The sweet scent of death lingered in the white room, Aaron stared at his own body from beside the bed. He was old, his skin a pale ivory and creased with age, and almost powdery, his eyes half hooded, almost with thought, and his mouth parted, the corners almost turned up in a smile.

'This must mean I'm dead,' He thought then looked down at his hands, his hands, not his body's hands. They were young, and they seemed to be glowing with life, and he felt…alive. How was this? The constant ringing of the heart monitor told him otherwise and he was sure when the doctors dressed in blue covered his body with a thin sheet, that he was dead.

He closed his eyes, for what seemed like a second, and inhaled, he could still smell the room, the sharp smell every hospital seemed to carry, and he could feel the people in the room, he could feel their moods. The doctor's of grief, knowing he had to tell Aaron's family, the nurse of relief, she hated having to constantly check on Aaron and change his bedpan.

When Aaron opened his eyes, he was standing in graveyard. It wasn't dark and full of mist and wondering ghosts like he would expect, put the sun was bright and warm against his skin, the grass green and well kept, and the gravestones aligned and neat.

He walked up to a fresh grave, a mountain of rich soil neatly packed on top of the man 6 feet under. Aaron knelt down beside the tombstone and ran his fingers over the letters,

Aaron Vladimir
Loving father and grandfather
Forever in our hearts

The tombstone was rough against his fingers, and when he touched it, nothing but happy memories of his life rushed before his eyes, as if he were reliving them, a smile tugged at his lips as he recalled his wedding day, Karren, so beautiful and young, so alive.

A presence behind him made him stand straight and turn, his jaw dropped at what he witnessed.

So there was a light, it was beautiful, and it radiated love, a joy, so much more then he'd ever thought he would experience. He didn't have to squint, even though the light was brighter than the sun itself.

As if something was pulling him forward, Aaron walked up to the light, and it enveloped him with the wonderful emotions, giving him such a wonderful high, warmth seemed to radiate through him as well as around him, as if he were the light.

"Aaron," his name was called, such a familiar voice, he recognized it immediately, making him whip around, his blue eyes searching until he saw her. There she stood, so beautiful with the light around her.

Her hair fell in soft curls around her, her eyes large, and a warm inviting brown. She wore a white dress, which fell around her softly, illuminating her figure, she was young, she was healthy, and she was here with him, where she belonged.

"Karren," it came out softer than which he thought as he rushed to her, pulling her into his embrace. Her scent was as he remembered, roses and wine and beauty, she felt so alive in his arms, and it felt right.

"Are you ready to go?" Karren looked up at him, a soft smile lingered on her lips as she reached up and smoothed the crease from his brow, "I promise it is wonderful, it really is, there's nothing to worry about."

"But our children…" He whispered, he didn't want to leave them alone, he knew they were grieving for his death.

"They're grown now, they'll do just fine without you," she whispered, a motherly tone in her voice, "come on Aaron, it'll be okay," she pressed her lips against his for a moment.

With a sigh of defeat, Aaron gave in and nodded warily, he knew it was his time, and that he would be able to spend the rest of his existence with Karren, watching over their children until they too, would pass into this next life.

He took her hand in his and turned to where the light shown its brightest, smiling down at his reunited wife once more until they walked together, into the rest of their lives, where there was nothing but love and peace, where there were no worries, no tears of pain but only tears of joys, smiles among every face, and life.