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We slammed into each other, my hands clawing at the angel's shoulders until I felt blood sting under my fingernails.

He cried out, but still did not fight me-his wings were completely flat against his back, and we plummeted towards the ground. We were flipping around and upside down so much that it was all I could do to hold onto him, even if he wasn't putting up a fight.

Kill him, Angel! Lucifer's sharp command sliced through my haze, clearing the fear from my mind.

My hands moved, almost as if I didn't have control over the, towards his neck.

Tessa! His voice was not sharp or clear like Lucifer's. It was weak, faltering.

Was he afraid of me?

He should be. You are powerful. Lucifer snarled in my mind.

Adrenaline coursed through my whole body like liquid fire, burning and scorching my nerves, making my heart pound until I was sure it was going to burst through my chest. Lucifer's darkness was so sweet that it ached, filling my mouth with the sharp taste of metal. Or was it blood?

Kill him.

We were nearly to the ground now, his bloodied wings scraped against the dirt, and he hissed in pain.

Does the sound of his pain bring you pleasure?

I wasn't sure if it was the angel's pain, Lucifer's darkness, or the adrenaline that was making my head spin. The dizziness resembled pleasure, but their was something...foreign about it that I could not place. Something I did not like.

I didn't know what was right anymore.

Tears were streaming down the angel's face now, but he still did not struggle in my arms. Why wouldn't he fight me?

Kill him, Tessa.

My hands closed around his neck just as we hit the ground.

the agonizing impact affected him more than me, but I still felt the air vanish from my lungs as the earth slammed up to meet us. I rolled away from him, the pounding in my head blocking out the anguished sound of his cries.

Through blurred vision, I saw Lucifer fighting the golden angel. It was a blur of white and black, fire and energy as they flew and flipped and sliced at each other, shouting in some foreign language that grated against my ears. Lucifer's head snapped around. Kill the angel!

His command cleared my head, and I struggled to my knees, dragging myself over to the bloody body.

The angel was still awake, his eyes watching me. There was no fear in them.

Didn't he know I was going to kill him?

This time, I was almost sure the rush I felt was pleasure. My hands closed around his neck, and energy sang through my body, blocking out all other senses. My wings tingled and burned at the sensation, tears scalded my eyes until I could hardly see. My breath came in quick, frantic gasps.

Very good, Angel...

The angel's lips formed my name, over and over as I tightened my fingers harder.

Tessa. Listen to me.

I shook my head.

His lips were turning blue now, the pulse of energy inside his body slowing as his spirit begged for release. He was not made for this earthly body. But it still hurt.

This isn't you.

Lucifer poured more darkness into my mind, and the sweet taste of it was so strong I closed my eyes for an instant to savor it.

This is not you, Tessa.

In response, I dug my fingers into his neck until I felt blood.

Stop! The thought was a scream in my head. Stop controlling my sister!

Lucifer laughed.

The angel was dying, I could feel it.

I hated it.

The sweetness had vanished. All I tasted now was blood. Lucifer's darkness still beckoned me, but I was too sickened by the blood that coated my hands that I barely heard his calls. I stared in horror, at the angel, the blood, his blood, that was dripping off my fingers. Had I done all this?

It-it wasn't you. His voice was barely a whisper. He was defintly dying then. I forgive you.

I was still confused, so confused and sick and tired. I just wanted to curl up and sleep, forget that any of this happened.

Good work, Angel. He's dying.

I turned my head. Lucifer was almost as bloody as the angel, and he was encased in the golden angel's wings, his body trapped with magic. But his eyes shone at me with triumph, and a sick glee.

what did you do to me? I demanded, hoping my fear and horror didn't show in the thought. What did you do?

Tess...The angel pressed his bloody fingers gently, weakly to my clenched fist.

I looked down at him. He looked peaceful, his skin nearly translucent underneath the scarlet blood. Fire and energy shimmered underneath his pores; his spirit was nearly ready to be released from his body. He was going home.

What is my name? He breathed. Do you know me?

I stared at him for a long moment, stared into his eyes, the energy gleaming beneath his skin, the half smile that curled his lips, his tousled hair, the curve of his wings...

The name came out choked and broken from my lips. "Gabriel."

His lips twitched up. That's right, Tess.

"What did I-" I couldn't say it, could barely breathe.

I killed my own brother. With my bare hands.

No...his fingers fluttered weakly against mine. No, Tessa. I know that wasn't you. I know. I forgive you. I'd have always forgiven you...

"Don't do this to me!" I buried my face against his chest, clinging to his bloody, broken body that was burning underneath my palms.

I'll see you at home, Tessa. With Michael...we'll all be together again...


His hand spasmed briefly, clutching mine tighter. Love you, he whispered, and just as Michael had done before he died, he whispered my name. My real name. The one that couldn't be expressed in any language.

And then he closed his eyes.

I rolled away from him and pressed myself against the ground, not willing to see it happen- I refused to accept it.

Tessa? It was the golden angel, Lucifer still encased in his wings. His face was streaked with tears and blood, and he was trembling, with anger or grief I could not tell. What do you think we should do now?

I didn't want to think about what we should do. I wanted to die. To curl into a ball and cry until I drowned in my own tears.

But that was not an option now.

I wiped my hand across my eyes, biting my lip when blood, Gabriel's blood, smeared across my eyelids. Tilting my head to the left, I saw the Sword. Gleaming and shining with light. Michael had told me that it was my destiny to wield the Sword. That I was supposed to save the world.

But that wasn't what had happened, was it? I had lost everyone in the world who had ever mattered to me. I hadn't save anything.

Gabriel and Michael had saved me. I owed them for that. I would owe them for all of eternity.

I closed my bloody fingers around the sword and stood up.

Lucifer looked at me, and grinned. His expression sent shivers running down my spine.

I leveled the sword at him, and met the golden eyes of the angel. I think, I said, spitting the thought at both of them, that we should chain Lucifer down in Hell.