I had a real mother once.

I came from her womb, me, a child of clay and rock. I was a child of Earth, just another of the off-spring of PanGaea, the Great Gaea, the Great Earth. I lived twenty-two years, my birth mother and my father died, before she released me. I was a daughter of the land, made from the Earth for the Earth, but she just gave me away. She gave me to her sister, who shared me with her brother-husband.

I was born of Earth's womb,

yet I crawled into Night's,

where it was Dark,

so so dark.

I was the daughter of Gaea, but Nyx gave me new life, and Erebus re-christened my soul.

I had a name once.

The mother who bore me and raised me and died gave it to me -Teresa -- and it was good name. It means harvester. I liked it, but I wished I could have chosen my name, something that said something about me. I was not a harvester. I did not harvest. So when I was born again, and I got to choose my name, I knew exactly what I wanted:


It meant moon, and I suppose it was an odd name for an upir: the moon was not my mother; that title belonged to a Wolf. But was not that pale white orb my aunt? Did her children not have two mothers: Nyx and Selene (never Diana, and surely not Artemis, they were not mothers)? The Moon released their inner selves, gave them freedom, and the Night offered them protection from prying eyes and other evils. Why some of the Blessed did not love their mothers was incomprehensible to me. They had been turned into something more, something better. Didn't they see that?

Maybe they felt hurt at mother Earth's betrayal. I had the same questions once (Why did she give me up Was I not good enough Why is her sister better How will I survive like this Mother take me back!)

Yes, that must be it. They felt betrayed.

Well, they would get over it. Nyx and Erebus were much better parents. I loved them. And those ruly Wolves and upirs would soon, too.

Gaea was my mother, but I abandoned her and fled to Nyx's loving embrace. Erebus looked at us fondly. We became a family.

I was a child of clay and rock once, a daughter of the Earth.

Now I am the Night's beloved, second to her lover Darkness. I make love and drink blood all with their blessing.

I was human once.

Now I am a goddess.

A.N-This is based on Selene, an upir (vampire) in my story Wolves, but you really don't have to read that, though I highly recommend that. Gaea Nyx, Erebus, and Selene are the Greek personifications of the Earth, the Night, the Darkness, and the Moon (before Artemis).