I feel as if the only way to get away from reality is to submerse yourself into a foreign world. Reading and writing work as great mechanisms.

When you write of foreign worlds, you get to create it –- to see what the characters see. You can make them happy or sad. Base them off of you, or totally differently. You can make them feel what you feel, or use them to brighten up your day.

When you read you get to find out how the author wants you to feel. If they want you to feel sad for the characters, or happy. You can find out the author's perspective on everything –- from life, to electronics. From guys to girls. From character to character. From who's right to who's wrong. From features, to features. You get to submerse yourself into the world – with them.

Some people thing of reading and writing as work. That's the first word that pops into their mind when they get an assignment that requires reading or writing. I think of it as a challenge –- to see how fast I can do it, to see how good I can make it, to see If I can appeal to different readers. Some of these people find the books that appeal to them.

Some of a select few don't. But these few are usually a very limited few. Due to the wide variety of books out there, people tend to find their selection of books, even if it is a small selection.

So, go pick up a couple books. Books that you can relate to, or books that you can use to create a certain emotion that bubbles inside of you. Books that help you to escape to a foreign world and help you escape from depression, to just about every other emotion you can think of.