"Defying Gravity" by: Cerise Donovan


After years and years of trying to conceal their true selves, the time has finally come for them to go out into the light and live how they were destined to. With their gifts and their newfound freedom, what problems will they encounter? Will sparks fly? Or will they all meet the same fate: DEATH. First original story. Please read and review. –Cerise


Consuela Suarez read the admission letters for the last time, and then signed it with her name at the bottom part of the paper. Her lips quivered into a little smile as she thought about the future of the school when the chosen ones have enrolled. She placed each letter in a bisque-colored enveloped and sealed them with a crimson coat of arms with a big 'W' embossed on it and a snake wrapped on it. She pressed on a remote and the door cracked open.

"Madame Suarez? You called for me?" the woman who had a beige ruffled blouse and a black pencil skirt asked. She was a tall and slim woman who looked like she was in her early thirties. She had jet-black hair and a pair of milk-bottle frames that covered her emerald orbs.

"Ah, yes. Cassandra, would you drop these off at the post office for me?" Consuela asked.

"Yes, Madame Suarez. I will be on my way now. Would you like me to fetch anything for you? Or perhaps you have an errand that I could do?" she asked, getting hold of the envelopes.

"No, thank you. You may go now." She gestured for her to leave.

Cassandra walked out the door and stopped by her desk to get her cellphone and her purse. Without a second to spare, her hands began to glow a mist of gold, and soon she vanished into thin air. In a blink of an eye, she was at the dark and deserted alley beside the post office; she suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Straightening her skirt after regaining her balance, she walked towards the doors of the post office and dropped the letters into the golden slit on the wall. She was walking away from the post office and back to the dark alley when a cold hand grabbed her from behind and placed a hand on her mouth to keep her from screaming. He dragged her to the dark alley and planted a kiss on her collarbone that left a nasty black mark. Her pupils were suddenly dilated, and her irises turned from emerald to amaranthine. He felt her go limp in his arms, and he laid her gently on the cold pavement and transformed into a Persian cat.

"Farewell, my love. You shall help my army infiltrate the Academy after a few months or so." The cat said as he turned his back from the unconscious woman on the floor.

She woke up with a new identity. The identity of someone filled with sadness and vengeance. She placed two fingers on the black mark on her collarbone and felt a tingly sensation. With thoughts of reassurance to what her true mission was, she teleported back to the Academy's grounds. She changed her irises' color back to green and sat on her desk to do tons of paperwork.

This is what happened to Cassandra Buchanan, a teacher at Westfall Academy and Headmaster Suarez's assistant. Who knows what her new personality will bring to the students?

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-Cerise Donovan. 10/15/11, 5:14 pm, Philippine time.