You told me you would love me forever,

Who knew forever was just a second.

You said you were mine alone,

Alone I had to share you.

I gave you all the love I could,

You threw it away the second you could.

Did you ever care for me or my heart,

Or was I just a pretty face in a crowed?

Did you ever want me for myself,

Or was it what I had you wanted?

When you broke my heart in two,

Love and trust poured out as a never ending water fall.

Now you come around looking for another chance,

I have no idea why I gave you a first.

I am sorry for you I have to say,

That you will never get to know the true me.

Love does not exist and it never will,

The only thing that does is how long you stay around.

You turned your back and I was nothing,

You never even gave us a fighting chance.

I pray you find the right girl someday,

And she breaks your heart like you broke mine.