Cel: Hey it's chapter 2!

Zoé: Ah, it is. I hope I can get along with everyone.

Cel: Don't worry, you will, but first let's get to know Artemis.

Zoé: Well I guess we should get going.

Zoé sighed as she checked that the last of her things were in her dorm room, she could decorate and rearrange things later; she was just relieved everything was here, at the moment.

After a final glance around the currently bare room Zoé nodded and then frowned, 'I wonder how the school can afford to have a dorm room for every student.' But that was a question for later.

"Alright Yukie, I'm ready." She said as he ran out of the room and locked the door behind her.

"Actually Vogel-san as you I aren't that close, it would be Fujita-san." The brown eyed girl corrected, as she started to walk away, "It's a custom common in my native Japan." She said and Zoé could hear the pride in her voice.

"Oh, Fujita-san." The girl parroted and decided that Yukie must be a very aloof girl.

Zoé felt a bit out of place as she walked behind Yukie. First of all Yukie, seemed so mature. She held herself with a certain amount of dignity and had such a cold air about her, like snow.

That and many people would come up to the Japanese girl and try and incite her into a conversation, like a bubbly blue eyed girl, who had come out of know where chattering quickly, she had been sent away with a "Somsri, I'm busy. Please not now," and the handsome blonde boy that came up and asked about an Aksel, he'd been sent off with a glare and, "Mikkel if you see that Norwegian tell him I am not happy," and quite a few others, the girl would insist that she was busy and didn't have the time.

But the person she was talking to would smile at her and say, "Okay see you later."

But Zoé's view of Yukie was about to change.


Zoé blinked as she looked over her shoulder to see a girl running full force at the Japanese girl. The Liechtensteinerin bolted out of the way as the girl pounced on Yukie, sending them both to the ground.

"You weren't at breakfast! Where were you?" The girl whined, as she and Yukie lay on the ground.

Zoé saw Yukie blushed as the taller and darker skinned girl hugged and nuzzled her.

'Who is this?' Zoé asked herself.

The taller girl got off the smaller one and stood up, and then help Yukie up and Zoé looked her over.

She was petite and delicately framed; though she had ample cleavage and a curvy body, and stood at about 5'4 ¼ she was tall, taller than Zoe (5'2) by a few inches and much taller than Yukie (4'10). Her lustrous hair was long; stopping just above her tights; and it curled around her body, shining with a deep ebony color. Her smooth skin was caramel colored a trait of her African American heritage, and her eyes were of bright gold, a shade reminisced of California poppies, she had a pretty face with pink lips, a heart shaped face, a button nose.

She wore a red off shoulder peasant blouse that had the word LIBERTY written on it in stars and red and white stripes, a pair of cargo light wash skinny jeans and white converses. She also wore a white baseball cap with red detailing and white fingerless gloves with blue detailing; she also had an American Rhododendron resting on the right side of her head. She also had a couple of stars necklaces.

She was pretty.

The girl frowned at Zoé, startling the Liechtensteinerin, and then looked at Yukie, "Who's she?" She said gesturing back at the girl with her thumb, though the blonde noted that her voice held no amount of rudeness just curiosity.

Yukie replied, "Her name is Zoé Vogel. She's new on the island." She then busied herself by dusting her clothes off.

The other girl smiled widely, said, "Howdy, I'm Artemis Stryder of America, nice to meet you!" She said enthusiastically as she extended her hand out.

Zoé nodded and took he offered hand, "I'm Zoé Vogel from Liechtenstein, it a pleasure to meet you." She then blushed and realized that she'd already been introduced by Yukie.

'Great now she probably thinks, I'm stupid.' Zoé really didn't want to make a bad impression.

Artemis smiled and then wrapped an arm around Yukie; the smaller girl blushed and looked up at the American.

"Well Snowbell I was looking for ya to tell you, that the Heads cancelled all of classes today and gave the whole school the day off, so no fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth period. So you want to find others and hang out?"

Yukie looked absolutely pleased, but then looked at Zoé, "I'm afraid I can't I have to show Zoé around the school."

Artemis looked at Zoé and then at Yukie and then frowned, "Oh it's a Student Council thing." Artemis said as she hung her head.

Zoé felt bad all of a sudden, "That's okay you don't have to show me around. I'm sure I can find my way."

"No way, Prinzessin." The word shocked Zoé, she had known that some of the other students would speak German, but she hadn't expected the American student to be among them. "You're new here, so you shouldn't be alone on your first day." Artemis said. Yukie nodded.

"Hai, it's my duty as a Student Council member to take care of you." Yukie said, though from her tone of voice Zoé could tell she was being an inconvenience.

"Oh." She said softly.

"Ah, I know!" Artemis snapped her fingers suddenly, "You can hang out with us for the rest of the day; I mean we have no class, so everybody will probably go to Feldman Park to play." Artemis said cheerful as she grabbed Yukie's hand and Zoé's wrist and pulled them both along. "But before we head to Feldman Park, I need to swing by my dorm and get something."

Yukie blushed but didn't protest, Zoé stuttered out though.

"Your dorm?"

Artemis's dorm was a combination of clean and messy, her desk and bookshelf where neat and orderly, but her bed had yet to be made, and Yukie glared at the girl and then went to make the bed herself.

Zoé stood awkwardly among the girl's things and noticed her opened closet and all the expensive looking clothes. Apparently this American had high tastes and a job to pay for it.

"Artemis, why didn't you make your bed?" Yukie scolded as she finished, Artemis who had ducked into her bathroom came out with a smile on her face and threw her backpack, it landed cleanly in her desk chair.

"Because later today I'm going to get back in it, so what's the point of making it up, when all I'm going to do later this evening is mess it up again."

Yukie rolled her eyes, "That is not an excuse."

"Well if you going to punish me for it, you might as well go to Gavriil, Druce and Achytone and get on to them too."

Zoé filed those names away for, now as she tiptoed closer to Artemis's closet.

Yukie blinked and then frowned, "Fine I will."

Artemis smiled and then looked at Zoé, who was tentatively touching a fine looking leather jacket, "You can wear that if you want."

The blonde squeaked in surprise and stuttered.

"No, that's alright, I'm fine." She said quickly, fumbling over her words. Artemis shrugged and then looked at Yukie, "Well I'm ready to go if you are." She said, as she shoved her hands in her jacket pockets, it was only then that both Yukie and Zoe realized that Artemis was wearing a white jacket, that was a bit big on her.

"Yes, I'm ready. We should head to Feldman Park now." The Japanese girl said as she looked about the rest of her friend's room, it was clean enough; both girls then looked to the Liechtensteinerin.

"What about you Zoé?"

"Oh, Ja, I'm ready."

Artemis smiled and then casually strode over to Zoé and the closet and took out the jacket Zoé had been looking at, "Here, it matches your outfit."

The girl blushed and took the jacket, "Danke." She then slipped into the jacket carefully as if it were a precious object.

"Gern geschehen." Artemis said smiling brightly.

Zoé silently followed behind Artemis and Yukie, listening to them chatter.

"I wonder why the Heads cancelled classes today?" Artemis asked.

"Who knows, Aellai does things at her own pace."

"Ah oh well, it lucked out for us and Zoé." Artemis said.

At the mention of her name Zoé looked up and gave a faint smile. She supposed she was a bit lucky to not have to start in the middle of the day.

Tomorrow would be a fresh start, but she still had to get through today, and it seemed that today would be full of firsts.

Cel: Well onto Ch 3

Artemis: This is going to be fun.

Zoé: Yeah, I suppose.