Baby-Blion: Hola! So, in my junior year, I had this project were we had to make a superhero and stuff. We did some stuff to animate them on flash. Later, my friend and I were partners for another part of the superhero project, and we made a claymation of Euphoria (my hero) and Super Watermelon Man (Matt's hero). So, this is for my friend, Matt-chu 3 not that he actually knows that I wrote this story!


Flying like a raven in the nighttime sky, Euphoria stared down at the scene below her. Thousands of lights lit up the busy city of Fruitville. Its countless citizens went on with their daily lives, and didn't notice the heroine watching over them from the heavens above. Euphoria continued to soar over the city. She was making her rounds as she always did, ready if help was needed. The people of Fruitville loved her, worshipped her even, but she never really wanted them to. She wasn't the guardian of this city because she wanted to after all. She had to.

As she went on her way, Euphoria heard a roar and faint cries in the distance. She groaned and turned to look at what was disrupting the usually peaceful place this time. With superhuman sight, she easily found that a huge, fire-breathing dragon terrorizing the downtown area. It clawed and raked its long talons across buildings and crushed anything in its path. If left alone, it could take out the whole city within an hour or so. Seeing this, Euphoria sighed.

"I hate this job…" She muttered under her breath.

She swooped down to gain the reptile's attention, which worked like a charm. Its blood red eyes darted towards her, and it began to swipe its claws at her. She dodged each one easily, never giving any real effort. Its failed attempts of batting down the woman made the dragon enraged. It stood up and spread out its large, scaly wings. The fact that the dragon looked like it was ready to get serious made Euphoria grumble. She really didn't like this whole superhero thing. Just wasn't for her.

"…" Before it could even start beating its wings, Euphoria slammed her foot into the creature's snout. A giant cloud of dust ensued, hiding the results of the clash. As the dust settled down, there was Euphoria, standing near the dragon as if nothing had happened. The beast lay weakly on the ground, bleeding profusely from the mouth. Its eyes rolled back into its head and whimpered like a small kitten.

Euphoria touched her cheek. Blood trickled down her face, but it wasn't hers. No, she never bled. The dragon had bled on her. She scowled at this and said, "Hey… next time, don't bleed on me. Dragon blood is a pain to get out."

The dragon barley lifted its head off the ground, staring at her as if it understood what she was saying.

"…Now, go. Go back to where you came from," Euphoria said. "Your life has been spared. Pain will not take you today."

Slowly, the scaly reptile rose to its feet. It looked at her straight in the eye before taking off into the sky. Euphoria assumed that it would return to its homelands soon. It wasn't in any condition to go elsewhere. She gazed up and watched the dragon as it flew higher and higher into the sky until it was a small speck. She frowned. If only she could be free…

"Euphoria, over here! Euphoria, look this way!"

As if dealing with the winged serpent hadn't been enough, Euphoria found herself confronting a mob of paparazzi. Cameras flashed madly at her, and microphones were thrusted into her face from all different angles. She wasn't sure of where to look or where to go. She was stuck in a position she hated to be in. Oh, how she hated to be in the limelight.


"Wow! Isn't she just the coolest superhero ever!"

High schooler, Dave , laughed at his younger sister, Lydia. They were sitting on the couch in their living room, watching TV. Earlier, they had been watching some other program, but the fight between Euphoria, the town superhero, and the dragon made an interruption. Not that Lydia minded.

"You really like her, don't you?" Dave asked with a smile, knowing all too well on how she would respond.

"Well, duh! Come on, Dave! She's just the most amazing, daring, and awesome person in the word! She's my idol, you know! I wish I could be just like her," Lydia ranted. "She's, like, a role model for girls everywhere! Who needs Superman when you've got Euphoria! I just love her!"

"Whatever you say, Lydia," he said, "but if you want to talk about great superheroes, then you should be talking about Super Watermelon Man! He's the bravest, strongest-"

"Eh, never heard of him," Lydia said, before he could finish his sentence. "Weird as always, Dave. Anyways, I'm going to my room. I got to finish some homework."

As she left the room, Dave sat alone on the couch and continued to watch the TV. They were showing instant replays of the fight. She made every move, every attack look so effortless, like she wasn't even trying at all. She looked bored, maybe even a little sad. That always puzzled him. Her expression never changed, no matter what.

"I sometimes wonder… Does she even want to be a superhero?" He said to himself. "But why? Wouldn't anyone want to be a hero? I mean… that's, like, my biggest goal." He stuffed his hand in his pocket and pulled out a green mask. It had two round cut outs for eyes and was overall designed to look like half a watermelon. This piece of cloth hid his identity. "I want to be the greatest superhero ever…"

Seeing part of his costume made him a bit happier. "Soon, everyone will know me as Super Watermelon Man!" He declared.

"Lame!" Lydia yelled from her room.

Not discouraged, he grinned at the thought of becoming the next hero for Fruitsville. "Maybe… I'll even meet Euphoria one day."


Baby-Blion: So, that's chapter one! I hope you liked it so far! Yes, some of this is supposed to be ridiculous XD Haha