I watch the world
through these haze-cleared eyes.
I'm a fool, a child, a naive
person- human- based merely on
emotions, thoughts and happiness, perhaps:
that I, sometimes think people
overestimate me all the time,
and it stresses me.
I complain, yes I'm gullible too-
I fear of things in horror films,
yes, and I'm still a child.
I smile at the slightest things
that keeps me happy all day long.
I am a girl- a human- therefore I
laugh at my own tears in the past
and fear for those tears in my pretentious laughter.
I think all the time, overly much:
but sometimes it's best to be a naive fool
who knows nothing because
the truth scars a person for it'd remain
in the memories, yet not knowing would be
living in bliss.