I threw my backpack down onto my floor and then jumped onto my bed. I buried my face into my pillow and scream. Finally it's Halloween! I sat up and smiled.

"Kacie, are you alright in there?" My mom worried.

"Yeah mom, I'm fine," I yelled.

I checked my cell phone, it was only four o'clock. I had five hours to waste before I get to go to the bonfire... I jumped off my bed and then looked through my movies. I grabbed Child's Play and Child's Play 2 and put the first one into my DVD player. I skipped to the kitchen and made some popcorn, with extra butter! Then I ran back to my room and watched my movies.

Once the movies had ended I looked at my cell phone again, it was seven o'clock.

"Kacie honey, aren't you going to have something to eat?" My mom asked.

I got up and opened my door, I smiled at my mom sourly and then sulked into the kitchen. I opened up the fridge and got out a pack of veggie dogs, I boiled some water and then put them in.

"So what are your plans?"

I jumped. I turned around and saw my older brother Grant standing behind me laughing. "Damn it, you scared me!"

He just laughed.

"I'm going to the bonfire," I stated.


"I'm going to the bonfire," I repeated.

"What? I didn't hear you."

I lightly punched him in the arm, he laughed some more.

I grabbed a plate out of the cupboard and then took my veggie dogs out of the pot.

"So what did you make me?" Grant asked.

"They are veggie dogs."


I put the veggie dogs in buns, put some ketchup on them and then walked back to my room. I logged onto Facebook as I ate my veggie dogs. No one interesting was on.

I logged off and then looked at my phone again, it was seven thirty. All of a sudden I heard the doorbell ring, I looked out my window and saw that the little kids had already started trick or treating.

"Kacie, aren't you going to get that?" My mom asked.

"Can you do it for a bit? I have to get dressed," I asked.

"Sure sweetie."

I opened up my closet and pulled out my gypsy costume, it's a little bit short but I look really hot in it. I took off my clothes and then slipped it on. I curled my hair and then tied the scarf around my head. I put some makeup on, grabbed my phone and then went to sit in the living room. The time pasted really quickly with all the trick or treaters that were coming. This time when I opened the door I saw my best friend Kenzie standing in the door way. She was dressed in a short red dress with horns on her head and little black boots on her feet, she was a devil.

"Ready to go?" Kenzie asked.

I nodded then yelled to my mom, "I'm leaving now, I'll call when I need to be picked up!"

I shut the door and then walked to Kenzie's mom's van with her.

"Kacie, you look great! You're a gypsy right?" Kenzie's mom exclaimed.

"Yeah I am," I replied.

Since the bonfire was at the fire hall it was only about five minutes away. We got out of the van and waved goodbye to Kenzie's mom.

"Look at all the cute guys!" Kenzie whispered.

As I looked around my eyes caught one guy in particular. Kenzie looked over at the blank look on my face and then followed my eyes. "Oh no!" she exclaimed.

"I can't believe it! It's really him!" I smiled.

"Kacie, you are doing so well with forgetting him, just ignore him," Kenzie advised.

"That's just it, I'm not, I still think about him every day, I'm still in love with him," I replied.

"Kacie, seriously you need to get over him, he probably doesn't even remember you!" Kenzie exclaimed.

"Well let's go find out," I grabbed Kenzie's arm and walked over toward him and his friends.

"Hey Hayden," I greeted.

"Kenzie you look hot tonight," Adam stated.

"Don't you have a girlfriend?" Kenzie asked.

"No we broke up a few days ago," Adam answered.

Hayden smiled at me then my eyes moved over to the guy beside him. He was tall with brown shaggy Justin Bieber type hair, chocolate brown eyes and that sweet face of his. He was dressed up lamely as some sort of weird monster but that didn't hide his embarrassment. "Oh hi Sam, I didn't see you there," I said to him.

He managed a smile and then replied, "Hi Kacie, long time no see."

I giggled, "Yeah, so how's Lambrick?"

"Pretty good, I'm on the baseball team, how's Oak Bay?" He replied.

"Good," I replied awkwardly. I looked over to see Adam, Hayden and Kenzie in some weird conversation. So I looked back at Sam. "Can I ask you for a favour?"

"Um sure," Sam answered nervously.

I lightly grabbed onto his wrist, my body went all hot and tingly. I started to blush as I pulled him away from the crowd and over to the empty park.

"What are we doing?" Sam asked nervously.

"Sorry I just wanted to be away from everyone when I ask you, cause it's kind of embarrassing," I answered.

"Um okay?"

"Did you know that I had a crush on you in grade seven and eight?" I asked.

"What does that have to do with anything?" Sam asked.

"Can you please just answer," I blushed.

Sam nodded, "Yeah I knew."

I blushed even more, "I still like you a lot and I was just wondering if I could do something to try and get over you."

"You want to get over me?" Sam asked, his voice sounded like he was hurt.

"Yeah well I'm tired of having a one way crush on you, and I just want it to be over and I thought you would too." All of a sudden I smiled, this was the longest conversation we had ever had.

"Well um I disagree," Sam stated.

I stared at him confused.

"Kacie, I have a crush on you."

A big smile formed on my face and I blushed uncontrollable.

"So now that I have finally admitted that, what did you want?" Sam asked sweetly.

"I wanted to do something, you can stop me if you want though," I replied.

Sam nodded and said, "Go ahead."

I stepped closer to him, my heart was racing. I closed my eyes and pressed my lips against his. He put his hands around my waist and hugged me as we kissed. I put my arms around his neck and pulled closer to him. Suddenly Sam pulled away and started rubbing his head, he looked on the ground and found a condom!

He looked over at Adam and Hayden, they had devilish smirks on their faces then Adam yelled, "Your welcome!"

Sam turned bright red while I laughed nervously. "Let's go back to the bonfire," I suggested.

Sam put his arm around me as we walked and smiled, "You make a really hot gypsy!"