Chapter 7:

Later at night, I was awoken by my dad coming in to my bedroom. He was naked and looking quite satisfied. "How was Robby?" I asked quietly. With a smile on his face, his eyes turned to me. "Just fine, pretty girl" Mr. River licked his fingers then gave me a strange look. A teasing sort of look. "I'd like to know why you pushed your sister though"

I sat up in the bed. My thoughts swirled with loneliness, anger and sadness. I realized I did not want any big changes. The house could be cleaned and relieved of odor but I realized if Mr. River changed his ways I would become nothing but a lonely and sad girl. Why had that voice asked me to bring children though? Children wouldn't bring anything good. I guess I did start to feel a bit of love for my father. Dismissing what I said previously about not loving or hating him. I definitely didn't hate him, now I sort of loved him.

"She was bothering and I was tired" I said to answer his question.

"Liza, that's nonsense. If you hit Molly every time she pestered you, she'd be pretty beat up by now. So tell me...what the hell is your problem?"

"You don't love me no more!" I blurted out.

Dad chuckled, "What?"

"You didn't pay any attention to me today, all you cared about was Robby!" I said, starting to tear up. Dad chuckled again, getting a real kick out of my emotions. "You're acting like a baby usually act so grown up"

"I don't care!" I shouted.

"Eliza, if you wanted my attention you could of just joined in"

"If you cared you would of asked" I replied sadly.

I myself was surprised by the way I was acting and the things I was saying. It's something I never really understood, the feelings were so conflicting. I was ashamed of myself more than anything but of course life moves on. "Really, Eliza your bitching about me not including you? You usually fight me on everything" Dad said, smiling.

Mr. River, my father, the perv eccentric and proud. My guardian and lover in the end. I do not want to lose you. In the end, I do love you. What would I become if you were to ever change? I would become nothing. I then cried out to him, "Daddy please just love me! Don't forget about me!"

Dad laughed, making me feel embarrassed, well more embarrassed I mean. "I love you, pretty girl, don't be so stupid"

He walked over and stood before me with his nakedness. "You can always have Daddy's love" he whispered.

I sat on the edge of the bed, my face to his penis. I didn't really want too, but I needed to for a reassurance. "Come on Eliza, you know what I want" Dad said.

I then fixed my mouth around his cock...It's all been done before.