That smile.

The first time he'd laid eyes on her she'd been sporting that same damned smile. One might well think, oh sure, any girl could smile, what was the big deal? Right? Wrong. When she smiled, it made every other attempt at such an action absolutely meaningless. It set her face on fire. Her eyes would sparkle like a thousand stars hid in their depths, her cheeks would flush in delight and her sheer humor would intoxicate even the Gods. When she smiled, it was…incredible.
Of course that was when he knew. That was when the air left his lungs and his jaw hit the floor. He was in big, big trouble.

A simple upward tug of those gorgeous soft lips and he was a goner.

She stood elegant and nonchalant, hand trailing lightly over the balustrade as she glanced across the crowded room. Of course she'd been dragged out to a party. An impatient sigh whispered past her lips. Personally she never understood why such an occasion warranted such enthusiasm. From her position at the top of the wide staircase she could survey the entire scene as it steadily drifted towards pandemonium. So why had she bothered dressing up and looking her best simply to parade across a room full of drunk morons and grinding couples?

A slow smile curved her lips. He was here. Of course. A girl had to have some fun.

Fuck. That dress had been crafted by the Gods. Or the Devil. Depending on how you looked at it. He swallowed as she turned to her friend, exchanging a quick word before proceeding to grab her arm and pull her down the steps.

It shimmered over her form like waves. The strapless deep turqoise encasing her body and setting her aglow. A soft black sash hugged her torso, cinching the dress to worship her curves before spreading a soft ebony gauze over the skirt. Intricate designs curled across the dark fabric, twisting to form a riot of flowers across the borders before sweeping inwards. The cerulean skirt itself danced lightly just above her knees, contrasting beautifully with the black net curtaining it.
His throat was suspiciously dry as he tried to form coherent words in response to an (insignificant) comment that had originated from somewhere behind him.
Someone must have punched him, it was the only acceptable reason for his sudden lack of air. It couldn't be that harmless slip of material that pranced across her frame. It couldn't be the dazzling gems of her eyes. And it sure as hell couldn't be that damned smile!

She moved easily through the crowd, acknowledging several greetings and grinning at the familiar faces. Yet all the while her eyes scanned each group carefully, searching for a pair of eyes that had become everything to her in a few short months. Then she felt it, the heat of a gaze she'd have recognized anywhere. Of course he would be watching her. Only one person could make her spine tingle with merely a glance. A rush of pleasure swooped through her belly as she spun around almost instinctively. The familiar hazel glinted back at her from across the room, a hint of amusement hidden deep within its depths. The sudden desire to grin like a fool almost overpowered her, but with a deep breath she mastered herself. Instead she raised a brow in mocking defiance, a small smirk pulling at her lips as she sauntered over. Experienced eyes raked over his frame as she mentally schooled herself in preparation. A break in the mass of tangled bodies gave her a glimpse of what was waiting and she felt her breath catch, her heart clench. He was devastatingly handsome. No woman stood a chance of resisting him. Clad in simple jeans and a formal black dress shirt he looked good enough to eat. The material stretched across his broad shoulders, encasing bronzed muscle and sinew in a loving embrace. His jeans clung to his thighs and cupped his behind snugly. But it was his eyes that held her prisoner; the golden orbs scorched her with an intensity that was staggering. She had the distinct feeling he was appraising her as well. Looking for me? they seemed to say. The question left her breathing hard as she met his gaze with a haughty toss of her hair. But silently, she answered him; always.Squaring her shoulders she pushed her way through the mess of limbs to where he stood leaning against the wall with an enviable catlike grace.

He watched her spin around as he knew she would. She always knew when he was watching. A soft laugh escaped his lips as she raised a brow in challenge. Incredible, he thought, affection enveloping the word in his mind. He watched her work her way through the crowd, eyes skewering him with some strange intensity.

Their relationship, for lack of a better word, was explosive. The nameless connection between them waxing stronger with each passing day. Every meeting was a battle, a clash of wills, a swirling mix of desire and denial. Every fight that should have logically driven them apart seemed to weld them closer together. It was a constant power struggle, an implacable push and pull with neither willing to surrender; neither willing to walk away. She'd paused as the crowd pressed in from all sides, navigating a dance floor was decidedly suicidal, her eyes narrowed lightly and he bit back a laugh. Looking for me? The question, silent though it was, was crystal clear as he met her gaze. With a haughty toss of her head she raised her chin, as if preparing for battle. And yet for all her bravado, he heard her answer as if she'd whispered the words in his ear: Always. He felt his heart beat pulse strong and sure as he watched her, aware that as she approached the rhythm stuttered slightly, rising in tempo.
With one final step, she stood before him.

He was perfect. Damn him. He was always perfect.

Standing before him she found she didn't have anything to say. Dark lashes fringed eyes that flashed like insolent crystals that had stolen away the light of the sun, only to reflect it now, glittering and deadly as he stared down at her. He hadn't moved an inch. The silence between them now felt easy. For a few moments they
could let the pretenses fall away. Her eyes feasted greedily on the sharp chiselled planes of his face. The long arrogant nose, the strong jawline, the full sensual lips. It was surreal. His ebony mane was wild and tangled as always, a few strands fell stubbornly over his smooth forehead and he lifted a hand, brushing them back with a lazy distracted air.

"Hey," she breathed, a smile creeping across her face.

He started, blinking rapidly to clear his head. He'd been staring. Staring and memorizing every inch of her. She simply had no right to look the way she did. It was indecent! Her skin was smooth and creamy white, glowing with a light all its own. Her features perfect; high arching brows, a straight proud nose, eyes of the most unusual sapphire, deep pools that hid everything and revealed nothing, and those lips, delicate, plump and pink, glimmering with some sort of balm. He swore under his breath. Her ebony locks tumbled over her shoulders like a waterfall, curling gently to frame her face before falling lower to caress the curve of her back. Mentally scowling, he swore again. Damn it!

Regaining what little composure he had left, he grinned, "Hey yourself stranger."

She heard the laughter in his voice, it was like sunshine, warm and sweet. She felt the answering laugh spill from her own lips.

His breath caught in his throat as she giggled, throwing back her head and pressing a hand to her lips. Her eyes sparkled teasingly up at him. He found himself simply rooted to the spot in wonder. She was a goddess.

One mental slap later he found his voice.

"I'm guessing Amanda dragged you out here?" He asked her, cocking a brow at a girl now safely tucked away in the arms of his best friend. Peter and Amanda. They were going to get married one day. No one said it. But everyone knew. It was just one of those inevitables.

She nodded, directing her gaze to the couple before grinning, "I threatened to kill her in her sleep if she made me come. But of course death threats don't scare that little masochist. Ergo…" she pointed at herself with a sigh.

"Tragic." He agreed dryly.

"Careful stranger," she warned, shaking a finger at him mockingly, "I might decide to make you pay for her treachery."

He eyed the finger, idly wondering how she'd react if he took a quick nip. Shaking his head, he shrugged, seemingly unconcerned before grinning wickedly, "You'll have to grow a couple of inches before you play the intimidating villain."

He heard her gasp, facing the angry glare head on before allowing a smirk to curl his lip. She didn't look impressed, instead she growled at him. Outright growled! His eyes grew round before a howl of laughter shot from his throat. The little nymph looked ready to kill him!
"Shut up!" she snapped, scowling darkly. "You're such an ass!" She made to turn around and march away angrily, but a hand closed around her wrist yanking her back against a hard chest. He was still chuckling helplessly, eyes gleaming in amusement, but one look at her flushed face and he snapped his jaws shut.

"Fine. I'm sorry. Feel better?" he offered.
She scowled again muttering rudely under her breath and he felt his lips twitch. Must. Not. Laugh!
"You know what I've realized?" she said suddenly, pushing away from him. "Hmmm?"
She twirled lightly before leaning forward, grinning as suspicion darkened his gaze. Then in a voice that sounded like she was almost cooing, she whispered, "You can be such a child."
Stunned he simply stared at her. "A…child?" The nerve! He was unconsciously bristling. Cheap shots at his ego were a strict no-no.
"A regular baby." She confirmed sweetly and then with another twirl she was gone. The lingering laugh making him grit his teeth in annoyance. Stupid adorable monkey,he growled irritably ignoring the touch of affection that tainted the thought.

Moodily he scoured the room before spotting her leaning elegantly against a table set against the back wall. Catching his eye she threw him a sassy wink before making for the stairway. Momentarily thrown he stared after her in open shock. Then with a shake he pushed away from the wall. Did she think she was leaving? No way in hell!
He stalked after her, taking the stairs two at a time before catching a glimpse of her disappearing into a room. He followed immediately, throwing the door open and storming in after her.

She stared at him, laughter fairly radiating from her skin. The look on his face was priceless! Provoking him was simply too much fun. She was close to snorting with laughter, as inelegant as the action was.
"What was that?" he demanded.
"That my darling, was payback." She informed him cheekily, daring to wink at him again. He jumped her. One moment he was glaring at the tiny creature and next second he had her pinned against the wall. The shriek that had erupted in the brief second they were airborne was already forgotten. She smirked up at him, lips tantalizingly close. He almost dropped her as his mind took in her dangerous proximity. Shit, he thought weakly. She laughed, her sweet breath brushing against his shoulder; a shoulder that suddenly burned as if on fire. He gulped. Stay strong man!
"Maybe," she whispered, tapping his nose lightly with the same finger he'd considered sampling just a few minutes ago, "Maybe…we should drop this silly game of cat and mouse. It's getting a little frustrating."
She dropped the mask and her eyes blazed to life. Something had changed he realized, as the answering flames consumed him. She could see the surprise and the desire in his beautiful eyes as they stayed fixed on her own with all the discipline of a veteran soldier. Strangely shy now, she tipped her head back allowing the words to escape her, "Kiss me."

He had to be dreaming. It had to be a fucking hallucination. He'd spent months lusting after her, then a few more months haphazardly falling in love with her, and not once had he allowed himself to even consider the possibility of them being a reality. And now she stood here saying those words , throwing them at him like a challenge.
"Kiss me."

Gently she cupped his face, her breathing suddenly harsh. "Kiss me like you burn for me," she whispered, fingers tracing his features delicately, "Kiss me like your desire for me is consuming you past the point of reason."

He could feel himself trembling, staring at her lips like a man starving. For the first time in his life a girl had rendered him absolutely speechless. Then, in a voice that sounded rough and husky with longing and maybe wonder, he murmured, "You…you make me insane."

What she did next had him reeling. Even the silence seemed stunned. In the few short months since her tempestuous arrival in his life he'd seen her happy, he'd seen her ecstatic, he'd seen her raging, he'd even seen her upset on occasion, but never, not once had he seen her…shy! She was always quite shameless, to the point of being blunt! It was therefore understandable that the poor sod was completely flabbergasted. A shy smile curved her lips and she ducked her head, a glorious blush scorching her cheeks as she met his gaze hesitantly; she was positively glowing.
Caution and good sense were thrown out the proverbial window in a heart beat. With a savage growl he reached for her, slipping his left arm around her waist and burying his right in the darkness of her hair before crushing her lips to his is a searing kiss, swallowing her cry before it could take flight. She pressed against him, her spine curving against his palm, her form melting against his hard frame; her arms rose to seize his dark locks as she surged forward eagerly. Lifting her against him he walked backwards kicking the door shut on his way before the back of his legs hit the bed and he toppled over, bringing her down gently. Shifting quickly, he pressed her under him and nipped roughly at her lips growling low in his throat when she tugged at his mane. He was drowning in the taste of her, revelling in the pressure of her tongue against his. Even in her passion she fought him, tongue battling his wildly, eager to taste and pleasure as much as she could. He felt the heat of her thighs as she hugged his hips, rising against him. He gasped, pressing down into her in response, grinding her hips into the soft mattress. Her legs clenched around him and suddenly he pulled away, breathing ragged and uneven; his need was now impossibly painful. She was gasping, eyes half shut as she fought to catch her breath; still, amazingly, she had the cheek to smirk arrogantly up at him. He had to laugh.

Cupping her cheek gently, he dragged a finger across her swollen lips, brushing his nose lightly against hers. "You are absolutely adorable." He murmured softly, eyes smouldering. She blushed, turning her face away in embarrassment; laughing he kissed her again. This time it was gentle and he refused to let her hurry him just yet. He let his tongue trace her lips carefully, before delving into the sweet chasm between to taste her. She filled his senses, persuading him to give more and more. A soft moan slipped from her lips in response. Pulling away again he began to drop hot burning kisses down her throat, her shoulders, her arms, but she yanked him forward throwing him off balance before using the momentum to flip them around.
Giggling at his bewildered expression she leaned forward, placing her palms squarely on his chest before kissing his nose. A shock of ebony fell over her shoulder as she pressed a kiss to his lips and he stroked the silk of her hair almost reverently. He was almost crooning at her for god's sake! Love struck idiot,he thought with a rueful smile.

Quick as lightning she suddenly pranced off him, leaving him clutching at the air. He stared at her in shock as she threw him a wicked laugh and then shot out the door. Her words of promise still echoing in his ears, "Later."

He lay there, golden eyes glaring at the ceiling. He could still feel the sweet pressure of her hips. Damn it. He squeezed his eyes shut, pressing the heels of his hands against them. Her delighted laugh floated up the staircase. He groaned. He was in big, big trouble.

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