This poem is called "Soulmate". I'm going to be working on a new chapter of my story, if you're interested. Oh, and I have a chorus concert tomorrow, so wish me luck. That's all. Read On!


Long lost love,

My heart cries for thee.

I am half of our whole,

Only one of our two.

I do not know your face,

Only that you are missing.

My darling, I must find you.

My life is incomplete,

Half of what it could be.

Long lost love,

My heart cries for thee.

Your smile, your laugh.

Who are you?

You are mine, but not yet.

I mustn't be alone any longer.

Where are you?

My heart sings a song

That only you can know.

Yours will be the same.

It has to, we are one.

Together, we are whole.





This is my poem. I am hopeless romantic, as I've so often mentioned. This was to tide you off until I can get the next chapter of my story up, if you read it. Please, if you read review. NO FLAMERS! Constructive criticism, absolutely. Outright flame, NO! With that, I bid you all ado. Tired, StevieBumpkinw2011, signing off!