing his clothes; smiling because he liked it? Or because they looked funny? She walked off to the bathroom and found the toothpaste and brushed her teeth.

Gabiral: "You're welcome." He looked over her again and smiled more. He then sat on the couch again.

Amanda: after she finished brushing her teeth she came out and sat on the couch by him.

Gabiral: He smiled and put his arm around her. "So, other than what happened, how are you?"

Amanda: she leaned against him, "Right now? I'm good. I've been doing a lot of thinking like you have."

Gabiral: "Yeah? What about?"

Amanda: "About us."

Gabiral: "What about us?" He asked softly.

Amanda: "That I like that sound...of us. I like it."

Gabiral: "I like it too."

Amanda: she looked up and kissed his jaw softly. "I missed you." she laid her head back on his shoulder.

Gabiral: He held her. "I missed you too."

Amanda: "A lot?"

Gabiral: "Yes, a lot. I didn't stop thinking about you since the day you left here."

Amanda: "I didn't stop think about you either. I tried, for a few days it worked. But...not for long."

Gabiral: He frowned slightly. "So, you tried to forget me? I hurt you that bad. I'm so sorry, Amanda. I'll make it up to you somehow."

Amanda: "You don't understand. I've been picked on by men before. And I know what rejection feels like. And to me, it felt that you were starting to reject me by just the way you talked."

Gabiral: "I'm sorry. I didn't to imply that. I told you I can be a jerk at times. I'm so, so, so, so, so sorry."

Amanda: she giggled when he repeated 'so' a lot. She hugged him, "I can be a jerk too. Don't worry. I won't ever try to forget you again. I can't." she said softly.

Gabiral: He hugged her back. "Okay."

Amanda: "Can you kiss me again?" she asked softly.

Gabiral: He smiled slightly. "Of course." He brought her face to his and kissed her, like she asked.

Amanda: she kissed him gently back and then hugged him again and buried her face in his neck. She did miss him. So much.

Gabiral: He hugged her back and held her.

Amanda: "We should watch a movie." she said quietly.

Gabiral: "What movie would you like to watch?"

Amanda: "Your choice." she closed her eyes a bit as she lay against him. She felt safe.

Gabiral: "You tired?" He asked as he turned the TV on and went to the movie channel.

Amanda: "A little." she admitted. She could finally sleep now that she was home and safe. She stopped. Did her thoughts just think of this as home?

Gabiral: "Would you rather sleep?"

Amanda: "No." she said softly. If she went to sleep she'd be alone again. She wanted to sit here on the couch with Gabiral where she felt safe and wouldn't be alone.

Gabiral: "I'll be with you. I promise. I won't leave."

Amanda: "Okay." she said softly, thinking he meant on the couch.

Gabiral: He picked her up and took her into his room and placed her on the bed. "I hope you don't mind sleeping in my room for tonight. The other room is kind of a mess at the moment."

Amanda: "A mess?" she opened up her eyes and looked at him and then looked around the room. She swallowed and blushed a bit.

Gabiral: "Yes. I'll explain later." He lay next to her. He stroked her cheek lightly, smiling slightly.

Amanda: "Okay." she found herself lulled back to sleep by his touch. Soon she was out.

Gabiral: He stayed next to her, stroking her hair softly. He didn't leave, like he promised.


Amanda: she found she woke up early, even after her lack of sleep from the nights before. She opened her eyes to see Gabiral and she smiled a bit, "Did you sleep at all?"

Gabiral: He smiled back. "No, I wanted to watch you sleep." He admitted softly.

Amanda: "Did I drool or do anything stupid?" she worried.

Gabiral: He smiled slightly. "No, you didn't."

Amanda: the look of worry faded away, "Good." she closed her eyes again and turned her face slightly so she could smell his pillow, trying to do it without him seeing. She looked up at him, "Do I look a horrid mess?"

Gabiral: He smiled and moved some hair out of her face. "No, you're beautiful."

Amanda: she blushed a bit, "Thank you." she said softly.

Gabiral: He stroked her cheek again when she blushed, smiling slightly.

Amanda: "So...why is the room a mess?"

Gabiral: "I've been trying to find the type of spider that bit you was. It's cluttered with books and papers."

Amanda: "Did you locate the type?"

Gabiral: "Sadly, no. I'm still looking though."

Amanda: "That's okay. As long as they aren't ever back."

Gabiral: "They won't be." He promised.

Amanda: she snuggled into him, unable to help it.

Gabiral: He held her, smiling.

Amanda: she was still afraid to admit to loving him, though inside she knew she did. She just didn't want to say it out loud, just in case once she did, it would scare him away.

Gabiral: "I know we just met and we only had one date but I love you Amanda." He whispered softly in her ear.

Amanda: "You told me that before." she said softly.

Gabiral: "I still want you to know." He kissed her cheek softly.

Amanda: she was so tempted to say it but she just couldn't. "Thank you. For letting me know. It means a lot to me." she said softly.

Gabiral: He smiled a little. "You're welcome." He replied softly.

Amanda: her stomach growled a bit.

Gabiral: "I'll fix you something to eat. What would you like?"

Amanda: "I don't want you to leave just yet." she held onto him, lying by him.

Gabiral: He smiled slightly, and held her. "Ok."

Amanda: she enjoyed lying by him. At least now she wasn't weak from a spider bite.

Gabiral: He laid there with her for as long as she wanted him to. He didn't want to leave her side.

Amanda: "Can I come with you to the kitchen?"

Gabiral: "Of course. You can do as you wish here."

Amanda: "Could you show me how to cook like you?"

Gabiral: "Of course." He smiled.

Amanda: "Okay. I guess we can move." but she was just so comfy.

Gabiral: He laughed softly. "I have a feeling you don't want to though."

Amanda: "I don't. But I'm not a Snyde so humans must give in to human tendencies." she sighed.

Gabiral: he nodded. "I understand."

Amanda: she still didn't move.

Gabiral: he laughed softly and got up.

Amanda: she sighed and finally got up, "Do you have a hair brush?"

Gabiral: He nodded. He took it off his dresser and handed it to her.

Amanda: she brushed her hair and then got up out of the bed and went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth and washed her face. She came back out.

Gabiral: He was waiting for her in the kitchen.

Amanda: she walked up behind him and put her arms around his waist, "Hi." she said with her face in his back.

Gabiral" He smiled slightly. "Hi."

Amanda: she let go of him and walked around to stand beside him and see what he was making.

Gabiral: He was just making scrambled eggs.

Amanda: "What would you like me to do?"

Gabiral: "Take this." He handed her the spatula.

Amanda: she took the spatula. "And...?"

Gabiral: He stood behind her and took her hand. "And you start to stir it like this." He took her hand with the spatula and stirred the eggs.

Amanda: she stirred when he wanted her to, just like he showed her. Except she was a bit distracted because Gabiral was behind her.

Gabiral: "That's all. While you stir it, it'll cook as you continue to stir it. See?"

Amanda: she nodded, "I do see it. When will it be done?"

Gabiral: "When all the liquid egg is solid like."

Amanda: "How long will that take?"

Gabiral: "Not long." He let her hand go and got some plates.

Amanda: she didn't stop stirring the eggs. She watched as they slowly started to harden.

Gabiral: he walked over and turned the stove off. "They're done.'

Amanda: she smiled a bit, "Now the question is if they taste good or not."

Gabiral: "they will." he encouraged

Amanda: she took the spatula and grabbed a plate and dished half onto one plate and half on another. She handed him a plate.

Gabiral: He took the plate. "Thank you." He smiled.

Amanda: "You're welcome." she sat down at the table and picked up her fork and tried the eggs.

Gabiral: He sat across from her. He ate some of the eggs. He smiled. They were good.

Amanda: "They're only good because you mixed them. I just cooked them. And you made sure that was well."

Gabiral: He shook his head. "The cooking part does it all. It you don't cook it long enough, it's too liquid-y and cook it too long, it's too hard."

Amanda: she smiled a bit, "So you're giving me the credit?"

Gabiral: He nodded.

Amanda: "Thanks. I can mark that off my checklist for things I want to do when I'm human."

Gabiral: "Your checklist?" He finished off the eggs.

Amanda: nodded, "Mhm. Because humans die eventually so these are all things I want to do before I die."

Gabiral: He nodded in understanding.

Amanda: "You don't have a list?"

Gabiral: "Not really. I was just planning on living it day by day."

Amanda: "You won't fulfill accomplishments that way."

Gabiral: He shrugged a little.

Amanda: she finished her eggs and put the dishes in the sink. "Do you have a dishwasher?"

Gabiral: He nodded.

Amanda: she found it and put the dishes in there.

Gabiral: He placed his plate in the washer after rinsing it.

Amanda: she pulled herself up and sat on the counter, watching him. She swung her legs back and forth.

Gabiral: He walked over beside her and smiled.

Amanda: "I think we should play hide and seek."

Gabiral: "Ok. Who's counting first?" He smiled slightly again.

Amanda: "You!" she jumped off the counter and ran off.

Gabiral: He smiled and started to count.

Amanda: she hid in one of the closets in the hallway upstairs.

Gabiral: He got to 50 and started to look for her.

Amanda: she sat there, but didn't have to be too quiet. He's only human...she thought to herself.

Gabiral: He smiled as he came up to the closet that Amanda was in.

Amanda: she stopped and held her breath, trying not to make a sound. Though because she was concentrating so hard she almost started to giggle. She hid behind jackets.

Gabiral: He opened to closet door and looked around. He then started to move some things. He smiled and moved the jackets that she was hiding behind. "Found you."

Amanda: she leaned up and kissed him, "That you did. My turn to count?"

Gabiral: He kissed her back. "Yes." He smiled then left the closet.

Amanda: she ran back down to the kitchen and closed her eyes and counted loudly to fifty like he had.

Gabiral: He hid in one of the bedrooms up stairs, hiding under the bed.

Amanda: when she was done counting she went and looked everywhere in the house for him, but she couldn't find him, "Gabiral where are you?" she whispered as she looked. She stopped in front of the bed in a room and sighed as she sat down on it, her feet over the edge resting on the floor. She tried to think of where to look next that she hadn't already looked.

Gabiral: He held his breath but he poked her leg and smiled.

Amanda: she jumped and moved her legs up by her on the bed and thought something had touched her leg, like a spider. She looked down, but saw nothing. So she carefully leaned over the edge of the bed and looked underneath it. She smiled, "Gabe!" she got off the bed and laid on her stomach facing him, "Nice hiding spot."

Gabiral: He laughed softly. "Thank you." He got out from under the bed.

Amanda: she sat back on her knees and watched him.

Gabiral: He sat in front of her and smiled again.

Amanda: "What are you smiling about?"

Gabiral: "Nothing."

Amanda: "It has to be something."

Gabiral: "It's just; you look so good in my t-shirt. You're cute." He admitted softly.

Amanda: she blushed a bit, "Oh, thanks. I guess I don't need any of my own clothes ever again."

Gabiral: "You cute all the time though."

Amanda: her blush deepened, "Thank you." she looked down at her hands, still sitting on the floor.

Gabiral: He stroked her cheek lightly, smiling slightly.

Amanda: she was silent for a moment and finally looked up at him, "This may sound like a weird question, but humans don't have blood bonds like Snydes can, do they?"

Gabiral: "I'm not sure."

Amanda: "Oh." she looked back down.

Gabiral: "Why?"

Amanda: "I was just curious as to all humans can do."

Gabiral: "Oh. I see."

Amanda: "I have something to tell you, Gabiral." she said quietly.

Gabiral: "Okay." He waited.

Amanda: she bit the inside of her lip for a moment, nervous, "You know how you told me you love me?"

Gabiral: "Yes."

Amanda: "I love you too."

Gabiral: He smiled.

Amanda: she looked up at him.

Gabiral: He pulled her face to his and kissed her softly.

Amanda: she smiled slightly and kissed him back.

Gabiral: He kissed her more

Amanda: she didn't mind it at all. If this was the reaction she got when she told him she loved him, she would have to say it more often.

Gabiral: He pulled her to him, kissing her more.

Amanda: she willingly moved closer to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck.

Gabiral: he smiled, it broke the kiss.

Amanda: when he broke the kiss she leaned back and looked at him, "What?"

Gabiral: "Nothing." He kissed her again.

Amanda: she kissed him again.

Gabiral: he continued to kiss her.

Amanda: she held herself close to him, not going to stop.

Gabiral: He held her, not planning on stopping either.

Amanda: she moved herself to sit on his lap.

Gabiral: He held her on his lap.

Amanda: she felt very close to him right now, and she didn't mind it.

Gabiral: He wanted to go further but he restrained himself. He was content with just kissing her.

Amanda: her kisses grew more passionate, unable to help herself.

Gabiral: he kissed her back with the same passion, but his grew deeper.

Amanda: she didn't stop. She enjoyed it. But she wondered if it was just because he was caught up in the moment that he kissed her like this, or because he wanted to.

Gabiral: He enjoyed every minute when he was with her. He stood while still holding her.

Amanda: she broke the kiss a moment, feeling him move. "Where are you going?"

Gabiral: 'I was going to get on something more comfortable. Do you want to stay on the floor?"

Amanda: "No..." but if she was on something more comfortable her judgment might be impaired.

Gabiral: "Okay." He sat on the bed.

Amanda: she watched him for a moment.

Gabiral: He sat there with her on his lap.

Amanda: "Is it weird? Me being here? Am I too heavy?"

Gabiral: "No, it's not weird and no you're not too heavy."

Amanda: she smiled a bit, "That's good to know."

Gabiral: he kissed her softly.

Amanda: she kissed him back.

Gabiral: He continued to kiss her.

Amanda: "I did really miss you Gabe. You've been gone a long time and the last time we seen each other we didn't part on a good note." she whispered after the kiss.

Gabiral: "I really did miss you too, Amanda. I know we didn't and that was my fault. I'll find a way to make it up. I promise." He whispered back.

Amanda: "Gabe I'm not mad at you for it. But...make it up how?"

Gabiral: "Anyway you want me to make it up."

Amanda: "I don't think you need to make anything up, personally."

Gabiral: "I feel like I do."

Amanda: "Then what do you feel you need to do to make it up?"

Gabiral: He smiled slightly. "I should take you shopping and buy you anything that you want."

Amanda: "That would help replace my clothes, but I would feel bad about using your money."

Gabiral: He shrugged. "It isn't really my money. It's money that I got from my parents when I went to college. I didn't use it all."

Amanda: she laughed a bit, "Oh, thanks. That makes it so much better." she said a bit sarcastically and shoved his shoulder playfully.

Gabiral: He laughed softly, falling back when she shoved his shoulders.

Amanda: she got up and laid on top of him, resting her chin on her folded hands as she looked at him.

Gabiral: He smiled and kissed her forehead and held her.

Amanda: she rested on his chest and enjoyed listening to his soft breaths as he breathed in and out.

Gabiral: He laid there, just enjoying being with her and having her in his arms again.

Amanda: "I like your heartbeat."

Gabiral: "Really?"

Amanda: she looked up at him and smiled slightly, "Yes. It sounds different than a Snyde's heartbeat."

Gabiral: "That's because I'm just about fully human. In the next hour I will be fully human." He smiled slightly back at her.

Amanda: "Does mine sound different than yours, since I'm human?" she sat up.

Gabiral: "Probably a slight difference since I'm still changing." He sat up too.

Amanda: "Can you hear it?" she asked.

Gabiral: "Barely, my senses aren't as good anymore." He admitted softly.

Amanda: "That's true. I do miss the amplified senses of the species. But don't humans have other things to be proud about?"

Gabiral: "I think so."

Amanda: "Do you know of any?"

Gabiral: "Not off the top of my head."

Amanda: she frowned a bit.

Gabiral: "Maybe one is they don't have to worry about the thirst getting to them and they can do more or less what they want."

Amanda: she nodded slowly, "Where as Snydes can be forced into doing things by both their thirst, and by purebloods." she smiled a bit, "I gave up such a privilege, since I was one."

Gabiral: He smiled a little. She was right but since she was one? "May I ask why since 1?"

Amanda: "I couldn't take it. I didn't like it. I thought humans had it better."

Gabiral: "Oh. I understand."

Amanda: "But aren't you a pureblood too?"

Gabiral: "Yes, I am."

Amanda: "Then why are you changing?"

Gabiral: "I didn't want to deal with The Great Ones anymore."

Amanda: "Yes. They are a pain the butt, aren't they?" she giggled a bit.

Gabiral: He laughed softly. "Yes, they are."

Amanda: she sat there now, just watching him, not sure what to say.

Gabiral: "So, ready to go shopping?" He got up.

Amanda: she nodded and got up too, "Yes."

Gabiral: He smiled and held out his hand.

Amanda: she smiled down at their hands and stood close to him. She walked with him.

Gabiral: He kissed her forehead. "I'll let you get ready. I'm going to go get everything else ready. Okay?"

Amanda: "Get ready? I am wearing what you gave me. I don't have anything to change in to. Or is my hair a mess?"

Gabiral: "No, it's cute." He smiled slightly.

Amanda: she sighed with a small smile on her face and rolled her eyes, "I bet it's messed up after our make out session. But if you say so. You're the one who has to be seen with me. A girl in boys clothes and messed up hair."

Gabiral: "I don't mind.' He smiled and kissed her forehead.

Amanda: she hugged him for a moment before stepping back, "So, lead me to your car."

Gabiral: He did just that but he held the door open for her and opened the car door for her as well.

Amanda: "Thank you." she said as she got in his car and buckled her seat belt. She turned on the radio.

Gabiral: He got in on the driver's side and put the car in reverse and started to drive to the store.

Amanda: she smiled a bit, "You drive slower than the first time you drove me in your car." she said, remembering their first- and really only, date.

Gabiral: "That's because of the change. It takes awhile for me to adjust to things like this. Driving slow, eating human food, and other things that humans do." He glanced at her then back at the road.

Amanda: "If you don't like it so much, why didn't you just change species that were like the Snyde only not under Great Ones rule so you'd be free, yet still have your powers?"

Gabiral: "I never said I didn't like it, I said I had to get use to it.'

Amanda: she nodded, "Oh. Sorry. My mistake."

Gabiral: "It's not a problem." He smiled slightly.

Amanda: she looked out the window.

Gabiral: He parked in a parking spot about 20 minutes later. He looked at Amanda and smiled. "We're here."

Amanda: she looked over at him and smiled back and shut off the radio, "Cool. Are you coming with me?"

Gabiral: "Of course. Where else would I go?" He shut his car off and got out. He then opened her door for her.

Amanda: she got out of the car, "You don't have to hold the door for me."

Gabiral: "I know, I want to."

Amanda: "How old are you?"

Gabiral: "In human years or Snyde years?"

Amanda: "Both."

Gabiral: "Well, in Snyde years I'm 789 years old and in human years I'm about 25 years old." He held the door open for her.

Amanda: she walked inside, "Wow. I dare say that's older than me. In both years."

Gabiral: He followed afterwards. "How so?"

Amanda: "I was only 327 when I decided to stop being a Snyde. I am only 23 in human years."

Gabiral: "Ah, I see. Well, Snyde years don't matter to me anymore so I'm only two years older than you."

Amanda: she nodded, "And seems we will be getting older yet."

Gabiral: He nodded "Yes we will."

Amanda: she looked around at the different stores at the mall.

Gabiral: He walked around with her.

Amanda: she walked into Forever 21 and looked at the clothes in there.

Gabiral: He walked with her.

Amanda: she stopped when she got to the intimates section of the store. She turned and faced Gabiral and blushed a bit, "Ummm..." she was quite aware he'd be watching her as she shopped. She'd never shopped with a boy for clothes like this before. She was sort of embarrassed. But she needed them. She couldn't wear his clothes all the time...

Gabiral: "Would you like me to wait somewhere else and give you the money to buy what you need in this area?" He was already pulling out his wallet.

Amanda: "Perhaps a little." she blushed and took the money when he offered it to her. "Thanks." she paused a moment, "Hey Gabe, what's your favorite color?"

Gabiral: "You haven't notice with my car and most of my clothing?" He smiled a little. "Black." He then walked out of the store and sat on one of the benches.

Amanda: Black, black. She'd have to remember that. She went through the store and picked out some clothes and things. A lot of the clothing she picked out was black. She came out of the store with a few bags, "I have some clothes. I think it's good now."

Gabiral: "Was there anything else that you wanted...or needed?"

Amanda: "I really would like my purse. But it's at my house."

Gabiral: "I can get that for you."

Amanda: she shook her head, "I don't want you to get bit by a spider."

Gabiral: "I won't. I promise."

Amanda: "Well...if you are careful, then." she said slowly. "Really you don't have to."

Gabiral: He nodded. "I will be careful. It's not a problem."

Amanda: "I'll go with you."

Gabiral: He shook his head. "You can come to the house with me but you're not going inside."

Amanda: "Why not?" she pouted. "I could protect you because if there were spiders they'd all come after me."

Gabiral: "Because I don't want to lose you again." He said softly.

Amanda: she stepped forward and straddled his lap as he sat on the bench in the mall. She kissed him gently, "You won't. I promise."

Gabiral: He kissed her back, holding her. "I still don't want to risk it." He admitted softly.

Amanda: "Alright. I'll wait in the car then, if you want me to, that much."

Gabiral: "Thank you."

Amanda: "Really, Gabe, anything for you." she saw the other people in the mall watching and she got off of his lap and just sat beside him on the bench. He probably wasn't into PDA so she didn't want to make him uncomfortable.

Gabiral: He smiled slightly then it faded when she got off him. He was thinking the same thing about her.

Amanda: "Is there a dollar store around here so I can get some razors and things?" she asked softly.

Gabiral: He nodded.

Amanda: she stood and looked at him, "Want to go or want me to just meet you back here?"

Gabiral: He stood as well. "I'll come."

Amanda: she walked with him to the store and got the rest of the things she needed. As they walked through the mall she smiled a bit, "Things here smell really good."

Gabiral: He nodded and smiled. "I know."

Amanda: "Should we try some human food? You are all human now I think."

Gabiral: He nodded. "What would you like?"

Amanda: "I think we should try a warm pretzel and an Orange Julius drink. We can split, if you want."

Gabiral: "Sounds good." He got in line at one of the pretzel places and ordered what she wanted.

Amanda: she stood in line with him. When they got the food, she split it in half and after they got their drink she set her things down at a table and sat with him.

Gabiral: He took the half of the pretzel and sat across from her.

Amanda: "Ever had one of these, yet?"

Gabiral: "No not yet."

Amanda: "They are good." she started to eat hers, taking a small bite as she watched him.

Gabiral: He did the same.

Amanda: she waited for his reaction.

Gabiral: He smiled. "You were right. They are good."

Amanda: she took a sip of her drink.

Gabiral: He ate more of his pretzel.

Amanda: soon she was done with hers. She threw away the trash.

Gabiral: He threw away his trash as well. "Anything else you want or would like?" He smiled.

Amanda: she shook her head no, "We can do whatever you would like to do now, if you want."

Gabiral: "Well, that still comes down to what you would like to do."

Amanda: she smiled a bit, "May I hold your hand?"

Gabiral: "Of course." He held out his hand.

Amanda: she smiled and took his hand, "I guess get my purse."

Gabiral: He walked out to the car with her, holding both the door and car door for her.

Amanda: "Thank you gentleman sir." she giggled and kissed his hand before letting go of it, sliding into the car and setting her bags at her feet. She buckled up.

Gabiral: He smiled and shut her door then went to his side of the car and got in. He then started the car and started to drive to Amanda's house.

Amanda: when they got to her house, she looked out the car window at her house, "It's on the kitchen table. Where the box was that I opened. With all the spiders in it."

Gabiral: He nodded. "Okay. I'll be back before you know it." He opened and shut his door. He went inside and went into the kitchen. He made sure that there was no spider's in her purse before coming out of the house. That would be the only time he would go through a girls person. He didn't like to because it wasn't how he was taught.

Amanda: when he brought the purse out to her she smiled and thanked him, taking it from him. "You're very brave." she pulled out her sunglasses and put them on as she set the purse on her lap.

Gabiral: He smiled slightly. "Was there anything else that you needed out have there? Anything personal that you would like to keep?" He asked as he searched for matches.

Amanda: she quickly realized, "Oh! My laptop!" she thought. "Other than that it's just clothes which I can get again. You do realize if my house is gone I'll have to stay with you. Right?"

Gabiral: "Where's that at?" He found the matches. "Yes, I realize that. I can find you another house; if you don't want to stay with me or I can just clear out the spiders in your home here." He looked up at her.

Amanda: "Oh...I don't mind staying with you. I can pay rent." she said softly and pointed to the house, "It's in my room on the dresser."

Gabiral: "You don't have to pay rent." He nodded and went back into the house.

Amanda: she waited for him. As she did she pulled cash out of her purse and put it in his glove box to pay him back what she had spent at the store of his money.

Gabiral: He came out with the laptop.

Amanda: she took the laptop when he came in. "Thanks."

Gabiral: "No problem." He got in and started his car. Smoke could be seen coming from the windows and the door that he left opened. Flames could be seen, progressing inside the house.

Amanda: as they drove away she watched her house as it burned.

Gabiral: "I'm sorry Amanda." He said softly.

Amanda: she shrugged a bit, "Better safe than sorry." she said quietly.

Gabiral: He just nodded a little.

Amanda: she turned on the radio. She hated awkward silences.

Gabiral: He turned into his driveway a few moments later.

Amanda: she unbuckled her seat belt and opened the car door, holding her purse strap on her shoulder and carrying her laptop in her arms.

Gabiral: He opened and held the door for Amanda after unlocking it.

Amanda: "Thank you." she set the laptop on the coffee table inside and then took her things with her, putting the toiletries in the bathroom. Then she wrapped the clothes in her bag and just kept them in the bag, not sure where else to put them.

Gabiral: He nodded then followed her inside, shutting the door behind him. He went to the room that Amanda slept in before. He started to clean and take everything out of it and taking it to a different room.

Amanda: she came in to the room he was cleaning. She looked around at everything, "You must have taken a long time to study this stuff." she said softly. "Want me to help clean it up?"

Gabiral: "No, but thank you." He kissed her cheek on his way out, arm full of books and papers.

Amanda: she nodded and walked into the room and started to look at the things he had out. A thought she had made her frown. With this room cleaned out she wouldn't get to sleep in the same room as Gabiral. She had half a mind to mess it up again...

Gabiral: He came back in and took the rest of the things out of the room. When he came back he saw the frown on her face. "What's wrong?"

Amanda: "Nothing..." she said, standing near the desk in the room. She sat down on the bench and just watched him.

Gabiral: "You sure?" He leaned against the doorframe.

Amanda: she nodded slowly. "It's fine. Don't worry about it."

Gabiral: He shook his head. "Something has to be wrong. Please tell me. Maybe I can help."

Amanda: "I just don't know if I want to be alone." she said softly.

Gabiral: "I'll be right across the hall if you need me or if you want to, you can just walk in and join me in my bed. I won't mind."

Amanda: she bit her lower lip and nodded a bit. She felt herself blush. "Okay." she agreed.

Gabiral: He hid a smile and nodded. "Okay."

Amanda: "Is the house spider proof?"

Gabiral: He nodded. "Yes."

Amanda: she nodded hesitantly, not sure of herself. "Then I should be fine in here. Alone."

Gabiral: He nodded slightly. "Alright."

Amanda: she stood, "I might get dinner..."

Gabiral: He stood straight. "What would you like?"

Amanda: "Ramen noodles?"

Gabiral: He nodded and went to the kitchen.

Amanda: she stayed back and messed up the room again. Then she followed him to the kitchen.

Gabiral: He was fixing her some Ramen Noodles.

Amanda: she sat at the table.

Gabiral: A few minutes later, he set the Ramen noodles in front of her and smiled.

Amanda: "Are you going to have one too?"

Gabiral: He nodded. "I just want to make sure you have what you want from what I fixed."

Amanda: "I do." she assured him.

Gabiral: He nodded then got himself some Ramen noodles and sat in front of her.

Amanda: she blushed, thinking about what she did upstairs.

Gabiral: he smiled a little. "What's with the blushing?"

Amanda: "Nothing..." she said slowly and then quickly took a bite of Ramen noodles.

Gabiral: He looked at her suspicious a little but then started eating his Ramen noodles

Amanda: she found herself giggling and set her fork down as she covered her mouth and swallowed the noodles she had in her mouth. She put her hands over her eyes and just continued to giggle. Oh, it was so funny. She was acting like a little kid.

Gabiral: "What's so funny? Do I get to hear the joke now?" He smiled and watched her.

Amanda: she shook her head and composed herself a bit. "No. It's ridiculous." she got up. "I'll be right back."

Gabiral: He got up as she did; it was an old habit of his. "Alright. I'll be here, if you need me." He smiled slightly.

Amanda: she leaned over and kissed him, "You want to see the joke?"

Gabiral: He kissed her back then nodded a little. "Sure."

Amanda: she sighed and took his hand and took him back up to 'her' room and showed him the mess she made. She covered her face again. Now it wasn't so funny. Now it was a bit embarrassing. "Sorry." she mumbled. "I'll clean it up I promise Gabiral."

Gabiral: He pulled her face up to his and kissed her lightly. "Don't worry about it. I get the hint. You don't want to be alone. Do you?" He whispered after breaking the kiss, looking into her eyes.

Amanda: she blushed and looked down. "Sure." she whispered back, though that was only part of the reason.

Gabiral: "Is there more than just that?" He watched her.

Amanda: "I just...yes...there is..."

Gabiral: "May I know what it is?"

Amanda: "It'"

Gabiral: "Me?" He asked a little confused.

Amanda: "I don't want to be alone because I like sleeping with you." she clarified, her voice a whisper.

Gabiral: He hid a smile. "I see. You could have just told me that. I wouldn't have even cleaned out the room if I knew. Oh well." He shrugged then smiled.

Amanda: she peeked between her fingers; "Really?" she bit her lower lip seeing his smile. It was sexy.

Gabiral: "Yes, really." He smiled again then moved her fingers from her face. "Why are you hiding those beautiful eyes from me?" He said in a soft, gentle whisper.

Amanda: "Because...because...I don't know." she swallowed, sort of speechless.

Gabiral: He laughed softly and smiled. "It's okay. I didn't need an explanation."

Amanda: "You better get your noodles or they'll be soggy." she hated her mind at the moment. She was running through too many scenarios right now. None of which would happen, but she couldn't help dreaming.

Gabiral: "That's okay. I don't mind." He said softly and smiled slightly.

Amanda: she bit her lip again, watching him.

Gabiral: He seen her bit her lip again. "Was there something that you wanted, my dear?" He spoke just as soft as before.

Amanda: "It's not...appropriate..." she knew how he felt about such things. But he was just so sexy. You...her mind kept repeating. But she wouldn't say it.

Gabiral: "Please? Tell me?" He kissed softly down her neck.

Amanda: she felt a shiver run through her. She closed her eyes gently as she felt her blood pulsing faster when he kissed her. "...You..." she finally whispered. She swallowed.

Gabiral: He picked her up and kissed her deeply and passionately. He didn't hold back at this point. He just hoped that this was what she wanted. He took her into his bedroom, but now it shall be their bedroom, if that is what she wanted. He wanted to make her happy.

Amanda: she gasped a bit when he picked her up. She could feel her body wanting him, reacting to his kisses. She'd never felt human emotions like this before. She put her hands on his cheeks and kissed him just as deep and passionately as he kissed her.

Gabiral: He gently placed her on the bed, kissing her still. He let one of his hands slide down the side of her body, slowly and gently.

Amanda: she sighed gently as she slid her hands over his shirt and under, feeling his tight muscles of his chest.

Gabiral: He took her shirt off her and softly kisses down her neck and down her chest.

Amanda: she bit her lower lip and moaned softly. She lay back on the bed.

Gabiral: He softly kissed lower, across her stomach then kissed back up till he got to her lips again. He kissed her passionately after taking his shirt off himself.

Amanda: " want this too?" she breathed.

Gabiral: "Yes, I do. But if you wish for me to stop at any moment, please tell me. I don't want to do anything that you do not wish for me to do."

Amanda: she opened her eyes to look at him, so he knew for sure. "I want this."

Gabiral: He leaned down and kissed her again. As he did this he started to take off her pants.

Amanda: she kissed him back, unbuttoning his jeans at the same time after her hands found his waist band.

Gabiral: He took her pants off her the rest of the way and slid his hands slowly and softly up her legs.

Amanda: she let Gabiral's pants drop to the ground. Then she slid her hands back up his chest. She found his lips with hers again, and then kissed down his neck.

Gabiral: He smiled slightly and let her for a bit then laid her back onto the bed, leaning over her.

Amanda: she watched him and asked softly, "You won't be ashamed?" she remembered the last time they almost did this. Though, they never got this close. But Gabiral had apologized. How he grew up...maybe he didn't think this was right. She didn't want to become the object of his despise.

Gabiral: He stopped and looked at her. "Ashamed of what? Doing what the love of my life wants? No. But if you are saying that you're not ready to go any farther, we can stop right now. It's up to you." He whispered gently.

Amanda: she blushed when he said the love of his life. "No. I don't want to stop." she whispered back, watching him softly, her eyes full of love. "I love you."

Gabiral: He stroked her cheek softly and kissed her. "I love you too." He whispered after the kiss.


Gabiral: He held her close to him and closed his eyes. He was smiling slightly still.

Amanda: "Falling asleep?" she whispered against his chest.

Gabiral: "No." He kissed the top of her head softly.

Amanda: she smiled a bit again. "Do you know what time it is?" she asked softly. She leaned her head back, looking up at him.

Gabiral: "Not really." He looked at the alarm clock that was over on his dresser. "It's about 5:30."

Amanda: "We never did get to eat..." she laughed a bit, and then sighed. "I can't believe we did this." she said softly. She leaned up and kissed him. "You really do love me."

Gabiral: He kissed her back. "Yes, I really do love you."

Amanda: "And I really do love you." she rested her elbow on the pillow and propped her head up on her hand as she watched him. "I guess this solves the sleeping arrangements problem." she paused, "Unless of course you would still prefer me to be in another bed." her voice soft.

Gabiral: He laughed softly. "Do you think I'd let you out of my sight? I only cleared that room for if YOU didn't want to sleep in here with me."

Amanda: she smiled a bit, "I don't want to be out of your sight either." she paused, "You were my first. As a human." and she hoped he'd be her last. The only one. But that was if he wanted her too.

Gabiral: He smiled back a bit. "As were you, first as human and first in my life and you shall be the only one that I'll do that with. If you'll allow and want me to, that is."

Amanda: "I do. It's like you can read my own thoughts." she laid her head on his arm, looking up at him with eyes full of love and adoration.

Gabiral: He laughed softly and kissed her nose. "I use to be able to but not now." He smiled. "I don't miss it at all either." He whispered.

Amanda: she closed her eyes for a second when he kissed her nose and then opened them again. "The next time we do this, I promise it will be better for you. I wasn't at all prepared for this now. It sort of...was an unexpected surprise."

Gabiral: "It's okay. I was good for me. I enjoyed it and I hope you did too."

Amanda: "I did. Very much. Something..." something she wouldn't mind for the rest of her life.

Gabiral: "Something?"

Amanda: "It's nothing." she said softly. She sort of blushed with embarrassment as she looked down at his chest and where her fingers rested on his chest.

Gabiral: "You sure?" He brushed her cheek softly.

Amanda: "Do you think you'll love me when I'm old and gray and humans get?" she asked softly.

Gabiral: "Of course. Would you love me when I get that way?"

Amanda: "I think I would." she said softly. "I think it'll be something I'm not used to though...seeing myself get uglier."

Gabiral: "You'll always be beautiful to me." He told her.

Amanda: she smiled and leaned up and kissed him, "Thank you."

Gabiral: he kissed her back. "You're welcome."

Amanda: "I was just thinking that I don't mind this, between us. For the rest of my life. That's all. But I didn't want to say it in case you thought it was too much in such a short period of time."

Gabiral: "I see and I didn't think it was too much in such a short period of time." He admitted.

Amanda: "Neither do I."

Gabiral: He smiled.

Amanda: she moved so they were apart now. She just lay by him.

Gabiral: He smiled at her then kissed her forehead softly.

Amanda: "Do you feel like going and eating now?"

Gabiral: "We can if you're hungry." He looked down at her.

Amanda: "I am..." she admitted reluctantly.

Gabiral: He smiled and kissed her forehead softly again. "What would you like, love?" He whispered against her skin.

Amanda: she closed her eyes and her lips curled into a small smile, "Anything you wish to give me."

Gabiral: He softly kissed her cheek then her lips. "Anything is a big range, love." He whispered against her lips.

Amanda: she felt tingles in her lips as if he were tickling her. Her heart beat faster again, "I know..." she whispered.

Gabiral: He smiled then kissed her again.

Amanda: she kissed him back gently.

Gabiral: He smiled again then got up, only putting his robe on.

Amanda: she sat up on the bed holding the sheets to her, "Gabiral?"

Gabiral: He turned to her. "Yes?"

Amanda: she looked at him and then looked down at the bed a bit afraid to mention what she wanted to say, "Never mind." she said softly. She climbed off of the bed and kept the sheet around her body.

Gabiral: "What is it?" He asked her. He wanted to know what was on her mind.

Amanda: she bit her lower lip for a moment and then looked at him, "What if I got pregnant?"

Gabiral: He seemed a little troubled by what she said. "I...I don't know..." He said after a few minutes.

Amanda: she looked away from him; "I'm sorry I shouldn't have said anything." she went to the mirror and fixed her hair. Next time she was afraid to say something she would know to keep her mouth shut no matter how much he wanted to know what she was thinking.

Gabiral: He came beside her and softly kissed the back of her neck. "There is no need to apologize, love. I wanted to know what you were thinking and it caught me off guard a little, that's all." He hugged her from behind.

Amanda: shivers ran from where he kissed the back of her neck down her spine. She smiled a bit and looked at him through the reflection in the mirror, "Alright. I won't bring it up anymore." she said softly.

Gabiral: "I don't mind it now." He looked up at her in the mirror.

Amanda: "But I realize it's not something a girl should bring up the first night they are with a man."

Gabiral: He shrugged. "It doesn't bother me. If you do get pregnant then, you don't have to have the child if you don't want to. It goes for the other way as well. Either way, I'll support you." He kissed her softly on the neck again before leaving the room to go fix her something to eat.

Amanda: she smiled a bit and came down a few minutes later just in the sheet. If she was pregnant, what would she choose to do with the baby?

Gabiral: He smiled at her after putting something in the oven.

Amanda: "What are you making? If you don't mind me asking."

Gabiral: "Just dinner. I hope you like meat loaf and mac and cheese. The mac and cheese is homemade, well so is the meat loaf."

Amanda: "Mmm." she smiled a bit, "That sounds wonderful. And because you made it I bet it will taste ten times better." she stood on the balls of her feet and gave his cheek a little peck.

Gabiral: He smiled and hugged her.

Amanda: "You know..." she said softly as he hugged her, "I think we should get a dog. You and I together...if you want."

Gabiral: He smiled. "A dog sounds nice." He kissed her cheek then checked on the food.

Amanda: she smiled, "I still don't have any clothes here do I?"

Gabiral: "I thought that's why we went to the mall. To get you clothes." He looked up at her after he shut the oven door.

Amanda: she scratched her head, fluffing her hair and blushed almost beat red. "Yeah..." she kept her eyes downcast.

Gabiral: He laughed softly. "You didn't buy actual clothes that you could wear around the house or out." He smiled slightly. "I wonder, what did you buy?"

Amanda: "I guess you'll see...later. In the meantime I'm going to go take a shower to shave." she backed towards the kitchen door.

Gabiral: "Alright. The food should be ready when you're done."

Amanda: she smiled, "Okay." she left.

Gabiral: When she left he went into his room and got a few present out that he had hidden. He placed the first one at the door of the bathroom. He then placed the second one on the table; it was smaller than the first. The last one he put in his pocket of his robe.

Amanda: when he was done with her shower she came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She stopped and looked down at the gift confused for a second. Then she smiled and bent down and opened it.

Gabiral: He was in the kitchen still.

Inside the gift were a few shirts and some pants. Things that Gabiral thought that she'd like.

Amanda: she smiled and put them on when she dressed. She came down to the kitchen.

Gabiral: He smiled when he saw her. "It seems I got the right size and everything."

Amanda: "You did." she looked down at herself then when she looked up she saw the present on the table. She looked at him. "Another gift? What's the occasion?"

Gabiral: He nodded. "No occasion. It's gifts I would given you before hand on our second and third date, if there was going to be one. I hoped that there was. The first gift you opened I got the most recent. I figured you'd need something here if you wanted to stay the night or so."

Amanda: she walked over to the gift, "We can still go on dates...if you want." she started to open it.

Gabiral: "I know. There would be more presents then." He explained as he took the food out of the oven.

Amanda: "Oh? You reward me with gifts if I go on dates with you?" she opened the gift and looked inside.

Gabiral: "No. I'm not allowed to give you presents for no reason?" He looked at her.

This gift had a medium sized pure white teddy bear inside it. The teddy bear was holding a rose. The rose was real thought.

Amanda: "Awww it's so adorable." she picked up the bear and smelled the rose. She then looked at Gabiral as she snuggled the bear, "You are. I was just kidding silly. And thank you very much for the gifts." she kissed his cheek.

Gabiral: He smiled. "You are very welcome." He said as he fixed him and Amanda's plate. He then set them on the table. He kissed her cheek then went and got actual clothes on. He came back and pulled out a chair and smiled again.

Amanda: she was already starting to eat. "This is really good." she complimented him. "Oh." she bent down and rolled up her pant leg to expose her skin. She looked up at him and smiled, "Feel my leg."

Gabiral: He smiled. "Thank you." He bent down and slowly ran his hand up her exposed skin. He smiled more. "They feel like silk." He told her.

Amanda: she smiled, "Thanks." she rolled her pants back down once he was done feeling her leg.

Gabiral: "Here, love." he pulled the small box out of his pocket and gave it to her. It was like a jewelry box.

Amanda: "Another gift?" she looked up at him. "You just gave me clothes and a teddy bear."

Gabiral: "I know, love. But I can give you more." he smiled.

Amanda: she pulled the box closer to her and slowly lifted the lid. She was thinking of what it was but it couldn't be because it was too soon. Or was it? She was curious as she opened it, her head running with ideas again. She gasped when she saw the necklace inside, and slowly lifted it out of the box just staring at it. She forgot what she was going to say.

Gabiral: He smiled at her reaction. He came over and helped her put it on.

The diamond pendent lay at the base of her neck.

Amanda: "Gabe...why did you give me this? I don't think I can accept this it's too expensive." she looked down at the pendant as it rested on her neck.

Gabiral: "Because I wanted to. I want to spoil you Amanda. Please let me do so." He said softly. "You can accept it."

Amanda: "I will have to get you something in return for your kindness though. First you give me a home. No...first you rescue me. Then let me live here. You take me shopping and now you give me these gifts? You don't have to buy my affections Gabiral I swear to you I'll give them freely."

Gabiral: "You don't have to give anything in return. I don't ask you to."

Amanda: she turned around to face him and grabbed his shirt and pulled him down to her and kissed him deeply. "I don't have to but I want to."

Gabiral: He kissed her back. "Alright."

Amanda: "Oh. I did get a gift for you." she remember and smirked.

Gabiral: "Oh really?" He smiled a little then kissed her cheek.

Amanda: she nodded, "Mhm. It's what I bought instead when I should have gotten clothes. I will have to show you tonight." she took the dishes and washed them for Gabe.

Gabiral: "I'll be waiting until then." He smiled and put the dishes away that he already cleaned.

Amanda: after all the dishes were washed she leaned against the counter and just waited for him, watching him.

Gabiral: He finished drying and putting the dishes away. He then smiled and wrapped his arms around Amanda's waist. He pulled her closer to him.

Amanda: she was taken by surprise. She looked up at him, and because he was taller than her when she looked up at him her eyes looked bigger, more innocent. It was the type of look a girl has that makes a man feel the need to protect and love them. She didn't say anything.

Gabiral: He pulled her closer. He wasn't going to let anything harm her. He leaned down and kissed her softly.

Amanda: she kissed him back lightly. Gabiral was her first serious boyfriend. She never remembered having a boyfriend this long, or sharing a house with one. It was sort of exciting. But she was afraid she was letting her guard down too much. But with Gabe, it was easy to let down her guard.

Gabiral: "I love you, Amanda." He whispered in her ear.

Amanda: "I love you too, Gabe." she said softly, closing her eyes and just feeling his breath on her cheek.

Gabiral: He smiled and softly kissed her cheek then softly kissed her again.

Amanda: she kissed him back, harder than the other time she kissed him.

Gabiral: He kissed her back with the same intensity.

Amanda: for some reason she thought they weren't going to leave the house today...she hoped not.

Gabiral: He pulled away slightly. "I should go check to see what's playing at the movies if we're going to go tonight." He whispered.

Amanda: "That's up to you..." she whispered back.

Gabiral: "Do you still want to go see a movie?"

Amanda: "Do you?" she opened her eyes to look at him again.

Gabiral: "If we continue as we are, then no but if you don't wish to go anymore, we can find something else to do."

Amanda: "I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the movie anyways..." she admitted softly.

Gabiral: "And why is that?" He asked softly, looking into her eyes.

Amanda: "Because I would be sitting next to you and..." she paused and bit her lower lip for a second, "...just like now I can't concentrate on talking..."

Gabiral: He smiled a little and backed away. "Do I distract you?"

Amanda: "Yes you do." she admitted truthfully.

Gabiral: He hid a smile. "Oh really?" He came close to her, where there was no space between them. He kissed her cheek and softly kissed her neck.

Amanda: she tilted her head to the side, closing her eyes. She was breathing softly, "Really..."

Gabiral: He kissed up her neck and softly kissed her.

Amanda: she kissed him back and put her arms around his neck, holding herself closer.

Gabiral: He picked her up and set her on the counter. He kissed her still.

Amanda: she continued to kiss him, her kisses growing more passionate. At this rate he wasn't going to have to wait until tonight to see what she bought.

Gabiral: He pulled back a little to look at her, breathing a little deep. "Do you think we should slow down a bit or you don't care?" He asked her softly.

Amanda: she opened her eyes and smiled a bit, "Slowing down a bit?" she breathed, "Honey, we've already went all the way there is no slowing down anymore."

Gabiral: He smiled and kissed her. He picked her up and started to carry her to the living room.

Amanda: she continued to kiss his lips as he carried her. Her kissed trailed down and away from his lips and over his jaw to his throat and down his neck as he walked into the living room.

Gabiral: He carefully set her on the couch as he started to remove her shirt.

Amanda: she leaned back to let him take her shirt off. She was wearing a new bra; it was black lace and a push up from Victoria's Secret. It hugged her perfectly.

Gabiral: He smiled as he seen what she was wearing. He looked up at her and kissed her deeply and passionately.

Amanda: she kissed him back, returning each of his kisses. Her breathing rate increased and her heart sped faster.

Gabiral: He took off her pants, slowly as he kissed her.

Amanda: she took off his shirt as he worked on her pants, "Why did we get dressed?" she asked softly as she broke the kiss and kissed down his chest.

Gabiral: "I don't know." He said between soft groans.

Amanda: she stopped when her lips felt the top of his jeans. She leaned back and unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them. She pulled them down.

Gabiral: He watched her before he could get her pants unbuttoned and unzipped. He took them off of her.

Amanda: she was wearing the matching black lace panties to her bra.

Gabiral: He smiled a little more.

Amanda: she glanced down at him and then back up at him. She smiled a bit, "So you like what I picked out?"

Gabiral: "Very much." He said softly.

Amanda: she leaned up and kissed him hungrily, taking his mouth with hers. She was glad he liked what he saw. It made her excited, a lot.

Gabiral: He kissed her back the same way, his hands running down her body. He then undid her bra and slid it off of her.


Amanda: she was lying at the back of the couch, snuggled on top of Gabiral, tracing his chest muscles with her finger. She had a small smile on her face as she looked up at him, "That was better than a movie."

Gabiral: He was smiling and holding Amanda; he looked down at her and smiled more. "Yes it was."

Amanda: "Do you have any wine?"

Gabiral: "Yeah, I think so."

Amanda: "We should have some. To celebrate perhaps. Us."

Gabiral: He nodded. "I'll go see if I can find some and get us some." He kissed the top of her head then got up and went into the kitchen.

Amanda: she sat up when he got up. She kept a blanket around her for warmth, finding that humans get cold a lot easier than Snydes do. She wondered if Gabiral's place had a fireplace.

Gabiral: He came back in with two glasses and a bottle of wine. "Here we are."

Amanda: she smiled and took one of the glasses. "Do you have a fireplace in your house anywhere?"

Gabiral: He nodded. "Yeah, it's never been used though."

Amanda: "You don't...oh. Well, yea. Being a Snyde I guess you wouldn't want that." she smiled more and held her glass out when he poured the wine.

Gabiral: He smiled and poured them both a glass then went over and started the fireplace.

Amanda: "Did you ever find yourself missing not being able to be around fire, while you saw humans could? You know, back when you were a Snyde?" she asked him as she watched him.

Gabiral: "No not really. I never thought about it." He lit the fire and smiled a bit. He did flinch a little out of habit, though.

Amanda: "Are you alright?" she asked, seeing him flinch. She stood, "Did a spark come out and hit you?"

Gabiral: "Yeah, I'm fine." he smiled at her. 'I'm just not use to starting fires and feeling the heat come from them." He stood and walked back over to her.

Amanda: "Do you like feeling the heat though?" she slowly sat back down.

Gabiral: He sat beside her. "Yes."

Amanda: "I bet there is a whole bunch of places and things we haven't been able to do because of what we were before."

Gabiral: He nodded.

Amanda: "We should go on a road trip together!" she said somewhat excited.

Gabiral: He laughed softly. "That sounds like a good idea." he smiled.

Amanda: "So when do you wish to leave?"

Gabiral: "Anytime you'd like, my love."

Amanda: "But where would we go?" she wondered, taking a sip of her wine.

Gabiral: "How about...France? Or Italy?"

Amanda: "Italy is where The Great Ones are, Gabe."

Gabiral: "So? They can't hurt me now. They have no control over me."

Amanda: "They don't like humans. They could feed off of us." she said softly. "They may not control us, but they can kill us still."

Gabiral: He nodded. "Good point. So...France? Or did you have somewhere else in mind?"

Amanda: "France sounds nice." she smiled a bit, "Or we could go on a cruise to Alaska."

Gabiral: "Is that what you want to do?"

Amanda: "Cruises are fun..."

Gabiral: "Then we shall go on a cruise." He smiled.

Amanda: she smiled, "Are you sure though? Are you used to being around crowds of people?"

Gabiral: "Yeah, I'm sure. If I'm not then I'll get use to it."

Amanda: she smiled a bit, "Alright. If you think you can handle it." she got comfortable on the couch again. She looked out the window.

Gabiral: He smiled a bit and sat on the back of the couch, watching her.

Amanda: "Just wait until you hear my idea."

Gabiral: "What's your idea, love?" He smiled a bit.

Amanda: she rolled up one of her pant legs and showed him the candy necklace she had over her thigh as a garter.

Gabiral: He smiled and walked around to the front of the couch. "I love your idea."

Amanda: she smiled; "Yea?" she rested her chin on her knee.

Gabiral: "Yes." He sat down and held her leg as he kissed up it to the candy necklace. When he got to the candy necklace he grabbed it with his teeth and slid it off of her leg slowly.

Amanda: she giggled. "Practice for..." she paused. She was going to say wedding, but who knew if Gabe wanted to get married? She thought quickly, "...something. I'm sure."

Gabiral: He smiled and looked at her. "Practice for a wedding, perhaps?" He had the candy necklace off. He then softly kissed up her leg again.

Amanda: she smiled a bit, "Yes. Hopefully." she whispered, watching him.

Gabiral: "Hopefully?" He whispered against her skin.

Amanda: "Depends if you still love me enough to want to marry me after we get to really know each other." she said softly. His whisper tickled her skin, making it goose bump.

Gabiral: He looked up at her. "IF I still love you?" He sighed a bit. "Love, I don't think I could ever stop loving you."

Amanda: she smiled a bit, "I hope that's the truth."

Gabiral: He leaned up and kissed her softly. "It is." He whispered between kisses.

Amanda: she wrapped her arms around his neck, "I believe you."

Gabiral: He smiled and hugged her close.

Amanda: she hugged him. She liked hugging him. It made her feel safe, even sometimes she still thought about the man who had kidnapped her. He was still out there alive.

Gabiral: He kissed her cheek. "You'll always be safe here." He told her. "I'll never let you go." He whispered afterwards.

Amanda: she giggled, "That will make eating and doing personal things a bit of a problem..."

Gabiral: He smiled and kissed her cheek."You know what I meant." He laughed softly.

Amanda: "I know." she smiled and moved to lay her head on his lap.

Gabiral: He stroked her hair a bit, smiling down at her.

Amanda: "So tell me about yourself Gabe." she said softly. "Please? I know we talked some on our first date. But I'm sure there's more to your life story."

Gabiral: "What exactly would you like to know?" He looked down at her.

Amanda: she was looking at the fire, "Ummm, I don't know." she said softly. "Tell me a story. Any story."

Gabiral: "Hmm...I don't know. Pick a year or a topic." He leaned down and kissed her cheek.

Amanda: "A year? How about when you were 19."

Gabiral: "When I was 19, huh?" He sat back and thought about that. It was a long time ago for him.

Amanda: "Who was your first girlfriend? First kiss? First serious relationship?" she asked softly, her hand on his knee as she lay on his lap looking out at the fire.

Gabiral: "You're my first girlfriend, first kiss, and first serious relationship." He admitted as he watched her.

Amanda: she pouted, "That doesn't make for very good conversation..."

Gabiral: "I'm sorry, babe." He kissed her forehead.

Amanda: she smiled a bit when he kissed her forehead, "That's alright. I forgive you." she teased. She turned over so that the back of her head was resting on his lap as she looked up at him, "Did any girls like you, though?"

Gabiral: "Yes. A lot of them did. They kept flirting with me and all but I didn't show any interest for I wasn't interested in any of them."

Amanda: "Oh? Why not? What makes me suddenly different from them?"

Gabiral: He shrugged a bit. "I just wasn't interested in them. They were all pretty, I do admit, but none of them struck my interest as much as you do. You're...unpredictable. I never know what you're going to do next and when I think I do, you always do the opposite. It intrigues me. I always have to be careful because of that. That's one of the reasons why I love you." He leaned down and kissed her softly.

Amanda: she smiled a bit after kissing him back softly. "Well...I'm honored." she was quiet for a moment as she watched him, "I heard something about how your parents wanted you and Arya to get together, since you both are purebloods."

Gabiral: He nodded a bit. "Yeah, that's right. I wasn't happy to hear that. I mean, I do love Arya but not in that way. I'll always love her just not like a wife or girlfriend. She's my sister and she'll always be my sister. That's not going to change." He explained.

Amanda: "That's good. Because she's taken, and since we are together now I don't want family reunions to be awkward between her and I more than they already are."

Gabiral: "Yes, I know she's taken and I'm happy she's happy with who she's with." He shrugged a bit. "I don't think they will be." He smiled a bit.

Amanda: "That's good." she smiled a bit back.

The doorbell rang.

Gabiral: He looked at the door. "I'll be right back, love." He kissed her forehead before getting up and walking to the door. He looked out of the eye hole to see who was outside.

Amanda: "Alright." she sat up.

There was nothing but an unmarked package on his doorstep, with a small note.

Gabiral: He opened the door and picked it up. He shut the door then went into the living room. He read the note while he set the package on the coffee table. He sat next to Amanda.

The note read;

I know you have her. And unless you give her back to me, this will happen.

Amanda: she stared at the box, "'s like...the spiders." she whispered. "The unmarked package."

Gabiral: He took the box and threw it in the fire place along with the note. "I won't let him take you again. If I have to, I'll change back into what I was. I'll do anything to protect you." He looked at Amanda, walked over to her and hugged her. "I won't let anything happen to you." He promised.

Amanda: she nodded, trying to calm down. She kept her eyes on the fireplace though. She screamed. When the box melted away, there was the mini-Amanda, stabbed all over with little knives, dead.

Gabiral: He moved her away from view of the fire place. He glared at the fire place. He knew what he had to do. He swallowed a bit. In order for him to protect her, he has to go back into what he was. Back into a Snyde.

Amanda: she buried her face in his shoulder, hugging him.

Gabiral: "Love, you're coming with me where ever I go. Alright? I'm not going to leave you alone. Ever." He whispered as he hugged her and held her close to him.

Amanda: she nodded, "Alright." she whispered.

Gabiral: "We need to leave for a bit. I need to do something."

Amanda: she looked up at him, "Do what?"

Gabiral: "Something that'll help me protect you."

Amanda: "And what's that?"

Gabiral: "The only that I can do to protect you."

Amanda: "Stop being sketchy darn it and tell me what you mean." she demanded.

Gabiral: He sighed and looked down. "I'm going to change back." He whispered.

Amanda: "No! You can't!" she exclaimed, "We are supposed to grow old together!"

Gabiral: "And we will. I promise." He brushed hair behind her ear and looked into her eyes. "After I kill this person that's trying to hurt you, I'll be back to human. I promise I will."

Amanda: her eyes were soft, unshed tears brimming, "I have to help you."

Gabiral: "I can do it, my love. You just need to be somewhere safe."

Amanda: "But I thought you wanted me with you all the time."

Gabiral: "I do but you need to be somewhere safe when I go to kill him."

Amanda: "Who will be there for you if anything goes wrong? I'll worry about you all the time you're gone."

Gabiral: "And I'll worry about you getting hurt by him when you're there. I can't have that."

Amanda: "But have someone go with you for backup. Please."

Gabiral: "But that means you'll have to change back too." He said softly.

Amanda: "Why?"

Gabiral: "Because I'm only changing back so I can kill him without worrying about dying while I'm trying to kill him."

Amanda: "So if I change back with you, you'll let me have your back?"

Gabiral: "Only if you can fight and not be afraid." He said softly while he looked down.

Amanda: "I..." she looked down too and her hand slid from Gabiral's chest. "I probably can't." she whispered.

Gabiral: "Then you will be somewhere safe when I try to kill him."

Amanda: "It's all your fault why I can't handle it. I used to be strong. You broke my wall."

Gabiral: "It is my fault." He agreed with her.

Amanda: she sighed and leaned her forehead against his shoulder. "Just take someone with you, please. If it's not me, then someone else."

Gabiral: He held her. "I will."

Amanda: "I'm sorry I'm so useless, and I'm sorry I brought this upon you." she whispered.

Gabiral: He made her look at him. "Don't be sorry. I'm supposed to protect you." He kissed her softly.

Amanda: she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back just as softly. "I love you, Gabe. I don't want anything bad to happen to you, especially on my account."

Gabiral: "I love you too, Amanda. Nothing bad is going to happen to me. It I have to, I'll get my sister to come with me. Alright? She used to be a Great Ones guard and army leader."

Amanda: "She doesn't care what happens to me, but she cares about protecting you. So...that would work, I think."

Gabiral: "Exactly. So if I'm protecting you and she's protecting me then technically she's protecting you."

Amanda: she smiled a bit, "That's sly, love." she kissed him. "I like it."

Gabiral: He smiled back. "I know, love." He kissed her back. "Good."

Amanda: she didn't leave. She continued to hug him.

Gabiral: He smiled a bit and picked her up, holding her in his arms.

Amanda: she laughed softly, "Showing off your muscles, love?"

Gabiral: "Maybe." He smiled more and took her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed.

Amanda: "Now you're showing off how comfortable your bed is?" she leaned up and kissed him gently.

Gabiral: He kissed her back, leaning over her.

Amanda: her heart skipped. She felt like he over powered her when he leaned over her, and she also felt protected. It was a feeling she loved.

Gabiral: He kissed her neck softly.

Amanda: she sighed softly, her eyes closed. She tilted her head to the side.

Gabiral: He smiled and kissed her lips softly.

Amanda: she kissed him softly in return.

Gabiral: "I love you so much, Amanda." He whispered, looking into her eyes.

Amanda: she smiled a bit and a blush crept up onto her cheeks, "I love you too, Gabe."

Gabiral: He smiled and brushed her cheek softly.

Amanda: she put her hand over his and stroked the back of his hand gently with her thumb.

Gabiral: He leaned down and kissed her, his hand still on her cheek.

Amanda: she kissed him back more as he kissed her, her eyes closed again.

Gabiral: He moved to where he was laying beside her but still leaning over her, kissing her.

Amanda: she was content kissing him. She didn't mind. His kisses were as sweet as honey.

Gabiral: He pulled her against his body, his hand moving to the back of her head.

Amanda: she sighed softly as she kissed him, her kisses growing harder and more passionate.

Gabiral: He pulled back a little and softly kissed her neck then just smiled. He whispered in her ear. "I love you Amanda."

Amanda: her lips pulled back into a soft smile as she opened her eyes and turned her head to look over at Gabiral. "I love you too, Gabe." she said softly.

Gabiral: He smiled and just held her to him.

Amanda: she pressed her face to his chest, snuggled to him.

Gabiral: He held her close, laying his cheek against the top of her head. He smiled.

Amanda: she closed her eyes and her breathing became soft and even.

Gabiral: He stayed awake for a bit, just listening to her breath, watching her sleep. Soon he fell asleep, still holding her in his arms.


Amanda: she woke up before Gabiral did, as she had fallen asleep before him. She thought she wouldn't have slept well because of what had happened...but with Gabe there with her...she did.

Gabiral: He kissed her cheek lightly when he woke. "Morning, babe." He whispered.

Amanda: she kissed him, "Good morning, Gabe." she watched him. She wondered when he was going to go do what he told her yesterday that he wanted to do, about the change.

Gabiral: He smiled and kissed back. "So, what do you wish to do today?"

Amanda: "Whatever you like. I just want to be careful."

Gabiral: He nodded. "Alright, how about we stay in bed and cuddle for a bit."

Amanda: she smiled and laid her head on his chest, "Sounds like a perfect plan."

Gabiral: He smiled and held her close. "I know." He kissed the top of her head.

Amanda: she laid there with him as long as he wanted.

They lay there like that for a few hours.

Amanda: soon her stomach started to growl to a point where she could no longer ignore it. She sat up reluctantly. "I'll go make us breakfast...or lunch." she smiled, "I'm not sure how long we've been laying here."

Gabiral: He smiled a bit. "I'll help you." He leaned up and kissed her softly.

Amanda: "You're going to have to. You're a better cook than me, remember?" she giggled and got out of bed and grabbed a robe, putting it on. Then she slipped on her slippers.

Gabiral: He did the same, smiling. "Yes, but soon you won't need me to help." He kissed her cheek then went out to the kitchen.

Amanda: "I may not need your help, but I will always want you around." she assured him and then followed him out. Then she pushed past him and giggled as she sat down on the banister and slid down to the first floor.

Gabiral: He laughed softly as he continued down the stairs. He got to the first floor and walked into the kitchen.

Amanda: she was already in there looking in the fridge.

Gabiral: "So what do you want to fix?"

Amanda: "Something edible." she looked past the fridge door at him with a smile and then went back to looking in the fridge, "What's your favorite food to have for...brunch?"

Gabiral: He laughed softly. "I'm not really sure." He admitted.

Amanda: "How about this?" she pulled out some eggs and peppers and sausage. Then she grabbed some milk and shut the fridge. "If you're going to change soon...might as well enjoy human food as much as you can now. Right?"

Gabiral: He nodded. "Yeah."

Amanda: her face lit up. "Then let's make an omelet, babe. Do you know how?"

Gabiral: "Of course, love." He kissed her cheek before getting some skillets out for the omelet.

Amanda: she couldn't help but smile when she was around him. She shut the door to the fridge and went to stand by Gabe. She never thought she could love anyone more than she loved him. And that, for her, was saying a lot.

Gabiral: He smiled at her then started to make the omelet, he more or less helped her make them. Showing her how to make them. When he stood behind her while they were at the stove, he had his arms around her and softly kissed her neck every now and then, telling her how good of a job she's doing as well.

Amanda: she had this constant blush on her face. A few times she made a mistake in the recipe for the omelet. She blamed Gabe. "Gabe you're distracting me!" she giggled.

Gabiral: "Do you want me to stop and go sit down at the table?" He whispered against her neck softly, smiling.

Amanda: "No it's okay. You're keeping me warm." she picked up an olive and held it to his lips.

Gabiral: He smiled and took the olive gently from her fingers. He kept his arms around her though.

Amanda: she smiled at him for a second longer before turning back to the omelet. "Okay, I want to try something." she grabbed the handle of the skillet.

Gabiral: "What's that, love?" He gently rested his chin on her shoulder, watching her.

Amanda: "You know how in movies and in famous restaurants, they flip the food in the skillet instead of being boring and turning it over with a spatula? Yea." she smiled as she watched the omelet. "I want to do that."

Gabiral: He smiled. "Then try it." He moved back so she'd have room to try it.

Amanda: "Okay. Ready?" she smiled and held the handle of the pan with both hands as she stepped back away from the stove with it. She then jerked the pan upwards so that the omelet went up into the air, starting to flip. She tried to catch it in the pan but only caught half of it; the other half fell onto the floor. Amanda looked down at it, "Oops..." she whispered.

Gabiral: He smiled and laughed softly. "It's alright."

Amanda: she set the skillet on the stove and leaned over the counter to grab a paper towel, "I'll get it." she tore some of the paper towels off and then stepped back from the stove and knelt down and started to clean up the mess. Then she stood and threw it in the trash. She came back to the sink and washed her hands and then looked down at the omelet in the skillet. She put her hands on her hips, "Hmmm," she sighed, "We can split it..." she looked up at Gabiral, "I'd need to make lots of toast or something to have us eat to fill us up though..."

Gabiral: He smiled. "Or I can just help you fix some other things or more omelets." He walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Amanda: "You could." she smiled at him, "Just don't flip them in the skillet."

Gabiral: he softly kissed her. "Alright." he said after the kiss.

Amanda: she smiled after the kiss and then helped Gabiral make the rest of breakfast for the both of them.

Gabiral: After breakfast, he cleaned up and put things away. "So what would you like to do today, love?" He asked her.

Amanda: "I don't know. I thought you were going to find out how to change back." she looked at him as she got up from the kitchen table and walked over to the counter to fill her cup up with coffee.

Gabiral: He nodded. "Yes, I know." He said softy. He walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her. "We could do other things before though. It's still early in the day." He softly kissed her neck and smiled. He gently rested his chin on her shoulder.

Amanda: she smiled a bit when he wrapped his arms around her and then kissed her neck, "We can do whatever you want to do. Go to a movie, take a walk in the park, I don't care. Gabe, I really don't want you to change back, but I mean, if you feel you have to then you must." she sighed. "I'm sorry." she kept her eyes on her coffee cup.

Gabiral: "I'm leaving it up to you for what we do today. It's all about you today." He whispered to her before he kissed across her shoulder. "I always can change back after I know that you are safe and no one is going to hurt you. I know how to change to being human, my love. Why are you sorry?" He leaned back and made her turn where he could look at her; he had a small smile on his face.

Amanda: she looked up at him when he turned her around, "I'm just sorry that you have to do this, because of me. I know it's not what you want either. Maybe if I just changed back, because it's my problem after all, then you won't have to change for me. I can protect myself if I was Snyde again. You wouldn't have to constantly worry about me. I'm sorry that you have to now. People shouldn't have to worry about me." she sighed and looked away from his face, her eyes now on his chest. She wasn't sure how much she liked this. She didn't want to put Gabiral in danger either. Not for her. "If you want to do anything, and you're having me choose...I'd just choose for us to move away, keep a low profile, and stay who we are."

Gabiral: He lifted her chin up and smiled a bit. "I can agree to that because in the end, I'll be with you." He whispered to her.

Amanda: she smiled a bit, "Yea? You'll agree to moving away with me?"

Gabiral: "I will." He smiled back at her. "As long as I'm with you. I don't care where we move."

Amanda: "You'd leave your house?" she looked at the kitchen, "I love this house though. It seems a shame to leave it on account of one bad person." she sighed, "I can't make you do that for me."

Gabiral: "I would for you." He kissed her neck softly. "I could always kill that one bad person then we wouldn't have to move." He whispered to her.

Amanda: "Yea, but, how would you do that? You'd have to find him first. He's not human."

Gabiral: "Then I guess I have to figure out what he is and what can kill him. Then I can kill him." He said softly.

Amanda: "And you'd kill him while you are human, or are you still going to change back?"

Gabiral: "It depends on what he is."

Amanda: "I don't...I don't know. I don't remember much from him and that day." she sounded like she was trying to think on it.

Gabiral: "It's alright, hon." He kissed her cheek then smiled a bit.

Amanda: she was still thinking, looking off to the side, trying to recall what she remembered. "All I know is that he moved...constantly. There was barely a moment when I saw him to even tell what he looked like." she touched the strand of her hair that was shorter than the rest, "This? This I don't even remember him taking. I didn't feel him snip it or hear him even come up to me to get close enough to snip it. I don't know what he is Gabe. All I know is that he is fast and undetectable." she looked up at him.

Gabiral: "It's alright." He kissed her nose softly.

Amanda: she smiled a bit, "We might as well get the ball rolling. Either packing up our stuff...or asking someone to bite you to be changed."

Gabiral: "I know someone who might bite me for me to be changed but if you rather move. We should start packing things up."

Amanda: "The truth is, Gabe, if we run, he's just going to come back. We kill him, and he'll stay away. I was never one for murder though."

Gabiral: "Well, then in order for him to stay away, we'll just kill him. I can kill him."

Amanda: "If it comes down to it. If he comes back. I'd feel better killing him if he came to us and we killed him, not us looking for trouble anymore than what's already happened."

Gabiral: "Alright, then we'll do that."

Amanda: "We'd need to be prepared though, if we are going to wait."

Gabiral: "You know him better than I do, so just tell me what we need to do."

Amanda: "Sure, Gabe. I get kidnapped by him and you think I suddenly know him better. Well, I don't. I know him as well as you. He, for some reason, wants to kill me. Death by spider bite."

Gabiral: "I'm sorry, Amanda. I didn't mean to make you upset." He felt bad now. "Well, maybe we should ask him why he's doing this in the first place then kill him no matter what."

Amanda: she sighed and looked down at her coffee when he apologized, but looked back up at him when he continued. She actually smiled a bit, "Kill him no matter what? Love, you just want to kill someone, don't you?"

Gabiral: He chuckled. "To be truthful, yeah. But he's scaring you and plans on hurting you so gives me more reason to kill him."

Amanda: she leaned up and kissed his cheek, "Alright." she grabbed her coffee with her hand over the top of the cup and knelt down to move out past Gabiral, walking under his arm as it was blocking her from just walking away normally. She stood once she was behind him, turning to face him again, "So...let's go see your sister."

Gabiral: "Which one?" He turned and looked at her.

Amanda: "Arya." she took a sip of her coffee as she watched him.

Gabiral: "First we'll have to find where she lives then ask her."

Amanda: "We were just at their house a month ago, when you picked me up for our first date. Remember? You think they moved?"

Gabiral: He nodded. "Yeah, I remember. They might of, I don't know. There's only one way to find out."

Amanda: "Call her then." she agreed.

Gabiral: He took out his phone and called Arya. He talked to her for a few minutes then hung up the phone. "She said she'd do it." He told her but didn't tell her the rest of what Arya told him.

Amanda: "So...should I pack the few things to stay with her then?" she backed up towards the kitchen door.

Gabiral: "No, it won't take long but you will come. I don't want to leave you unprotected while this guy is still alive."

Amanda: "So I'm not going to stay with Arya then? I'm going to come with you?"

Gabiral:"Oh, then yes. You'll need some of your things."

Amanda: "Alright. I won't be long." she turned and went up the stairs to Gabe's room and got a small bag and put her few articles of clothing in it. She had mostly bought lingerie, so she only had perhaps two changes of clothes; one being the gift Gabiral gave her. After she had packed up and dressed for the day in one of her two outfits, she came back downstairs.

Gabiral: "Ready?" He asked as he grabbed his keys. He was already dressed. He looked up at her.

Amanda: "Ready as I'll ever be." she headed to the door.

Gabiral: He followed close behind her.

Amanda: once she was out to the car, she opened the back door and put her bag inside the car in the back seat before she shut the door and then opened the front door and got inside.

Gabiral: Once in the car, he started it and backed out of his driveway. He then headed towards Daray and Arya's house.

Amanda: "I'm staying human, right?" she wanted to clarify. "Or am I changing too?"

Gabiral: "No, you're staying human."

Amanda: "I can't even keep in contact with you mentally because we're humans. However, you might be able to communicate with me when you're changed. Keep me posted on what's happening?" she looked at Gabe to make sure that was alright with him to do.

Gabiral: He nodded. "I will. I promise." He glanced at her then took one of his hands and took one of hers in it. He held it.

Amanda: "Thank you." she smiled at him when he took her hand and then looked down at their hands.

Gabiral: "You're welcome, my love." he didn't notice her look down at their hands. He continued to drive to Daray and Arya's house. It was slower than he normally drove for now he was human and his reflexes were slower.

Amanda: this was ridiculous. She couldn't help but think about how much she didn't want this. But she kept telling herself that this needed to be done. She had to say, though, she did miss the fast paced ways of Snydes, such as the driving of cars. Gabiral had only driven fast once when she was in the car though, and that was on their first date when they first met. After that, his driving got slower and slower until now, she guessed, it was at this point. The same as hers.

Gabiral: "I need to get use to this." He said softly. "This is way slower than I'm use to." He said softly again. After today, he wouldn't be driving like this again. He'd be driving faster...way faster than this.

Amanda: "Yea, I know. But you said before you didn't mind it. Is it getting to you now with the prospect of changing back and being faster?" she leaned over closer to his side and looked at his speed-o-monitor, "You're still going 70, Gabe!" she giggled from that.

Gabiral: "No, it's just I'm still not use to driving this slow." He chuckled. "Yes, that's slow compared to 120." He glanced at her with a small smile.

Amanda: "That's true." she agreed. She patted his hand, "Well, you'll be driving fast here in no time again." she assured him. "You know, that's if Daray and Arya don't kill us since we're humans."

Gabiral: "I don't think they'll do that." He glanced at her again. "I'm sure that Arya will be thrilled to see us." He said that a bit sarcastically. He knew that Arya wasn't happy with him or Amanda so it was interesting that she was even going to change him back.

Amanda: "Let's hope not." she looked out the car window. "Yep, Arya and Daray will be thrilled."

Gabiral: "Are you going to be alright at their house?" He asked after a few minutes.

Amanda: "Yes, I can manage. I'll be too worried about you to care about Arya anyways."

Gabiral: "Alright. I just wanted to make sure." He turned onto Daray and Arya's road.

Amanda: she nodded.

Gabiral: He turned into Daray and Arya's driveway and parked the car behind Arya's car. He shut off the car and looked over at Amanda. He smiled a bit at her.

Amanda: she glanced at Gabiral and then looked back out the window, her hand on the car door, "Here we go." she said to herself, opening the car door with one hand while unlatching her seat belt with the other hand and stepping outside. After shutting the car door, she opened the back door and grabbed her bag before shutting the back door again. She walked over to Gabe and then walked up to the front door of Daray and Arya's house with him.

Gabiral: He knocked on the door of the house and waited for it to be opened.

Arya: She opened the door and looked at them both before she opened the door more to let them in.

Gabiral: He walked in with Amanda, not really saying anything to his sister.

Amanda: "Hi Arya." she said to her as she stepped into the house with Gabe. She looked at Arya, "How are you and Daray doing? I'll try not to be too much of a bother while I'm here. I swear."

Arya: "Hi Amanda. Don't worry about it. I'm sure you won't be." She shut the door behind them.

Amanda: she nodded, "Alright..."

Arya: She nodded and went into the kitchen.

Gabiral: He kissed Amanda's cheek. "Everything is going to go alright. I promise." He whispered to her as he walked upstairs and to a room with her.

Amanda: "It better." she whispered back to Gabiral, "Or else Arya will kill me for you getting hurt, because I'll be blamed."

Gabiral: "It will. Arya won't kill you because she honestly doesn't care what happens to me at the moment. I kind of not on her good side at the moment either." he told her as he opened the door to their room for her.

Amanda: she walked into the room Gabiral had opened the door for and set her bag on the bed, "Why wouldn't you be on her good side? You're her brother." she looked back at him. "Even if she doesn't care what happens to you, I do."

Gabiral: "Just things that happened during our childhood. She likes to hold grudges." he shut the door behind them. "I know you do, love. I'll be careful. I promise." He pulled her to him and kissed her softly.

Amanda: she kissed him back when he pulled her to him, "Grudges? From childhood? Aren't you both over a thousand years old? Give or take a few years. So...she's acting like a child." she wrapped her arms around Gabe's neck and kissed his lips softly, brushing her nose against his again gently, "I'm glad you act grown up."

Gabiral: He smiled a bit. "She's my little sister. What do you expect?" He whispered before kissing her back then smiling again. "She can be grown up, just not around me." He told her.

Amanda: "You're grown up all the time." she grabbed his shirt with her fists and walked backwards towards the bed, pulling him. "When do you have to leave?"

Gabiral: He walked with her. "Mm, not for a few minutes." He whispered to her as he leaned down and kissed her lips again, this time more passionate and deep.

Amanda: her lips pulled back into a smile when he kissed her again; but only for a second, because in the next second she was kissing him deeply and passionately in return. She sat down on the bed when she felt it behind her, still holding onto his shirt with her fists, so she pulled him down with her to where he put his hands on the bed on either side of her body, boxing her in as they kissed.

Gabiral: He leaned over her, moving one of his hands up her side and under her shirt, pushing it up in the process. His kisses moved from her lips to her neck softly then down it. "I love you so much, Amanda." He whispered to her between kisses.

Amanda: her breathing picked up a bit when she felt his hand under her shirt. She tilted her head, exposing her neck to him more when he kissed it, a small smile on her lips, "Mmm...I love you too, Gabe. Soon you'll be able to bite know." she said softly to him, her eyes closed.

Gabiral: "Only if you wish me to, babe." He whispered as he kissed further down on her skin that he just exposed.

Amanda: she lay back on the bed, slowly. "This will be that last time we'll be together as humans..." she guessed.

Gabiral: "I think so." He whispered then pulled off her shirt and kissed her again.

Amanda: "Gabe..." she whispered to him when she caught her breath. "I will want you to change me if you change and can't return to human. You know that, right? If I can change."

Gabiral: "I know, love." He looked at her, breathing a bit deep and brushed some hair behind her ear before leaning in and kissing her again, slowly yet passionate and deep. His hand ran up and down her side slowly and lightly.

Amanda: "So you're going to let me?" she asked between kisses, "You're not saying that I can't now?" her skin tingled at his touch, and she felt her body warm with the touch of his hand, as her blood rushed through her body faster; speeding with excitement.

Gabiral: "No. You're still not allowed. I want you to live your life out. My love." he whispered as he trailed kisses down her neck, across her chest. His breathing was light against her skin.

Amanda: "Not allowed? So..." she swallowed, "Mmm, if I do'll have to punish me or something."

Gabiral: "Let's not talk about it right now love." he whispered as he slid his hand down to her pants and started to undo them and as he gently started to caress her skin.

Amanda: "Fine..." she whispered back breathlessly, waiting for him to get her pants undone. She felt his hands on her, and opened her eyes as he did so. She pushed her hands up under his shirt and slid it off of him, yanking it over his head, but because of how his hands were she couldn't get it off his arms just yet. Her own hands slid down his chest and to his pants to undo them.

Gabiral: He threw his shirt on the floor and took her pants off her. He then removed her underwear. He gently moved her back on the bed more, leaning over her more now. He kissed her lips wanting, passionate, deep and loving.

Amanda: she was distracted for a moment, unable to feel where her hands were to unbutton his jeans; but then she did it, and then focused on his kisses that he was giving her. 'I love you, Gabiral Rose...' she told him mentally, her voice sounding like it was very much in love. Her breathing and heart rate were picked up, as he was exciting her.

Gabiral: He continued to kiss her as he ran his hands up and down her body. Once she had his pants unbuttoned, he slid them off himself. He then moved to where he was over her, without breaking the kiss.

Amanda: 'I think you've gone over your few minutes curfew...' she told him mentally, her mental voice even breathless, as it was hard for her to think and form words right now as she kissed him deeply with her eyes closed; her hands on his chest again, fingers running over his chest muscles. She loved the feel of them. Her man! Hers.

Gabiral: 'My sister can wait on me. I've waited on her for so many years when her and I were children.' he replied back mentally. He kissed her deeply back and passionately as he made love to her; one last time being human, the both of them.

Amanda: she gasped a bit, breaking the kiss for just a second before kissing him hungrily again. She loved the feel of him. He filled her, made her complete. She loved him so much, and couldn't think about anything bad ever happening to him. What would she do without him?


Gabiral: He was holding her against him while they lay in bed. He kissed the top of her head softly. "I love you." he whispered to her before he got up and got dressed.

Amanda: she smiled and then sat up and put her bra and shirt back on, "I love you too. Keep in touch...okay?"

Gabiral: "I will. You know I will. I promise." He kissed her once more, long and loving. "I love you with everything that I am." He whispered to her before he left the room and downstairs to Arya to get all this done and over with.

Amanda: she returned his kiss, sighing softly, "Don't get hurt. Hurry back." she watched him leave the room and then put the rest of her clothes back on before sitting back down on the bed. Now what was she supposed to do?


Daray: he was downstairs at the door when Gabiral came down the stairs, "Took you long enough...I guess finding this guy so you can kill him to protect your girl isn't the main thing on your to-do list...hmm?" he raised an eyebrow at Gabiral.

Gabiral: "Hey, she started it. So, don't rag on me." He said as he went into the kitchen to Arya.

Daray: he followed him, "Blaming things on your wife now? Oh. That's very manly of you."

Gabiral: "She's not my wife...yet." He told him as he sat down at the table, waiting on Arya.

Daray: "That's also taking you a long time to claim. You're chickening out." he leaned against the doorway, watching Gabiral.

Gabiral: "No, I'm being patient and not forcing her into something that she's not ready for."

Daray: "Then she's not comfortable enough that you'd make sure she would be loved and safe with you. That's why she thinks you'd be forcing her into something she's not ready for. Show her she's ready for it. You're not doing it."

Gabiral: "And how would you know this when you more or less kept my sister held against her will for a few days? Hmm?" He shot back at him.

Daray: he smirked a bit, "I see a ring on Arya's finger. Not on Amanda's."

Gabiral: He rolled his eyes a bit, taping his finger on the table.

Daray: he looked out to the stairs, "Arya!" he called, "Your brother's waiting on you. He's getting impatient."

Gabiral: "Not impatient, irritated." He muttered under his breath.

Daray: he looked at Gabiral, "Irritated?" he seemed shocked in a sarcastic way, "With me! That's never happened before."

Gabiral: "There's always a first time for everything." He said sarcastically.

Daray: he walked over to the kitchen table and pulled out a chair, sitting across from Gabiral, smiling a bit, "So how's life for you, Gabe?"

Gabiral: "The same. Someone trying to kill someone I love. No difference there."

Daray: "Join the boat of the immortals, Gabiral. You aren't out yet, and apparently, I hear you want back in."

Gabiral: "I don't want to be back in but it's a need thing. I need to be like I was before so I can kill the guy that is trying to kill 'Manda."

Daray: "'Manda?" he repeated.

Gabiral: "Amanda." He pointed out.

Daray: "Yea...I guessed that. Hmm, well, I could kill him for you. Then we can tell Amanda I saved her life."

Gabiral: "She'd love to hear that." He said sarcastically.

Arya: "Alright boys, that's enough. Don't make me put you in different rooms now." She said as she walked into the kitchen with her book.

Daray: he looked up at Arya when she walked in, "Oh...sorry baby. Gabiral is cutting into your reading time? He'll pay for that."

Arya: "No, this is a different book then my reading book. I need this to be able to help Gabiral with his...situation." She said before she set the book down on the table.

Daray: "His situation seems to revolve around Amanda." he stood up, "I've got a solution...get rid of Amanda...solve the situation." he was rather amused with that idea.

Gabiral: He glared at Daray.

Arya: "Daray." She said with a sigh. "Do you really want her to be following you around again? And me being jealous because she is doing so?"

Daray: he glanced at Gabiral then looked to Arya, smirking, "Baby I like it when you're jealous."

Arya: "But she'd be around ALL the time which means no...alone time...for us." She said as she looked down at the book and opened it, looking through the book for what she needed.

Daray: "True..." he relented, and then looked down at the book Arya was looking at before lifting his eyes to Gabiral, "Don't let that happen."

Gabiral: "I don't think it will after I kill this guy."

Arya: She found what she needed and started to gather what was needed to perform it.

Daray: "Yea, well, if you aren't killed first." he then looked at Arya, "Need any of my help, love?"

Arya: "Just gather things that are needed in the book. I need some of Gabiral's blood though in this bowl." She set a bowl on the table before going back to what she was doing.

Daray: he looked at the bowl, then looked at the book, ", Gabe...bite yourself...drain your blood. You remember how to do that." he looked up at him. "Oh wait, you can't." he walked over to the kitchen drawer in a cupboard where the silverware was, though it wasn't made of silver, and grabbed a knife and slide it over the table to Gabiral. "Use that. Unless you want me to bite you. Which I'm not going to." he then walked over to the table again after shutting the drawer, and looked back in the book at the ingredients needed for what Arya was going to do, while he waited for Gabiral to drain his blood into the bowl that sat on the table.

Gabiral: He rolled his eyes a bit and cut his arm deeply, not showing that it hurt. He let his blood drip into the bowl, watching it.

Arya: She walked back over to the table, her hand over her wrist but Daray could smell her blood, even over the smell of Gabiral's blood and even though he couldn't see it. Once Gabiral had enough blood in the bowl, she let her blood mix with his that was in the bowl. She made sure it was the same amount of blood too. Once that was done, she put the rest of the ingredients in the bowl when it was suppose to be put in it. Once everything was in there, she started to chant something softly.

Gabiral: As Arya chant softly, he could feel his body change. He felt his fangs coming back and his abilities that he had when he was pureblooded Snyde before.

Daray: he had taken a seat by the kitchen table again as he watched all this. His eyes were sometimes on Arya, but mostly on Gabiral.

Arya: she pulled her wrist back and went to lick it to close the wound.

Gabiral: he felt the need to feed and the strength he once had, return. "I didn't realize how badly I hated this feeling." he muttered about the feeling to feed.

Daray: he grabbed Arya's wrist and licked it for her, ignoring Gabiral.

Arya: she smiled at Daray before she leaned down to him and softly kissed him, ignoring Gabiral as well.

Gabiral: he rolled his eyes and got up. He went to see Amanda again before he left to go find the guy that is threatening her.

Amanda: she was just finishing up putting the clothes she had brought with her in the dresser drawers of the room. When Gabiral walked in she was setting her empty overnight bag beside the dresser on the floor. She turned to see him, hearing something. She looked at him concerned, "Something wrong? Why are you still here, honey?" she stepped closer to him. The smell of her human blood filled the room. There was also a faint smell of something else; Gabiral's blood before he was changed back to a Snyde, as he had just been in the room moments before as a human.

Gabiral: he walked over to her and kissed her, softly so not to hurt her. "Just wanted one last kiss before I left and to ask you a question." he whispered after the kiss. His forehead against hers with his eyes closed.

Amanda: "Yes?" she replied softly after the kiss, wondering what this was about. Her voice was a whisper like his, because he was whispering so did she. She opened her eyes after the kiss, looking at him with his face so close to hers since his forehead rested against hers.

Gabiral: he pulled back a bit, opening his eyes and looked at her. "When I return, if I return that is, would you be my wife, Amanda?" he was being completely serious.

Amanda: her heart skipped when she heard him say that, her eyes widening a bit, "You're serious?" she found herself breathless and a smile broke across her face. "You will return, and yes, Gabe, I will be your wife." she leaned up on her tip toes and gave him a soft kiss on the lips, "I love you." she whispered against his lips.

Gabiral: he smiled and kissed her back. "I love you too." he whispered back against her lips before softly kissing them again. After the kiss was over, he was gone from the room and from the house. He went to find the guy that threatens the life of his future wife, his fiancée.

Amanda: she was a bit shocked when he just vanished, but she knew he was going to change back. She just didn't realize it was so sudden. Against her will, she actually gave a small smile to that.

The spot where the man had been before, where he had taken Amanda, was cleared out.

Gabiral: he growled softly when everything was cleared. Now how was he going to find this guy?

Daray: he appeared beside Gabiral, "Need help finding someone?"

Gabiral: He sighed and looked at him, annoyed. "Go back to my sister. I'm sure she doesn't want you helping me anyway." He started to search to see if there were any clues or anything period, that could help him.

Daray: "So...go back and tell Amanda that you'd like to waste time instead of letting me locate him for you in a matter of minutes?" he watched Gabiral as he searched in vain.

Gabiral: He growled and had Daray pinned against something by his throat. He was stronger than Daray because he was pureblood but still had human blood in him. "No. I said go back to my sister, not Amanda, my sister." He growled. "I don't trust you, Daray. Don't you get that? I don't even know who I'm looking for other than his name starts with a J. How would you be able to help me?"

Daray: he gasped when Gabiral grabbed him by the neck. He was shocked by that. "I just offered to help you...moron. Now let me go. You do know his name. I'd be able to help you by LOCATING him. It's what I do. That's why I offered. DUH!" he growled back at Gabiral and dug his nails into Gabiral's skin on his arm, "Now." he said slowly, "Release me."

Gabiral: He growled softly before he let him go, not because of him digging his nails into his skin but because he didn't really need Arya more mad at him.

Daray: "Now if you don't want my help, the way you're acting, then okay. I'll gladly leave and let you search yourself."

Gabiral: "How much faster can you help me find this dirt bag?"

Daray: "Faster than you'd find him on your own."

Gabiral: He thought for a minute. "Fine." He said, looking at him.

Daray: "No. I don't think you appreciate my offering of help. So...never mind." he teleported back home.

Gabiral: He growled, annoyed, frustrated, and upset. He punched the thing he had Daray up against, making a hole. "That's the reason I don't trust or like you." He muttered to himself and started to look for clues again.

But there were no clues. Jamere never left a trail. If Gabiral wanted to find Jamere, he'd need Daray's help.

He had already wasted an hour.

Gabiral: He sighed. He went back to Daray and Arya's house to talk to Daray.

Daray: he was sitting in the living room with Arya, on the couch, talking to her while she sat with her back against the arm rest and her legs on his knees. He rubbed her legs while he looked at her.

Arya: She looked towards the door then back to Daray. "Someone wants to talk to you." She said before moving her legs off of Daray and standing. She walked into the kitchen to get something to drink.

Gabiral: He watched Arya leave before he walked to the doorway of the living room, leaning against the door frame.

Daray: "Here." he slid a paper on the coffee table towards Gabiral.

Gabiral: "What's that?" He walked over to the coffee table to see what it was.

It was a picture of a map with an area circled.

Daray: "It's where Jamere is. I figured you'd be back."

Gabiral: He nodded and picked up the paper, looking at it. "Thank you, Daray." He said with some sincerity in his voice, before he turned to leave.

Daray: "Unless you're planning on draining Jamere to kill him, I suggest you bite something before you find him." he told Gabiral when he turned to leave.

Gabiral: He looked back at him. "I didn't think about draining him to kill him." he smirked a bit. "That's a good idea. Thanks again." He started to walk out of the room.

Daray: he sighed, "Okay. Hey, on your way out, tell your sister to get her butt back in here."

Gabiral: "No need to. She can hear you." He said as he left the house to where Daray had located Jamere.

Arya: She was in the room right after Gabiral left.

There was the airplane, right in the spot where Daray had circled on the map that Gabiral held in his hands. The airplane that Gabiral had taken Amanda from before, when he saved her from Jamere, when Miniature Amanda had led him to her.

Gabiral: He smiled slightly when he saw the airplane. He looked around a bit before he went up to the airplane and listening for any sound of movement from inside.

It was completely quiet on the inside, meaning one of two things. Either Jamere was not in the airplane, or the airplane was sound proof so that not even Snydes could hear what was going on inside.

Gabiral: He became easily irritated. He went up to the door quietly, trying to see if he could hear anything from there. He decided if he didn't hear anything still, he'd go inside.

He couldn't hear anything.

Gabiral: He looked around a bit before he opened the door, not going in just yet in case Jamere was inside. He opened it as quietly as possible.

The only thing he could see was a long emptied out inside of the airplane. Instead of the airplane seats there was a couch and television and a twin sized bed. There was a small dollhouse beside the couch, lights on inside the dollhouse. Sounds could be heard from inside it. Down another hall was a silver sterilizing table and a door leading into another room. Up at the cockpit of the airplane could be heard noises like someone was there.

Gabiral: He quietly entered the airplane, making no noise when he walked in or when he closed the door. He then waited inside, out in the open, not playing around or making it a game or doing surprise attacks. He wanted Jamere to see him coming, to see him before he killed Jamere.

Suddenly there was a sound from behind him. A man's voice.

Jamere: "Boo!" he grinned, chuckling at the joke. "Ah," he sighed, "Mr. Rose. I wasn't expecting you..." he was then gone. A Spook. Always on the move and unable to be still for very long. He was around though, just not in the same spot.

Gabiral: He moved where he couldn't get behind him. "That's a good thing in my eyes." He looked around the place, listening as he did so, waiting. His back was against the wall of the airplane.

Jamere: he appeared again in front of Gabiral, "Did you bring Amanda?" he smiled, licking his lips.

Gabiral: He growled. "You're not going to harm my fiancée or go anywhere near her after today and where she's at now you can't get in at all, thanks to my sister."

Jamere: "Mmm, making her your fiancée without asking permission from her husband...don't know how that'll play out in court..." he laughed and then vanished and reappeared further back down the hallway.

Gabiral: He wasn't moving from where he was at. "I asked Amanda if she'd be my wife and she said yes. She never said anything about her having a husband already." He pointed out. "So, I think you're lying about her having a husband already."

Jamere: "Nope. She agreed to the wedding last time I brought her here. Technically, you're keeping my wife hostage. I should kill you for that."

Gabiral: "Only because you threatened to kill her if she didn't agree to it. I'm not keeping her hostage if she willingly came with me without any argument or say in her not wanting to leave from here. You can only try to kill me."

Jamere: "I did not threaten her!" he said shocked, "She was drugged I think..." he tapped his chin, thinking, "Probably spaced out and not sure what she was saying or agreeing to. But, nevertheless, I have the papers. She signed them."

Gabiral: "Only because she was drugged and didn't know what she was doing. So, that's more or less forcing her to do something that she didn't want. I bet if I asked her about it, she'd deny it because she does not remember or even know that she signed them. You probably wouldn't want her now anyway. She has mated with someone else."

Jamere: he laughed, "I don't care. What do you think I do in my spare time when I'm not sending out unmarked packages? Sit around and mope?" he vanished and reappeared in his 'living room' section, sitting on his couch.

Gabiral: He looked at Jamere with a disgusted glare. "You won't bother her anymore after today."

Jamere: "I know YOU won't. You can't leave from this airplane now. I knew you came by once. You don't think I'd make it so you'd be trapped in here if you came again?"

Gabiral: "And how did you do that?" He was a bit curious on how he did so.

Jamere: he smiled mischievously, "A magician never reveals his secrets."

Gabiral: "You're not a magician. You're just a psycho path that needs to die."

Jamere: he snapped his fingers and the next thing Gabiral knew, he was in a chair, tied down to it with reeds of vervane. The chair sat in front of the couch, "Do I now?" he sounded bored.

Gabiral: He just sat there, not bothered by the vervane. "Yes you do." No sign of hidden pain or anything in his voice.

Jamere: "I guess it's a battle to death then..."

The spiders who had been sent to attack Amanda before, slowly started to drop from the ceiling and land on Gabiral, crawling over his clothes.

Gabiral: He nodded. "I guess so." He didn't seem bothered by the spiders at all. He was getting bored with all this, plus, he was really thirsty.

Jamere: "You seem to be having an out of body experience..." he tilted his head to the side, watching Gabiral for a moment before he vanished and reappeared behind Gabiral. " emotions at all..." he put his fingers in Gabiral's hair, clicking his tongue, "Tisk, tisk..." he let a spider crawl up on his finger before he slammed his other hand down on it, crushing it in his hands and letting the goo from the inside of it dribble down over Gabiral's hair.

Gabiral: The next thing Jamere knew was that he wasn't in the chair anymore. "You're not the only one that has tricks up their sleeves." He was leaning against the wall by the door, watching him.

Jamere: he turned around quickly to see Gabiral.

Some of the spiders had flew off of Gabe, landing over the floor in the airplane, on the chair he had just been sitting in, while some were still on his clothes.

Jamere: he smiled, "This will be fun than. Though I really don't think Amanda's life is worth one of us dying over. You could join me, you know. We'd make a good team, you and I. Like Batman and Robin...killing off women one." he spread out his fingers and counted down from five. "Amanda's the only one who's been getting away. I've killed the rest of the ones I wanted to so far." once his hand was to zero he lowered it back to his side, looking down at another spider as it crawled to the top of the chair and setting his hand near it, letting it crawl up his arm. "Well, killing all those who were Snyde turned human. The Great Ones pays very well..."

Gabiral: "What if she wasn't human anymore? Would you still kill her?" He wondered out loud.

Jamere: "Mmm," he shook his head, "No. They betrayed the Snyde species...I guess that means something to your leaders. Something so much they asked another species to help out with clearing them off the map."

Gabiral: "So, you would have come after me as well or is that not of your job? That you only go after the ones that are women?" He asked him.

Jamere: "I only kill the women." he looked at Gabiral again. "But I'm sure someone's after you. If you happen to die by my hand," he grinned evilly, "Mmm...that's a bonus for me. I bet that pays well."

Gabiral: He smirked some. "I don't think anyone is after me, for I'm not human." He stated. "So, I don't think my leaders would be paying you after they find out that you killed one of their own. Especially if it's of the Rose clan descendants."

Jamere: "You were pureblood turned human, were you not? Now you are pureblood again...does that mean anything? No. I do not know anything about names, or descendants. I just do my job."

Gabiral: He shrugged. "It can't be proven that I was ever human. Only your word and my word would defiantly over rule yours." He smirked. "Anyway, back to what you said about joining you. What do I get out of it, other than my life?"

Jamere: "Friendship...mmm, and a paycheck." he shrugged.

Gabiral: "I don't need the money. I have enough of it." He shook his head. "If I join you, I want Amanda."

Jamere: "To kill her?"

Gabiral: He shook his head. "No, to have. I can do something that you cannot."

Jamere: "Which is?"

Gabiral: "Change her back to what she was and make her listen without complaint."

Jamere: "Listen without complaint to what?"

Gabiral: "Everything and anything." He stated simply.

Jamere: "I see." he shook his head, looking at the spider which had crawled down to his hand, "No. You see this spider? So useful...having its purpose. But I can kill it so easily..." he crushed it in his fingers, "...after its purpose is served. That's what is to be done with Amanda according to the Great Ones."

Gabiral: "Everyone has a purpose. Some, like yourself, to kill others. Others, like my sister, to save others. While others have a purpose to be tortured, to be toyed with, to...have fun with." He watched Jamere.

Jamere: "Like you?" he laughed, wiping his hand on his pants. "Let's get this over with, shall we? What do you choose? Life? Or death?"

Gabiral: "I would enjoy to live, thank you." He stated. "And for you to leave my Amanda alone."

Jamere: "Until the Great Ones tell me to leave her alone, I will not do so. So I don't plan on that happening for awhile." he stepped up to Gabiral, "Open your mouth."

Gabiral: "Why?" He asked watching him, not trusting him.

Jamere: when Gabiral asked 'Why?' he shot some liquid from his finger into Gabiral's mouth. Then he vanished again, reappearing a few seconds later, "No reason, really."

Gabiral: He spit it out and glared at Jamere.

Jamere: "Yes, yes. Spit out the excess. It's still in there. In your system. Now I can stay away from Amanda because if you get near her, she will die. Humans are pathetic that way. The poison won't affect Snydes, but, it will affect humans." he pouted, "I guess I won't be married anymore..."

Gabiral: He continued to glare at him. "So, you're saying that if I get close to her, she'll die? What if we're in the same house? Would it still kill her?" He wondered. He planned to save Amanda one way or another.

Jamere: "If you kiss her, or share bodily fluids in any way she will die. Even touching her with a sweaty hand."

Gabiral: He nodded a bit. "Fine, now, can I leave?"

Jamere: "Sure. Let me know when she's dead so I can pick up my paycheck." he waved Gabiral away.

Gabiral: He rolled his eyes and left the airplane. He then went to hunt. Once he was full, he headed back to Daray and Arya's house. He needed to talk to Arya and Daray. Arya first though. There was another favor that he needed to ask of her.

Daray: he was up in his office when Gabe returned.

Gabiral: He went and talked to Arya before he went up to Daray's office. He knocked, being polite, for once towards him.

Daray: "Come in." he called from inside. When Gabiral opened the door, he looked up from his desk at him, "How did it go?"

Gabiral: He shook his head as he closed the door. "I can't get anywhere near Amanda without killing her." He stated. "Jamere's a spook. I've heard of them but didn't believe they were real...until now. I don't know how to kill him." He sighed.

Daray: "Want me to look it up?" he turned to his computer. "What's this about you killing Amanda?"

Gabiral: "Yeah, I was going to ask that." He sat down in a chair that was in front of his desk. "Jamere got close enough to me to put some sort of poison in me that if I share any bodily fluids with her, she'll die."

Daray: "I am not sure how to help you on that one..." he said slowly, only halfway paying attention to Gabiral, as he looked up the information on how to kill a spook.

Gabiral: "I have an idea and Arya already agreed to it. I'm just not sure how well it's going to go over with Amanda."

Daray: "Well, who cares? If it saves her...she'll get over it." he turned the computer screen to Gabiral, "Here. Says something about a fan when they are in their smoke form, or this plant here," he pointed to a picture of a vibrant green plant with heart shaped leaves. "Have them get close enough to catch a whiff of this and it will make them ill. Then they will stay solid to get better...and there's your chance to kill them. Without it, they just look solid but aren't really."

Gabiral: He looked at the picture then nodded. "Alright. Thank you, Daray. I owe both you and Arya big time." He stood and walked out of the office, he went to go find the flower that Daray showed him.

Arya: She knocked on the door where Amanda was staying and waited to be invited in.

Amanda: "You can come in." she said after a moment.

Arya: She opened to door and walked in. "Hello Amanda." She said after shutting the door behind her.

Amanda: she was sitting on the bed, reading a book. When Arya entered, she looked up, "Can I help you?"

Arya: Without Amanda noticing, she locked the door to the room. "Gabiral asked me a favor, dealing with you. Two favors actually. One to change him so he can keep you safe and, just a few minutes ago, he asked another one." She walked over to the bed and sat down next to her. "He asked me to do something that you would most likely object to me doing."

Amanda: "Yes...I realized he was changed earlier...but what's the other favor? It must involve me somehow since you are here."

Arya: She nodded. "It does. Something that I did to you before you met my brother and when we first met and you freaked out about it. Now, I promised Gabiral that I would do it with or without your cooperation." She looked at Amanda.

Amanda: "Gabiral wants you to change me?" she shut her book.

Arya: She nodded. "Yes."

Amanda: "It will probably have to be done the same way it was done for Gabe, since we were both purebloods changed human. I am not going to fight this. I told Gabiral I wanted this...he's the one who didn't want it. I want it if he is staying this way...because I don't want to lose him."

Arya: She shook her head. "He doesn't want you to be changed like he was." She stated.

Amanda: "And why not? What's the difference?"

Arya: "Because the way that Gabiral was changed, he could change back human but he can't because of a certain poison that is in his body now. So, he is going to be staying Snyde for the rest of his life. You, he wants it to be where you can't be changed back into human. He didn't tell why on that part."

Amanda: her eyes widened, "No." she said firmly. "No! Either I change like him or not at all!"

Arya: "We can do this the hard way or the easy way. Either way, you're going to be changed like that."

Amanda: "Don't touch me." she said through clenched teeth. "Let me talk to Gabe."

Arya: "The hard way then." She sighed. "Gabiral's not here."

Amanda: "You're not touching me until I talk to him." she climbed off of the bed and walked to the bedroom door.

Arya: She was there at the door before she was, standing in her way. "He already gave me permission to do whatever it is necessary to change you. Even if it was by force." She said, watching her. "It is to protect you from death. That's what he said."

Amanda: she had reached for the door but stopped when Arya was suddenly there. Her heart jumped from fright. She realized she was going to be trapped in here by her. "I want to talk to Gabe." she repeated.

Arya: "Gabiral is out trying to save you from that guy that is trying to kill you and from himself at the moment." She snapped a bit. "Now, we would have already been done if you would have done this willingly."

Amanda: "No!" she yelled at Arya, getting upset again. She dropped her hand, "I don't care if it's in person. On the phone or something. I'm not doing ANYTHING and you can't make me until I talk to him. I am NOT turning Snyde to be forced into that way the rest of my life!"

Arya: "You want to test that, Amanda?" She growled softly, getting highly irritated with her. "You don't have to do a thing. It will be all me doing the work." She growled. 'Daray, get some red liquid for me and bring it to where Amanda's room is for the time she is staying here.' she told him mentally, accidentally making it an order.

Daray: 'I'm busy! Your stupid orders mess up what I'm doing!' he exclaimed.

Amanda: "No!" she repeated, taking a step back from Arya when she growled, "I want to talk to Gabe before it's done if it has to happen." her heart was racing a mile a minute.

Arya: 'Sorry, love. I didn't mean to make it an order. Just really...irritated.' She had Amanda pinned to the wall. "Gabiral will tell you the same thing that I told you." She said through clenched teeth, her fangs down already.

Amanda: she yelled when she was pinned to the wall, "Don't!" she was so scared that tears sprang to her eyes, her voice lowered, "Please let me talk to Gabe." she asked again, her voice shaking. She did not want this to happen.

Daray: 'Yea...whatever...'

Arya: "The more you struggle, the more it's going to hurt." She warned her but pulled out her phone. She dialed Gabiral's number.

Gabiral: "Yes, Arya?" He sounded irritated a bit with her calling.

Arya: "Someone wants to talk to you." She stated. She had him on speakerphone.

Gabiral: He sighed. "Amanda, it's alright. Just let Arya do what needs to be done." he knew exactly who Arya was talking about, plus, what it was about.

Amanda: "Gabe!" she yelled, still sounding scared, "Just let me be changed like you. Please. I don't want to have to stay a Snyde for the rest of my life. To be trapped like that. You know that." she bit her lower lip.

Gabiral: "But I'm going to be the same way, Amanda. I won't be able to change back either once all of this is done." He stated, sounding a bit sad though to what she said.

Amanda: "Why are you changing like that?" she asked softly.

Gabiral: "Arya didn't tell you about the poison?"

Amanda: "She said something about it, yes...but I don't see why that means you need to be permanently a Snyde."

Gabiral: "If I change back to human, I'll die, Amanda. That is why I can't be around you. If we kiss, exchange any bodily fluids, you'll die. I can't even touch you without the risk of you dying."

Amanda: "Something happened to you?" she felt bad.

Gabiral: "Just got poisoned with something that only harms humans." He stated. "Other than that. I'm fine."

Amanda: "Oh, Gabe." she whispered and then sighed, "Can't I be something else? There's more species than Snyde..." she looked at Arya, away from the phone.

Gabiral: He suppressed a sigh. "If you rather be something else than Snyde, I understand." He said softly. "I have to go. I'll see you when I get back." and with that, he hung up.

Arya: She put her phone away and backed away from her, leaning against the door of the bedroom.

Amanda: "Can't Daray make something that will counteract with the poison so it won't affect me?" she still had her eyes on Arya.

The door handle to the room jiggled and then there was a knock, before Daray's voice was heard.

Daray: "Arya! Open it up. I brought your stuff. I have things to do..."

Arya: She shrugged. "He'd need the kind of poison it is and I don't think that Jamere will just hand some over." She looked at the door. "Babe, you can just leave it at the door." She replied to him.

Daray: "Want me to teleport it inside?" he asked her, guessing she just didn't want to open the door right now.

Amanda: "Why can't Daray take a sample from Gabiral?"

Arya: "Sure." She told Daray and then answered Amanda, "Because it would contaminated with Gabiral's blood."

The next thing Arya knew the tray of red liquid cups was beside her on the floor, right by the door to the room.

Amanda: "He can figure out how to make that work. He's smart."

Arya: "Thank you." She told Daray. "Yes he is but it would take time, which Gabiral doesn't have."

Amanda: "And why doesn't he have time?"

Arya: "Do you want Jamere to figure out where you're at and come and get you?"

Amanda: "No. But why do I need to be changed in order for that not to happen?"

Arya: "Because he's only hunting humans that were once Snyde."

Amanda: "Make it so I can't die, like Daray used to be, and I won't technically be human. Then we can wait around while Daray looks for a counteracting thing for the poison in Gabe's body, so it won't affect me. I take it...and wa-la. Problem solved without me being changed into something I hate."

Arya: She restrained from commenting, she just unlocked the door, opened it and grabbed the tray. She left the room, closing the door behind her, a little louder than she meant to. She went downstairs, put the cups in the fridge then went to the door. 'Going out, Daray. I'll be back when I don't want to kill someone that's here.' She opened the door and went outside. She ran into the woods.

Gabiral: He was at the plant store, seeing if he could find that one plant that he seen that would kill Jamere.

There was a plant in the back that looked like the one Gabiral had seen on the computer screen.

Daray: 'Okay...' he said slowly, responding to Arya.

Gabiral: He picked up the plant then bought some of it. He put it in his pocket, heading to Jamere's place. He knocked on the door once he got there, instead of just going in this time.

Jamere: he said from the other side of the door, "Let me guess...Gabiral can't take having to stay away from Amanda? Mmm, poor child. It's only been a few hours too. So weak."

Gabiral: "How do you know if I'm not here to tell you that she's dead?" He asked through the door.

Jamere: "Well, is she?"

Gabiral: "Let me in and I'll tell you."

Jamere: he opened the door and looked out at Gabiral, "Why didn't you just teleport in like before?"

Gabiral: "Because I didn't teleport inside." He stated.

Jamere: "Thank you, captain obvious." he stepped back into his house and vanished. Sounds were heard from the cockpit again and when he appeared again he was sitting the couch in the living room section of the air plane, arm on an arm rest, and a drink in hand.

Gabiral: He couldn't help but chuckle a bit as he walked in, shutting the door behind him. "Is this what you do all the time? Sit in here?" he said as he walked into the living room section of the air plane, leaning against the wall, looking at him.

Jamere: "When I'm not genetically altering spiders or sending unmarked packages to women or women and their men...yes. My life, for the most part, has been put on hold to finish my job."

The little door in the dollhouse opened and a miniature girl stepped out, much like the miniature Amanda, but this was not the Amanda girl. She looked over at Jamere and then to Gabiral. She waved at Gabiral.

Gabiral: he nodded to the girl then to Jamere. "I see. Well, this would bore me." he went to leave, 'accidently' dropping parts of the plant on the floor but small where Jamere wouldn't notice them but would smell them.

Jamere: "It's only until everyone is killed." he pointed to the small person who had just come out of the house, "I made miniatures of all the girls I need to kill. I killed Amanda's though...sent it to you. I don't have that one anymore though Amanda is still alive. I know you didn't kill her." he looked over at Gabiral, "After they're all dead though...all this sitting around will have been worth it."

Gabiral: "Yeah, maybe to you it will be." He said at the door, looking back at him.

Jamere: he crinkled his nose suddenly, "What's that god awful smell?" he vanished and reappeared closer to Gabiral, drink in hand.

Gabiral: The plant was gone from him. "I don't know. You're the one that smells it." He started to leave. "I'm going to kill something...more or less someone though."

Jamere: "Amanda, perhaps? All you need is to kiss her." he took a sip of his drink and then gagged, pulling the cup away from his lips, "Ugh." he back up a step, vanished, and then reappeared at the far end by the steel table and locked door.

Gabiral: "Nope, more or less someone else." He stated, looking at Jamere as he pretend to care about what was going on with him.

Jamere: "Okay. Go." he waved Gabiral away and then dropped his glass from his hand as he was suddenly too weak to grip it. He leaned on the table; "A smell in here is making me ill." he did not feel well at all. His head was spinning. His stomach felt like it was flipping, and he was weak all over. Slowly he started to take a solid form to where each movement he made did not cause Gabiral the ability to see bits of whatever was behind him. He was solid, not smoke, and not an illusion of being solid.

Gabiral: He caught the glass and poured some of it out, filtering out the glass. The parts that he filtered were from the plant that he spread throughout the airplane. He had put some of the plant into Jamere's drink without him knowing. Once Jamere was solid completely, he was behind him. "You threatened the girl I love. Threatened me and made it where I can't go anywhere near her otherwise I'd kill her. Yes, I'm going to kill someone and that is you." He growled then attacked Jamere, pinned in on his stomach then biting his neck.

Jamere: his eyes widened when Gabiral pinned him to the wall, but he was feeling so sick that he couldn't even think about fighting back without wanting to throw up. When Gabiral bit his neck, he hollered. "Great Ones will kill you for..." he took a breath, "...killing me."

Gabiral: He pulled back, fangs down. "No they won't. They don't care about you. All they care is about their precious species of Snyde." he then bit into Jamere's neck again, draining him, slowly killing him.

Jamere: slowly the life drained from him, and as it did, he felt a bit better from the sickness, because he was too weak to be sick with it. But by then, most of his life was out of him. His eyes drooped and his body slacked.

Gabiral: He then broke his neck then tore from his body, making sure he was dead, after not being able to drink anymore from him. He then took a match and set fire to his body, as well with everything else in the airplane. He appeared outside and watched the airplane go up in flames.

When part of the airplane melted he could hear the screams of the innocent miniature people from the little dollhouse, as they were getting choked by flames and melted with heat.

Gabiral: He growled softly, forgetting about the little miniature people. He appeared where there were no flames and was close to the dollhouse. He grabbed the house and appeared back outside, opening it after he was outside.

The little women inside were coughing and waving their hands in front of their faces to try and get clean air to breathe. One was passed out on the floor and another was fanning her. A couple of the women looked up at Gabiral.

Gabiral: he didn't know what to do with them now that he saved them.

One of the women walked over and held up a little white board that read, "Thank you! 3" on it. She made it so Gabiral could read it.

Gabiral: He nodded with a small smile.

Soon the whole place where Jamere had been was engulfed in flames.

Gabiral: he watched the place for a few minutes before heading back to Daray and Arya's house to get Amanda.

He could hear Amanda's voice from Daray's office.

Gabiral: He waited downstairs.

Daray: soon he came downstairs with Amanda close behind him.

Amanda: her face lit up when she saw him and she pushed past Daray, skipping down the stairs towards Gabiral, "Gabe!" she smiled, "You're back. How'd it go?" she stopped in front of him.

Gabiral: He nodded a bit. "He'll no longer bother you. He's dead." He stated and watched her, so badly wanting to wrap her in his arms and hold her, to be able to kiss her.

Amanda: she saw that look on his face and she knew, "Thank you baby." she whispered to him in sympathy, and then looked back at Daray as he walked up to them.

Daray: "So let's get a blood sample from you, Gabiral...the poison should still be in you somewhere. Amanda wants me to try and make a counter to it so if Amanda takes that, the poison won't hurt her. She'll be immune. Then she won't need to change."

Amanda: she looked back at Gabiral and smiled, "Yes. Daray's a great scientist with that stuff. I went to college with him so I know."

Gabiral: "Yes, I know. Arya has told me plenty of times." He stated and sighed. "There is still a problem here. Even though I'm happy to hear that she wouldn't need to be changed if she takes the counter to it, I still won't be able to change back human."

Daray: "Yes, you can. The way Arya changed you, you can change back. How you wanted her to change Amanda however, could not be reversed."

Gabiral: "No, you're not getting what I mean. I know that I can change back to human but not if I still have this poison still in my body. I mean, it would kill me if I change back."

Daray: "Oh..." he suddenly understood. "I thought it was just made to kill Amanda though?"

Gabiral: he shook his head. "No, any human that comes into contact with me like Amanda would." He stated. "And since it's in my body it would just kill me right then and there if I was human."

Daray: "Hmm, well, chances are since it's in your body now, you've grown an immunity to it. If not...perhaps I can give you the counter and it will take the poison from your body."

Gabiral: He nodded. "Very well," He glanced at Amanda before looking back at Daray. "How much of my blood do you need?"

Daray: "Not sure yet. I can take a good size amount though, like they do in hospitals, and that should be enough. You just fed though, didn't you?" he could tell Gabiral's eyes were redder than usual.

Amanda: she knelt down by the dollhouse and looked inside.

Gabiral: "Yeah. I killed Jamere that way. He was there so...why waste? You know?"

Daray: "I know. But we will have to wait awhile for your food to leave your system...or it will contaminate the reading."

Gabiral: He sighed. "Alright."

Daray: "Arya can give you something else to drink so it won't contaminate your own blood, if you get thirsty. So, tomorrow morning I will take your blood. For tonight, you and Amanda will have to sleep in separate places. One on the floor, one on the bed, or whatever. Can you manage that?"

Gabiral: "We're going to have to."

Daray: "Good. If all goes as planned, I should have everything done by three days, max. I might just make something for you to take to kill the poison. Then Amanda won't have to take anything for the poison won't exist anymore."

Gabiral: he nodded. "Alright with me."

Daray: "So it went well other than that. That's good." he looked down at the dollhouse, "What's that though?"

Amanda: "There's little people in here..." she whispered, still peeking in the window of the dollhouse.

Gabiral: "Go check it out if you want to know." he looked over at Amanda. "Yeah, I know. I almost killed them along with Jamere."

Amanda: she looked up at Gabiral, "How? You caught everything on fire?" she guessed.

Daray: he walked over to the dollhouse, knelt down beside Amanda, and looked in a window.

Gabiral: He nodded. "Yeah, I set everything on fire after I killed him."

Amanda: "What are we going to do with them? Keep them? They're just like that...little Amanda figure...that was stabbed all over with little the box we got in the mail..."

Gabiral: "I know. We can keep them if you want. I think they'd like to have a new home though. I'll have to get them a new one since that one is all destroyed and everything."

Amanda: "I wouldn't mind keeping them if they are nice...we could build them a new dollhouse together!" she was a bit excited about that.

Daray: "What were they made for?" he leaned back and looked at Gabiral as he got to his feet.

Gabiral: He chuckled a bit at Amanda's reaction then looked at Daray. "They were made by Jamere, to keep track of all the people he killed for the Great Ones and planned to kill. I guess. He used to have one of Amanda, but killed it and sent it to us."

Daray: "Hmmm..." he looked back at the dollhouse, "Perhaps we should find out who those women are and warn case others come after them."

Gabiral: "Might be a good idea."

Daray: "We'll work on you for this counteract to the poison though. Worry about the women later." he headed to the stairs, "I'll get Arya to get the red liquid for you and then I'll get what I need in the morning."

Gabiral: "When Arya returns, that is." he said softly.

Daray: "From her walk? Yea...she'll be back soon." he walked up the stairs and went back into his office, leaving Amanda and Gabiral downstairs alone.

Gabiral: He nodded then looked over at Amanda. He sighed slightly but smiled a bit while he watched her. He couldn't believe that she agreed to be with him. To be his wife, he was so happy about that.

Angelia: She could be heard running down the hall to Daray's office.

Daray: he was just at his office door, and turned when he heard Angelia coming, "Hey! Baby girl!" he scooped her up and kissed her cheek while he hugged her in his arms, "You're awake from your nap." he smiled at her.

Amanda: she looked up at him, "We could do like Rogue does in those X-Men movies..."

Angelia: She smiled and hugged her father around the neck. Her long, curly ringlets fall down her back and across her shoulder. "Daddy, come play?" She asked him in her small angelic voice.

Gabiral: He thought about that. "I don't know." He said after a minute.

Amanda: "Too scared to?"

Daray: "Play what, sweetie? Are you hungry, first? You just woke up. And guess who's here." he smiled at her.

Gabiral: "Well, it really depends on what you are referring to first."

Angelia: "Play hide seek. Pwease Daddy?" She smiled a bit. "Yes! Hungry!" She bounced a bit in his arms. "Who?" She asked and hugged him again around his neck.

Daray: "Okay. After you eat and after you say hi to your Uncle Gabe and your future Aunt Amanda..." he carried her down the stairs with him.

Amanda: she stood, "The clothes that cover the skin so I don't feel I don't get sweat on me and die..."

Gabiral: "What about the kissing and stuff? We can't do that until this poison is out of my system."

Angelia: She nodded. "Otay daddy." She said as she kept her arms around his neck lightly. She watched in front of them.

Daray: soon they came into view of Amanda and Gabe.

Amanda: "Unless you had freezing ability." she smiled.

Gabiral: "But I don't." He chuckled a bit and smiled back at her. He looked over at Daray when he came into view.

Angelia: She was still smiling from earlier.

Amanda: she smiled at him and then looked at Daray and Angelia, still smiling, "Hi Angelia honey."

Angelia: She became shy and hid her face in Daray's neck, behind her ringlets of hair.

Gabiral: He chuckled. "Looks like someone is being bashful."

Amanda: she patted Angelia's back, "It's don't need to be shy. You are a little cutie, aren't you?" she looked at Gabe, "Look at her hair." she smiled.

Angelia: She watched Amanda and Gabiral from behind her ringlets.

Gabiral: He smiled too and nodded. "Just like her mother."

Arya: "Who's just like her mother?" She asked when she walked into the room. She looked like she was in a fight with an animal of some sort.

Daray: he looked at Arya and raised an eyebrow.

Amanda: she looked at Arya and crinkled her nose.

No one said anything.

Arya: "I ran into a mountain lion. I'm a mess, I know." She stated.

Angelia: She looked up and at Arya. "Mommy!" She said excitedly.

Arya: She smiled. "Hey, baby girl! You have a nice nap?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Yeah. Daddy going to play hide seek wit me when done with eating."

Arya: "That sounds like fun."

Angelia: She nodded and looked at Amanda and Gabiral. She waved to Gabiral and Amanda a little bit.

Gabiral: He waved a bit back at her, smiling.

Amanda: she also waved back at Angelia, having looked back at her.

Daray: "Ran into a mountain lion? There are no mountain lions around here..."

Arya: "I know." She stated as she started to go upstairs so she could change clothes.

Angelia: She squirmed as if she wanted down.

Daray: "Noooooo!" he said to Angelia when she started to squirm, and flipped her upside down and carried her into the kitchen like that, "Muahaha..." once in the kitchen he flipped her back to her feet and set her down.

Amanda: "You should get some rest, love." she told Gabiral.

Angelia: She screamed in a happy sort of way and giggled as Daray carried her upside down to the kitchen.

Gabiral: He nodded. "Very well. You alright though?" He asked as he stood. He was a bit tired.

Amanda: "Yea...for now. I can sleep on the floor...I'll get some blankets and such from the closet."

Gabiral: "Oh, no you won't. You'll get the bed. I can sleep on the floor. I'm not allowing my fiancée sleep on the floor and even if you weren't my fiancée, I still wouldn't let you sleep on the floor."

Amanda: "We can both fit on the bed with pillows in between..." she compromised.

Gabiral: He thought about that for a moment then nodded. "Alright." He agreed.

Amanda: she smiled, "Yay! Let's both get some sleep then." she looked back into the dollhouse, "They don't need food or water or anything do they?"

Gabiral: he shrugged. "I don't know. I'm sure they'd tell us if they did or not." he also looked at the dollhouse.

Amanda: "Okay." she looked up at Gabe, "I just don't want them to die or something..."

Gabiral: He nodded. "Yeah, I know how you feel." He motioned for her up to the room.

Amanda: she turned and walked up the stairs and went into their room that they were staying in while at Arya and Daray's house.

Gabiral: He followed after her, watching her as she walked. Once in the room, he started to strip down to his boxers then climbed into one side of the bed, watching Amanda.

Amanda: she watched him and then debated what to wear to bed. Then she figured it out. She put on a light sweater and some cute sweatpants, slipped on some socks, and climbed in bed. So in case they hit each other, she would be safe for the most part. She put some pillows in between them and then lay down in bed.

Gabiral: he watched her, smiling a bit. "I love you, Amanda." he whispered to her.

Amanda: she turned over to see him, and her lips curled up into a small smile, "I love you too." she would give him a kiss now on the lips, and she wanted so bad to snuggle with him, but instead she just put her hand to her lips and then blew him a kiss. "Good night, my love." then she rolled over to turn her back to him and closed her eyes to fall asleep.

Gabiral: he smiled a bit then closed his eyes. Soon, he was asleep.

During the night Amanda had a nightmare, and tossed and turned because of it. She woke up in a sweat, sitting straight up; her breathing hard.

Gabiral: he woke up, watching her. "Babe, you alright?"

Amanda: "No." she whispered, rubbing her eyes with the palms of her hands, trying to forget the dream.

Gabiral: He wanted to wrap her in his arms and comfort her. "It's alright, babe. It was just a dream." He tried to comfort her that way.

Amanda: "No," she said softly, "It was real."

Gabiral: He sat up. "Tell me about it, love."

Amanda: "It's stupid Arya's fault." she whispered, her voice whimpering.

Gabiral: "Tell me, love. Maybe I could help somehow."

Amanda: "What she did to me today!" she moved her hands to look over at Gabe, "You told her she could. You know how I feel and you told her she could change me by force if she wanted. So she tried. I felt like a rat in a maze, trapped. She locked me in here and it's not like I can out run her, or push her off me when she grabbed me. She's faster and stronger." her eyes were watering up, "Do you know what I felt like, Gabe? I was so scared. I felt like one of the humans the Great Ones brings into their castle to feed from. And the fact was, this was worse, because not only was it from my soon to be sister in law, but you had allowed it." she looked away and brushed the fallen tears off her cheeks, "I heard the screams, Gabe, of the innocent humans the Great Ones took. I dreamt of them tonight. I was forced to take one for myself, and when I looked at her face..." she swallowed, her voice lowering to help it stop cracking, "she was me, and then suddenly I was Arya who was doing the feeding, and she covered my mouth and the whole time she said, 'It's okay. Your husband says so.'"

Gabiral: "Amanda, I just didn't want you to get hurt by Jamere or even myself. I just thought, at that moment, that if you were like me that we wouldn't have to worry about him coming after you or my hurting you. I'm sorry, Amanda. I was trying to protect you from a worse fate." He wanted to pull her to him. "I'm sorry." He repeated.

Amanda: "I know." she whispered, "I don't blame you...but Arya?" she frowned.

Gabiral: "She just was doing what I asked her to do, Amanda. That's all."

Amanda: "What if you hadn't answered your phone?" she looked at him again.

Gabiral: "She would have gotten a hold of me mentally."

Amanda: she shook her head no, "I don't believe it." she looked away, "I had to beg her to call you. When I just asked, she repeatedly told me no. I saw that look in her eyes."

Gabiral: "What look?" He was curious now.

Amanda: "Something evil. She doesn't like me, Gabiral. And I'm scared around her." she admitted softly to him.

Gabiral: He looked a bit confused. "Arya? What color were her eyes, hon?" He couldn't believe that Arya would have an evil look in her eyes, she had a family.

Amanda: "Red."

Gabiral: He shook his head a bit. "I don't think that was Arya but my other sister. Now she doesn't like anyone at all."

Amanda: she didn't say anything. She knew it was Arya. Arya didn't like her. It looked just like Arya. It couldn't have been anyone else.

Gabiral: "Babe, I have two sisters. Arya and Athena. They look exactly alike except Arya has blue eyes and Athena has red, all the time. The only time Arya has red eyes is when she's in physical battle with another Snyde or some other species."

Amanda: "You don't consider her anger with me earlier a physical battle?"

Gabiral: He shook his head. "No, babe. I meant as in a life threatening battle and she's remembering how to fight from her past, her Great Ones past."

Amanda: "Why would she have called you then? Hmmm? Athena wouldn't have."

Gabiral: "Maybe to throw you off a bit. I don't know with Athena. It's hard to tell at times. Arya would have done it the first time you asked."

Amanda: she shook her head, not believing it. She pushed back the covers and climbed out of bed.

Gabiral: "Where you going, love?"

Amanda: "Downstairs...getting a drink or something. I don't want the nightmare coming back." she said softly. "I'm afraid to be here, Gabiral, and as soon as Daray helps us with the cure for you...I want to leave. Please." she looked at him, pleading. "I know Daray's my friend, and you're my future husband, and Arya's going to be my sister in law, but I don't feel safe here anymore after today. It's any moment I could be forced into something I don't want. It's a strange feeling about the house."

Gabiral: "We'll leave as soon as everything is supposed to be how it was before. I promise." He understood to a point. He looked up at the ceiling then back at Amanda. "I think I'll come with you. Alright?" He got up, pushing his side of the covers off him and grabbing a pair of pants and a shirt, putting them on. He then walked over to the door and looked outside of it before walking out of it then waiting for her out in the hallway.

Amanda: she stepped out into the hallway with him, "I guess I didn't care so much until I went to sleep and that's all I thought about. Add that to seeing Arya come home covered in blood and torn clothes." she crossed her arms over her chest, "I don't know."

Gabiral: "Arya likes to hunt things like that but, it smelled more than just mountain lion blood." He walked downstairs with her.

Amanda: "What do you mean?"

Gabiral: "I mean, that there was more than just mountain lion blood on her clothes. There was also Snyde blood and some other species of blood on her clothes. I can't really tell what the other blood was. I think she was hoping that the mountain lion blood would mask the other scents."

Amanda: "So what does that mean?" she said softly.

Gabiral: "Not really sure. All I can think of is that she ran into some unexpected visitors and they tried to do something and it didn't fly with Arya and she got in a major fight with them. Plus, now that I think of it, she wasn't wearing the clothes that I seen her in when she came back. I had to be talking to Athena." He sighed. "I have to pay more attention to the eyes from now on." He said to himself.

Amanda: "What...what?" she stopped on the stairs to looked at Gabiral, "Your sisters are one person? Arya has a split personality?"

Gabiral: He chuckled. "No. They use to be one person. It's a long story. Athena has red eyes and when I was talking to, who I thought was Arya, she was wearing a red shirt and light blue jeans. Arya wasn't wearing that. She was wearing a green shirt with dark jeans."

Amanda: "I'm so confused." she said softly, heading down the rest of the stairs and walking into the kitchen.

Gabiral: He followed her.

There was someone in the kitchen when she got down there but the lights were off.

Amanda: she went to turn on the light, unable to see in the dark very well.

Athena: "Before you turn on lights and you hear someone in the room, you should always warn them." She looked over at Amanda, her eyes glowing a red tint in the dark.

Gabiral: he glared at Athena. "Hello, Athena."

Athena: "Why Gabiral, you decided to rejoin our species, good for you." a smile could be heard in her voice.

Amanda: she flipped on the light anyways.

Athena: She growled softly and closed her eyes. "That wasn't very nice." She looked exactly like Arya.

Gabiral: "Neither are you, it seems."

Athena: She opened her eyes and looked at Gabiral. She smiled a bit. "I know. I can be nice when I want to."

Amanda: "Arya? Why did Gabe call you Athena?" she had stepped back when Athena growled, her heart jumping in her chest as she was still sensitive from earlier, and it caused her to step back up against Gabiral; her back against his chest.

Athena: She laughed softly. "Because I'm not Arya. I'm Athena. Arya is sound asleep upstairs with Daray in their room."

Gabiral: He gently rubbed her arm, which he could do because she had long sleeves on, to comfort her then moved to where she was behind him. Further away from Athena. He didn't trust Athena.

Athena: She walked over towards Amanda and Gabiral. "You're scared of me." She laughed. "Good, you need to be. You wouldn't be scared if you were one of us. Too bad that you can't do what you wish with Gabiral." She walked over to Gabiral and gently placed a hand on his cheek then led it down to his chest.

Gabiral: He watched her, feeling her touch and swallowing. "I suggest you step back away from me, Athena." He told her softly.

Athena: "I don't think I will." She whispered then had Gabiral pinned against the wall. "I think that you should turn Amanda yourself. Then maybe she'll be happier if you do it." She whispered to him, watching Amanda. "Imagine the taste of her against your tongue. Her moaning your name from the pleasure you're giving her while you bite her." She continued to whisper, she whispered more in his ear tormenting him with the thoughts of Amanda. While she did all this, she watched Amanda.

Gabiral: He swallowed more, getting thirsty but didn't give in. He fought it the whole time. Athena was stronger than he was because of her being older and her biting humans a lot longer than him; so he wasn't able to push her off him.

Amanda: she screamed when Athena had pushed Gabiral up against the wall, "Stop!" she yelled, "He can't. If he bites me or touches me he'll kill me!" she grabbed Athena's arm and tugged on it to try and get her away from Gabiral, "Please just stop it!" she didn't care how scared she was of Athena right now. She just wanted her away from Gabiral, and that's all she was thinking about.

Gabiral: "Amanda, step back. Please." he whispered between clenched teeth. He was restraining himself.

Athena: She glared a bit at Amanda.


Arya: She heard the scream and woke up. She shook Daray awake. "Daray. Something's wrong." She said to him.

Angelia: She jerked awake from the scream and climbed out of bed. She opened the door to her room and walked down the hallway, rubbing her eyes.

Daray: "Hmmm?" he opened his eyes, being woken by Arya. He hadn't heard anything, being a deep sleeper as he was. "What's wrong?" he opened his eyes and then sat up, realizing what Arya just said, "Something's wrong? With Angelia?" he worried. He threw back the covers and put his feet on the floor.

Arya: "I don't know. I heard a scream." She got up too.

Angelia: She walked down to the stairs and started to walk down them.


Amanda: she removed her hands off of Athena right quick when Athena glared at her, and stepped back, like Gabiral asked her too. Her heart pounded.

Gabiral: "It's alright." He told Amanda. "She won't hurt me."

Athena: she smiled a bit and looked back at Gabiral. She smiled.

Amanda: "I told you! She has an evil look in her eyes! You don't know that!" she yelled. She was shaking. "I am not freakin' scared of you, Athena!" she forced herself to say, letting her wall build back up for protection, "Let him go, now!"

Daray: he zoomed out to the hallway and then saw Angelia on the stairs. "Hey!" he zoomed over to her and scooped her up, stopping at the bottom of the stairs. He looked in the kitchen, seeing Gabiral and Athena and Amanda, as he held Angelia in his arms at his side. "What's going on in here!"

Angelia: She held onto Daray with one arm and rubbed her eye and yawned.

Athena: She looked at Amanda. "You're not scared of me? Let's put that to the test, shall we?" She smiled, a bit evilly.

Gabiral: "I don't think so." he grabbed a hold of Athena's arm.

Athena: She looked at Daray when he came down. "Ah, my beloved brother-in-law and my adorable niece are up. Where is my sister? She not here still or she staying in her room away from me now?" She let Gabiral go and forgot about Amanda.

Daray: he growled, "Athena, you're making trouble again. Can't you stay here peacefully?"

Athena: "It's what I do." She smiled.

Angelia: She happened to lay her head on Daray's shoulder, watching everyone.

Daray: "Do it again and you can find somewhere else to live. Get out of the kitchen."

Athena: She shrugged. "I don't technically live here so I can do it again."

Gabiral: He straightened his shirt and walked over to Amanda.

Angelia: She watched everyone still.

Amanda: she hugged Gabiral around the waist when he got close; hiding her face in his shirt over his chest, much like Angelia had done to Daray earlier, only Amanda wasn't doing this because she was bashful. She was just trying to calm down.

Daray: "What's all this about anyways, Athena?" he growled. "You've disturbed everyone's sleep here!"

Athena: "Actually, I was here all day. Gabiral can even confirm it because he's the one that talked to me. I was minding my own business when they came down here and disturbed me. So you want to blame anyone, blame them." She was calm; as if she didn't really care she woke everyone up.

Gabiral: He wrapped an arm around her lightly, being careful. He watched Athena and Daray.

Angelia: "Daddy, I seepy." She said sleepily.

Daray: "You over react to things a lot, Athena. They probably did not mean to disturb you." he looked down at Angelia, "Alright baby girl."

Athena: "I'm not the one over reacting here." She stated then went back to her drink that she got. She leaned against the counter.

Angelia: She closed her eyes as her head was on Daray's shoulder. She yawned again and after a few seconds, she was back asleep.

Arya: She was standing at the bottom of the stairs, leaning against the wall. She's been there for the past ten minutes, listening.

Daray: "I'll be back. No more yelling." he looked at Athena and then to Amanda before turning and heading back upstairs to Angelia's room to put her back to bed for the rest of the night.

Amanda: "I'm not thirsty anymore Gabe. Can we go back to bed, please?" she asked him softly, looking at him. She just really did not want to be around Athena at all. Athena was everything Amanda hated in the Snyde species, all rolled into one.

Athena: "I won't be yelling. I haven't yelled at all." She stated softly as she looked at her drink.

Arya: She came into the doorway of the kitchen and leaned against the doorframe.

Gabiral: "Of course." He looked down at her.

Athena: She looked up with a small smile then saw Arya and smiled a bit more. "Hello sister."

Arya: "Athena. Why are you here?"

Athena: She shrugged. "For me to know and you to dot, dot, dot." she smiled.

Amanda: she just looked between Athena and Arya. She saw the resemblance. She didn't say anything though.

Arya: She looked at Gabiral and Amanda. "I would recommend you guys go up to your room. My sister and I have some things to finish." She looked back at Athena.

Athena: She smiled a bit. "That we do."

Amanda: she didn't need to be told twice. She was grateful to be sent away. She practically ran up the stairs, making sure not to run into Arya as she passed her.

Daray: he appeared in the kitchen doorway again now that Angelia was in bed.

Arya: She made sure to be out of their way.

Gabiral: He followed Amanda up the stairs.

Amanda: she climbed back in bed as soon as they were in the bedroom.

Gabiral: He shut the door. "Would locking the door make you feel safer? Since you and I are the only ones in here?" He asked her.

Amanda: "No. Anyone can easily break a lock. And Daray can teleport in." she sighed.

Gabiral: "I don't think anyone would break in plus I don't think Daray would teleport in here either. He has no reason to."

Amanda: "Okay," she sighed, pulling the blankets up close to her, "Lock it."

Gabiral: He locked the door and then stripped down to his boxers again before he climbed into the bed beside her.

Amanda: "So you don't think it was Arya who scared me earlier?"

Gabiral: "I know it wasn't Arya who scared you earlier."

Amanda: "I guess." she said softly, "But Arya does hate me. And she did tell me that you told her it would be okay, so, that means you told Athena...and didn't you know it was Athena?" she turned her head to look at Gabe, lifting her eyes over the pillow.

Gabiral: "I don't think she hates you." He propped his head up on one arm. "I told Athena and no I didn't know. I didn't notice the eyes at all, maybe because I wasn't really looking at her in the first place."

Amanda: "So where has Arya been all day? And Daray and Angelia thought it was Arya who came in from hunting."

Gabiral: He sighed. "I don't know where she's been but that was Arya who came in from hunting."

Amanda: "Maybe I'll feel better in the morning." she sighed and rolled over.

Gabiral: "Alright, love. I'm here if you need me or anything. I love you." He lay down and closed his eyes.

Amanda: "Love you too baby." she closed her eyes also.


Gabiral: He woke before Amanda and got up to get dressed. Once dressed, he went and got the blood taken for Daray to do what he needed to do. He then left for town. He needed to get something.

Daray: he started to work on the cure for Gabiral.

Amanda: while Gabe was gone, she checked on the people in the dollhouse. She showed Angelia them. She felt better than she had felt last night from that dream she had.

Daray: he started to work on the cure for Gabiral.

Amanda: while Gabe was gone, she checked on the people in the dollhouse. She showed Angelia them. She felt better than she had felt last night from that dream she had.

Angelia: she looked at the little people. "You hungry?" she asked them. She was fascinated by them.

Arya: she was making lunch for everyone.

Gabiral: he returned with a small bag. He went to the bedroom first before he went down to the living room.

One of the little women showed Angelia a sign that said 'yes'.

Amanda: "We should name them, and we can make them clothes. They're like little dolls but you need to be careful with them because they are alive." she told Angelia softly. She looked up at Gabe when he came down to the living room, "Hi baby how are you?" she asked him.

Angelia: she nodded. "What you want eat?" she asked them.

Gabiral: "I'm alright. How are you?" he sat on the couch, watching them.

Amanda: "Better." she gave him a small smile. "Where were you this morning?"

The little woman wrote on the white board again and then held it up for Angelia to see. It read, 'Anything. We're not picky.'

Daray: he teleported into the kitchen and stole a kiss from Arya and then teleported back upstairs to his office.

Arya: she smiled and continued to make lunch.

Angelia: she smiled and got up and ran to the kitchen. She got something for them from Arya and ran back into the room and sat down where the dollhouse was. She placed the food down for them. She also had a small bowl of water for them.

Gabiral: "Just out." he smiled a bit.

Amanda: she heard movement from Angelia and looked back at her for a moment to see what she was doing. When she saw she was just running into the kitchen she smiled and then looked back at Gabiral, "You aren't going to tell me where?" she raised an eyebrow.

The little woman wrote on the board again, after looking at what was placed before her quizzically, "Nothing our size?" she wondered.

Gabiral: "I've been to town."

Angelia: she shook her head no.

Amanda: she lay on her stomach, on the floor of the living room, and reached her hand over to poke his foot before propping her head up by resting her chin in her hands. She looked up at Gabe through her eyelashes as he sat on the couch, "And what did you do in town?"

The little woman wrote, "Thank you" on the board, and then took the food back to the kitchen in the dollhouse first and then came back and got the water.

Gabiral: "Just bought some things. That's all."

Angelia: "Your welcome." then she thought of something. "I'll be right back." she got up and ran upstairs. She came back after a few minutes with a small box. She sat down again and opened the box. She pulled out some doll clothes and some doll dishes. "You can borrow these if you want to for now."

Amanda: "What things?" she smiled more; having fun with the questions.

The little woman took them from Angelia and another woman came over to help grab them. The other woman smiled at the clothes, and hugged them to her, thinking they were very pretty. She looked up at Angelia with joy on her face.

Gabiral: "You'll have to wait and see." he smiled at her.

Angelia: she smiled back at them, happy to make them smile.

Amanda: she stuck her tongue out at him and then turned over on her back to look over at Angelia easier, "We should name them." she told Angelia.

Angelia: "I think they have names." she said softly and looked at Amanda.

Gabiral: he chuckled.

Amanda: "I don't know." she sat up, "Would they have the same names their normal sized versions have?"

Angelia: she shrugged and looked back at the little people.

Gabiral: "I don't know."

Amanda: "Do you women have names?" she asked them, looking into the dollhouse.

One of them wrote on the board and showed it to Amanda, "J called us by certain names so I guess so."

Amanda: she nodded and tilted her head back to look at Gabiral upside down, "Yea, they do."

Angelia: "What's your names?" she asked them.

Gabiral: he nodded a bit.

One woman wrote on the board eight names;


Then she went and pointed to each girl in the house.

Angelia: she smiled. "Hi. I'm Angelia."

They all waved to her.

Amanda: she started to close the dollhouse, "We should give them privacy now sweetie." she told Angelia.

Angelia: "Alright." she said softly.

Amanda: "I think lunch is ready to eat." she got to her feet and then scooped Angelia up, "Come on little one." she then headed into the kitchen.

Daray: he was too busy to come down to eat.

Arya: 'Want me to bring your lunch to you?' she asked Daray mentally.

Angelia: "Yay!" she got excited to eat lunch, like little kids do.

Gabiral: he got up and went into the kitchen.

Daray: 'I probably won't eat it.' he said truthfully.

Amanda: she set Angelia in her seat at the table and then sat down in a chair beside her, which was across from where Arya sat. She watched Arya.

Arya: 'I'll bring it up anyway.' she said as she set a plate of food in front of Angelia then the rest of the food on the table. "Help yourselves." she told Amanda and Gabiral.

Gabiral: he got himself some food, very little though for he doesn't really eat human food.

Angelia: she started to eat.

Daray: 'I don't care.' he told her mentally. He sounded distracted by what he was doing up in his office.

Amanda: "Arya?" she looked up at Arya when she said her name.

Arya: she looked at Amanda. "Yes?" she started to fix Daray a plate.

Amanda: she was going to say something else but then decided against it and instead just thanked Arya for lunch.

Arya: she nodded and went upstairs to Daray's office.

His door was unlocked.

Daray: he was in his office just trying to find that counter to the poison in Gabiral's body so he could give it to Gabe.

Arya: she opened the door and walked in, closing the door silently behind her.

Daray: he looked up at her and then pointed to the small table in front of the love seat in his office, so Arya could put the food on there.

Arya: she placed the plate on the table then walked over to the door. She looked back at Daray before leaving the room. She then went downstairs.

Amanda: when she was done with her lunch and had placed her dishes in the sink, she went upstairs to the room her and Gabiral were staying in.

Angelia: she finished her food and got down from her seat. She then went upstairs to her room.

Amanda: she went over to the bed and saw the bag on the bed. Curious, she started to open it.

The next thing she knew, the bag was gone.

Gabiral: he had a hold of it over by the door. He watched her.

Amanda: she yelled and jumped back, wondering where the bag when until her eyes landed on the door and she saw Gabiral standing there. Her eyes narrowed, "No fair Mr. Super Speed!"

Gabiral: "Shouldn't be snooping." He stated simply.

Amanda: "It was in our room. That's not snooping..." she walked over to him, "Please can I see?" she blinked at him.

Gabiral: "No." He had put the bag somewhere only he knew where it was at.

Amanda: she crossed her arms, "You know, I'd seduce you into letting me see it but you're lucky I can't touch you."

Gabiral: He chuckled. "I know babe. You'll see it in time. I promise."

Amanda: she smirked, changing the subject, not caring about the bag anymore really. "This whole 'can't touch each other' thing should make you want me more than ever, hmm? Or maybe realize you don't want me." she took her hair out of the bun on her head and let if fall around her shoulders, running her fingers through her hair.

Gabiral: "You shouldn't tease me like this, Amanda. It just makes things worse for me to keep my hands to myself."

Amanda: "Tease you like what?" she smiled at him, knowing what she was doing, "My head just started to hurt, having my hair like that." she put her hair tie around her wrist.

Gabiral: "You doing what you were with your hair." He stated.

Amanda: "What?" she ran her hand through her hair again, turned and walked over to the bed, sitting on it. She leaned back, arching her back, her hair falling behind her like a fan, "Mmm, so tired baby. Let's take a nap. Make time go faster so when we wake up the cure will be made for you."

Gabiral: He watched her and swallowed a bit. "Alright. We can take a nap."

Amanda: she sat up and then down at the top of the bed and brought her feet on the mattress, patting the space beside her, "Come on."

Gabiral: He walked over to his side of the bed and sat down on it. He looked at her with a small smile.

Amanda: "We can dream of touching each other. We won't die then." she teased, and blew him a kiss before lying down on the bed.

Gabiral: "Yes we can but would make one of us in a weird state after we wake up." He teased back then lay down on the bed. He closed his eyes to go to sleep.

Amanda: she rolled over and blew gently on the back of his neck.

Gabiral: He stiffened a bit and opened his eyes and looked at her.

Amanda: she giggled and then rolled back around quickly so her back was to him, pretending she was asleep.

Gabiral: He got up, without Amanda knowing, and got what he bought earlier that day. He lay back on the bed on his side, facing her, and gently ran a blood red rose against her cheek and down her neck. He watched her as he did it too.

Amanda: she squirmed her neck away as it tickled, and then turned to look at him, "What are you doing?" she whispered to him.

Gabiral: "The same you did to me." He smiled and whispered back then handed her the rose. "For you my dear."

Amanda: she took the rose from him, and put it to her nose to smell it, and then sighed happily. "I love you. Thank you for the rose. I'd kiss you if I could."

Gabiral: He smiled. "I love you too and you're welcome." He told her softly.

Amanda: she set the rose between them and then turned the rest of her body to face him, her hands under her head, "Are you going to actually take a nap?"

Gabiral: "If you are." He said, looking at her.

Amanda: "I was...but, um, I do need to tell Daray that Angelia and I found out the names of the girls."

Gabiral: "Alright. I'll be here when you get back."

Amanda: "I can tell him later." she was about to reach out to touch his face but stopped herself. She sighed about not being able to touch him and turned her back to him so it wouldn't tempt her.

Gabiral: He nodded and watched her for a moment before lying down completely and closing his eyes. He laid there in a very light sleep though.

Daray was unable to find the cure for Gabiral for several days. In between time, while he waited to see if what he made worked or not, he made it his goal to send word to the women who were like Amanda, and tell them to be careful as the Great Ones has a price on their heads, and if they knew of any men like them, to warn them also.


Five days later, of no touching and kissing for Gabiral and Amanda, Daray called Gabiral into his office, because he was sure he had made a cure for the poison in Gabiral's system.

Gabiral: He walked into the room when Daray called him in. "Yes?"

Daray: "Here." he handed Gabiral something to drink, "I think that should work." he was standing in front of his desk when Gabiral walked in. The drink he gave Gabiral was colored a dark green, almost black.

Gabiral: "You think?" He asked as he looked at the drink before he went to drink it.

Daray: "Yes. Depends if you're willing to test it though."

Gabiral: He stopped and looked at him. "Test it how?"

Daray: "On Amanda."

Gabiral: He shook his head. "No. I won't do it on Amanda."

Daray: he sighed; "Yea...why did I guess you'd say that?" he walked around the other side of his desk and opened a drawer, looking for something.

Gabiral: He watched him for a moment then looked back at the drink. He sighed and drank it, not really caring if it was to cure it or not. He was hoping it would.

Daray: "Here." he said after a moment, setting a syringe filled with liquid on the desk, "That's your poison."

Gabiral: "Alright? And I'm supposed to do what with that?"

Daray: he rubbed his eyes. He was tired. He hadn't slept much in these past five days, "No." he sighed, "That's not your poison...this is Amanda's blood. Put some on your hand. If it fizzles and foams, like it is causing her to burn, then you are not cured. If it does nothing but sit there, then touching Amanda is safe because your body is not reacting to her blood, which means it will not react to anything on her. Will that work for a test?" he looked at Gabiral.

Gabiral: He nodded. "Yeah." He took the blood and put some on his hand and watched it.

The blood did nothing but sit there.

Gabiral: He smiled after a bit. He then wiped the blood off his hand. "Thank you, Daray." He told him before he left the room. He went to find Amanda.


Daray: as soon as Gabiral had left his office, he walked into his and Arya's bedroom, too tired to even teleport, as that required more energy, and collapsed on the bed and instantly fell asleep.

Arya: She came out of the bathroom, done from a shower and saw Daray on the bed. She smiled slightly and walked over to him. She softly kissed his cheek then covered him up. "I love you." She whispered in his ear before she left the room to leave him to sleep.


Amanda: she was still downstairs playing a board game with Angelia.

Angelia: She took her turn and looked at Amanda. "I thirsty." She said to her.

Amanda: "Well don't look at me." she blinked at Angelia.

Angelia: "I wants juice." She stated and crossed her arms a bit.

Amanda: "Oh. Well I can help you with that." she smiled and got to her feet and then walked out of the living room, into the kitchen.

Angelia: She watched Amanda leave the room and she went over to the doll house and looked into it, checking on the little people.

Gabiral: He caught a hold of Amanda and kissed her, deep and passionate, all the feelings he had been feeling towards her for the past five days were in his kiss.

Amanda: her heart jumped when she was grabbed and randomly kissed by Gabiral. Her heart sped up immediately, fear at first that she was going to die from this, and then she just got into the kiss so much it did not help her to calm down at all. She felt his lips on hers, all over hers, and it excited her so much. She had missed his kiss, and her body was overreacting to it. It was like a husband who went away for war and then finally returned after months and months; even though it had only been days. She didn't care if she died from this kiss. It was so wonderful.

Gabiral: He continued to kiss her, he couldn't help it. He hated to not be able to touch her and kiss her. He missed her so much in those ways. He hated that she was right in front of him and he couldn't touch her, until now. He pulled her closer to him.

Amanda: she wrapped her arms around his neck and stood on her tiptoes, her chest closer to him as they kissed, their bodies pressing together. She wanted to say something but did not want to break the connection just yet. She did need to breathe soon though.

Gabiral: As much as he hated to do this but he broke the kiss to look at her. He smiled at her.

Amanda: her face was flushed, her eyes snapping open when the kiss broke as she took a deep breath, "Daray found the cure?" she guessed.

Gabiral: he nodded. "Yes. He did." He whispered and softly kissed her again.

Amanda: "Took him long enough." she whispered after the kiss, "I better get Angelia's juice before she starts screaming."

Gabiral: "Alright." he whispered and let her go to get Angelia her juice.

Amanda: she grabbed his hand and pulled her in with him to the kitchen, while she used her one free hand to get Angelia her juice.

Gabiral: He held her hand as he got a glass down for her.

Amanda: "We can leave now?" she whispered to him.

Gabiral: He nodded. "Yes, we can." he whispered back.

Amanda: she hugged him around the waist, kissed his chest softly, and then picked up Angelia's drink and brought it back into the living room and gave it to her, still holding Gabe's hand. "Angelia, Gabe and I are leaving soon and the dollhouse is going to come with us." she told her softly, seeing her looking at it again.

Angelia: She looked at Amanda with a frowny face. "Okay." She said softly and took her drink and started to drink it. "I don't wants to play anymore." she said after she was done taking a drink. She lost interest in the game now. She rubbed her eye and yawned.

Amanda: "Okay sweetie. Want me to take you up to bed?" she felt bad that she made Angelia sad though.

Angelia: She nodded. "I seepy." she yawned again.

Amanda: she let go of Gabiral's hand to pick up Angelia, and then she carried her up to her room and tucked her in her bed.

Angelia: She lay down in her bed and closed her eyes.

Gabiral: He followed her, smiling a little as he watched her.

Amanda: "See you later, Angie." she then left the room and walked back out to Gabiral, "So what's next on our agenda then, Mr. Rose? Umm, you changing back to human, perhaps?"

Gabiral: "That will take a bit, like before." He told her as he walked back with her to their room. He stopped in front of the closed door. "Can you wait right here for a moment, my love?"

Amanda: "Yea, I know." she sighed, "I don't want to be away from you but I guess..." she pouted.

Gabiral: "It won't be long, babe. I promise." he slipped into the room and came out with a blind fold. "I need you to put this on. Alright?" He told her softly.

Amanda: she took the blind fold from him, looking at him skeptically, "Alright." she repeated, and then put the blindfold over her eyes.

Gabiral: He tested to see if she could see anywhere.

Amanda: she could not. Her eyes were closed also under the blindfold.

Gabiral: He smiled and took a hold of her hands and led her into the bedroom, closing the door behind them. He led her over to the bed and had her sit down on it. He let go of her hands and went and got something. "You can take the blindfold off now." he told her after he was back.

Amanda: she took the blindfold off and looked at his face before her eyes located when he wanted her to see.

The room was lit with only candles and the room was covered in rose petals. Gabiral was on one knee in front of her, looking at her.

Gabiral: "I know that I already asked you and I know you're answer but I wanted to do this properly." He took her left hand and pulled out a ring box and opened it. The ring was silver with a rounded diamond in the middle. On the edges, from the diamond, were little diamonds that were inside the silver band. "Amanda Karel, will you do me the honor and becoming my wife? I promise to love you, take care of you and make you happy for the rest of our days together."

Amanda: she put her hand to her chest, to try and calm her breathing. Seeing all of this was breathtaking. The fact that he went to the effort to do this for her? She loved him so much. She blinked back tears, forcing herself to speak; to answer him, "Yes, baby. You know I will be your wife. I know you'll take care of me and make me happy. You already do." she sniffled and then leaned forward and wrapped her arms around his neck to hug him, kissing his neck softly before leaning back and holding out her left hand for him to slip the ring on her finger. Once he did, she just admired it for a moment, feeling so many emotions. She couldn't believe she was engaged. She couldn't believe someone loved her so much to want to marry her. The ring made it all more real to her.

Gabiral: He smiled and slipped the ring on her finger then leaned up and kissed her again.

Amanda: she kissed him back softly and then passionately, pulling him to her as she laid onto the bed, "You didn't have to do all this." she whispered to him.

Gabiral: "Oh yes I did." he whispered back to her as he kissed her again.

Amanda: "Okay..." she agreed softly, "I did love it. I do."

Gabiral: "Good. That's what I was going for." He smiled.

Amanda: "Seal the deal, honey?" she slid her hands to his jeans and undid them as she kissed him again. She hadn't been close to him in five days. She was almost craving it now that they were even just this close.

Gabiral: "I don't object to sealing the deal." He whispered as he started to remove her clothes as well. He's wanted her ever since she started to tease him.

Amanda: "I'm guessing all this is what you hid from me in the bag?"

Gabiral: "Most of it. The other thing you'll have to wait until our wedding day to get it." he whispered against her neck as he kissed down it.

Amanda: "Mmm...and when will that be?" she whispered to him.

Gabiral: "Whenever you want it, my love."

Amanda: "When you're completely human again?" she asked softly. "Unless you don't want to change."

Gabiral: "I have no objection to that, love."


After the night of Gabiral's proposal, Amanda and Gabe had moved back to their place, taking the dollhouse with them much to the dismay of Angelia, leaving behind Daray and Arya's sanctuary for the time it was needed. Before they had left, Arya had helped Gabiral start the process of reverting to human once again. Daray had warned him to remember hunters going after purebloods who had changed to human, of which Gabiral assured him he would remember, and he and Amanda would both be careful.

Approximately three months later, Gabiral was back to being fully human, just like Amanda. During those three months, Amanda had started to plan their wedding. By the time Gabiral was fully human, the date was set for one month later. Both of them were excited and anxious for the day, to be joined together as one in the human way.

Soon, the day of Amanda and Gabiral's wedding arrived. Amanda had invited their friends and what was left of family, to the wedding. The small women from the dollhouse were going to be used as Amanda's flower girls.

Gabiral: He was getting dressed for the wedding. He just put his jacket on for his suit and was fixing his tie. He was a bit nervous but more excited than anything.

When Gabiral was ready, he was lead up to the front of the audience as they sat in their outdoor chairs on either side of a long red carpet where the bride would walk down as she made her way up to the front stage where the justice of the peace stood under falling cherry blossom flowers which gently blew in the wind. Gabiral stood to the left of the justice of the peace as they faced the audience.

The eight little women, which Amanda had their bridesmaids dresses made into fairy outfits, skipped down the red carpet, scattering blossoms everywhere of various flowers. They looked just like real fairies the way they glittered and spun, wings protruding from the backs of their light purple fairy outfits which dripped with glitter.

Soon a soft music started to play, in place of the typical Bridal March; but everyone knew the bride was coming.

Amanda emerged from the building where she and Gabiral had prepared themselves, and also where the reception was to be held later. The sun reflected beautifully off of her long, white gown which fanned out behind her as she walked. Near the top of her bust was a strip of red silk fabric that ran across the white gown to add a hint of color to it that matched the few red, silky roses at her waist, which held parts of her long white down up in a bunch to give the dress flavor. She wore her hair up in a bun with soft tendrils of curls framing her face, and a silver tiara, which had roses designed into to the metal, on her head which had attached to it a clear, white veil. She took her slow steps up to Gabiral, holding a rose bouquet in her hands. She figured for her wedding, using rose flowers to accentuate would be nice, as after the wedding her last name was going to be Rose.

Gabiral: his breath caught when he saw Amanda. She was gorgeous but to him, she was like that every day. Today just showed how he seen her everyday to everyone that came to the wedding. He smiled as she seen her walk to him. He had his hands folded behind his back and he was standing up straight, waiting for her.

Amanda: when she got up to him she set her rose bouquet down on the chair closest to her, and then after Gabiral lift her veil off her face and tucked it behind her, she couldn't help but blush. Holding his hands in hers, they repeated the words the justice of the peace read to them, and soon it was time to exchange rings.

Gabiral: he took the ring he had for her. He slipped it on her finger. The ring was silver, like her engagement ring, it too had a diamond in the middle of it but right on the sides was two triangle shaped diamonds before it went down to the band of the ring. In the band of the ring were smaller diamonds that went half way around the band on both sides.

Amanda: when she slipped Gabiral's ring on his finger, it was a silver band with diamonds at the top and bottom rim of the ring all around it, with a design in the center silver metal.

Soon the justice of the peace was calling for Gabiral to kiss the bride.

Gabiral: He smiled and leaned in and kissed her, this kiss was filled with love, happiness and joy.

Amanda: she smiled after the kiss, "Our first kiss as husband and wife." she whispered to him.

Gabiral: He smiled. "And there will be many more to come." He promised her in a soft whisper, right before he softly kissed her lips once again.