Author`s Note: This poem was written by sksutton312. No one else. Please review. Flames are welcome. Just be honest.

Out on the ledge sits my future

Lying there, so clean to the eye

Daring me not to meander, but jump, reach, and try

Out on the ledge he laughs, lines of pride etching his features

Drawing from the dripping palms, caused by doubtful creatures

Out on the ledge ponders danger, smug, no ribbons, no bows

Just waiting, waiting for my move to set in stone

Out on the ledge hangs my sanity, strictly by a stem

Bending by weight of choices, beginning to end

Out on the ledge my heart bids, "So close.." a lisp then stutter

Battling lengths between eachsubtle break and violent shudder

Out on the ledge my footing faulters

I hesitate then go, thoughts erect, no vision altered

Out on the ledge I open my eyes

Not see, but know right from wrong, then take what`s mine

On that ledge, I savor my last safe breath

Jump, the fall is all that`s left