~Mr. River~

Chapter 1:

I'm Eliza River, the daughter of a very sick man. Sick, perverted and all kinds of crazy. I can't say hate my father, but I can't say I love him either. Mr. River, that's what everyone calls him. Most folks in town know that Mr. River is a crazy perv. And not just any kind of perv like your typical "Old dirty man" who fondles kids. My father gets off on a whole more than that.

Being Mr. River's daughter has never been easy. I once had friends, two siblings named Harvey and Elle. They were a cute little pair, good-looking and polite; every parent's dream. We enjoyed running through the park, walking through town, things like that. I had a lot of fun at their house too but our little friendship came crashing down when they wanted to play over at my house.

"Come on Liza we want to see your dogs" Elle begged.

"I don't know...if uh... my dad would want us roaming around" I said nervously.

"We can stay out of his way, you've been to our house a million times. Liza, we gotta see yours" Harvey said.

I sighed in defeat, "Okay, but you can't stay too long" They squealed in excitement but I just looked to the ground. They followed me away from their home and down the considerable way to my rundown country house. I stayed silent during the whole walk. I couldn't believe I was actually bringing two children to my house.

"Wow Liza I didn't know you lived out in the country" I could tell Elle and Harvey were both shocked at the mess I lived in. The dogs they had wanted to see were flea- ridden and smelled awful. So they quickly lost interest in the animals.

"We're dying to see your room, Liza" Harvey said with a weak smile.

Even though I knew the embarrassment that would come from showing the inside of my house, I still did it. Seeing me in person, I look like I come from a clean home, but in truth I do not. Since my mother left our house grew a very vile odor from all the filth. Clutter piled and piled and all messes were left alone.

Though Harvey and Elle try to hide it, I see their faces cringe at the smell. Before they could say anything my younger sister, Molly came running in to the room. To my dismay she was naked and holding a dead mouse by the tail.

"You never told us you had a little sister" Elle was just being polite, she most likely wanted to leave now. Molly was only a year younger than me, plenty old enough to know not to go about naked. But Molly had something wrong with her. I don't know what, but that's how she is. "M-molly is Daddy home?" I asked. The chances were slim but I hoped he wasn't.

"Daddy is here" she said. "Look at rat"

"Why don't you go show that to the dogs" I suggested. Molly laughed in response and dashed out the front door.

"I think we spent enough time here" I said to my friends. Neither Harvey or Elle knew what to say. They just shrugged at me. Remember, it was them who had wanted to come. I had a feeling they would tell their parents how horrible Eliza River's house was. And those snobbish folks would say, "Stay away from Eliza River!" Before I could suggest leaving again, to my horror my dad walked in to the room.

"Well Liza who are your lovely friends?" he said. He stood shirtless, his gray hair and beard a tangled mess. My father is an appalling sight. He is not really that old but he looks very aged, mostly from heavy drinking and a lifetime of hard labor.

"Hello sir" Elle and Harvey said in unison. Polite as always. The two siblings had probably heard stories about Mr. River but had assumed I was no relation. Since it's said that his kids are smelly little beasts, which is only true for one.

"Yeah, Dad we were just leaving" I said.

"No, no, no I think they want to play" Dad said. "We'll show them a game we like to play, Liza"

"No Dad they have to get home" I protested.

"That's a fib Eliza, we don't have to be home this early" Elle said. Despite his physical appearance, Mr. River had a presence that attracted children and Harvey and Elle were falling for it. "Yeah we can play some games" Harvey added and I sighed in defeat.

"Liza, my pretty girl go fetch us some paddles" Dad said. I nodded weakly and left the room to get the paddles, Dad kept two of them in his bedroom. When I got back I handed them both a wooden paddle and they observed the objects curiously. "What sort of game is this?" Harvey asked.

"Dad's the only one that likes it, really it's not that fun" I replied glumly.

"Don't be so boring my pretty girl, there is nothing more fun than me and you know it" he smiled and then pulled down his sweat pants, exposing his bare bottom. "Now let's get to it" He grabbed a small wooden chair from nearby and leaned over it, his ass towards us.

"Um...sir, I'm not sure this is okay" Elle said.

"Bah! Lots of folks do spankings- now come on hit me!" Dad cried in excitement.

"Dad likes to be spanked, you don't have to play if you don't want to" I said.

"Oh, stop it Eliza! Now come on give it to me!"

"It's not so strange, I suppose. Grown- ups spank kids all the time"

Elle agreed and readied the paddle but all she managed was a little love tap. "Come on you can do better than that!" the man cried.

Harvey, with all his strength struck the man's ass with the paddle. Dad cried out in pleasure, "Oh yes! That's it! Now Eliza come give daddy all you got" I inhaled deeply and then struck his ass as hard as I could with my hand. "Oh good girl!"

"Hey I can do good to" Elle whined.

"Then get to it, I can take it" Dad replied eagerly. Elle did her best but couldn't hit as hard as me or Harvey. She was actually frustrated with herself.

After taking a good many spanks Dad spun around with his penis in hand. With his free hand he seized Elle by the hair. Groaning with pleasure and stroking himself he ejaculated on to the young girl's face. Elle screamed in horror and disgust as the semen traveled down her face, small drops going in to her mouth.

Dad released his grip and Elle fell to the floor in tears. She wiped the cum away with her shirt. I was debating whether or not to comfort her but Harvey beat me to it, affectionately he kneeled next to his sister. "That was a nice time, kids. We ought to do it again sometime" Dad said with a grin. Without even saying goodbye to me, they ran out the door. That was the last time I saw them.