I submitted this essay to Ms. Talam for my STS-40 essay requirement.

- Feyerah Klydell Evvs

A/N: Yet again, something I wrote on a whim—I didn't know why I always do that, but in the process of writing this piece, I think I get it. This one has been stored months in my Lappie (that's my faithful laptop, by the way). Meant to be a diary entry (when I don't even write in diaries), it basically was written without care, so I'll apologise first in case you get lost in my train of thoughts here. Just please don't kill me.

When we get Bored

By: Feyerah Klydell Evvs

I just watched an anime movie about time leaping. Funny that. As if time leaping was possible in the first place. Or maybe it will be—in the future that is. Not now in the very least.

The present technology still involves a lot of manual movements to operate. Not everything is automatic. Maybe people in the future are going to laugh about this—or maybe not. Everything after all needs to undergo evolution to reach a higher level. We always believe that there is always room for improvement.

Or is there really?

Perhaps in the future one fact will astound many—the fact that evolution is a circle. I won't really be surprised if we all end up agreeing among ourselves that which is native, that which is primitive is ultimately the best situation. I don't want to expound on how I got that conclusion. Apparently, I'm writing on a whim because I'm bored.

Only my instinct tells me what to write right now, and I also don't want to think deep on why I get certain ideas, and weird, strange, absurd ones at that—especially when I get bored. Boredom makes someone idle, but the mind refuses to be blank—yes, boredom inspires people to move and think. Without boredom, we wouldn't discover how we really need to make use of our existence. When you're bored, you often get unusual things in your head—things that question your common sense.

Come to think about it, challenging common sense had always been the act that paves the way to discoveries and realizations. Discoveries and realizations in turn pave the way to newer technologies and concepts. Then the cycle goes on and on. Eventually, we encounter another problem that needs to be fixed. In our struggle to make life more and more convenient, we continually innovate. Like me right now, I'm writing so that I could arrive at a conclusion.

But honestly, this age for me is convenient enough. If this gets any more convenient, I'd think humans are getting lazier and lazier. Those in the future would laugh at this idea, right? Don't get me wrong though. I personally think that the primitiveness of this planet is the driving factor that makes us want to discover more. As someone very much interested in knowledge and concepts, I don't think innovation is bad—in fact, I think it's the best catalyst around to achieving more concepts and knowledge. My focus, however, is not making manual things automatic. I want to deepen the knowledge, not to make it simpler. I enjoy watching products of technology get used—but I'd enjoy using it much if I understand how it came to be. I'm always amazed seeing them but I'm more interested in hearing the story behind their creation. I want to know how ingenious it is. Just appreciating a thing without even knowing its origin is boring.

Yet again, everything evolves. Our lives seem become easier minute by minute relative from the past, but for us, today, it actually is just as difficult. Someone somewhere in this world is making something that can help humanity. These things pop up year by year, decade by decade overlapping that which had been famed for its use a few years ago. There are also things that don't seem to be really helpful if it were invented in the past, but to this age, it's a big contribution—these are things that make the use of other things easier. These things also bring about problems that weren't present when we these things didn't exist. Proves that life never fails to trifle us.

However, what remains of us is still human—even if we've become cyborgs—so long as we think. When we're bored, we think, and surprisingly, despite how rough life can be, we always find room for boredom. Still, boredom is just a tool that creates sparks of ideas, without the will and determination to act, no matter how smart and ingenious we get, ideas will remain as ideas. If I hadn't written this one, I'd die of boredom, and I won't get to tell the world my thoughts.

We still mustn't get too idle.