Here's more of the story and hope people like.

Izz and his friends are beginning to help Salem.

Izz smiled, waking up from an nap seeing his Queen reading a storybook, but had cookies, as he loved them, making Carley smile seeing he was awake.

"Skye told me some things about the Psammead we found, Your Highness." he said while drinking milk.

She was listening as he was telling her about him, but smiled as she liked Salem but was worried about him being ill, as she hated seeing her friends sick, especially Izz.

"Maybe Rose can help too, as she likes coming to Aria with us." she told him.

The silver grey Psammead male knew about Rose, as she was one of his Queen's friends and had been anxious about her knowing about Aria, but knew they could trust her.

"Yes she could help, Your Highness.

Maybe Salem's awake by now." he said as she nodded.

She was excited, hearing that Ashulu and Tiana were coming back to live with them, but knew they'd be a family again.

They then went downstairs, but heard sneezing and whimpering from the living room, as they knew Salem was awake entering but saw the black purple furred Psammead male awaken but looked shy.

"Hey there, you look pretty sick." Izz said as Salem sneezed.

He laughed at this, but Carley knew that Salem was shy, but bowed weakly in front of her.

"We found you in the woods, but what were you doing there?" she asked.

The black purple furred male Psammead was a little quiet, but knew they wanted to know.

"I-I ran away, from Psammeadis because the other Psammead kids are nean to me because I'm half spirit and Psammead, but had heard stories about the human world from Skye, so decided to come to this world, and was wandering the woods for a while during a very rainy night, and found a treehouse, so stayed there." he explained.

"I'm Carley and that's Izz, my Arian partner and friend.

You should stay here, Salem where it's safe." she said.

He nodded weakly in reply, but felt the young Queen of Aria place a hand on his black purple head, as she felt a high temperature and a fever.

"He's caught an nasty cold, like the ones you get." she told Izz.

He understood, seeing her leave the room, but knew she'd gone to Aria, to ask Skye to make something to help heal Salem, but knew he'd be okay but heard drumming from Leah's room, knowing it was Bronx because he liked playing the drums when angry.

He decided to leave his brother alone, but was putting earplugs in Salem's batlike ears, so he wouldn't wake him up.

"Wow, you found an new Psammead?" Ogre Child asked as Carley nodded.

The young Queen of Aria was happy after the dark blue skinned Ogreia Heart Ogreix Warrior had hugged her, because she was happy seeing her Queen and best friend, as they were walking to the purple bricked castle with Dana on her shoulders.

She was telling the dark blue skinned Ogreia Heart Ogreix Warrior about what she and Leah had been doing like at college.

She was maybe going to visit them in the human world.

She then entered Skye's study, but the Goodness Witch smiled as she heard Carley telling them that Salem had an nasty cold, but was making medicine that could help him recover.

Ogre Child was smiling, as she saw her Queen open a portal back to the human world.

She would visit at the weekends.

She hoped that Salem would be okay.

Bronx was curious, hearing Carley and Izz talking as they were transforming one of the guest rooms into a room for Ashulu and Tiana but had decided not to tell him, in case he'd be upset.

But he was more curious about Salem, but would wait until he was in the mood to talk but but he was hungry as Leah was making dinner, and Izz was sitting on the couch listening to music, making him smile as he hadn't spent time with his younger brother, knowing he was a teen in Psammead years.

He then went to help Leah.