Tearstained pillow, sleepless night

Just another lovers fight.

Words were said that were not meant

There's nothing left but cold regret.

In his absence stop and think

There's no hell worse than on the brink

Of do or die, of love or loss

What would you do, to pay the cost?

Knock on his door, get no reply

Whisper softly, "Love, goodbye"

Turn to go and see him there,

His loveliness too much to bear

He stares at you, you watch his eyes

Remnants of tears, to your surprise.

You run to him, you're in his arms

He holds you close, there's no more harm.

He smiles at you and your heart soars

You tell him softly "My heart's yours"

His kiss to wipe away the tears,

A kiss to take away your fears.