I haven't written anything on here in a long while and decided to as the idea for this was in my head this morning and I really wanted to write.

Izz and his friends discover another Psammead in the forest who's half spirit and Psammead, but has the sniffles and alone, so they decide to help him and help him find a friend.

I hope people like.

It was Autumn in the humkan world, as Carley and Izz were hanging out in the woods near Leah's house as the young Queen of Aria smiled seeing her friend and Arian partner emerge from under a pile of leaves, but the silver grey furred male Psammead was shaking off the leaves, making her laugh, but he saw her sky blue eyes widen, as shje sensed an aura from the treehouse they'd built a long time ago, as Izz sensed a weak Arian aura as they raced there.

They climbed up the steps, hearing sneezes, making Izz chuckle, as he found it funny but Carley then saw something or somebody was hiding but it appeared after sneezing, but they were in awe.

A black purple furred Psammead was lying there, making them in awe as Izz reached out placing a silver grey furred hand it it's forehead.

"It's sick, Your Highness." he said softly.

Carley then made up her mind, picking the strange Psammead up gently as Izz understood what she was thinking.

"We should go now, Izzard..

The others will be worried and I have to go to work." she told him.

Izz's bat like ears drooped hearing her say that, but understanding that like being Queen of Aria, she had duties in this world which she couldn't ignore as he climbed onto her shoulders, as he liked being close to her.

They then returned to the Robert's house but she was making lunch for them, but making their favourite, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches bu7t Izz smiled mischievously while drinking milk, but saw his Queen getting ready to leave, knowing the car would come to pick her up for work.

"We talked about this a week ago, remember?" she said.

"i know but I get lonely when you leave.

Leah's at college, David's at college and Bronx doesn't want to play.

I miss Yuri along with Ashulu and Tia." he said.

"But they're in Aria, Izz.

I understand.

But I'm in your heart and my mental link is always activated if you wanna talk I'm gone but maybe you can help the Psammead we found." she said.

He nodded in reply, as he saw Bronx eating sandwiches but curious about the strange Psammead in the living room.

"We found it in the treehouse, Bronx." Izz said.

He knew that his brother and their Queen would help this strange Psammead find his place in this world, but saw Izz frown hearing a car horn.

"I've gotta go, guys.

Leah should be back soon from college.

I'll be back later." Carley told them.

She grabbed her dark blue Superdry bag and long cane, but hugged Izz before leaving, making Bronx smile, knowing his brother's Arian partner alwys made time for fun and him.

He then went upstairs, but Izz had an idea.

"Portalus Openus." he said as Arian magic emitted from his silver grey furred hand.

A portal then appeared leading to Aria, as he went through as he could have fun there for a while, until his Queen returned, but Bronx saw the portal vanish after his brother went through, knowing he'd gone to have some fun.

Tiana giggled, as she and Izz were teasing Water Nymphs again, as the six year old jet black Psammead youngster was like Izz, and they were partners in crime whenever they were together, like teasing Leah's cats, but her twin brother Ashulu was worried.

"Skye said that doing that wasn't nice, Tia.

Uncle Izz should know better." he said as Tia pouted.

Ashulu was six but reminded Izz of Bronx at this age, bing the boss, but knew he and Tiana were just having fun and playing, as they were kids, but he was actually a teenager, as he'd turned twenty one a few months ago.

"We're just playing, Ash.

They know it, right Uncle Izz?" she asked.

He nodded in reply.

"Hai, Tia we're just playing.

Ash's bad mood is reminding me of your father at the moment.

He's been in a very bad mood and I don't know why.

He doesn't even wanna play Pillow Tag." he said.

Tiana was surprised, hearing her father was in a bad mood like her brother at the moment, but was sitting under a Hope Tree on his silver grey furred lap, as he was telling them about the strange Psammead he and Carley had found.

"He sounds neat, Uncle.

Maybe we can meet him when we go to your house, remember?" Tia said.

Both young Psammeads had been sent back to Aria so they could learn to control their powerful Arian magic, but visited their father in the human world at the weekends, but Izz figured that they should live with them again, as Bronx could use some fun.

He then picked up both sleeping youngsters, heading to the purple bricked castle, but went to their room, which were full of toys and stuffed animals, along with bookcases full of storybooks which he and Bronx loved reading to them.

He then tucked them in, but left them to sleep but was hungry.

Jen laughed, as he and Izz were sparring for fun in the courtyard, as they did it to practise and to get stronger, but the silver grey furred Psammead male was happy and laughing, even though he'd lost the fight, but he then went to get something to eat, seeing Skye as he wondered what she wanted.

He then entered her study, sitting down as they were drinking warm Nakama Berry Tea, which helped when it was cold in Aria like it was in the human world.

"Our Queen informed me you guys found a strange Psammead in the human world." she said.

Izz nodded, eating a muffin.

"Hai we did but he's sick.

We found him in the tree house we play in.

We're not sure about it." he replied.

The Goodness Witch nodded.

"I know a little bit about him.

He's a Spirit Psammead, half spirit and Psammead.

But the other kids in Psammeadis were mean to him." she said.

She saw a look in his snail like eyes, of understanding.

"Do you know his name?" he asked.

"His name is Salem.

He's loyal and mischief filled like you, but very quiet and shy sometimes.

Maybe the human world will fit him better.

I was hoping that maybe Ash and Tia could live with their father.

They love being here in Aria but they do miss him." she told him.

Izz agreed, smiling.

He knew he should go back to the human world, but would tell his Queen about what he'd learnt.

"Portalus Openus." he said as a portal leading to the human world appeared going through it.

Skye watched as it closed after he went through, knowing he could help Salem.