It looks like
the songs I loved as a child
remained my favorites even now.
I see myself playing this song
on my music player years way back:
it still had that light tinge of feeling.
My tears still drip down all the same
as my I pulled down my headphones-
the time when I loved someone,
I was listening to this song too:
and I still remember my puppy love-
what a fetish it was, loving someone.
Right now, perhaps I wanted to be strong,
I didn't want to love anyone anymore.
Love made me weak, even though
I couldn't feel it on my skin, I
couldn't taste it on my tongue but I
felt it so well in my heart,
that nostalgic feeling:
I hate it.
I hate that I love, that when I love,
weakness rises, I'm that little girl again.
Someone needs to protect me again:
when my heart breaks
all the time when they left, that's why
I hated that I loved.