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It was a warm sunny day on Paradise Island, and it was a busy and highly energetic day in its' heart Paradise City.

And it is here in the northwestern section of the city that a place called International Academy resided.

And it is here at West International Academy, that the stories of many lives come into crossing.

One such life was that of Zoé Vogel, who was quietly following behind, a woman known as Headmistress Aellai Rivera.

Zoé had recently been accepted to WIA, and had moved all the way from her hometown of Schaan, Liechtenstein to be here.

It had been a sad day to leave her grandmother, but her Oma had insisted that she try and pass the test to get into this school and Zoé, not ever one to argue with her elders or anyone for that matter had accepted, and of course passed the Entrance Exam.

Which led to her being her of course.

Headmistress Rivera glanced at the new young life that her school had been charged to take care of.

Zoé had elbow blonde hair, with the front cut in a straight chin-length bob framing her sweet face, and wore a navy blue ribbon on the right side of her head and had large inviting hazel blue eyes. Her skin was fair thought had a bit of angelic paleness to it and she had a lithe figure and stood about 5'4, all in all she was a cute young girl.

She wore a navy blue pleated jumper dress, white tights and black ankle length boots.

Once the young girl stopped fretting around and looked at the woman, Aellai spoke.

"I welcome you to Paradise Island and West International Academy." The Grecian-Spaniard said softly, she could tell this girl was skittish "This Academy is open to students of all nations and ethnicity for one purpose, to promote feelings of brotherhood and understanding between many groups of people. So since you were accepted into this school, I expect you to keep an open mind about the other students that are here."

"Ja Ma'am." The girl responded shyly as she lowered her head. Aellai sighed, 'Some of the bolder students will eat her alive. I pray to God that she doesn't meet anyone too intense on her first day.'

"Alright then, let's go to my office, and I'll give you a few tips about living on the Island and at the Academy."

"All right Miss Vogel, now a few quick things I think you should know. On this island everyone is very proud of where they come from so, it's a tradition that started at this school, when we introduce ourselves we state the country we are from." The luminous blue-green eyed woman said softly, as she watched Zoé squirmed under her gaze.

"Oh okay, so I'm Zoé Vogel from Liechtenstein." She sated feeling a bit nervous. This island was so new and foreign from her native Liechtenstein.


"Now pay attention to the grounds as I explain the buildings, you'll be frequenting."

"Ja, Ma'am."

The Liechtensteinerin was amazed at the beauty of the school around her, and she listened apply as her new Headmistress explained it to her.

It was a large compound with many buildings. It was an Elementary, a High School as well as a College; in fact it was a year round school.

The grounds held the Office, aka Mistress Aellai's office, the building also doubled as a library and the Emergency nurse's office (there were four others in the school itself), building was in the direct middle of the grounds easy to access from all of the other buildings.

To the right the Office where the two grand looking dorm buildings, separated by gender, each had several floors; and directly behind the Main Office, the actual school, which also had several levels and different sections and was the most beautiful building Zoé had seen on the island yet, and that was saying something as just about every building Zoé had seen so far was finely crafted.

The where three gyms, one for each grade, off to the left of the school, surrounded by open fields used for training, and the cafeteria, which was to the right side of the school building, looked like a huge compound, a collection of international foods could be found and there were places and tables to eat outside as well.

The restaurant ally (the outside area of the cafeteria) was to the right of the school and had benches and other places for the students, the students went there (and other places) when the cafeteria was closed, but what was really surprising was that there were few shopping centers, park areas, gardens and small parks with ivory fountains and marble statues, koi ponds and flower bushes and hedges and after school centers, like the auditorium/theater/dance studio building, arcades and other places of entertainment, scattered about.

It felt like a five star hotel on some private island! (It sorta is as the grounds are quite private and only students; teachers and special guest could get in without a pass)

And Zoé now understood why it was a year round school, because seriously who would want to leave? This was an all age place. Anyone would be lucky to be accepted into such a prestigious school, as International Academy.

And Zoé Vogel was starting her new life here; it was both terrifying and exciting.

"That's about all you'll need to know for your first few day, now I'll give you your schedule and someone from the Student Council will be here to show you around the school." Ms. Rivera said as she led Zoé into the Office and past the library and into her office.

There standing politely was a small young girl.

She was tiny, cute and had a graceful air about her. She had endearing and expressive maple syrup brown eyes and short somewhat wavy jet black hair that framed her adorable yet pretty face.

She was very pale and small standing at 4''9 1/8, and her flat chest and short stature complete with her outfit, a ruffled grey t-shirt partnered with a layered red and white polka-dotted mini skirt, long grey socks, red converses, black fingerless gloves and a large red and white dotted ribbon sitting at the side of her head made her irresistibly cute.

"Kon'nichiwa I'm Fujita Yukie-san from Japan, nice to meet you." The girl said politely bowing at the waist for a moment.

"Hola, Yukie, you're here rather early." Ms. Rivera said kindly as she took a seat at her desk. The Japanese girl smiled politely, and to Zoé it looked the girl wanted to be anywhere but here.

"Hai, Kōchō Rivera, I wanted to make sure I was here when the new student came." She said as she glanced at Zoé, who stood there awkwardly.

The woman looked at Yukie for a moment and then offered a smile, "Well as I'm sure you wasting precious time talking with me, hop to it." The Spanish-Grecian woman said gracefully as she picked a piece of paper off her desk and handed it to Zoé, who shyly took it and placed it in her pocket, then the Headmistress shooed them away.

Yukie nodded and then looked at Zoé, "All right then. Let's go." She said, after a tense moment of silence.

"Oh, I'm Zoé Vogel, from Liechtenstein." The blonde girl said quickly, thinking that is what the girl was waiting for.

Yukie nodded, "Alright then Vogel-san, follow me. We'll head to your dorm first."

Yukie sighed as she waited for Zoé to finish inspecting her room. It had been a really irritating thing to get up early and prepare for a new student.

While it was exciting to get to be the first to meet the new student, Yukie cursed how she'd been tricked into being the one to do this.

"Alright then, last item of the day, it seems that there's new student coming to IA in a couple of days." Angélique Ouellette of Monaco said as she looked at the papers in her hand. Angélique was President of the Student Council.

Yukie, who was the Secretary, found herself looking over the girl. Angélique was a dazzling girl, with long silky chestnut brown that reached her knees, with part of her hair tied into a long loose side braid with a large white hair bow, while her bangs are held back on the right side by white bobby pins. Her eyes were turquoise and her skin was a bit pale but her skin very tan when compared to Yukie herself and she had pouty lips and supple body as well.

"Great so one of us has to be stuck with showing him or her around." Aksel Dybendahl of Norway said sourly, he was Vice President. Aksel was a very cool looking boy with spikey grey hair, tossed about haphazardly around his head, bored amber eyes, peachy skin, and a lean and toned figure that radiated cool.

"Oh don't be so negative it could be a person you might get along with." Mykhaila Hresko of Ukraine, the treasurer, said with a kind smile.

"I doubt it." Aksel said.

Mykhaila was tall at about 5'9 1/6 standing up there with Erik Maarschalkerweerd of the Netherlands, Gustav Chemerkin of Sweden and Gavriil Fedotova of Russia and had short grey blonde hair (which he keeps held back with green clips Sofija Vitols of Latvia (His good friend), soft bluebell blue eyes, he is very broad in the chest and shoulder areas and had a soft babyish face. All in all Mykhaila was cute and despite his tall and rather wide physique; everyone that attended International Academy knew he wouldn't hurt a fly.

"Well one of us has to show her around, I can possibly do it because I'll be busy with something that day." Angélique said in a flippant tone.

"Like what?" Aksel asked an accusing tone to his voice.

"Something, I don't know yet." Angélique hissed back, as the Vice President and President verbally assaulted each other, Yukie sighed at their immaturity and they both turned on her.

"Great thanks for volunteering Fujita. Meeting Adjourned." Angélique said quickly and then she and Aksel were gone.

Yukie blinked and then looked at Mykhaila, hoping he would tell her just what the hell had happened.

"I'm sorry Yukie, I really would take the job from you, but on the 8

th I have a makeup test in Chemistry and I can't afford to skip it. I'm sure you'll do fine though." And then he too was gone.

Okay so Yukie had been forced to be her, but regardless, she could tell today was going to be tiresome.

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